In the completely unfamiliar starfield, there was only silence, a star beast, which should not exist in the sky, mimics the surrounding void and floated quietly.

    More than a dozen star tribes were inside the interior of their starship, their forehead soaked with cold sweat, as they held their breath and did not dare to move.

    All of their eyes were unblinking, staring in one direction. In the void of the universe, rows of gigantic titans stood there silently, with cold silver skin and pattern markings appearance, are just tools made by the Zhizu tribe.

    The pupils of all the Star tribes widened in fear, how could there be so many starships of the Zhizu tribe? 

    Where did the spatial rift they encountered sent them to? ! 

    Seeing that around the starships, some small floating devices appeared from time to time as red-lighted artifacts scanned around the surrounding area. All the Star tribes shuddered, although they didn’t know why this was here and why there were so many intellectual starships parked here.

They didn’t know what these starships gathered together for, and whether or not they were going to attack them. 


Everyone’s response to the current situation unified and that was to run away!

    The intellectuals are notoriously known to be cold and ruthless, giving no mercy towards anyone and particularly hate when other races try to investigate their kind the most. If they were to find any signs of them, they were to be annihilated until nothing is left of them. With so many starships joining together, the Zhizu tribe was definitely planning something big.

    Therefore, all the Star tribe did not dare to move immediately, leaving the starship in place, quietly, moving slowly without making any sounds and staying away from Zhizu starships.

 At this time, all the Stars could not help but be thankful for their ships. What he possessed was a rare mutant starship, if it were any ordinary ship, they would have been discovered long ago. 

    They moved away quietly, until they could no longer see the Zhizu tribe fleets and were finally able to breathe in relief, then moved their location somewhere else.

    At this time, all the Star tribe members who thought that they were out of danger, did not know that they were no longer in the galaxy where they had originally lived. Although the space jump did not kill them, it instead sent them to a place that was more terrifying than being torn to pieces by the space jump, and that was – inside the Zhizu territory.

    The huge fleet they had just seen were gathered for any big plan. They existed here for the purpose of guarding. 

    The Star tribe were strangely lucky to have landed inside the Zhizu territory that was considered a protection circle and not outside the protection field.

    Even though they wanted to get as far away from the Zhizu starships as possible, they were in fact headed straight to the main core guarded by the Zhizu tribe.

    They didn’t know how much time had passed and the Star tribe that had been highly vigilant before, showed signs of fatigue. At the same time, they also received the signal that the starship needed to rest.

    However, these Star tribesmen did not dare to rest here. After all, although they kept the Starship on the road for a long time, the speed of their Starship was incomparable with the fleet of the Zhi tribe. They needed their starship to run for at least two more days until they were further away from the Zhizu detections.

They couldn’t bear the risk of resting for even for a minute, they had to find a safe place first.

    These Star tribesmen were trying to find a suitable planet to use as a shelter. When their eyes suddenly lit up, because in front of them, a beautiful blue  planet appeared. 

    The leader of the Star clan immediately said: “Go to that planet.” 

    Then, the starship set off to that planet slowly. 


    As the azure planet got closer, the Star tribes were full of admiration. 

    “Oh my God, this planet seems to have a mild climate, no strong winds, not as hot as other hot planets, the temperature is just right.” 

    “There are also many clean water sources.”

    “It’s really suitable for life to grow, It has many plants and many small animals.” 

    “Is this a primitive planet? I haven’t heard of any race claiming this planet. A planet of this level must be owned by a powerful race.” 

    One of the Star Clan members, licked his lips and said: “Boss, let’s remember these coordinates. When the intellectuals are gone, we will notify the clan and then we will occupy this planet.”

    The Leader of Star clan did not speak but could not deny that his heart was a bit greedy but finally said: “We are still too close to the intellectual tribe, let’s wait for a few days for the Zhizu tribe to leave first and then we can take possession of this planet.”

   After all was said and done, the starship approached the blue planet and was forced by the planet’s gravitational force to slowly fall towards the blue planet’s deep blue sea. Hidden in the deep sea of ​​the planet, had another barrier above it. These horrified Star Clan finally felt a little safer. They began to rest and eat and recharge their starship.

    After about one day of resting, both the Star Clan and the starship were restored to their best condition, but they were still worried that the intellectual race had left yet and decided to stay for a while longer.

    During this waiting time, the leader of the Star clan couldn’t help but think back on the clan member’s words from yesterday and felt his heart filled with excitement. After all, he discovered such a habitable planet to dedicate to the Star tribe. This kind of price will make them wealthy enough to be a noble.

    But that is if it’s not taken, many various races have always been cruel when it comes to competing for the inhabiting planet. 

After all, the environment of the inhabiting planet directly affects the quality of life of an entire race. Although their Star tribe planet is considered good compared to other races. It was obviously not as good as this one in front of them, who wouldn’t want to improve the quality of life of their own race?

So while waiting for the Zhizu to leave, they decided not to be idle and used their starship to conduct preliminary explorations on this planet. 

    Their starship is in a higher level than others, not only can it camouflage itself, but during its disappearance it can also pass through anything. Having this ability made it easy for them to raid other races and steal their treasure. It was this special skill that eased their lives in the galaxy.

    It is also quite convenient to use their starship to explore this planet. As long as the ship stays in a hidden mode and shuttles underground. Once they saw some potential valuable material, they let the starship use it as fuel.

In this way, for several days, the Star tribe drove the starship and took some samples from the blue planet’s ground. Most of them were some common ores and some were plant roots and fruits that were connected to the underground. 

There was also saw a small strange animal with long ears, sleeping in a cave

    They didn’t know how far underground they had gone on this planet, until one day, they felt that the object that they penetrated underground was a bit strange, it seemed to overcast with something gray and it seemed to be a hand made product.

    The Star tribe had robbed a lot of treasure in the past and knew that it contained something special. They penetrated a thin layer of the gray object and observed it in a clear open space.

    When seeing the things inside the gray object clearly, the Star tribe felt their hearts drop and almost ran away directly. The object inside seemed eerily similar to the Zhizu tribe.

    In the end, it was the thick dust inside the object and the traces of no use, that made them brave enough not to escape. It seems that no one has been here for many years. 


    An object that seems to have been abandoned. 

    After realizing this, the Star tribe relaxed and looked at this object carefully, especially those artifacts that seemed the same style that the Zhizu tribe uses. They usually don’t have the opportunity to observe the Zhuzi tools up close. 

    There are not many things in it, it looks a bit empty, except for some thick dust on the top, the underside of the Object is very delicate, but there wasn’t any use for it. The most conspicuous thing is that the huge metal cylinder is sealed in the middle.

    That metal cylinder seems to be the core of this object, because they found that other unknown things in this space are almost connected to this metal cylinder. It seems that everything seemed to serve the object in this metal cylinder. 

The amazing thing is that the metal cylinder seems to be still working,a small spot on the front of the metal cylinder is glowing with a faint green light. 

    “Things of this intellectual race can still be used.” The Star tribe who proposed to occupy this planet before licked his lips again and said: “It seemed well developed.”

    When the other Star members heard these words, they subconsciously held their breaths, looking eagerly at the metal cylinder. Although they have seen all kinds of treasures, adding their values are nothing in comparison as the products made by the Zhizu tribe.

The amount of races that were curious about how the Zhizu tribe made their indestructible objects, those inconceivable objects, those amazing designs and their powerful starship, makes them all want to urgently study.

However, the intellectuals rarely left their products out in the open, making it impossible for all races to study it and the starship that made them greedy would destroy them into pieces if they were to get too close to them. Thus making all races yearn for the Zhizu tribe and also fear them. 

    Although the things in front of them are not a starship, the things made by the Zhizu must have something in common. If they brought this back to their Star clan, even if they can’t figure out how it works. It’s definitely a chance for them to figure out the Zhizu tribe’s weakness.

When these Star tribe members were very excited, the leader of the Star tribe who had been in deep thought, suddenly said in a faint voice, “But have you ever thought about why this place has things left by the Zhizu tribe for so long?”

    Silence, silence… 

    Yes, why is this planet abandoned and have things left by the intellectuals? 

    Didn’t they happen to meet the Zhizu fleet, didn’t the Zhizu pass by through here? 


    Since it is an unowned planet, and since the Zhizu just happened to pass by, why is there something left by the Zhizu tribe that had been here for so many years?

The Star tribe foreheads were filled with cold sweat.

    The leader looked at the Star tribe members’ fear as they had trouble breathing.

 The Star Leader sighed helplessly and didn’t dare to scare them any more, helplessly comforted them: “It may be something that the Zhizhu tribe accidentally dropped here before. We can’t stay on this planet for any longer, let’s pack up our things and leave right away.” 

    All the Stars nodded their heads, even if the leader didn’t say anything, they didn’t want to stay on this planet anymore. If their prediction was correct and this planet may be part of the intellectuals territory, how courageous and greedy they were to stay on this planet for so many days. 

    However, since they have stayed for so many days and have not been discovered, it might be possible that this planet is not important to the intellectuals. 

    At this time, the Star tribe can only comfort themselves in this way.

    The starship obeyed the orders of the Star tribe and swallowed the metal pillar and the unknown artifacts connected to the metal pillar in one bite and then maintained in hidden mode and began to leave the planet. 

    The Star tribe, who were highly nervous, watched the surroundings in the starship in fear. Fortunately, they could see the starry sky through the dense fog and they did not see the shadow of the Zhizu starship. All the Star tribe members were relieved.

    They should be able to escape smoothly. 

    However, the moment when their starship was completely out of the hemisphere, the gray metal cylinder that was swallowed by the Star tribes ship and the small long-eared animal that had been seen before, emitted signals. At the same time, red dazzling alarms instantly sounded throughout the Zhuzi starships!


    At the same moment, the starships standing on the protection zone, guarding the starry field like an iron fence, sounded a sharp alarm, “Alarm! Alarm! The native species in the special protection zone of the earth has been stolen and has now been taken. From the atmosphere, the coordinates are 102.560745 east longitude and 28.964958 north latitude.” 

    With the sharp siren, the delicate faces in all the starships lifted up at the same moment, looking in the same direction, countless pairs of dark red eyes were slightly narrowed. The eyes looking at that direction were extremely cold. 


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The author has something to say: 

    Star tribe: Boss, let’s occupy this planet. 

    Earth:? ? 

    Star tribe: Boss, let’s take this metal cylinder away. 

    Earthling:? ? 

    Robot Race: What did you say?

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  1. There’s a lot of tense problems here, with the tense shifting between past and present quite a few times – it’s a common mistake when English isn’t your first language or you’re not used to writing/translating. Hopefully that gets fixed in the later chapters.

    I came here to read this because while I’m not Human wasn’t very eventful, it was still a nice read and this was compared to it a lot :3c. Thanks for translating!

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