LNTMG-(17) Virus

 Xia Ye picked him up out of guilt.


  ”Your head is too big, be careful next time.”


  Xia Ye didn’t dare to look at the child, even after he hugged him back to the sofa and got up and opened the door. It turned out to be a newspaper delivery, Xia Ye brought the newspaper back and put it on the coffee table. He looked up and saw the candy jar. He hesitated to open it and took a piece, then opened it to feed the child.

  Tang Jinyu had never received such a good treatment before, he slowly reacted when the sugar was fed to his mouth. A whole peanut nougat was stuffed into his mouth, his checks bulging,”Thank you brother~”

  Xia Ye smiled at him when he saw him eating a candy, and was relieved.


  Tang Jinyu was eating sugar, sitting there kicking his feet around, feeling happy.

  While eating, Chen Suling saw that her son’s forehead was red. After touching it, she didn’t see a bulge. She ask him strangely: “Baby, how did this happen?”

  ”Auntie Chen, I just…”

  Before Xia Ye finished speaking, the corner of his clothes was grabbed by the little guy, looked down and saw him crawling onto his lap to sit down and spoke for him:”Mom, look!”

  Tang Jinyu pointed to the TV. The TV station that was turned on was playing Indian songs and dances. The dancer was wearing a golden sari with a small red dot on her forehead, singing and dancing.

  Tang Jinyu pointed to his forehead again and said, “Pretty!”

  The whole family was amused by him, and Chen Suling couldn’t help laughing. “Your red dot is too big. If you like it, mother will give you a small marker next time.”

  Xia Ye didn’t even have a chance to speak, and Tang Jinyu brought the atmosphere up alone.

  The only little regret is that Chen Suling didn’t let the child sit on Xia Ye’s lap to eat. She took him back on his child chair and everyone followed along to eat.

  After having their first dinner together, Xia Ye will have more time to eat next door in the future.

  Teacher Xia brought a few of his students to give them pre-test tutoring. Sometimes when they were too busy, Xia Ye would have to stay for dinner with Tang Hongjun and his family.

  Tang Hongjun was serious and strict. Since he agreed to give Xia Ye a tutoring lesson, he put out 120,000 points of his energy. Sometimes even if Teacher Xia was at home, he would not let Xia Ye go back and would continue his discussion on his previous topic while eating, explaining and giving him different problem solving techniques.


  Xia Ye would also respond back to him while eating. Occasionally, he saw the children next to him eating, holding a small bowl and eating very slowly, using a spoon. Chen Suling spoiled him, fearing that her son would be tired, so she only asked him to eat with a spoon for a short while and then feed him the rest of his food herself.

His bowl only had a half a bowl of rice, vegetables being the majority of his bowl, broccoli and carrots were fed to the mouth and he ate it without being picky at all.

  After eating, the little guy was happy: “Thank you mom! It was delicious!”

  Chen Suling was so happy that she smiled with her eyes closed.

  Xia Ye remembered the way Tang Jinyu ate peanut candy before, even though it was only half a piece. Aunt Chen had also cut a little bit for the child to eat, just like feeding a hamster, and the child would be content with that.

  No wonder his dad likes to feed him, he feels like he has a sense of accomplishment.

  He hasn’t found anything that makes him unhappy, he would be happy even if he gave him a piece of paper.

  Tang Hongjun made up more than an hour of class before letting Xia Ye go back. Although he didn’t like it when people procrastinate, Xia Ye’s progress surprised and he couldn’t help but think of more problems for him to improve on.

  After Chen Suling waited for Xia Ye to leave, she said to her husband who was stretching his back, “What did you say today? Little Ye looked a little nervous.”

  Tang Hongjun smiled and said, “I asked my dad to discuss two topics for him. Hey, most people are nervous when they hear my dad’s name!”

Chen Suling thought about it and nodded: “That’s true.” She remembered that when she was young, Tang Hongjun took her to home to do homework and asked Elder Tang for tutoring. She was nervously cramping and shivering when she wrote a single formula.


  Tang Jinyu finished writing the last draft paper, handed in his “homework”, and stretched out like his father.

  Chen Suling took a look in the past. Although she was writing slowly, her handwriting was quite normal. She stretched out her hand and squeezed her son’s face, teasing him: “Xiaoyu, Grandpa will teach you how to count next time.”

  Tang Jinyu was not afraid at all, “Okay.”

  Tang Hongjun laughed aloud, “The only person who is not afraid of my dad is Xiaoyu, he deserves to be my son, he is bold!” He stretched out his arms for a hug, but was rejected by his child, “What happened to baby?”

  Tang Jinyu: “Dad, I want to go to Teacher Xia to eat oranges.”

  Tang Hongjun: “…”

  Tang Hongjun didn’t give up: “We also have it at home, and there are also rock candy oranges! Baby, let’s eat at home, dad will cut it for you.”

  ”Do not.”

  Tang Honjun was clearly rejected, so he could only watch his child find an excuse and run next door.

  The silly dad felt sour and wanted to follow. Chen Suling stopped him and didn’t let him: “No, Xia Ye just left, if he sees you again you will scare him, let him rest.”

  Tang Hongjun thought about it, too, and picked up the draft paper full of numbers and said happily: “Then I will look at Xiaoyu’s ‘homework’!”

  A piece of draft paper was carefully checked, imitating the appearance of the test paper Xia Ye was writing. It was written “1234” in immature handwriting. Tang Hongjun looked it over seriously and was very satisfied, he wanted to laugh but the corner of his eyes turned red.


  He gave up his dream of sending his son to school long ago.

 Only to be taught by himself and be raised by himself.

  But seeing that the child is getting better, taking a little step forward and thinks that he can go further and see the bigger world.

  Tang Hongjun collected the draft paper seriously and put it in a clip. There were already a dozen such ‘homework’ in it.

  Tang Jinyu went next door, the oranges were eaten, but Xia Ye was not there.

  He sat there holding the orange while eating while turning his head to look: “Where is my brother?”

  Teacher Xia smiled and said, “Your brother went out.”

  Tang Jinyu: “Brother plays at night?”

  Teacher Xia shook his head this time, “No, he has something wrong.”

  ”What’s wrong?”

  ”Can’t ask.”


  Tang Jinyu looked puzzled. Teacher Xia was amused by him. He picked him up and put him on his knees and said: “Your brother has grown up, and the teacher must respect his privacy. He should have his own space, I can’t ask. I can only wait to see if he wants to talk about it and then we’ll know.”

  Tang Jinyu agreed with him, and nodded.


  Teacher Xia looked at his serious look and couldn’t help squeezing his face.

  On the other side, Xia Ye went to the Internet cafe after going out.

  It’s just that he didn’t go to Longteng Internet Café this time, but went to another one. This one was newly opened, he had no reason to be there, but the ‘Little Spider’ detected the person’s traces for the first time. After the address was displayed, the address was at this Internet cafe. Xia Ye wanted to come and see what type of person they were.

  At the counter of Xinyi Internet Cafe, Xia Ye was recognized by the boss at the door as soon as he entered, “Xiaoye, right? Last time Boss Wu saw it once…Longteng Internet Cafe, remember?”

  Xia Ye didn’t remember him, but after working with Wu Yicheng of Longteng Internet Cafe for a long time, he nodded at him as an agreement.

  The owner of Xinyi Internet Cafe was very happy, “I have two computers on my side that are out of order, and I was about to call someone and ask them to contact you. By chance, you’re here now. Do you think you can help me when you have time?”

  Xia Ye looked at the people who were surfing on the Internet, “I have something to do today, wait for me tomorrow.”

  ”You came to surf online? Just go online, no need to pay!”

  Xia Ye answered vaguely, lifting up his hoodie on his head and went inside, walking around.


  He glanced around, mainly focusing on the computer screens that were turned on. Most people were chatting in online chat rooms, while others were playing games. On the most corner of the screen, there was a chat and a forum. A boy with the appearance of a middle school student wearing glasses is typing quickly with his fingers.

  Xia Ye paused and quickly walked around casually, sat across from him and turned on a computer.

  Xinyi Internet Cafe is newly opened and there are not many people, especially this hidden corner.

  There was no one around Xia Ye. He quickly opened the forum that he saw just now. Unlike other information-based websites, it showed some program terms and some discussions about computer viruses. This kind of code, it’s no wonder that the male student just didn’t care about others seeing it.

  Even if someone sees it, few people can understand it at this age.

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2 thoughts on “LNTMG-(17) Virus

  1. “The only person who is not afraid of his dad is Xiaoyu, he deserves to be my son, he is bold!”
    Do you mean “my dad” as the father is the one talking.

    “No, Xia Ye just left, if you again you will scare him, let him rest.”
    I think you left out a word like “appear”

    My immersion sort of broke and can’t help but correct the sentence

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