LNTMG-(10) Necklace

The golden lock on Tang Jinyu’s neck was heavy, it was the size of a child’s hand.

 It was a particularly heavy necklace, with the words “Wishing you a long life” carved on the front and with a little unicorn on the back.

 Tang Jinyu had a small neck, bowed his head under the pressure of the necklace. He held his golden lock to his chest and looked at Chen Suling for help: “Mom~”

 Chen Suling misunderstood him, touched his head and smiled and said, “I’m glad you like it so much. Grandma gave it to you, make sure to keep it safe.”

 Tang Jinyu could only use his small hands to support the longevity lock, which was so heavy that he couldn’t lift his head up.

 The second sister-in-law of the Chen family eyes stayed on the golden lock on the child’s neck for a moment, and smiled reluctantly, “Now, that he’s okay, Xiaoyu is able to play with his younger brother in the future.”


The moment she said this, the room went silent

 Chen Suling’s eldest sister spoke first and said: “Yes, Xiaoyu will also be an older brother in the future.”

The Chen family seconds daughter and her son-in-law, only one eight-year-old girl in their family and has excellent academic performance and is a good student each year.

 Chen Suling’s older brother follows his father in business and has a flexible mind, with a six-year old daughter in his family. Then later a boy was born, and he is only a few months old now. 

Uncle Chen paid a lot of money when she gave birth to her youngest son and she wanted her family to like her more, but the two elders of the Chen family treated the children equally and did not treat him any differently.

 The second sister-in-law usually feels a little negligent, but she felt aggrieved after seeing how they treated Tang Jinyu differently from her son.

 How can she be inferior to a little fool who contributes to nothing, when she expands the family tree of the Chen family, by giving them more grandchildren?

 But the more she wanted to compare Tang Jinyu with her son, the more her in-laws became displeased. 

After sitting there for a while, she couldn’t sit still anymore and whispered: “I’ll go to the kitchen to see if they need any help, you guys can continue to talk.” And left after speaking.

 Although there was one less person in the room, the atmosphere hasn’t depleted much and they were all still talking and laughing with one another.

 The old lady of the Chen family has one son and two daughters. The one she loves the most was her youngest daughter.Compared to her other grandchildren, she tended to favor Tang Jinyu more, ever since she was told by a doctor that her grandchild will not live long and he will only grow up to be ten years old at most.

Grandma Chen cried when she heard about this. She felt that her grandchild didn’t have too much interaction with her, so Tang Jinyu came over to visit her every year.


 Grandma Chen saw that her little grandson had been “holding” onto his longevity lock and thought that he liked the gift she gave him, with a smile on her face, she reached out to hug him and gave him a kiss, coaxing him to talk.

Tang Jinyu called out “Grandma” obediently, the old lady was so excited, she grabbed several handfuls of walnuts and red  envelopes for him, “Grandma will peel the walnuts for you, Xiaoyu is so good, so smart!”

 Grandpa Chen was also trying his best to please his grandson and pushed a box of toffee over, “Xiaoyu, eat this, this is prawn candy, chocolate bon bons and toffee. Try them, they are very sweet!”

 Tang Jinyu took a piece and put it in his pocket.

 The old man tried again: “Xiaoyu, call me Grandpa~”


 Grandpa Chen was pleasantly surprised. It was almost as if he had negotiated a big deal. He was so happy and pushed the candy box toward his little grandson.

In the end, he simply stuffed the whole candy box into his grandchild’s arms and let him eat. He laughed and said: “Take it, you can eat whatever you like during the New Year, your grandpa will be your backing.”

 Chen Suling was about to speak before she was interrupted by Grandma Chen: “You old man, how can you do this!”

 Grandma Chen grumbled and grabbed several handfuls of dried fruits in Tang Jinyu direction, “Xiaoyu, don’t listen to your grandpa, eating too much sweets will cause cavities. You can have some later but for now eat some walnuts, it will make you smarter if you eat some! Come on, my dear grandson, open your mouth—”

Tang Jinyu opened his mouth and ate the walnuts and was later fed some dried *jujubes* by Grandma Chen. He felt a little thirsty as he finished eating but then was fed with some candy orange slices.


 Chen Suling sat aside and talked to her mother, mostly talking about Tang Jinyu, with a smile on her face, her eyebrows loosened, she was so happy for the first time in so many years.

 Tang Hongjun sat aside and poured tea for his father-in-law. 

In previous years, they would usually talk about work. His Father-in-law has an engineering business, and Tang Hongjun is an engineer, who is a professional in his department. They generally have a happy discussion about their Jobs. It’s just that this year they only talked about a few things at work, then they turned the topic to children. They talked and laughed as they looked at the children beside them.

There are many people celebrating the New Year. During the time this of year, several children came in to pay their respects to their elders. All of them were relatives from different branches of the family. They first prayed their respects to the two old elders in the Chen family. Most of them were children who were seven or eight years old. Some of them were clever enough to recite two Tang poems to please the Chen elders.

 Grandma Chen was kind to the children. Every single child that came in to pay their greetings were given a handful of sweets. If one the children performed well enough, they would be gifted with a handful of dried fruits.

 Some children happily ate them while others were curiously watching the child in Grandma Chen’s arms.

 A little boy with a small red sweater and velvet trousers, with a pair of sneakers on his feet, the bottom of the shoes were slightly big.

Whenever the little boy lightly knocked his foot against the sofa, his shoes would shine brightly. It was considered to be one of the most popular children’s shoes these days.

 The other boys stared at the little boy shoes in envy.


The girls were also watching, but their eyes were on the plush earmuffs on the armrest of the sofa, the two white fluffy balls, looking soft and warm.

 The two children that recited poems had a handful of toffee and dried fruits in their hands. While biting on the candies, they tilted their heads as they looked at the child held by Grandma Chen. They felt that this was very strange, that he was being treated differently from them. 

They worked hard to memorize the poems, and they got a handful of toffee and dried fruit, but that kid just called out “grandma” and a lot of snacks fell into the box of sweets in his hands—the box of sweets piled up!

 Old lady Chen didn’t feel that anything was wrong. It was Tang Jinyu’s first time being in his grandma’s house and he wasn’t exactly sure what he should do, he sat there eating the little oranges that his grandma fed to his mouth, while he looked around and watched all the children around him.

 ‘Why are they all standing and watching?’

 After waiting for a while, he knew the reason why and it was because they were waiting for Grandma Chen to pass out New Year money.

 The children lined up and everyone received a big red envelope. Tang Jinyu was the last one to receive his, which was an extraordinarily thick envelope. He held his envelope firmly, Grandma Chen praised him before he could say anything, “Oh, Xiaoyu has such strong hands!”

 Tang Jinyu blushed, scratched his head, feeling a little embarrassed.

 When the door of the outer room was pushed open, the second sister-in-law of the Chen family came in with a child wrapped in a small cloak. When she saw the old man, she said with a smile: “Dad, mom, Sorry for being late. I saw Dangshen in the kitchen just now, and wanted to include some in the chicken soup for you guys. Especially you mom, you have been working hard these days! You need all the rest that you can!” She walked over with her baby in her arms, carrying a baby that seemed only a few months old.

 Grandma Chen said, “Daughter, don’t work so hard. Just hire a nanny to do these kinds of things and you just take care of your child.”

 “It’s not troublesome at all, it’s fine for me to handle it!”

 A little girl who had just received the red envelope walked over, pulled on her sleeve, and called her mother.

 The second sister-in-law of the Chen family bowed her head and said something to her, took the red envelope in her hand and put it in her pocket.

 Grandma Chen took out another red envelope and handed it to her. With a smile on her face, Grandma Chen teased the child in her arms with the red envelope: “Deqing, look, this is the red envelope from Grandma!”


 There were a lot of people here. Chen Suling was afraid that Tang Jinyu would be nervous with people he hasn’t met yet, so she told her mother that she wanted to take her child to the backyard.

 Grandma Chen was a little bit reluctant, “I think Xiaoyu is fine here, why don’t you stay with me, there will be some old friends that I want him to meet.”

What Chen Suling didn’t know was that her mother wanted to vent for her. Having a child that was sick without any signs of improvement for so many years, made many gossip about her but now that her child is now recovering. Grandma Chen is very happy and wants to show him off to others, Chen Suling smiled and said, “There will be more opportunities in the future. I’ll bring Xiaoyu back to accompany you next time.”

 Tang Hongjun was also reluctant to leave but still got up and said: “Yes, Mom, there will be more opportunities in the future.”

 His precious son is still recovering and he was afraid that it would scare his child.

 The second sister-in-law on the side immediately took a step forward with the baby in her arms and smiled and said, “Mom, I will accompany you. Deqing is very lively and hasn’t met many people yet.”

 Old Mrs. Chen glanced at her and said lightly: “Forget it, the child is still young, and it’s not good to hold him outside in the cold winter, don’t freeze, go inside the house and rest.”

 The second sister-in-law wanted to speak again, but looked at her mother-in-law’s face and did not dare to say anything.

 Tang Jinyu was carried and taken to the backyard, holding the candy box in his arms, wearing the rabbit fur earmuffs on head and eating candy.

 Tang Hongjun was afraid that he would have a toothache, so he deliberately said, “What kind of sweets did Xiaoyu eat? Can you give some to Dad?”


Tang Jinyu put the candy in his mouth, his cheeks bulged out, “No.”

 Tang Hongjun was hit hard: “Why?”

 The child in his arms said righteously: “Not… hygienic.”

 Tang Hongjun was a little surprised, “You know new words? Who taught you?”

 Tang Jinyu proudly said: “Brother Xia Ye!”

 Tang Hongjun is even more curious: “How did he teach?”

 “Brother Xia Ye didn’t want to use my harmonica, saying that it was stained with my saliva, which is unhygienic!”


 “Nonsense! Don’t listen to him, my baby is the cleanest!”

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