LNTMG-(6) Candies

After Tang Jinyu fell asleep, he forgot everything that happened yesterday, except that he didn’t seem to like to go near his piano anymore, but other than that there was nothing else.

But Tang Hongjun and his wife didn’t think so.

After appeasing their son for two days, they watched their son still eat and sleep well every night, and he was still lying by the window watching as other children go to school outside.

They were a little relieved. They also found the opportunity to go next door and ask Mr. Xia for a certain matter.

Tang Hongjun and his wife spoke sincerely. They originally thought that they would have to beg him. They didn’t expect Mr. Xia to directly accept their request.

Teacher Xia’s name is Xia Xuetong. He is still in his thirties and is very thin.

He wore a pair of gold-rimmed glasses with fine lines on the corners of his eyes, he seemed like the type of person that likes to smile frequently.

When he first saw Tang Jinyu, he stood up and stretched out his hand to him.

He didn’t feel that Xia Xuetong was that tall when he was sitting, but when he stood up he realized that Xia Xuetong was 1.9 meters tall and a bit thin.

When he was pushed over by his mother, Tang Jinyu was too busy looking up at his new teacher, he tripped over his feet and fell on the ground!


It is estimated that he hasn’t realized what’s had happened yet, his little face was stunned.

The people in the whole room were also stunned.

Teacher Xia seemed amused, he went forward to pick him up and said: “Why are you so careless? Let me see, does it hurt?”

Tang Jinyu shook his head vigorously, he was so embarrassed, his face turned red.

Chen Suling also smiled: “Xiaoyu has been careful whenever he walked these days, this is the first time he fell.”

Tang Hongjun was also quite proud and nodded his head: “Yes, Xiaoyu can walk now. He also ate all of his food by himself…” He was pinched by his wife and smiled and stopped talking.

Teacher Xia had a very good attitude towards Tang Jinyu, holding him and letting the child sit in his arms, and then carefully looked at the child’s fingers with gentle movements.

Tang Jinyu was also looking at his new teacher.

When he came, his parents said that this is the father of brother Xia Ye who lives next door.

He has to be extra behaved.

Xia Xuetong thought for a while and suggested, “Why don’t you let Xiaoyu learn the harmonica with me for a few days? It is very easy to learn, he doesn’t have to sit on a stool, he can just play on the sofa.”

Although, He didn’t say that their child’s fingers were a bit stiff. The Tang family naturally knew what was going on with their child in their hearts. Teacher Xia didn’t say it directly, they were grateful, and they agreed.

On the first day of his lesson, Teacher Xia gave Tang Jinyu a brand new small harmonica and taught him how to play patiently.

Tang Hongjun and his wife stayed and took a harmonica class with their son, but within half an hour, they were so excited to see the children could play “Do-Re-Mi”.

In the next two or three days, Xia Xuetong took the time to go to the next door and teach him there.

Xia Ye only learned about this a few days later.

That evening, when he went home for dinner, he saw that the child next door was led by his mother bringing over some fruit in his arms.

After putting down the fruit, the child held his mother’s leg and hid behind to watch him secretly.

He took one look at him, and his head immediately shrank back, he seemed especially shy.


After the others left, Xia Ye frown and asked his father: “Why did you accept it?”

Teacher Xia served him a bowl of rice, and said in a gentle voice: ” I don’t have anything to do when I am at home, there’s no harm in giving lessons.”

Xia Ye was still dissatisfied: “He is not the same as other children, you don’t know his situation, and Uncle Tang’s family had raised him in the palm of their hand, he’s too spoiled and you might not be able to handle him.”

Teacher Xia smiled and said: “What can I do? I have already agreed.”

Xia Ye twisted his eyebrows as he looked at him.

“Are you worried about Xiaoyu’s condition? He is doing much better and can walk steadily now. Besides, the child is obedient, even though he is younger and more sensible than any other of my students, he is not lazy at all.”

“That’s because he is a little fool.”

“Xia Ye…”

Xia Ye buried his head and cleaned out the bowl of rice in his hands, got up, and went to clean up the dishes.

This has always been the case in his family. When his father cooks, he is responsible for washing the dishes. Unless he is very busy at the end of the day, they both usually help each other.

Teacher Xia has a good temper. He will explain to him after he finishes the meal, and persuade him: “I know you are concern about my well-being or want me to do anything troublesome, but when your Uncle Tang helped us out, they didn’t ask for anything else. They just want their son to learn something casually to help improve his finger flexibility.”

Xia Ye’s brows didn’t loosen at all: “Why don’t they just go and hire a teacher?”

“They did find a teacher, but Xiaoyu didn’t like them. You know how protective they are towards their son. After all, Xiaoyu’s illness is just beginning to get better and they are afraid of stimulating him. So they wanted to find someone who he is familiar with, they didn’t care which instrument he learns. They just want him to learn something…”

Mr. Xia had a soft temperament and explained his reasoning and got more emotional: ” It’s not easy for your Uncle Tang, I heard that they have gone to many hospitals for so many years and finally saw a little hope.”

Xia Ye leaned over and said, “Take care of yourself first and stop being a good person.”

Xia Ye’s father only laughed and coughed occasionally, without refuting him.

When Xia Ye heard him cough, his heart softened. He boiled some Chinese medicine in a small pot and told him: “It’s cold now. Don’t look for a job, you can apply for a job after winter. I still have some money saved up at home and don’t worry about my tuition, I have it covered.”


Teacher Xia nodded, “Okay.”

Since Tang Jinyu was learning to play the harmonica, he often stayed next door on the weekends.

A few days ago, Chen Suling took him by the hand. After a while, he became familiar with it and he would walk by himself, knock on the door of Teacher Xia’s house.

After half an hour of studying, Chen Suling would come to pick him up.

It’s like a half-hour daycare.

When Tang Jinyu came here for the first time on the weekend, Xia Ye was not at home, he went out to play basketball.

When he was finished playing “Twinkle-twinkle little star”, Xia Ye came back home. Tang Jinyu was shocked when he saw him opened the door and walked in. The child almost stuck the harmonica into his mouth, and the last note was out of tune.

Xia Ye’s mask was pulled to his chin. After looking at him, he didn’t say anything and went back to his room.

Teacher Xia was accustomed to this and continued to teach him to play the harmonica.

It’s just that Tang Jinyu was a little distracted this time, and Teacher Xia didn’t continue his lesson, so he took a handful of small candies for him to eat.

Tang Jinyu was sitting on the sofa peeling the candy wrapper and preparing to eat it. When he suddenly saw Xia Ye walking out of his bedroom with a change of clothes.

The candy that was brought to his mouth immediately turned around, and he straightened his small arm and passed it over!

Xia Ye: “?”

Teacher Xia asked: “Does Xiaoyu want to give this candy to your brother?”

The child sitting on the sofa nodded, his face full of expectation.

Teacher Xia helped him: “Xia Ye, eat a piece?”

Xia Ye held his clothes he had just worn and moved his eyes from the candy to the child’s face.

The little idiot next door has a clean face and looked pretty cute, but he still shook his head: “Not eating, Dad, I’ll go wash my clothes and come back later.”


At the end of the apartment building is the laundry room.

In winter, the water-pipe can supply warm water, it was the perfect temperature for washing clothes.

Seeing Xia Ye rejection. Teacher Xia was originally worried that the child’s self-esteem would be hurt, but when he turned his head, he saw the child put the candy in his mouth and ate it happily, he seemed very happy while eating as he shoke his feet around.

Teacher Xia smiled as he shook his head. He was just a simple child, eating sweets made him so happy.

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