LNTMG- (12) Hugs

Probably feeling the different treatment than before, Tang Jinyu had a radar above his head, accurately capturing the trace of kindness revealed by Xia Ye.

  The child began to climb along the pole.

  Every evening, not only did Tang Jinyu wait at the window, but sometimes after dinner, he would go next door.

  The reasons for visiting were all varied. The day before yesterday Tang Jinyu went to give Teacher Xia an apple and yesterday he told Teacher Xia to ask him if his harmonica sounded okay. Now today, Tang Jinyu found an excuse to throw away some garbage-with a few pieces of paper in his hands. When he passed by Xia Ye’s house, he ran as fast as he could!


  Every day there is a recycling bin right by the entrance of the hallway. When Tang Jinyu went to “throw away the garbage”, Chen Suling stood at the door and watched as her son walked slowly. When passing by Teacher Xia’s house, his steps obviously slowed down even more and a smile appeared on her face.

  Her baby was slowly recovering, besides from his speech but now he is no longer different from any ordinary child.

  Sometimes, Chen Suling still feels that her son is smarter than other children based on how good his memory is. The little guy remembers everything she has said before, he was very is special and caring.

  Tang Jinyu returned after throwing the piece of paper and rushed over to call his mother, holding Chen Suling’s leg very happily.

  Chen Suling reached out and picked him up, scratched his nose and smiled: “Was it fun?”


  ”Then you can play again tomorrow…”

  ”Not tomorrow.”

  ”What’s wrong, what game do you want to play tomorrow?”

  ”I don’t want play games, I want to help my mother throw out the garbage tomorrow. There is a big bag in the kitchen!”


  Chen Suling felt her heart melt when he said this, she kissed him on the cheeks and put him down. She felt that her and her husband’s efforts, for the past years, were not in vain. God had heard their prayers and returned their most cherished baby. 

  Tang Jinyu practices the piano for half of the day now. Teacher Xia treats him very well. He knows that he is in a special situation and should not rush to play, he carries several musical instruments around almost like he was playing some sort of game.

  Xia Ye went home early in the afternoon after school ended early and happened to see the child at his house.


  The kid next door wore a little fluffy jacket, with a large hood attached to the jacket and with a pair of fluffy rabbit ears hanging down. As he was sitting in a white outfit, it was difficult to tell whether the face was whiter or the clothes were whiter, he looked a chubby rabbit.

  Tang Jinyu was happy when he saw Xia Ye, but he didn’t dare to go over and continue to sit on the sofa, as he greeted him: “Brother!”

  Xia Ye glanced at him and nodded.

  Teacher Xia heard the voice and poked his head out of the small closet room and said: “Xia Ye, you came back at just the right time. Can you help me? I remember that I put it here on the box below. There are too many things to handle…”

  Xia Ye walked over to help him carry things. The teenage boy had a lot of energy, and the father and son moved the two cartons above and opened the wooden box at the bottom.

  Xia Ye helped open the lid of the box and asked, “Dad, what are you looking for?”

  Teacher Xia rummaged and said, “Look for the small accordion you used before. It’s light and it’s just for Xiaoyu’s practice.”

Xia Ye looked at the child waiting obediently at the door and strangely ask him, “Didn’t you take him to learn piano?”

  ”He has learned a lot already, Xiaoyu has a good memory, it doesn’t get in the way and the accordion can help him move his shoulders and fingers while standing. It’s too tiring to sit all the time…”

  Xia Ye laughed, it didn’t look like his dad anymore. Before his change, many students wanted to sit down for a break and would be disciplined by his father, his dad was well known for his teaching style.

  Teacher Xia quickly found the small accordion, it seemed quite old.


The red and white colors are somewhat still vivid and did not appear damaged but this small piano was well preserved and stored in a special leather box. It is also very clean. He took it out and tried it, adjusted a few notes, and gave it to Tang Jinyu with a smile, “Xiaoyu here, your brother used to play with this when he was a kid, go ahead and try it!”

  Tang Jinyu looked at the accordion and then at Xia Ye, “Brother, don’t you need it?”

  Xia Ye was silent for a moment, and couldn’t help but squeeze the child’s face, “I’m grown up, I have no need for it, you can have it.” After he finished speaking, he went back to his bedroom, closed the door and went to do his business.

  Tang Jinyu seemed to have picked up a piece of gold ingots out of thin air. 

Teacher Xia wiped the small accordion clean for him and he kept smiling from ear to ear, feeling pleased!

Teacher Xia wanted him to try. The child shook his head constantly. Teacher Xia said strangely: “What’s wrong, do you want to change it to another one?I am not familiar with folk music instruments, but Xun knows a little better. Last time I went traveling. I seem to have bought one…”

  Tang Jinyu stretched out his little hand to pull Teacher Xia, his face flushed, and excitedly said: “I like it! Go home to play, teacher, go back to my house!”

  ”Why are you going back suddenly?”

  ”Brother will be bothered!”

  The voices from outside came over one after another, even though it was separated by a door panel, Xia Ye could still hear clearly.


  The walls in the apartment building are not very soundproof, not to mention the doors. He paused slightly with the mouse’s hand and he didn’t even notice it.

  His computer is always on and the old desktop computer makes fan noise, but it runs smoothly.

  This computer looked half-old, and a lot of things have been replaced in it. As far as the current provincial computer city can be equipped, there are also many in this, all of which are the most high-end hardware nowadays.

  Xia Ye shook the mouse, and the black screen of the computer showed the screen saver of the underwater world, which is the most common in the win98 system.

  He glanced at it and felt that the animated picture of the red clownfish swimming into the coral reef in the screen saver was like the little fool next door. Such a small one, well-behaved and timid, not at all aggressive, smiled stupidly every time he saw him, almost like anyone can lure him away with a piece of candy

  It’s so cheating.

  Xia Ye turned on the computer to operate the unfinished program, while using the remaining energy to think, he just gave a few pieces of candy and he was so close to him. It seemed that he was not very smart… But speaking of it, originally He was just a little idiot, watching him go to school before he came to learn piano and trusting him so blindly, it’s really not normal.

  Xia Ye frowned. He thought for a moment if it changed to someone else and the child following them around, made him feel uncomfortable.

  The sound of piano practice next door came intermittently and Xia Ye slowly entered his own state. His fingers moved quickly and entered a string of codes.

  Tang Jinyu was studying to play the accordion very hard today but he was playing and not learning as much.


  Teacher Xia discussed with the Tang family and the main purpose of learning these things is to let him practice the flexibility in his fingers. The child’s finger needs more practice to improve his dexterity, after being sick for so long.

 While Tang Jinyu was resting, he found a name written on the side of the accordion, a small handwriting with the words “Xia Ye” written on it.

  Teacher Xia said: “Oh, this was when Xia Ye was competing. There were some students who brought the same accordion, so they wrote their name to prevent any confusion.”

  Tang Jinyu stretched out her hand and touched it carefully, curiously asked, “Does Brother Xia Ye still competing?”

  ”Yes, when he was in elementary school but after being eliminated in the preliminary round, he stopped competing ever since.”

  Tang Jinyu: “???”

  Tang Jinyu’s face flushed: “Impossible!”

  ”Really.” Teacher Xia was patient and smiled and said: “Xia Ye has no talent in learning the piano but it’s a good thing, he is more like his mother, with his high intelligence I’m sure he would grow up to do outstanding things.”

  Tang Jinyu was still immersed in the shock of knowing Xia Ye elimination in a competition of his elementary school, with a look of disbelief.

How is that possible? He remembers that Brother Xia Ye is good at everything.

  This thought has always been in Tang Jinyu’s mind. It seems that he believes that Xia Ye is good at everything when he first saw him but he also can’t explain the reason why.


  Now knowing that it was not true, his confidence was slightly reduced, Tang Jinyu’s little head hangs down a little, and his little hand gently pulls the tail of the piano.

  Teacher Xia didn’t know why but he still tried to comfort him: “Does Xiaoyu want to participate in the competition? Let’s wait and practice a bit more. Teacher will help you sign up, then we will try hard to get a metal, okay?” 

Tang Jinyu skills were better than Xia Ye. When Xia Ye signed up, he was convinced that he could play and went to school with the piano on his back but after losing, he completely let go.

  Teacher Xia placed his palm on the piano, shook his head slightly and sighed in his heart. Xia Ye was much smarter than him, and he immediately let go of knowing that he was not suitable. If only he had this kind of enlightenment when he was married and had let go in advance and let go of Xia Ye’s mother, maybe they will not be where they are today…


  Teacher Xia raised his head, pulled himself out of his emotions and looked at the child in front of him: “What happened Xiaoyu?”

  The child’s eyes glowed, and he rubbed his hands and tentatively said, “I want to put my name too!” He pointed to the old label and said a little shyly, “Can I put it on the side? Can I put it next to my brother’s name?”

Teacher Xia smiled and said, “Of course.”

  The children around him kept talking happily, chirping, and his words were so sweet that he wondered if they smeared with honey. Teacher Xia was amused by him, and the depression in his heart also disappeared. He took paper and glue to help Tang Jinyu make a label card, carefully wrote the child’s name, and pasted it next to the old label, with the two names side by side.

  Tang Jinyu touched it carefully and raised his chest and said, “I want to help Brother Xia Ye win the competition.”

  Teacher Xia encouraged him: “That’s great, what does Xiaoyu want to do?” 


He thinks that the child is doing well and has a good sense of measure but the key point is to understand and comprehend that as long as he takes more time to practice for a period of time, there is hope for a good ranking in this small city.

  Teacher Xia was ready to listen to the child’s bold words but the child standing in front of him proudly said: “Enter the preliminary round~”

  Tang Jinyu had completely cheered up, he decided that he would win for Xia Shen and do what he couldn’t do!

 When Teacher Xia heard this, he praised him with a thumbs up: “Very good, play steadily, let’s take it slowly!”

  Tang Jinyu’s determination to win glory for Xia Ye was compromised the next day.

  That afternoon, Tang Jinyu stayed at Teacher Xia’s side to play and Xia Ye came back to change his sportswear, just in time to see him.

  Tang Jinyu was especially happy when he saw Xia Ye come home early today. He held a small ball and walked towards Xia Ye, stretched out the ball and handed it to him, “Brother!”

  Xia Ye saw it but did not take it, “You can play by yourself.”

  Tang Jinyu was not discouraged at all, put the ball down and stretched out a pair of small hands, looking up at Xia Ye with expectation.

  Xia Ye: “…”

  Xia Ye looked at Teacher Xia who was pouring water in the kitchen and while his father was not paying attention to the living room, he squatted down and stretched out a finger to poke the child’s forehead to make him stay away from him, “No.”

  The child was stunned, but he laughed again with a little white tooth and shook the fingers that Xia Ye poked in both hands, turned around and ran away.


  Xia Ye looked at the little head as he ran to the kitchen to hug his dad’s leg, and whispered: “Brother is back, brother wants to eat!”

  Teacher Xia brought two glasses of water over, “Why did Xia Ye come back so early? Wait for me, the rice hasn’t been cooked…”

  Xia Ye said: “Dad, don’t trouble yourself, I will come back to change clothes in the afternoon when I have gym class.”

  Teacher Xia nodded and asked him with a strange look: “Aren’t your school uniforms just sportswear?”

  Xia Ye rummaged and stuffed it into his bag, and said: “It’s different, there are rules.”

  Teacher Xia stopped asking more questions. Seeing that the child was still hiding behind his legs and looking at him, he rubbed his hair and smiled: “What’s the matter? You call out to your brother so much when he wasn’t home just now and now you hide when you see him? Did you wake up yet?”

  The child behind him looked so satisfied, showing his little head while hiding, tilting his head in happiness.

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The author has something to say:

  Small theater①:

  Xiaoyu: I shook hands with Xia Shen, so happy! !

  Small theater②:

  Xia Ye: To be honest, I wanted to be a musician.

  Xiaoyu: When?

  Xia Ye: Before the elementary school preliminary round.

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  1. I could relate to that quitting immediately part!! No matter how much effort I put, I just can’t seem to learn any instrument.


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