LNTMG-(14) Home Visit

Old Ape wrote too long. After reading two lines, Xia Ye realized from his tone that the performance of “Little Spider” was not bad and withdrew from reading the rest of Old Ape’s message. There was no news for several days and he didn’t know if the other party was being cautious or was self-confident in their ability, that they did not use the computer of Longteng Internet Cafe.

  The small program that Xia Ye made has been kept in boss Wu’s machines and it would surely affect them a lot. Xia Ye would get a reminder if there were any problems, he named this program “Little Spider” with only the main focus being to monitor.

  Xia Ye was also afraid that this ‘Little Spider’ program wasn’t concealed enough, so he tested it with the Old Ape.

Old Ape’s computer was locked and tracked for three days, almost collapsing entirely. Old Ape felt like he was exposed entirely, the other party clearly didn’t care about their friendship and did not bother to ask him for permission at all. Even his writing was monitored…The nasty love poems he wrote have been seen clearly and they are very shameless.


  Old Ape protested with him for a while, swiping his screen in their private chat room with several people and felt that Xia Ye did not consider him a friend!

  Few other people in the chat room are online during the day. There were also different time zones, there were some users online that occasionally popped up and were also asking Xia Ye’s ‘Little Spider’, asking him if he wanted to come and play.

  Old Ape: “Do have any sympathy! I don’t want to be friends with you guys anymore!!”

  The chat room was silent for a while, then started to chatter again.

  ”What’s the matter with Old Ape?”

  ”Yeah, why didn’t you find it yourself? X reminded you, why didn’t you try to remove it?”

  ”It seems like Old Ape couldn’t figure out how to remove it.”

  ”Where did Old Ape go? Did his computer lock on him again?”


  Old Ape was too angry to talk.

  After Xia Ye finished his experiment, he played the Old Ape again and contacted him but he was too lazy to text him in their private chat room. He directly wrote on Old Apes notepad and typed to communicate with him: “How is it, is it concealed enough?”

  The Old Ape rolled up his sleeves in anger and wrote him a small essay on his notepad, complaining in grief that he did not treat this friendship well and that he will regret it in the future!


  The old ape refused to give up and spent the whole night hacking into Xia Ye’s computer, writing a notepad as he did before and continuing to write a small paragraph for him.

  Xia Ye was too lazy to read it, kicked him out, and locked Old Ape’s computer.

  The old ape who was furiously typing, blankly looked at his black computer screen: “…”

  Okay, you’re tough.

  Old Ape felt that he had been used and decided not to talk to X in the chat room for the past two days, but he couldn’t help but occasionally check on his account. He only planned not to speak actively, but X stayed silent for a few days and did not appear.

  The reason was simple, Xia Ye and the others have to prepare to take their exams by the end of the month.

  Xia Ye is in his third year in middle school, after the end of the New Year is the senior high school entrance exams. 

This small town close to the north is tightly focused on learning and education. The principal is hopeful that the materials that they provided would be enough for their third years to pass their high school entrance exams.

Although it’s not as brutal as the college entrance exams, it’s a great opportunity to enter one of the best high schools in the city. The enrollment of the city’s No. 1 High School has a limited number of enrollments every year. As students from low backgrounds try to squeeze in and step into the city, competing for their spots.

  Xia Ye’s grades have always been in the top ten. He wanted to spare some time to pick up a part time job. He didn’t want to be too outstanding to make his teachers pay attention to himself. After three years of lying low, he was finally caught by his head teacher.

The head teacher is particularly anxious for students with such achievements as Xia Ye. His results are quite good in their school but they are far behind when compared to other schools, especially when his admission passing score was too low.

 The head teacher stopped Xia Ye to talk about this several times, wanted to let him know the urgency and tried to give him a few reminders again just to be on the safe side.

  In order to make his teacher not worry, Xia Ye made sure to count his final score when answering the math test, raised a few points and took seventh place.

  This made the head teacher very happy. After he issued the report card, he not only praised Xia Ye in the class, but also took him to the office after class.

 He said, “Xia Ye, your grades have improved so much. As your teacher I am relieved that you have been working hard and I hope you will maintain this state until the end! Of course, teacher looked at your test paper and felt that your last two major questions were still a bit of a loss. It was a question of substitution…” 


He gestured to the test paper and said, then patted his chest and assured him, “It’s okay, don’t worry, the teacher will give you a supplementary lesson every afternoon for today and make sure you improve your score!”

  Xia Ye imagined countless outcomes but he didn’t expect the head teacher to be so dedicated.

  He tried: “Teacher, there is no need to make up lessons, I can…”

 The head teacher waved his hand and said, “How can it be the same? Look at this question, it’s all correct in the front. It’s just that there’s a problem here at the end. It seems you don’t understand the formula. This question is the same as the first one but it’s only rewritten with different numbers!”

  ”Teacher, I really don’t need it. It’s not very convenient for my home.”

  ”Oh, I remember your father was ill before. How is he? Is he better now?”

  ”My dad is doing better…”

  ”Then what’s wrong?”

  Xia Ye stood there and changed his answer: “Actually, my dad hired a tutor for me.”

  The head teacher laughed and said: “No wonder, I said that your recent grades have been improved so fast, how great! This will improve your frame of mind.”

  Xia Ye thought the matter was over, but his head teacher stood up and straightened his collar, and said, “Then you go back tonight to prepare, I plan to visit your house for a home visit.”

  Xia Ye was stunned: “Home visit?”


  The teacher in charge said excitedly: “Yes, your grades have improved so much in just a short period of time. I think I should talk to your father and your tutor and work harder to get you a better ranking!”

  Xia Ye: “…”

  Xia Ye: “Teacher, in fact, the tutor we hired by my family is not very good.”

  The head teacher asked him strangely: “Why?”

  Xia Ye worked hard to make up an excuse: “He is busy, I don’t want to disturb him.”

  The head teacher looked at him inexplicably, “He receives tutoring fees, so he should give you lessons. How is that interruption?”

  Xia Ye: “Actually, he confiscated the money. It was an uncle next door to me who tutored me.” 

When he made that up, he thought of Tang Honjun next door and his words suddenly went more smoothly. “He is an engineer and came back from studying abroad. He is usually busy at work. My dad usually doesn’t let me disturb him any more, so I only ask a few questions.”

  The head teacher suddenly realized and nodded: “Your right, let’s not disturb him.”

  Xia Ye breathed a sigh of relief.

  The head teacher said again: “Then I will just talk to your dad about how much you have improved, haha!”

This home visit came suddenly, but the head teacher came to talk about his good grade, with a very kind tone. He just came to cheer on Xia Ye as he said. At the same time, he chatted with Xia Ye’s father about the admission line of high school and encouraged Xia Ye to continue working hard.


  Xia Xuetong has always known that his son’s grades were good. After hearing what the head teacher said to him, he naturally nodded and worked hard to cooperate to improve Xia Ye grades even more.

  The home visit went smoothly but something went wrong when Xia Ye was escorting his head teacher out, he ended up bumping into Tang Hongjun who was carrying a bag of oranges.

  Tang Hongjun came over to thank Teacher Xia specially. His working schedule was very busy and Tang Jinyu was mostly taken care of by Teacher Xia.

Although he wasn’t there when Teacher Xia sent the oranges. Teacher Xia was careful and the oranges were only given to his child after they were heated on the heater in advance. 

Tang Hongjun was very moved when he heard this from his wife, that he came back from work today to send some fruits to Teacher Xia in return.

  Xia Ye opened the door in a daze and opened his mouth, not daring to say anything.

  Tang Honjun didn’t mind at all. He now thinks that the Xia family’s father and son are good people. He enthusiastically took the oranges and handed them to him: “Xia Ye is out of school? Come on, here are the oranges that your uncle’s unit has just divided, Ha ha!”

  The head teacher looked at Xia Ye and asked, “This is?”


  Xia Ye didn’t dare to say anything.

  Tang Hongjun said enthusiastically: “I live next door and have been their neighbor with Xia Ye’s family for a long time, you are?”

  The head teacher immediately smiled and shook hands with him: “Hello, hello! I am Xia Ye’s head teacher and I have heard a lot about you. I heard Xia Ye say that you have been taking care of him. Oh, Xia Ye has improved his test scores by more than ten. Thanks to you!”

  Tang Hongjun didn’t understand what Xia Ye’s improved grades had to do with him, but it didn’t prevent him from supporting him. He enthusiastically shook the teacher’s hand and smiled: “It’s only because the school is well managed. The teachers are also working hard and naturally children’s performance is all credit to you guys!”

  Xia Ye closed his eyes and couldn’t bear to watch this scene.

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  1. *ROFL* Ai, it’s really different to be aware of someone’s male god’s childhood days. This event and the story of the recorder makes him feel human to us readers. The cute kid’s lenses are really thick and heavily rose tinted~

    Thanks for the update! 💕

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