LNTMG-(2) Hope

The boy nodded and soon left with his schoolbag.


Tang Hongjun and his wife didn’t take this episode seriously and were heading out while holding onto their son.


Tang Jinyu was the only one who was inexplicably excited. He was still in Chen Suling’s arms, before he climbed over her shoulder. His eyes opened wide as he tried to chase after the other person’s figure that was gradually disappearing from his line of sight.


Chen Suling almost couldn’t hold him properly and called out anxiously to her husband “Hongjun!”


Tang Hongjun grabbed his son immediately. Before the child could react, he hugged him tightly and pressed him into his arms. He used so much strength which made Tang Jinyu lose the trail of the figure: “Xiaoyu is obedient, let’s go to the hospital first, and then we can return home.”


Chen Suling also brought a small coat over and said distressingly “Don’t pin the child too hard it will hurt him, just hug him with his coat.”



The two of them were very experienced in holding him. They separated Tang Jinyu’s little hands and feet then wrapped the whole child to them and hugged him tightly. When Tang Jinyu tried to move slightly, he was hugged even more tightly.


Tang Hongjun and his wife saw that he stopped moving, then they took him downstairs towards the car and whispered his name as they walked, talking to him as if they were soothing him.



Tang Jinyu didn’t move, he didn’t even have time to think about why he was suddenly held down, he was still shocked by the person he just saw.


That person is Xia Ye.


He is positive that he didn’t make a mistake!


Tang Jinyu is so familiar with the name Xia Ye because back when he was still a teenager he spent only Xia Ye’s money, in addition to his grandfather’s money.


Xia Ye was one of the earliest hackers in China and was considered the most outstanding, leaving countless legends.


If it wasn’t for a plane crash, his legend might have still continued.


In 2009, Xia Ye’s identity was exposed and he appeared in front of the public media for the first time.



In the same year, Xia Ye left the Internet company he founded and went abroad.


It was also during that time that he had an accident.


Xia Ye’s lawyer donated most of his property according to his will, given before his death and Tang Jinyu’s school happened to recieve one of his donations as scholarships.


It was also with this scholarship that Tang Jinyu was able to finish his middle school and high school and had the opportunity to change his destiny.


In those seven years, he never got a low score. He would always receive a scholarship, for the top three highest results out of all his classmates, ranging from 5,000 to 8,000 yuan.


The money he received each year was not much for ordinary people, but it was enough for Tang Jinyu.


His tuition and his other expenses, school uniform and lunch money for several years all came from there. In his life, apart from his grandfather, he was always grateful towards Xia Ye.


When he was 13 years old, he checked Xia Ye’s information for the first time and got to know– the world of ‘hackers’.


He knew that Xia Ye was very powerful and he also knew that Xia Ye never actively attacked other people’s websites.


He knew that he had an abandoned small forum, with a few posts on it which had hundreds and thousands of comments, but a long time has passed since Xia Ye’s last post.


At the same time, Xia Ye was still able to restrict the newcomers, even after his death, to never use this power indiscriminately by creating the well-known ‘Eight Rules’…



There are many legends about him on the Internet but there are only a few traces left of him.


Tang Jinyu knew that Xia Ye  leaves a message in some places with his trademark ‘X’ and some old forums referred to him as ‘Xia Shen’¹.


Xia Ye was considered god, someone that no one can match on the Internet.


Tang Jinyu’s only hobby was collecting information about Xia Shen. After searching for a long time, he finally found a book in a Web store. The cover of the book was blurred, it was rare for a book to be published like this, especially in that era.


It had a collection of introductions to characteristics of a hacker, the title of the book was named after Xia Shen and was also marked with the word ‘Autobiography’, Tang Jinyu’s heartbeat quickened the moment he saw this!


There was only one book in stock, which costs more than two hundred yuan. Tang Jinyu gritted his teeth and saved money which was more than a month’s worth of meal.



During the time he was saving money for the book, he had lingering fear that the book would be bought by others.


Fortunately, his patience paid off and there was still a red number ‘1’ marked on the Web store, the only copy was still there.


After saving enough money and buying the book, Tang Jinyu solemnly refreshed the website and was relieved to see that the book disappeared from the Web store’s shelf.


It made him ecstatic, when it was mailed and finally delivered, and there was also a photo of Xia Shen in the book!


The teenager in the photo appeared to be fifteen or sixteen years of age, wearing a hoodie with a mask covering the lower half of his face, with a sword-like eyebrow lifted slightly, making him appear sharp and arrogant. Xia Shen looked exactly how he had imagined him.


Although it was only an old picture of the teenager, Tang Jinyu was very satisfied with that and he cherished it a lot.


But after reading the book halfway through, he became enraged.


The book described Xia Ye’s teenage years of life.



The catalog was marked in a time sequence, according to the time when Xia Shen first appeared on the Internet and the subsequent years were recorded. Tang Jinyu naturally read the book from the beginning.


But the more he read the book, the more he got angry because some of it seems to be fabricated.


He turned back and read the title and he found the word ‘half’ written in the size of a rice grain next to ‘Autobiography’.


Although it’s only one word, the meaning now has a profound change.


This half-autobiography is not a record at all, it should have been called a novel instead. It only had a false component, it was more a fictional story than having any person’s real experience. It can even be said to be like a novel based on another person’s personal life.



Tang Jinyu’s face turned black as he read all the records written about Xia Ye on it. Which included smoking cigarettes, fighting, being hot headed, skipping school from the start of junior year in high school…… all the things that bad students do have been done. Which made his head-ache.


In a fit of anger, he threw the stupid book!


This was completely different from the information he had found about Xia Shen! This is simply a slander!


Every week, he would check information about Xia Shen in the school library for at least an hour. He even watched an interview about a network security engineer who had won numerous awards at home and abroad who even stated “Xia Shen is my role model, who had helped me to thrive and made me want to become more like him.”


“Xia Shen is a guardian on the road, a model for both ability and political integrity.”


After the interview Tang Jinyu told himself that he should ‘Listen! Defend! Have ability and integrity!! Like Xia Shen!’


Nevertheless, Tang Jinyu had already bought the book for hundreds of dollars and he was reluctant to throw it away also because of the photo on the cover.


Whenever he felt angry, he would pick up the book and would wipe it clean, mindlessly staring at the old photo on the cover for a while, deciding whether or not to read it again.


After a short while, he wanted to look for more useful information but didn’t expect to fall asleep the moment he sat down.


When he woke up, he became a five-year-old child in a wheelchair,in a blink of an eye. Tang Jinyu thought that he had been dreaming, but he never imagined that he would enter the book he read.


Tang Jinyu was heartbroken. He didn’t know what his body would be like in his world when he transmigrated. Would grandpa be scared if he saw him? The old man is getting older. The thing that worries him the most is his grandfather’s health.


There is still Chinese medicine for grandpa in the refrigerator. If he’s not there to supervise him, the old man would secretly store it somewhere else and would drink it whenever he felt like it…


He wanted to go back to his grandfather now, but he somehow came over here inexplicably, and he didn’t know how to go back.



Even if it’s still several years before he was born, he doesn’t know where his parents are, let alone his grandfather.


One of his guesses is that they were in Huicheng because he has a vague memory of his grandfather once telling him that he was picked up in Huicheng. After that they have been living in the old city of Pingcheng.


Tang Jinyu thought for a long time, but he could only stay here first and slowly find a way.


Grandpa can’t be found now, but Xia Ye is still here.


Tang Jinyu tried his best to recall the plot in the book. It seems that there is such a family named Tang next to Xia Ye, who gave him a sum of money to help him finish his studies and enter a famous university.


This is one of the reasons why Xia Ye will help other poor students in the future.



As for the places that the family was mentioned in the book is not that much but with only a single sentence, describing them as a kind neighbour that cared about Xia Ye.


His current family is also surnamed Tang and his father called out “Xia Ye” just now. He… is he living next to the Great God?!


Tang Jinyu was thinking about all this on the way, to the hospital, feeling a little dazed.


In the hospital.


Tang Hongjun and his wife went to see the doctor with their child in their arms. The doctor was a little older, but he seemed to be a kind-hearted person.


It was not the first time that the doctor had seen Tang Jinyu. So when he saw him, he spoke with a teasing voice “Xiaoyu, you look very good today.”


Chen Suling smiled and said “Yes, he has been getting much better.”


The doctor examined him and asked him to stand up and walk two steps by himself.


Tang Hongjun stood behind and supported him. Chen Suling squatted down not far away and called his name quietly, appearing more nervous than him.


When they saw their child walking, both the parents’s eyes flushed red. After a few more steps, Chen Suling hugged him and gave him a few kisses and said with tears “Doctor Chen, look, Xiaoyu walked by himself, he can walk!”


Tang Jinyu’s heart softened for a moment and he reached out to wipe her tears. He opened his mouth, but his throat resisted again and it didn’t make a single sound.



Tang Hongjun stood there and boasted proudly “Such a good child, so considerate!”


The doctor smiled then nodded and said “Yes, he is a good child.” He wrote a list and then said “We will do a few more tests. The conditions in our city are not as good as those in the province. When you have time, go to the provincial hospital as soon as possible, to look for a diagnosis, and we will have better results there.”


Tang Hongjun and his wife looked over the list and agreed.


On the way to the reception counter, Tang Jinyu kept holding Tang Hongjun’s neck, and Tang Hongjun kept him in his arms, he only heard the cries of the children there as they passed the hospital corridor.


Tang Jinyu could hear a few words they yelled from time to time, their voices echoing throughout the hallways.


He guessed that they are like him. They are all children with certain defects, because of their young age, such children are more likely to become anxious and irritable.


If they are forcibly restricted, they will yell, will be unstable in controlling their emotions and will become aggressive.


Tang Jinyu saw a child in front of him, who stretched out his hand and scratched his mother’s face, making her bleed a bit.


While Tang Hongjun went to pay the bill, Chen Suling hugged her son and sat on a chair in the corridor to wait. She didn’t tie him with any clothes, only held her son in her arms and pressed her chin against his head.



Tang Jinyu suddenly remembered that when they went out in the morning, he was excited when he saw Xia Ye that Tang Hongjun ended up hugging him tightly in his arms, within a few seconds.


They seemed skilled as if they have done it countless times before.


Although the only thing he can’t do is walk that well, along with his fingers not being flexible enough. He was very strong. He should have hurt them like the kid he just saw now, right?


Last night, when he slightly retracted his little hand to prevent his Dad from touching him, Tang Hongjun realized that his clothes were dirty and that he was ‘angry’.



They treat him very carefully because they only have him in their eyes.


Tang Jinyu saw the crying child kicking his feet indiscriminately. His mother finally couldn’t help but give him a hit on the back as she wiped her tears.


There were also tears on the child’s face, with his clothes on his body half worn. The woman holding him wasn’t any better than him, her eyes were full of fatigue.


He retracted his gaze, looked down at his fingers, his small fingernails were neatly cut, hand cream was applied because of the cold weather and his clothes were clean and fresh.


It is really rare for Chen Suling and her husband to care for their child for many years and still be so loving.


As if feeling his silence, Chen Suling hugged him and whispered “Does the baby want to drink water? Mom brought water and your favorite chocolate.”


Tang Jinyu looked up at her, hugged her neck lightly, tried to speak and called her mother.


If he could, he wanted to give her a little bit of hope.


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[Small Theater]

After a thousands of messages:

Xia Shen: Oh, an idiot was busy working on a letter full of challenges, that he wrote all night and was too lazy to deal with it. Then he later changed places to play.

Xiaoyu:……! !

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