LNTMG-(18) Jackdaw

Xia Ye went to the forum and glanced at it briefly, and unlike what he thought, this is not a forum that promotes destruction, but a place for sharing.

  The forums are all anti-virus technology enthusiasts, and the posts are very lively. Although the number of people is small, the atmosphere is very enthusiastic.

  Xia Ye activated Little Spider, followed the clues to find it, and quickly locked an account on the forum.

  The account name is Jackdaw, which is quite literary. They were currently replying to a post online. The frequency of the reply is the same as that of the male student opposite Xia Ye typing on the keyboard. The fluctuations in the detection of “Little Spider” also show that this person is who Xia Ye is looking for.

  The reason why Xia Ye is so sure is because this person used a virus software that was used when he attacked the computers of Longteng Internet cafes, and the number of times the account name is Jackdaw has also mentioned how he made this destructive virus.

  Xia Ye flipped through the jackdaw’s other posts. A popular post that he made last year caught his attention, about disk repair.


In the past two years, the CIH virus has exploded. This is a vicious virus that can damage computer system hardware. It was originally in T Province and later spread with pirated CDs, which had a great impact. Other businesses have claimed that the C drive damaged by CIH could not be recovered, and many people suffered heavy losses.

  However, this post took a different approach and put forward a different kind of idea, due to the limitations of the Windows mechanism, damage to the C drive cannot be completed in most cases. The post said in great detail how to target the CIH virus. At the same time, this virus was also simulated and used as an example for the fellows to practice.

  This was very similar to the virus found in Longteng Internet cafes.

  Xia Ye tapped his finger twice on the mouse. Judging from these alone, this jackdaw really did not look like an aggressive person.

  He raised his head, casually glanced at the person on the opposite side.

The person sitting there was still typing on the keyboard. He didn’t know whether he was replying to a post or was inspired into writing a new program. His eyes were focused on the screen, and he didn’t care about his surrounding area, he was sitting directly opposite from him, Xia Ye discovered that there was a scar on the bridge of his nose and that his glasses seemed to be a little broken, wrapped with transparent tape

 He didn’t believe that he was that poor, especially since he had an expensive watch on his wrist, which was popular nowadays.

  But unlike the weak and bookish spirit that he first felt, the injury that this person had seemed to originate from a fight with someone, which didn’t really go with him.

  It was hard for Xia Ye to think of such a boy with the appearance of a poor student waving a stick.

  It’s weird.

  Xia Ye’s gaze fell back to the screen again, and began to read the posts he had posted, but many opinions seemed to agreed with this person.


  Especially the virus he created is equivalent to a weakened version of CIH. If it is, it can indeed achieve the aggressiveness of the Longteng Internet cafe before, but it is not enough to completely destroy the hardware in a short time. No wonder he felt a little strange when he saw it that day. Boss Wu, a person who opened an Internet cafe, wouldn’t have offended anyone badly enough to destroy his small Internet cafe. The person who can make the virus software gave Boss Wu a hard time and allowed him to find foreign aid, it really doesn’t seem like they wanted to really ruin Boss Wu cafe.

  It turned out to be a ‘Sample product’

  Xia Ye quietly closed the forum and cleared all his traces.

  The environment in the Internet cafe is not very good. A man in his thirties is smoking a cigarette right next to him.

  Just as Xia Ye frowned, the male student sitting opposite stood up immediately and said dissatisfiedly: “Boss, why are there people smoking in here!”

  The smoking man unwillingly said: “I am willing to buy it with my own money, and smoke as much as I want. If you think it smells too much, don’t come to the Internet cafe, buy a computer at your own home!”

 He was after all a young man with a thin face. The teenage boy blushed after he heard this: “If the computer at home was not broken, I would not come here.”

  The boss dare not say anything at the counter. He sells cigarettes by himself, and he makes a lot of money selling cigarettes in Internet cafes every day!

  The male student obviously couldn’t bear the smell of smoke, so he stood up and backed off the computer and left.

  Xia Ye waited for him to go out and went to the counter.


  He was wearing a mask to avoid part of the smell of smoke, and put four yuan there.

  The boss immediately pushed back, “Don’t, why are you giving me the money, just take it back! if you have time, you can fix the two computers for me tomorrow!”

  Xia Ye thought for a moment, and said, “That’s OK, I’ll come here at noon tomorrow.”

  The boss nodded again repeatedly: “Okay, Xiaoxia, let’s make a deal. Although my business is the best right now, I’ll pay you the same price as any repair technician, what do you think?

  A computer repair is 20 yuan, which is generally much lower than the price of a repair station, but regardless of the hardware, it is only responsible for technical output. Generally speaking, this price for Internet cafe owners is usually based on how well they make money. Xia Ye didn’t care about this small amount of money. He nodded and agreed. The owner of the Xinyi Internet cafe immediately smiled.

  Fearing that Xia Ye would not come, he counted 40 yuan in advance and gave him a deposit.

  The boss asked again: “Xia Xia, is it convenient for you to leave me your phone number? I’ll call you if I have something for you to do.”

  Xia Ye said: “You can contact Angkor, he knows how to find me.” Every time he comes out, the excuse is to play with his classmates. Boss Wu knows his home phone number and sometimes his dad picks up his voice. Qingqing played a middle school student, insisting on making an appointment and calling him out to “play ball.”

  The owner of Xinyi Internet cafe nodded and said: “Yes, anyway, Angkor and I are also my own family, then I will contact him.” He is also the last name of Wu, which is considered a Xiao Wu boss.

  Seeing that there were some snacks at the counter, Xia Ye took five yuan and said, “Give me some chocolate.”


  The boss Xiao Wu was very enthusiastic, and grabbed a lot of them, six or seven golden monkey chocolates, gave him more.

  Xia Ye put his pocket in his pocket and asked, “Do you know the boy who was wearing glasses just now?”

  Xinyi Internet cafes are not as large as others, but the owner is definitely the most enthusiastic and gossiping. He can directly call people by their names when others buy a pack of cigarettes and a bottle of Coke. When Xia Ye asked him, he immediately nodded and said, “I know, he lives around here. He usually comes here to surf the Internet on weekends. I think he’s in high school and he’s grades aren’t that bad! You want to know why he came here to surf the Internet?”

  ”It seems to hear him say that the computer at home is broken.”

  ”No, he has a younger sister at home. There is a computer at home, but his sister hogs the computer from him. He usually has to share his screen with her, he didn’t like that so he came here to…”

  The boss’s thoughts were still unfinished, and Xia Ye didn’t even use his own words. He had already finished talking with emotion.

  The boy’s surname was Han just now, and his specific name was unknown. Some classmates came with him and called him Xiao Han, and the boss also calls him that. It sounded like he was studying in the City No. 1 Middle School, but he didn’t know the specific grade.

  Xia Ye thought of the account name “Jackdaw”, thinking that it is no wonder that he thought of this weird name, and his surname was “Han”.

  Less than an hour after he came out, Xia Ye found a lot more information than he originally thought.

Xia Ye picked up some work, took a bag of chocolates, and went home soon.

  On the other side, Han Yichen also returned home.


  His sister was waving in the hallway wearing a few shawls, with two buns on her head, like a little beggar-but a five-year-old girl, who is more lively than the rest of the family, made her cute.

  As soon as Han Yichen came back, the little girl saw him and thumped over and said: “Brother! Where is the chocolate you bought me?”

  Han Yichen felt a little bit in his heart. He had completely forgotten his excuse to go out, and opened his mouth and said, “Ah, they sold out at the shop, they will be more available tomorrow.”

  The little girl was particularly disappointed.

  Han Yichen looked at her outfit, it was like a fishing net wrapped around her body, so ugly that he couldn’t bear to look directly at her, “What are you wearing?”

  The little girl raised her chin proudly: “Fairy, beautiful!”

  She wanted to play with Han Yichen, but Han Yichen didn’t want to play with her at all. When he saw the pile of Barbie dolls, his brain hurt and he pushed her sister away to go back to his room.

  ”Why don’t you play with the fairies?”

  ”I don’t deserve it.”

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