LNTMG-(9) New Year

The driver hugged him upstairs without saying a word. The door of the Tang family was half-opened. Teacher Xia was lying unconscious on the living room floor, his lips were purple, his forehead was covered with sweat and a small bottle rolled down from his coat pocket with the lid wide open.

The driver was startled. He had learned some first aid, but he didn’t know what happened to Teacher Xia and didn’t dare to do anything for fear that it might worsen his condition. He looked around and looked for the phone, picked it up, and called 119 for an ambulance.

 After the 119 operator answered the phone and heard him report the address and said: “Someone called just now, the ambulance is on its way. We will help you contact them and let them speed up. It is estimated that they will be there in a few minutes… In this community, a child called earlier and said that the adult at home had fainted.”

 The operator asked about the current situation. When asked about the patient’s condition, Tang Jinyu picked up a small bottle of pills and raised it to the driver.

 The driver took it and took a look. It was a Nitroglycerin tablet.

 The operator asked again: “Did the patient ever take the medicine?”


 The driver looked down to see the child. A little boy whose height only reached half his legs had wet tears on his cheeks, as he answered in a clear voice, surprised the driver a bit.

 “Ten, the little pill that Teacher Xia asked me to give him.”

 “Did he take all ten?”

 “There in his mouth.”

 The driver has to ask again, and the operator said: “If it’s normal for the patient to take them, your child is doing very well.” Then lets the driver know to move the patient to a more spacious place and wait for the ambulance.

 A few minutes later, the ambulance arrived quickly, and the driver helped bring Mr. Xia down. During this time, he also called his boss but because he didn’t know how to contact the rest of the Xia family, he could only tell Chen Suling first. Her answer was to simply stay there and wait until Teacher Xia is out of danger.

 Chen Suling said on the phone, “Bring Xiaoyu with you, I’ll meet you at the hospital. You must pay the fee first and ensure that Teacher Xia’s condition is stable.”

 The driver took Tang Jinyu with him and followed the ambulance all the to the hospital.

 He didn’t have much money with him, so he first paid a deposit of 500 and sent Teacher Xia for an immediate operation.

 Teacher Xia was in the emergency room. The driver remembered that the child was injured and wanted to take him for treatment but Tang Jinyu refused to leave.

He kept looking at the emergency room and didn’t dare to cry loudly. He sat quietly, wiping away his tears repeatedly.

 The driver felt distressed when he saw this. If any normal bear child cried loudly, he would not be so uncomfortable but the quieter the child was, the more worried he felt towards him.

 When Chen Suling arrived, the driver was talking to Tang Jinyu. She walked over and asked about the situation first. 


The driver whispered to her and said: “Just as I went upstairs, I saw Xiaoyu knocking on several doors, looking for help. The child fell several times, the palm of his hands is bruised. I just wanted to take him to the doctor but he refuses to go, he said that he won’t leave until he was sure Teacher Xia is okay…”

 Chen Suling heard him say this, she quickly took her child’s hand to have a look. She trembled when she saw his injuries. She hugged him and coaxed: “Baby everything is okay. Let the driver wait here and mom will take you to see the doctor, okay?”

 Tang Jinyu looked in the direction of the emergency room, held Chen Suling’s neck in his small hand, and nodded gently.

 Chen Suling took him to the doctor. Fortunately, his winter clothes took most of the impact.

 The only serious injury he had was a scratch on the palm of his hand. The doctor disinfected his wound and wrapped his hands with bandages, praised him: “My boy, is very brave and didn’t cry, he is already a man!”

 Tang Jinyu did cry, but he didn’t make a sound. He was too young to bear the pain. When the doctor was disinfecting his wound, had a few tears in his eyes, now eyelashes were all wet.

 Chen Suling thanked the doctor, and the child in her arms also whispered, “Thank you, Doctor.”

 Chen Suling carried him out, sat on the bench in the hospital corridor, kissed the child on the forehead, talked to him patiently, and asked what happened earlier in the day. While keeping her hand on his back so that her child would relax. 

When she heard him explain how he called 119 number and how he ran out to find someone for help, Chen Suling hugged the child tightly: “The baby did a good job. You remembered the emergency number mother taught you. It’s all because mother is not good, I didn’t leave you with a phone so baby had to run out in a hurry, right?”

 Tang Jinyu hugged her with his two small hands, buried his head in her arms, shaking slightly.

 Chen Suling’s eyes turned red and she kissed him, “It’s mother’s bad idea. Mom thought you would be alright at home. 


I thought that you would always be somewhere where I could see you, mother forgot to give you a phone…you fell. It must’ve been very painful, right?” 

If it wasn’t for the driver, for delivering the things home today, she would not dare to imagine how scared her child would be. Her child that would hold onto walls to avoid falling and careful to not bump into anything, now he had bruises on his hands and legs.

 Tang Jinyu poked his head out and stretched out his soft hand to wipe her tears. Chen Suling didn’t want to wet his bandaged hands, with her tears.

She couldn’t help but cry when she saw her child carefully wipe her face.

“Mom, I have a good memory, and I will remember more in the future.” The child sat in her arms and stretched out his little pinky towards her “I promise that I will remember Mom and dad’s phone number and I will never forget it.”

 Chen Suling burst into laughter. Her child didn’t blame her at all and instead made a promise to her.

 She has always been coaxing the children. She never thought that one day she would be coaxed by her child, she stretched out her pinky in return.

 Teacher Xia was rescued in time, and he was quickly out of danger. He has congenital heart disease and has been in poor health. He to be observed and treated in the hospital for a period of time.

Xia Ye went home in the evening when he found out the news. When he arrived at the hospital, Tang Hongjun just so happened to bring some food and stewed pigeon soup for Teacher Xia. The food was more than enough for Xia Ye and his father to eat together.

“Thank you, Uncle Tang.” Xia Ye took the packaged food and thanked him. He was expressionless, his face was pale and his hands were shaking slightly as he held the package.

Tang Hongjun patted him on the shoulder and said, “The doctor said that it’s nothing serious. It is an old problem and needs treatment and recuperation. You have to work hard for these two days, accompanying your dad in the hospital. You don’t have to worry about things at home. Aunt Chen and I will take care of you. We’ll send you meals every day. You can order whatever you want. Uncle Tang’s cooking skills are good! “

The Tang family took good care of Xia Ye. They know that Xia Ye will not leave his father.

They sent him all the basic needs, for him to stay at the hospital. They also hired a nurse to help take care of the son and father duo but Xia Ye refused. He alone wanted to guard his father and bear the burden.


The Tang family had paid eight thousand medical expenses in advance and told Xia Ye not to pay them back and just asked him to take care of his father first.

Xia Ye was silent for a moment, accepted their kindness, and sincerely thanked them.

However, two or three days later, Xia Ye returned to repay the money to Tang Hongjun.

Tang Hongjun was a little surprised, “Why did you pay it back so quickly? Xia Ye, take this money back and keep it for yourself.”

Xia Ye said: “Uncle Tang, there is enough at home, I’m really thankful to you this time.”

Tang Hongjun persuaded him several times, but Xia Ye insisted and he could only accept the money.

Xia Ye stood at the door hesitating for a moment, and whispered: “Uncle Tang, my dad doesn’t know the money, can you not tell him?”

He saw Tang Hongjun hesitate, and then explained, “Don’t worry, the money didn’t come from a bad place. My parents divorced very early, and their relationship is not very good, so sometimes it’s not convenient for me to tell my father…”

He spoke vaguely, frowning and reluctant to mention anymore.

Tang Hongjun is not a person who likes to expose people’s scars. He nodded and agreed, but told him: “If you don’t have enough money, remember to come to Uncle Tang, don’t trouble yourself so much, okay? When people encounter difficulties, they will help each other. You are still young, don’t deal with it yourself. “

Xia Ye smiled at him with a hint of warmth in his eyes, “I know, thank you.”

On the first day of New year, Xia Ye and his father spent it in the hospital.

Teacher Xia condition improved and wanted to be discharged, but Xia Ye did not let him go and insisted that he continue to stay in the hospital for treatment.

Teacher Xia sighed: “It costs a lot of money just stay in the hospital.”

Xia Ye helped him sit up, gave him a pair of clothes and said, “Then you should cherish your body more, not getting sick during this time of year is already a great victory.”

Teacher Xia was amused by him: “Who did you learn from? You don’t have any spirit at all, It’s still Xiaoyu who is amusing.”

As they were chatting, they heard a knock on the door, the three members of the Tang family walked in.

Tang Hongjun’s family all wore new clothes. He and his wife wore new winter clothes. Tang Jinyu was held in his arms by his father and wore a small red winter jacket.


His small shoes were red and white. He wore a snow-knitted pompom hat, with strings hanging down like two small braids, and two white pompoms hung at the ends.

The child shook his head back and forth, appearing very lively

Xia Ye looked at the kid on the opposite side, only thinking that he was red all over, like a little red envelope.

“Little Red Envelope” eyes light up, smiling with a happy grin, and said Happy New Year.

Teacher Xia listened with a smile and gave him a red envelope, “I prepared this in advance, and have been waiting for Xiaoyu and him his New Year’s money.”

Chen Suling also gave Xia Ye a New Year’s money. Xia Ye blushed and shook his head.

Chen Suling stuffed it into his pocket and said with a smile: “What are you polite with Auntie? Look at Xiaoyu, see how happy he is!”

Tang Hongjun smiled and said, “That’s right, you’re still a child. When you grow up and go to work, maybe Xiaoyu will ask you for the New Year’s money. By then, you probably won’t be able to refuse.”

Teacher Xia laughed out loud when he heard this, “When you say it like that, I really want to see how Xiaoyu will chase Xia Ye for the New Year’s money in the future.”

Xia Ye glanced at the kid sitting across from him, whose eyes were bent into smiles, he had a beautiful smile that was sweet enough to get into any person’s heart

On the second day of New Year, Chen Suling had to visit her mother.


Tang Hongjun prepared large and small gifts, took his son, and accompanied his wife back to Chen’s house and stayed there for a few days.

The Chen family is in other provinces, and the conditions are good in the local area. Chen Suling has a brother and sister, she is the youngest and the favorite one in the family.

The two elders of the Chen family saw that their little grandson’s health was getting better. They were only heard about it on the phone before but they didn’t expect that he had improved so much now. So they gave Tang Jinyu a necklace made of gold.

Chen Suling’s eldest sister didn’t say anything, but after seeing this, she complained in a low voice and didn’t dare to say anything out loud.

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