LNTMG-(16) First Place

Xia Ye was engaged in studying during the day and working on coding at night, having little time to look for a part time job, dark circles began to appear.

  Tang Hongjun was even more moved after seeing this.

  He felt that although the child looked relaxed during his tutoring, he would definitely stay up late to review when he went back at night!

  Before going to bed in the evening, Tang Hongjun also talked about this topic with his wife, feeling very emotional: “Xia Ye, this child is really good, although he doesn’t say much, in fact, he worked very hard. I remembered the time when I went to school. I wasn’t familiar with anyone abroad and I was often afraid that I wasn’t learning well enough, so I can only stay up late and work overtime to make up for lost progress.”

  Chen Suling sat on the bed and put on face cream, and smiled: “You didn’t tell me that before. You said that you always take the first place and you were isolated by your classmates. Asking me if there is any way to relax.” She glanced at her husband, and teased him, “I told you to try to score a lower score on the exam. You are reluctant to give up the scholarships that you didn’t know if you wanted them!”


  Tang Hongjun blushed, a little embarrassed: “Didn’t I chase you back then? I don’t know what to say.”

  Chen Suling was still laughing.

  Tang Hongjun also laughed and said: “Whenever I wrote you a letter, I could wait for your reply for more than a month and you didn’t praise me for anything, so I can only say it myself…”

  Chen Suling nodded and said: “Praise you, if you make Xia Ye the number one in the school this time, I will praise you well.”

  ”Don’t worry!”

 She was more thoughtful than her husband, and told her, “send some guidance books to him. Don’t send too expensive things. Learn from Mr. Xia. He ate oranges for Xiaoyu these past few days. When he went to bed at night, Xiaoyu kept saying that Mr. Xia was good! A boy of Xia Ye’s age has a strong sense of self-esteem and doesn’t want to be subsidized by others. We owe teacher Xia a favor, and we can only repay it with a favor. “

  Tang Gong was in high spirits and patted his chest to ensure the completion of the task.

  The two family members are now very close. Teacher Xia is in poor health and has been recuperating at home, with Tang Jinyu following behind him every day like a little tail. The relationship between the two is so good that Tang Hongjun’s father can’t help being jealous. 

On the other side, Xia Ye followed Tang Hongjun’s frantic questions, no matter how untalkative he was, he succumbed to the enthusiasm of the Tang family and his son.

  Xia Ye came to study next door at night, slowly adding a small bench beside him.

  Tang Jinyu didn’t know when it started, moving his small bench to Xia Ye’s side, and followed him to write his ‘homework’.


  The child’s homework is much simpler. He writes “1234” seriously while holding a notebook. His fingers are not strong enough and he stumbles to write Roman numerals but as long as Xia Ye had to study, he will write for as long as he does.

  The two people, one big and one small, stay together for a long time, and the intersections increase.

  Sometimes Xia Ye would check his ‘homework’, and simply boasted a few words, and he could see the child happily spinning around. Sometimes the child was bolder and would rush to hug his leg and laugh twice and then run away

  Xia Ye didn’t understand what this meant at first. When he went home and chatted with his dad, Teacher Xia happily said, “That was him showing you affection. Now there are only three people that he actively holds onto and now you are the fourth one! Next time when he gets closer, hug him.”

  Xia Ye agreed, but he didn’t really believe this.

  There are only three or four people the little idiot can see now, and it’s no surprise that he would think he is good.

  Even though he thought so, he would still put a candy by the window every morning and evening when he passed by.

  Tang Hongjun coached Xia Ye for more than half a month. During a mock exam, Xia Ye won the first place in the class without any suspense.

  After the head teacher saw his grades, his face was full of joy. This grade was absolutely stable!

  A teacher from a neighboring class saw this and looked through it, and said strangely: “I remember that Xia Ye usually scored in the middle, why was his results so good this time?”

  The teacher in charge said mysteriously: “That is, he found a very good person to tutor him, let me tell you, this time I’m afraid that the senior high school entrance examination will have a small champion.”


  The teacher in the neighboring class smiled reluctantly with a thermos cup in his hand, “So confident, then Wen Hao in our class is under pressure. Someone is competing with him for the first place in the school.”

  The head teacher shook his head and said, “More than that.”

  After he finished speaking, regardless of the teacher’s reaction, he left with a red face.

 Everyone mostly was expecting Xia Ye to be admitted to the best school in the district! 

  He didn’t doubt that Xia Ye’s other subjects would follow along with him—just kidding! The son of Mr. Tang Hui’s family taught him personally, and he was considered half a genius. How could they not teach him well?

  It’s just that this kind of success cannot be replicated. After the head teacher was happy, he felt a little sorrowful. He touched the paper, feeling that the change of a person’s fate really depends on opportunities.

  Xia Ye was praised in school and when he returned home, he was praised by his father.

Among them, Tang Hongjun was the happiest and kept complimenting him. The child following behind him clapped enthusiastically and looked up at him like a hero, with a look of admiration!

  Tang Hongjun set up a table of food at home, and personally cooked some good dishes for Xia Ye.

  Teacher Xia wanted to repay them back and went to the kitchen to help out. The three adults in the family were all talking and laughing in the kitchen, but Xia Ye and Tang Jinyu were the only ones sitting in the living room.

  Xia Ye is the one who washes the dishes at home and the kitchen is really not the place where his skills are not the most useful, so he sits on the sofa to help watch the little guy.

  The child was too obedient and sat there watching him without blinking.


  Xia Ye saw the glass jar with sugar cubes on the coffee table. Inside it was half a jar of peanut nougat, packed in a small blue wrapper. He realized that they were all the sweets that he gave to him.

  Xia Ye paused and asked, “Don’t like this?”


  ”Why don’t you eat it?”

  ”Mom said you can eat half a piece a day~”

  Xia Ye opened his mouth and took the words back. The child was growing up, and it was true that he could not eat too much candy, which was not good for his teeth.

  The little guy sitting next to him was still working hard to praise him: “Brother, the candy you gave is the best, even better than chocolate! I can’t bear to finish it~”

  Xia Ye was praised by him and nodded without knowing why, “I will buy you other things next time.”

  ”What are you buying?”

  ”…Sugar, or chocolate?”



  Xia Ye sat with him for a short while, already thinking about where to buy chocolate tomorrow.

  There was a knock at the door. Tang Jinyu wanted to see, but when he got down the sofa, he didn’t stand up properly and fell down. Xia Ye was shocked, he stretched out his hand to protect his head, but he forgot that he wore a watch on his wrist. Tang Jinyu’s head collided with his watch and made a crisp sound.

  Xia Ye thought to himself, broken, his watch is made of stainless steel.

  Looking at the thick carpet in the living room of the Tang family, he felt even more guilty.

  The child’s head was knocked red, was still silly and he didn’t react when he was held by Xia Ye. It took a long time before he reached out to touch his forehead. Xia Ye stopped him and didn’t let him touch it. 

He didn’t know how to coax a child to stop crying, he didn’t know what to think and said, “No excitement.”

  Tang Jinyu: “???”

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