LNTMG-(7) Internet Café

Tang Jinyu’s body recovered quickly, he preferred to run to Teacher Xia’s house next door than staying at home.

At home, Tang Hongjun and his wife are very protective of him. Teacher Xia is a lot more relaxed when it comes to his well-being.

After practicing the harmonica, Teacher Xia will take him to play ball. Sometimes Xia Ye is also at home but he rarely joins in their games, he usually watches them from the side, not knowing what he is looking at.

After meeting with Xia Ye a few times, Tang Jinyu gradually got acquainted with him and looked up to him.

From the bottom of his heart, he particularly liked this big brother from next door, although he can’t explain why he did, he would always become super excited whenever he saw him.

A wave of adoration arises spontaneously in his heart. It’s like he turned into a little worker bee. He always wanted to be around Xia Ye and grab his attention.

Even when Xia Ye nods to him as a greeting, it will make him happy for the rest of the day!


Xia Ye was neither cold nor warm to him. Whenever he came back home, he would only say hello then go back to his bedroom.

Tang Jinyu’s eyes watched as his figure slowly disappear, still wanting to see his figure.

Teacher Xia couldn’t help feeling a little bit of pain, and asked, “Xiaoyu wants to find your big brother? He is playing on the computer. Teacher will show you, OK?”

The child sitting on the sofa simply shook his head and refused, “No.”

Teacher Xia felt a bit weird and asked: “Don’t you want to play with your brother? You can play with him for a few minutes, I can take you there if you feel scared.”

Tang Jinyu insisted on not going and dragged Teacher Xia’s arm to make him sit down, raisied the harmonica in his hand to indicate that he would continue with his lesson.

It’s very important for the male god to use his computer inside. Tang Jinyu has a vague impression that he shouldn’t disturb him at all. He even subconsciously dragged Teacher Xia, trying to protect Xia Ye’s privacy.

While taking a few minutes of rest, he could hear the crisp sound of typing on a keyboard from the bedroom. Tang Jinyu’s fingers tapped on the sofa, as he followed along with the sound of the keyboard.

Teacher Xia poured him a glass of fruit juice and asked with a smile, “Does Xiaoyu want to learn how to play the piano?”

In fact, Tang Jinyu was pressing his fingers on his imaginary keyboard, but looking at it from a personal point of view it seemed like he was playing the piano. When Teacher Xia asked him, this, he nodded, “I want to.”

Teacher Xia: “Then teacher will practice with you in two days, okay?”



Not long after, Tang Hongjun knocked on the door as the usual time to pick up his son. When he saw his son running over with the harmonica, he showed a smile on his face and hugged him, and said, “Were you good today?”

Tang Jinyu nodded, Teacher Xia, praised him several times today!

Teacher Xia came over and praised him again and said: “Xiaoyu learns things very fast. Now his fingers are able to move fast, much better than when he first came here. I think this kid is quite talented.”

As soon as Tang Hongjun heard other people praise his son, he couldn’t help laughing. He said a few words politely to Mr. Xia, and then came close to him and said in a small voice: “Mr. Xia, let me tell you something. Recently, we also found that Xiaoyu is different from other children. Although he is not in good health, he has a strong memory. He can retell a story I read to him word for word.”

Teacher Xia said in surprise: “Not a single mistake?”

Tang Hongjun nodded mysteriously, “Yes, he can repeat any book he reads, even if I ask him to repeat the book again a few days later, he can still remember it, as long as he touches the book, he can memorize it, do you think he has a particularly good memory?”

Teacher Xia was a little interested, “It’s quite rare, I recently read an article of children that study abroad, have a slower growth compared to ordinary children but that they all have a certain talent that they could do. I think that Xiaoyu might be the same as them.”

Tang Jinyu: ? ?

No, I only know how to read.

He wanted to say that, but no sound came out of his mouth, it was as if something was constricting him from saying something.


Hearing that his dad and Teacher Xia had already begun to analyze the various young talents at home and abroad, he closed his mouth again.

He had a feeling that he shouldn’t anything regarding this matter anymore, so he just pretended not to understand.

After listening for a while, when the adults finally finished their chat, he followed his father home.

But he made up his mind that he wasn’t going to talk as much when Tang Hongjun reads him a story tonight.

In Xia’s room, an old bulky computer was running. A telephone line connected it with the network. The fan in the ceiling was buzzing, as the sound of the clicking kept sounding throughout the room.

Facing the computer screen, Xia Ye’s fingers were flying across his keyboard. There is no expression on his face, only a bunch of data blue light reflected in his eyes when scrolling across the screen, reflected in his eyes, bringing out a hint of a blue color.

After a while, he stopped, took a glass of water, and drank slowly, his eyes still did not leave the computer screen, his eyes showed a look appreciative, as he looked at his masterpiece for a short while, then flexed his wrist and continued typing on the keyboard.

At school, he normally had a mild attitude. When he is at home, his eyes become sharp when facing the world of technology.

More than a year ago, he wrote a FireWall software by himself, and he can go to foreign websites to explore more fields.

Thanks to his good family background, his English level is not bad, and there is no problem with reading basic English words, some of the harder words gradually became easier to read as time passed on. He gradually realized that the Internet was an opportunity for him, where he can learn all the knowledge he wants.

The sound of the “little star” came from next door. The harmonica’s sound was crisp and childish. Xia Ye occasionally let his mind wander off.

When he was done typing, he realized that he had subconsciously typed his code into the shape of a star.

Xia Ye: “…”


Xia Ye deleted the naive pattern and wrote a new one. This time he used the simplest command program that can be turned from one computer to another so that he can remotely control it to search for some gadgets he is interested in.

Each computer is attentive, working faithfully for the master according to the input instructions, and passing any data over.

Xia Ye uses his computer every day. After two or three hours, he found something that was interesting and reads it. Then he cleared away any of his traces that he might have left on, from other people’s computer.

After everything was erased, he turns off the computer and goes to rest.

It might have been that he had heard “Tinkle-Little Stars” so many times this week, he dreamed of bright stars in the sky, with dark blue clouds.

The winter in the north is very cold. There would always be a few heavy snowfalls that cover the whole street with deep inch snow.

Tang Jinyu followed his mother to work. Chen Suling loved him the most, seeing that her child saw eyes were brights as he watched the snow, she asked the driver to stop the car for a short period of time to take him down to step on the snow.

The weather was very cold. Tang Jinyu wore a light blue down jacket, a cotton earmuff, with small gloves on his hands. Two fluffy cotton balls on the back of his hand dangled with him, and a pair of little boots stepped into the snow, making a crunch sound, and had a lot of fun.

When encountering deep snow, Chen Suling stretched out her hand to pull the child out of the snow like a radish. Tang Jinyu’s small boots were wet from the snow to the calf, and the tip of his nose was red from the cold. He was not afraid of the cold, so he raised his head to his Mother and giggled.

Chen Suling swallowed back the words she wanted to say, and laughed with her son: “You can only play for a while, you know?”


Tang Jinyu nodded and walked on the snow. He walked ahead like a brave man as he explored his surroundings. Whenever he saw deep snow, he would turn back and take Chen Suling’s hand to take her along with him, as he whispered to her: “Mom, come this way.”

Chen Suling and he held hands and slowly walked to the door of the company, and the smile on her face remained unchanged when she entered her office.

Tang Jinyu changed his shoes and took off his down jacket. He wore a small sweater with soft velvet trousers and sat down on the sofa. The sweater was embroidered with a small penguin, which made the child appear well-behaved and cute.

He sat there obediently and looked for a picture book by himself. When Chen Suling went out to handle a few meetings, he raised his head and waved his hand to say goodbye to his mother.

The Secretary followed Chen suling and said with a smile: “Sister Suling, Xiaoyu is really getting more and more beautiful, sitting there almost like a lovely doll. It makes me so jealous that I want to take him back home with me!”

Chen Suling said: “Don’t be, If you really want one, you can get married and have one by yourself!”

The secretary blushed.

Chen Suling joked: “Why are you shy now? When Xiaoding asked for your hand, didn’t you agree to be with him?”

The secretary hesitated and explained that it was “just work”, but when she saw Chen Suling smiling at her, her face became even redder, and she shouted “Sister” and refused to talk more about this topic.

Tang Jinyu stayed in the company for a day and had lunch in the office. Chen Suling was afraid that he would not be used to eating outside food, so she brought a small stove along with her and fed him, a winter melon pork rib soup, mushrooms and vegetables, and finally a small bowl of ham with fried egg rice.


He was soon full and took a nap.

In the evening, he went home with Chen Suling, because there was another snowfall in the middle of the afternoon, the snow outside looked very flat.

Tang Jinyu had been lying on the car window and watching outside the car window with relish.

Chen Suling touched his head and smiled and said, “Does Xiaoyu like the snow?”

Tang Jinyu nodded: “I like it!”

He remembers that he used to step on the snow often with his grandfather. His first snowman was piled with the help of his grandfather.

The old man hunched over but with great strength and shoveled the snow and piled it in a basket in the yard. The two of them work hard together, sweated as they piled up the snow.

In the end, they build a huge snowball that attracted many people to stop and watch.

He still remembered the joy of that day.

So he was very happy when he saw the snow.

Chen Suling could not fully understand her child’s mindset, but this did not prevent her from spoiling him and ordered the driver to slow down and drive back so that her child could watch the snow for a while longer.


Tang Jinyu lay on the car window and exhaled hot air, making the window fog up. He reached out and wiped it clean. When he looked again, he saw a familiar figure not too far away.

Although it flashed past, Tang Jinyu still recognized him. He had watched him for such a long time, he was naturally familiar with Xia Ye’s appearance but it’s already dark outside, why is Xia Ye out during this time?

Tang Jinyu tilted his head and kept watching, and saw Xia Ye enter a shop with light-up signs. He raised his head and took a look.

It said: Longteng Internet Cafe.

Xia Ye has a computer at home, why did he go outside to surf at an Internet cafe?

Tang Jinyu thought that was strange. When he went to Teacher Xia to learn harmonica after dinner, he asked.

Teacher Xia said: “The computer is not broken, it is in his room, but your brother has set a password and I can’t turn it on until he comes back, does Xiaoyu want to play a game?”

Tang Jinyu shook his head, after thinking about it he asked, “Where did Brother Xia Ye go?”

“He made an appointment with his classmates to play basketball.”

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