LNTMG-(13) “New Friends”

Xia Ye changed into his sportswear and put the school uniform in his backpack. Before leaving, he said again: “Dad, I have an appointment with my classmates to play ball at night. You eat first in the evening and I will be back later.”

  Teacher Xia nodded and said: “Be careful.”

  Xia Ye nodded in response and hurried away.

  Tang Jinyu stayed with Teacher Xia at home, either learning a musical instrument or playing with a ball and took music and physical education together. Teacher Xia also earnestly gave him points for every homework and like other children, gave him several small red flowers.

  The little red flower was cut by Teacher Xia himself and he posted it on a special notebook for the child, then said with a smile: “Xiaoyu was obedient with his piano lessons, does he deserve another little red flower?”


  The child leaned back and said, “Hmm!”

  On the other side, Xia Ye left home but did not return to school. Instead, he turned his bike halfway around, went to a small road and walked around for a while and then arrived at the Internet cafe.

  The Internet cafe has just been renovated and occupies two floors.

Xia Ye parked his bike and went upstairs. At the counter on the third floor of Longteng Internet cafe, there was a fat young man. When he saw him coming in, he quickly welcomed him up: “Xia ye, I’m really sorry today. I don’t know what’s wrong with the computer here. Several computers broke down, which delayed my business for a long time. The person at the maintenance department I asked before also couldn’t repair it. That’s the reason why I called you, can you help me?”

  Xia Ye walk over towards him. This is one of the first Internet cafes in the city. The owner is Wu Yicheng. Even though he doesn’t have that much money, the Internet cafes opened are relatively large. There are dozens of computers in his store, but most of them are now in a black screen state and only a few people are sitting there with one or two open occasionally, so business was tight.

Boss Wu brows furrowed as he sighed: “It’s really bad luck and I don’t know how it happened. All I know is the screen went completely black! Two or three new Internet cafes have been opened in this old city. Now business is also getting competitive. It’s only been broken for a while now and people aren’t coming back.”

  Xia Ye sat there and said: “It has a virus.”

  Boss Wu was taken aback and asked, “Is it serious?”

  ”It’s okay, I will try to maintain the program.”

  Boss Wu saw that he had started to get busy and he was a little relieved. Owning a computer is still a rare thing and costs tens of thousands of yuan per unit. He invested a lot of money in this Internet cafe. The staff of the maintenance department in this town is not very helpful.

 It’s been a long time since he had to fix one of his computer’s and he had no idea where to start, had it not been for Xia Ye’s help, he was afraid that he would have to drive all the way to the  provincial capital to find someone to repair it.


  Xia Ye sat there and operated, there was no expression on his face and the sound of his fingers tapping the keyboard was rapid, as if he knew what to do next moment. Seeing that he wasn’t panic also calmed down Boss Wu on the side and didn’t spin around like before.

There are more than 30 computers in the Internet cafes that have problems. The most serious problem is that all have to have their system be reinstalled. However, there wasn’t anything particularly important information in the Internet cafes to save. Some stand-alone games are quickly reinstalled and the commonly used board games and web pages The chat rooms are all placed in a prominent position on the desktop, so they were fine.

  Boss Wu watched him fix it after a couple of minutes, then went to turn them on and was pleasantly surprised: “Okay! You are still so good. The repairman who came in the morning said that it was a motherboard problem and he had to take the whole machine back. I’m glad that I didn’t let him take it away, otherwise I wouldn’t get it back in ten days and I would no longer be in business!”

  Xia Ye said: “Don’t blame him, some of the symptoms simulated by the virus this time are very similar to a host failure and it is normal to be uncertain.”

  Boss Wu was curious and asked him, “What is this virus called? How can this be prevented in the future?”

  Xia Ye also felt strange, “I haven’t seen this virus before. I’ll check it later.”

  Boss Wu: “Then how did you repair it?It won’t break suddenly, right?”

  Xia Ye nodded: “No, you use it first. I made a protection program and left it. If there is any problem, it will be the first one to let me know.”

  When Boss Wu heard him say this, he was completely relieved. He smiled and patted him on the shoulder and thanked him again and again, took him to the counter to get the money. “It’s still the old rule. A computer maintenance fee is 20 yuan. How many did you fix? 32 units, this is 640 yuan, you take it.”

  Xia Ye counted them, nodded and said: “Yes, thank you.”

  When Boss Wu sent him out, he half joked: “Xia Ye, if you didn’t have such good grades. I would’ve persuaded you to work here, with your skills. I’ve got the money, we could open a few more cafes and have a great time.”

  Xia Ye politely said to him: “Let’s talk about this later.”

  Boss Wu walked with him outside, after Xia Ye worked for a long time, it was 8 o’clock in the evening by the time he finished fixing all the computers. He watched Xia Ye ride his bicycle and walked back inside.

What Wu Yicheng said just now was sincere, it costs 4 yuan for an hour to surf the Internet. He keeps turning on a computer from morning to night. It costs more than a little electricity to get this thing back and then pay some Internet fees. 

The rest he makes are all made in vain, with a daily profit of thousands of yuan. In his eyes, these computers are no different from those who lay golden eggs. 


It’s just that computers are squeamish, and they are always prone to minor problems. There are few people in the city who can repair them. He found a few before he came across such an all-rounder like Xia Ye.

  Xia Ye hadn’t experienced any problems with the computer in his Internet cafe during his junior year. For such a powerful technician, he would definitely want to stay.

  But think about it again, people who know how to fix computers are popular everywhere. Xia Ye has this ability, and it is normal for him to be unable to keep at this small shop.

  Someone passing by saw that the sign of the Internet cafe was still on, came in and asked: “Boss, can I access the Internet now?”

  Boss Wu smiled and greeted them warmly: “Yes, come on!”

  Xia Ye rode back fast and when he approached the community, he turned to a small park next to him, found a hidden place and changed back into his school uniform in his bag.

  The environment in the Longteng Internet cafe is not very good. Many people smoke in it. The clothes he stayed there for a long time will inevitably be contaminated with the smell of smoke. When everything was packed, he stuffed the smoke-stained sportswear back into his backpack and rode back home.

  At night, many people at home had their lights on, as this was the time to watch TVs at home. Recently, “Yongzheng Dynasty” is being rebroadcast, and many people watch it with gusto. Some children also want to watch “Han Zhu Ge Ge”, but adults generally don’t let them. They feel that the plot of this series is horrible and that it is a bad influence on children. 

For a while, the newspapers seriously criticized it, saying this The drama has brought serious adverse effects to the current youth.

Xia Ye parked his bike and locked it and ran upstairs. After entering the door, he saw his dad sitting on the sofa drinking tea and watching TV. He saw him come in and laughed and said, “Come back? Go eat. The food is in the kitchen. It’s still hot!”

  Xia Ye agreed and went to the kitchen. After a while, he heard the sound of bowls and chopsticks, but didn’t see him come out.

  Teacher Xia didn’t agree with him and said: “Xia Ye, come sit here and eat, don’t eat while standing.”

  Xia Ye was too lazy to bring out the food, and said as he ate: “It’s okay, I finish eating now.”


  ”You, you eat way too fast, eating shouldn’t be rushed. You have to sit down and eat slowly.” Teacher Xia went to the kitchen and took a look. He wanted to help him carry a plate, but found that Xia Ye had already eaten a bowl of rice and was now serving seconds, the rest of the dishes were almost finished, his speed of eating was very fast. 

He smiled and shook his head and said, “You child, you are very particular about doing other things, how can you be so lazy to eat.”

  Xia Ye stood in the kitchen and finished eating two bowls of rice. He tidied up the dishes and put them in the sink to wash. Teacher Xia stopped him and said, “Let me do them, you must be tired from playing so late, go and rest.”

  Xia Ye hesitated, his father stood there and rolled up his sleeves and joked with him: “Why, do you think Dad can’t even do this little work?”

  Xia Ye laughed and said, “Then you must have done a good job. I will go and wash my clothes, I was sweating a lot today.”

  Taking advantage of Teacher Xia’s washing the dishes, Xia Ye took a pair of clothes and took his backpack to the bathroom. Their bathroom was small, but it was cleaned up. He first put a bucket of water to soak the sportswear and then took a hot bath.”

  When he came out of the bathroom, his school uniform was also washed and cleaned and let them dry on the balcony.

  Xia Ye knows how to wash and cook. He can take care of himself. He washes the clothes without causing his father any trouble. 

  Teacher Xia picked a few oranges and put them in the box to go out. Xia Ye saw this and asked, “Dad, where are you going so late?”

  ”I’m going next door, Xiaoyu wanted to eat oranges this afternoon but it was too cold, I put them on the heater and covered them and forgot about them. Now that it is hot I’ll just take it to him.”

  Xia Ye went over and said, “Let me go, you rest at home, it’s cold outside today.”

  Teacher Xia smiled and gave him the box, “Okay, you can go.”

It takes only two steps to get to the next door. After Xia Ye knocked on the door, it opened soon. Tang Jinyu opened the door himself. The child was only half the height of the door, standing there watching him.

  The kid looked up at him, not looking away. Xia Ye stretched out his hand to protect the back of his head, and raised his lips a little: “Don’t look up anymore. I don’t want you to greet me on the floor.”

  Tang Jinyu was stunned for a moment, “What?”


  ”In admiration”

  Xia Ye gestured with his fingers, as if a little turtle turned to the ground, with his four fingers moving around flexibly, as if kicking.

  Tang Jinyu looked at his fingers and praised him particularly hard: “Brother is really amazing!”

  Chen Suling heard the sound and walked over, just in time to see Xia Ye making gestures with his fingers, as he was doing animal shapes to amuse her son, she hugged her son and smiled and said: “When Xiaoyu learns to play the piano with Teacher Xia, your fingers will be more stronger and flexible in the future.”

  Tang Jinyu nodded earnestly in her mother’s arms, as admiration appeared in his eyes. The fingers of God Xia, the man known as the right hand of God, must be the most powerful!

  Xia Ye: “…”

At the beginning, Xia Ye used to tease Tang Jinyu a lot but now he didn’t hide from him anymore, he didn’t expect that it wouldn’t be easy to tease him any more. So he handed over the box of oranges in his hand, and in exchange for several sincere flatteries, the child held several hot oranges in his arms, seemingly happy with something.

  ”Brother Xia Ye is so good!”

  ”This orange is the best and sweetest!”

  ”Brother, tomorrow Xiaoyu’s orange will be divided in half for you!”

  Xia Ye can understand his dad’s mood a little bit. The kid next door is easily happy. He can be happy for a long time if anyone gave him anything, like a little milk dog, wagging his tail enthusiastically.

  Xia Ye has no experience with children. Seeing the child kept looking at himself. He hesitated a little. He took out a peanut nougat from his pocket and gave him a peanut nougat. 


Originally, he wanted to put it on the window sill in the evening but now it doesn’t matter anymore.

  Tang Jinyu took the candy and showed it to his mother as if offering a treasure. She smiled so wide that her eyes curved up, as if she had gotten a great baby!

  After Xia Ye came back from next door, he saw his dad put an apple on the heater again. He picked the biggest and reddest one. Needless to say, he knew who it was for. He looked at Apple and then at his dad. He thought it would be nice to have a kid like this next door. His dad has smiled a lot more on his face during this time.

  After returning to the bedroom, Xia Ye turned on the computer and started coding.

  In the afternoon, he not only repaired the computer, but also put a small thing he fixed on the computer of Boss Wu, which can clearly monitor more than forty machines in the Internet cafe.

 Boss Wu’s computer is infected with a virus. There are a lot of Internet users in the Internet cafe. Many of them use disks or go on unsafe websites. However, the viruses in the Internet cafe are usually all minor problems. The most serious problem is to reload the system. But this time, the situation was not quite the same. The maintenance staff Mr. Wu asked for didn’t make a complete mistake. This time, the virus program has a clear purpose, the motherboard.

  It modifies the motherboard BIOS setting parameters, changes the voltage output frequency of the hardware, and damages or even burns the hardware.

 This wasn’t someone who was showing off or any type of prank, this could have been destructive.

  It was the first time that Xia Ye saw such a virus and although the work was still a bit rough, the destructive power was astonishing. If he hadn’t fixed them, the computers in Boss Wu Internet cafe would’ve had to be replaced.


  Xia Ye feels that Boss Wu offended quite a few people but might not know who it is. It might have been the other Internet cafes, or it might have been someone else. He didn’t want to get involved but if the computer of the Longteng Internet cafe broke down, he would have one less place to work. Of course, he had to find out.

 Besides, he became a little interested in the person who designed the virus, he would have to bait them into Boss Wu Internet cafe, he decided that he wanted to meet this friend.

  Xia Ye opened an anonymous chat room, having a few friends in it.

  The man named Lao Yuan had already sent several messages in forward.

 Before Xia Ye could respond, Old Ape couldn’t help but send another message: “Where were you? Brother’s time is also precious. I will study if you don’t reply. “Heaping Prime Number Theory” is here, and the jewel in the crown of mathematics is still waiting for me to pick it up!”

  X: “Busy.”

  Old Ape: “What are you up to?”

  X: “I found a interesting new friend.”

  After Xia Ye finished replying, regardless of the Old Ape’s chattering, he switched his tab and continued monitoring. 

The bait he placed still did not move, it was like a small spider, quietly lurking, waiting for the other party to invade again.

  If there is spider silk left a trace, Xia Ye can follow along and find his “new friend”.

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The author has something to say:

  Small theater:

  Xiaoyu: What I admire most is God Xia and his friends! Among them is Old Ape, he and Xia Shen have a tactful understanding, a hidden mastermind and is very unpredictable!

  In reality, the communication between Old Ape and Xia Shen is like this ↓

  Old Ape: Is Xia Shen here? Are you busy? What are you up to? Have you eaten?

  X: Busy.

  Old Ape: …I’m desperate for this friendship, can I haves few more words?

  X: [Auto Reply] Hi~ I am not here right now. If you would like to leave a message, please press the RESET button on the PC and leave a message after you hear a ‘beep’!

  Old Ape: ? ? ! !

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