LNTMG-(15) Tai Ji Master

The head teacher and Tang Hongjun praised each other with a few words, feeling that this person was warm and thoughtful and caring for Xia Ye and couldn’t help but say a few more words.

  Xia Ye quickly said, “Teacher, Uncle Tang is busy.”

  Tang Hongjun said enthusiastically: “It’s okay, the child’s business is the most important thing!”

  The head teacher smiled and nodded, having a better impression of Tang Honjun: “Yes, yes, that’s what I said, this child is too shy and was too embarrassed to mention it, but isn’t it the most critical time? Alas, your family There are children, too? You know how it is at schools, there’s too many students that need help. Unfortunately we can’t help them all, since there are so many children in the class!”

  Tang Hongjun obviously didn’t know, but he nodded anyway, “Is that so, it’s really not easy.”

  The head teacher became more enthusiastic, rubbing his hands and said, “Is it convenient for you today?”


  ”Convenient! Come on in!”


  Xia Ye tried to intervene, but he couldn’t stop Tang Hongjun’s enthusiasm and watched Tang Hongjun take his teacher next door. His mind felt numb, he didn’t know what kind of an excuse he could use to his teacher to prevent him from finding out the truth. He doesn’t know what to do, so he can only go with it.

  The Tang family had just eaten dinner and was watching TV.

  When Tang Jinyu saw someone coming in, he first saw Xia Ye, raised his face and shouted “Brother”. He had not unwrapped his orange completely with half an orange still needed to be peeled off, while he was eating the orange and holding onto the orange petals.

  Tang Hongjun hugged him and kissed him, not hiding his affection towards his son. He carefully introduced him: “This is my son Tang Jinyu. This is your Xia Ye brother’s teacher. You have to call him teacher, you know?”

  ”Hi teacher~” The child yelled seriously, with curiosity in his eyes.

  The head teacher didn’t expect that the child in Tanggong’s family was such a small child, and said hello with a smile.

  Chen Suling got up to take her son from her husband and said with a smile: “You talk, I will take Xiaoyu to play.”

  Tang Hongjun makes tea for his guests. He has an easy going personality and can easily chat with anyone.

  The head teacher had a good chat with Tang Honjun, making him feel right home. No matter what he said, Tang Honjun would praise him seriously.

 Xia Ye sat listening to them. They were like playing Tai Ji. He could understand the reason why their teacher beat around the bush. He just wanted to ask his neighbor to make up more lessons for him, but he didn’t understand why Uncle Tang next door was also a master of Tai Chi.

  After listening for a while, Xia Ye suddenly saw a small ball roll over.


  There was the sound of footsteps in the hallway, he looked towards the direction that it came from and made direct eye contact with the little guy, startling him. He retracted his eyes and it took a while before a small head slowly emerged again.

It’s as if he is invisible as long as he moves slowly.

 Xia Ye bent down to pick up the little ball and threw it back along the same path.

 The little ball rolled to the corridor, half in the light and half in the dark and was soon carried away by a small hand.

Xia Ye didn’t even have to look to know how happy the little fool was laughing. He might even run with a ball in both hands. It’s almost like a well-trained baby seal in an aquarium. 

Not only can he play with a ball, but also uses his short hands clapped on his chest–

  Xia Ye’s face turned a little weird and took a sneak peek towards Tang Honjun next to him.

  He remembered why this enthusiasm was so familiar, the Tang family father and son were exactly the same.

  Xia Ye heard his teacher had slowly come to the key point, sitting there with a blank face waiting for death.

  Tang Gong’s enthusiasm played a big role again.

  The head teacher teaches mathematics. He is a workaholic and he doesn’t have much contact with the outside world. Xia Ye didn’t really give him a lot of information about his neighbor, but he remembered that Xia Ye mentioned that this neighbor studied abroad, he wanted to talk and share some knowledge with him and get to know Tang Honjun better.


  But Tang Hongjun was sincere whenever it came to talking about people and things. Hearing him mention a few books, he just had them on the shelf, so he brought them to the teacher, “Is that right? I just have two books on analytical number theory. On the one hand, if you don’t dislike it, take it back and see it!”

The head teacher originally just mentioned one sentence, and was very pleasantly surprised when he took the book: “Yes, it’s Mr. Tang Hui’s…” Before he finished speaking, he was dumbfounded. Turning to the first page, it was written with a signature and the time of purchase. The handwriting was a bit ugly and it was the two words he had just read.

  The head teacher trembled a little, reading the book and then at Tang Hongjun, in disbelief: “Mr. Tang, do you know him?”

  Tang Hongjun smiled and said, “He’s my father.”

  The head teacher almost knelt right then and there.

  He is now like seeing a sweeping monk, living in an ordinary apartment building, he is a masterpiece of martial arts secrets, the most terrible original person is his father.

  Tang Honjun said enthusiastically: “Teacher, have some tea!”

 The head teacher wanted to take the quick acting heart saving pill now.

 He graduated from the Department of Mathematics. He has studied eight classics for seven years. His school is a little famous in the whole country, but it can’t compare with Mr. Tang. Even his previous professors were trying to get into S University and study with Mr. Tang!

  Who is Tang Hui?

  The comprehensive strength of the provincial capital S University ranks in the top 20, but the mathematics major of S University ranks third in the country! Overwhelming Tsinghua University, it is simply a holy place that all mathematics students dream of!


  Mr. Tang Hui raised the ranking of the entire school by himself.

  Not to mention the titles added to Mr. Tang Hu name, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, analytic number theorist, and also participated in the Goldbach Conjecture seminar hosted by Professor Hua Luogeng at the Institute of Mathematics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences… But these are not as good as his other work done by Mr. Tang In fact, he is the master who has published the most books at present. 

He has devoted a lot of effort to writing books and theories, and has trained countless young talents by himself. He is a model for all of them who inspire to be like him.

  The head teacher was holding the book and did not dare to flip a page. He was afraid of folding the page. He wanted to give it back now.

  Tang Hongjun poured him another cup of hot tea and said, “You just mentioned Xia Ye’s achievements?”

  The head teacher almost forgot his original intention and he nodded and said: “Yes, I’m sorry to bother you like this, but Xia Ye’s grades have improved very quickly. This month-end exam has improved three places. Which is a great progress! Now it’s only a few months before the entrance examination. I hope you can continue to take care of it and give more… “

  Xia Ye hurriedly said, “Teacher, Uncle Tang is usually very busy, I can review on my own.”

  The head teacher looked at him with a complicated expression. He didn’t even know what kind of bear children would not take this golden opportunity. If he wasn’t a teacher but a student, he would gladly take his place!

  Tang Hongjun didn’t understand, but it didn’t prevent him from socializing: “It’s okay, it’s okay. I was busy a while ago, but I’m not busy now. Why would you let me take him?”

  The head teacher was pleased: “It’s nothing, just going over some questions casually. I don’t have to worry at all, now that I know that he is in good hands, haha! Actually, I’m here to talk to you about Xia Ye’s supplementary lessons! “


  ”Make up class?”

  ”Xia Ye was before…”

  ”Teacher! I didn’t have very good grades before.”

  Xia Ye stood there with a somewhat complicated look.

  The head teacher immediately understood what kind of identity Mr. Tang, it is not an exaggeration to say that he was a great master in mathematics. Let alone Xia ye, he was only ashamed of himself when he stood in front of Mr. Tang. How could he talk about this topic in front of him?

  Xia Ye vaguely said, “Teacher, let me talk to Uncle Tang myself.”

  The head teacher is not worried about his grades at all, and he smiled and stood up and said: “Well, you guys talk, Xia Ye remember that you must seize the opportunity and study hard. Your chance to change your destiny is in your own hands, you know? “

  Xia Ye nodded, “I will send you downstairs.”

  Tang Hongjun took his coat and said with a smile: “I will go too.”

  The head teacher was sent down by the idol’s son, still holding the book with the signature in his arms, feeling like he was dreaming.

  After sending away his teacher, Tang Hongjun stood there without going upstairs, shouting to Xia Ye and after watching him for a long time, he said slowly: “Did you lie to your teacher?”

  Xia Ye heart shook.

  Tang Hongjun patted him on the shoulder in the next moment, “Did everyone else find a cram school, but you didn’t find it, that’s why you said that?”


  Xia Ye was a little embarrassed and reluctantly nodded to admit it. This was better than exposing his part-time job.

  Tang Hongjun misunderstood him. He thought of the money that Xia Ye would return to him during the Chinese New Year. 

Teacher Xia’s medical expenses weren’t small, he was sick all the year round. The father and son duo depended on each other. Xia Ye suffered more than ordinary students, but he was also more stubborn and would not ask others for anything.

 He sighed in his heart and added a little more strength on Xia Ye’s shoulders. He whispered to discuss with him: “It was Uncle Tang’s mistake before. The cram school I found for you may not be suitable for you. If you like, come to your Uncle Tang’s house and take an hour every night to review, what do you think?”

  Xia Ye raised his head, “Uncle Tang doesn’t need to do this, really. I can learn more by myself and go over workbooks…”

  Tang Hongjun laughed and took him upstairs enthusiastically, and said: “Then it settle, I’m going to tell your dad.”

  The make-up class was immediately approved by Teacher Xia. Teacher Xia himself is proficient in various musical instruments and can be said to be an expert.

However, his son is tone deaf and it is useless to teach him. Tang Hongjun is willing to help at this moment, couldn’t be better!

  Tang Hongjun smiled and said: “This is just right. You take my Xiaoyu and Xia Ye takes it for me. I heard that people who work together are like this. They give their sons to their partners as apprentices, but they are also unable to discipline them that hard!”

  Teacher Xia also laughed and shook his head and said, “Don’t be afraid to discipline Xia Ye too much, I on the other hand can’t bear to discipline Xiaoyu for being so good.”

  A smile appeared on Tang Hongjun’s face and he thought to himself, he couldn’t bear to even hurt his baby’s finger!


  Xia Ye stayed next door for his lessons.

Tang Hongjun taught him for more than an hour that night.

  Xia Ye didn’t want to hide his skill level. The computer in his bedroom was still on and he didn’t know if ‘Little Spider’ caught his prey, he was anxious that something might have happened, unfortunately he was stuck here.

  Tang Hongjun was stunned!

  He looked at the questions listed on the manuscript paper. These were all wrong questions on the math test paper he brought from Xia Ye. He made several changes and the last two questions also increased the difficulty, leaving two hints for him and yet Xia Ye was able to solve it easily!

  ”Xia Ye, you are a genius!”

  ”No, it’s Uncle Tang who taught well.”

  Tang Honjun’s thoughts changed and he still wants to go over a few more questions.

  Xia Ye said, “Uncle Tang, I want to go back to review and consolidate what I learned tonight.”

  Tang Hongjun put away his pen and nodded: “That’s right, you can’t learn too much, you can go back and read it again to deepen your impression. You did a good job today!”

  Xia Ye stood up and collected his exercise book, thanked him politely, and walked away quickly.

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  1. Son Tutorial Exchange~ Such a productive neighborly relationship hoho. Congrats to the head teacher for having an unexpected fateful encounter (≧▽≦) Brother Xia Ye is a bit of a secretive kid~ Good thing that Uncle Tang Hongjun is cooperative.

    Thanks for the update! 💕

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