The mother planet of the Earth is the most protected planet in the intellectual race, and it is also the most special planet. This planet that once gave birth to humans has a special status in the eyes of all intellectual races. 

    This is the closest place that they have of human beings  and it is also considered a holy place in the eyes of all the intellectuals. 

    They cherish this precious planet, cherish it to the point that they do not even allow their own people to set foot on it easily. At the same time, the position of guarding the earth is something all the intellectuals want.

They decided with fair competition, along with recruitments that often leaves them competing against one another. Each position has at least thousands of intellectuals competing for the same position, if any of them wanted to take the position of guarding is essentially the same as stepping on the heads of tens of thousands of competitors of their own kind.

 It can be said that each of the starships surrounding this star field is one of the main Elites forces of the intellectual race. 


    Of course, despite the fierce competition for this position, the actual work content is very boring. After all, in this almost closed universe, which belongs to their intellectual race, the entrance is only guarded by them.

Even the other planets that they have are also controlled by them but not as strictly.

Therefore, in the depths of this universe, even if a few years pass by, it is considered one of most well protected places in the world. There is absolutely no possibility of enemies ever passing through here. 

    The only thing they need to beware of is that every few tens or hundreds of years, their own kind will sneak onto earth yearning for humans.

    Therefore, the first reaction in the minds of all the intellectuals at the moment they heard the alarm was that of their own kind had trespassed through.

    Wanting to steal the native species on earth, are they underestimating them? Just wait and see how they are imprisoned in the universe prison for five hundred years! 

    These heartless intellectuals drove the starship to the coordinates of the alarm. The starship that started at full speed ahead in a matter of seconds, reaching their destination in a few minutes.

   The Star tribe who were hiding in the starship, were scared to death by the sound of the alarm lights that suddenly covered the galaxy. Once they recovered their senses, they found that they had been surrounded by star warships. The silver metal giants towered over them and were much more intimidating from such a close distance, making them feel full of tension as the round muzzle that protrudes out of the Zhizu ship pointed towards them.

    The Star tribe forgot how to breath. They knew that as long as one of the round muzzles shot them, they would all be wiped out. 

    But what makes them strange is that the Zhizu don’t usually don’t like to listen to their victims pleas and just directly blast their enemies away into dust, did not fire at them immediately. 

Even after three seconds, they found out that they were still alive. It was an indescribable feeling they felt in their hearts.


    The intellectuals were strictly prohibited from using any weapons near earth, and had discovered that their intruder was different from what they thought. 

It seems that this intruder that came to earth, was not their own intellectual race?

The Star tribes ship was still in camouflage mode but no matter how perfectly hidden they were, there will always be room for error.

For example, these dense warning lights cannot completely hide them. The lights surrounding them showed a huge gap in the middle of the galaxy that exposed their location.

    However, there are naturally more than one means of detecting them by the Zhizu tribe. When the abnormal situation has been found, the various scanning methods in the starship are activated. 

Soon, a starship appeared on the screen of the starship. The image of, even if it is still a bit vague, but this image can not help but surprise the Zhizu, “Star Tribe?!” 

    Star tribe, but why is the star tribe doing here? ! 

    These kinds of starships are not uncommon in the outer universe they have  explored and occupied. Their own race had bombarded this type of ship before but this was their territory, next to earth. How can there be a starship here?

    Moreover, the starships are tools that many races in the outer universe rely on to travel the starry sky. Since the star beasts have appeared here, do they also have… 

For a while, the Star Tribe starship had more muzzles facing them. 

    At this time, the starship’s various scanning methods took the longest time for an accurate result that was the same as the last result. “Starship, adult mutants were found, there are sixteen members of the Star tribe were found in the storehouse. After the structure of the storehouse was scanned, beginning to scan the storehouse. The storehouse is in the process of scanning…”


    It turned out to be the Star Clan. The expressionless faces of the Zhizu tribe in the starship became colder, listening to the prompt that the scanner was scanning the storehouse but now they no longer wait for the results anymore. The scan results of the storehouse came out with just the five white earth rabbits that the starship swallowed and stolen from earth, along with some other things.

After solving these Star tribes, which is very easy for them but after thinking about it, how could the Star tribe appear on earth. 

This is a major issue they need to figure out but no matter how they tried to calculate it, they didn’t think that the Star tribe managed to get here without any help.

The intellectual elites moved quickly to project anesthesia guns at the starship and the catching nets were cast down immediately, firmly covering the huge ship. At the same time, some intellectuals have already jumped into small space combat aircraft as the hatch of the starship popped out. 

    But at this moment, every starship suddenly sounded a sharper siren than ever before, “Beep!!! Beep!!! First level alert! First level alert! Human detections were found in the Storehouse scan. Spectral dialysis comparison is underway, and the comparison progress is 5%, 15%, 32%…” 

    All the intellectuals on the starship stopped moving and they looked up blankly and stared at the starship closely. The percentage number on the screen was extremely important to them.

    The intellectuals who were already in the space combat aircraft also heard the alarm because of the system connected to the starship in the cabin. 

    “…70%, 82%, 90%…” The color of the eyes of all the Zhizu changed to light and dark, flashing quickly, as if anxiously waiting for a certain result. 

    Finally… “98%, 99%, 100%, the results of the comparison, 100% in line, confirm that the human… Beep! Triggered the SSSSS-level event, found that the human body has not died, has been directly reported to the main brain, and activated the SSSSS-level protection plan.” 


    No one listened to the words behind the starship anymore, as soon as the results confirmed that a human was detected, the intellectuals who were already in the small space combat aircraft rushed up at full speed. 

    Even though the Star Clan members were already ready to give up and not resist, waiting to be captured by the Zhuzi tribe starship. When they suddenly saw countless Zhuzi rushing over, they seemed to feel their extraordinary aura and were unable to stand up firmly in terror.

Why did they feel like these intellectuals were going to rush over to tear them apart?


    At the same time, beside the only passage of this universe to the outside world, in that huge space base, the 21st chief brain of the Zhizu sitting there, trembling opened his eyes for the first time in decades.

    A pair of golden eyes were extremely bright.

    It was a pair of extremely beautiful eyes that seemed to bore superiority and indifference to all living beings, but when you look closely, those golden eyes were exceptionally pure and at the same time, these contradictory eyes have a trace of special emotion, a curious feeling and whispered: “Human…”

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