LNTMG-(19) Paid Software

 Han Yichen went back to his room and felt that it was really boring when he couldn’t use his computer. He looked at his door, his computer burned its motherboard when he tested it. It will take at least three to five days to replace it. 

  Han Yichen is considered a senior networm. The conditions in his family are pretty good. They bought a computer for him when he was in elementary school. His hands itched to type but he couldn’t, He laid there thinking about the codes of 1 and 0. 

It was almost midnight before he suddenly remembered that he was going to take the exam the next day, but he was too sleepy to study, his eyelids drooping and he couldn’t open his eyes, his willpower was not enough for him to get up in the middle of the night to review, and went straight to sleep.

  On the other side, Xia Ye finally hacked into Jackdaw’s computer after waiting for a few days.

  He put the ‘Little Spider’ to  monitor his moments, which was much easier than he thought that it would be. The jackdaw was also searching for the previous simulated virus on the Internet and began to clean up the traces of the virus. Although it was somewhat unsatisfactory, it was considered hard.

  At the same time, an announcement was issued in the virus forum, which blocked the accounts of several users, saying that they had violated the rules and were reported and given permanent bans.


  Xia Ye had a slight guess.

  But he still wanted to talk to the jackdaw himself.

  Xia Ye did the same thing he did to Old Ape’s computer, and a text dialog box popped up directly on this computer.


  Han Yichen was sharing half of his computer screen with his younger sister, He used it to write code while his younger sister was sitting watching the cartoon ‘Papa Baba’. He couldn’t say anything about it, even though it was playing loudly that his ears were hurting. Suddenly, a document popped into the center of his screen, and his name was on it, making break out in cold sweat.

  Han Yixing was holding onto her stuffed bunny, thought that her brother made that message appear on screen and said dissatisfied: “Brother, put it away, I can’t see my cartoons!”

  The computer screen is not big, and is even narrower after being divided into two.

  Han Yichen moved the dialog box and asked the other person: ‘Who are you?’

  ’You can call me X, we have met once.’

  Han Yichen warned: ‘I don’t know you, what can you want from me?’

  There was no reply this time. After a moment of silence, the main box that the Han brothers and sisters placed on their feet suddenly rang slightly, and the CD drive suddenly bounced out, touching Han Yixing’s leg twice in a row, and the little girl was scared in fright. The little bunny toy in her hand was dragged away from the chair, as she cried and ran all the way to the kitchen, shouting “Mom”.


  The document soon showed a new message: ‘I have something I want to talk to you alone, make your sister leave for a while.’

  Han Yichen: “…”

  His sister was already scared away. He heard the little girl crying and complaining from where he was sitting that the CD was a bomb and that ‘the computer is going to explode’ and ‘my brother will be killed’

  His parents asked him what was going on, and Han Yichen said: “Mom, it’s okay, it’s just that there is a small glitch, so I can fix it.” As he said this, he closed the door of the study and sat down with a calm face and talked to the other person.

  x: ‘You did the previous simulation virus?’

  Han Yichen: ‘Yes, are you a member of the forum?’

  x: ‘The code of this virus sample has been taken by someone, and it has been programmed to attack other people’s computers. There are very few traces on the Internet. I suspect it is carried by a disk.’

  Han Yichen originally wanted to threaten the other party, but after seeing this sentence for a moment, what this person said is basically the same as what he thought these days.

  x: ‘You know who took it, right?’

  Han Yichen did not deny: ‘Yes, I gave it to someone and now he has been banned. I met this person on the forum before and said that he was curious about it. This was caused by my carelessness. These days I am in charge…’

  x: ‘How are you going to be responsible?’


  Han Yichen: ‘If it breaks, I will repair it. I deleted the ones I posted before and added the repaired software. I also ‘warned’ that person before, making sure that I fix what I made.’

  x: ‘Okay, got it.’

  Han Yichen asked: ‘Who are you?’

  x: ‘It’s not time to know yet, I’ll talk to you later.’ The words flashed a few times, and then withdrew the few words that were just issued, and a new message appeared, ‘Don’t waste your time trying to find me.’

  Han Yichen opened another interface and was typing in the search ip address. His hand was a bit slow, but he still didn’t stop. He typed: ‘Friend, you know me so much, but you didn’t tell me anything about yourself, don’t you think that’s unfair?’

  ‘In the future, I will talk to you in person if I have the opportunity.’

  ‘So sure? Do you think I will agree to go out and meet you?’

  ‘It’s okay, I can just find you.’

 This simple sentence is how much Xia Ye says to other people, but Han Yichen is also a proud hacker, seeing this provocative message, he was immediately stimulated and said: ‘If you are able to find me, I will call you dad.’

This time he didn’t get a reply back, only the address of an online chat room was left on the file. The screen interface was still for a while, leaving only the words of the two people talking just now, showing that a ‘guest’ had indeed visited.

  Han Yichen’s face was ugly, and he hammered the desk hard.


  He cursed in his heart before he went to the chat room!

  That night, Han Yichen opened the anonymous chat room with the address.

  He still uses the name of Jackdaw in it. This name is considered a small name on virus forums. After entering, he immediately drew a string of welcomes, but half of it was for him, and the other half was curious about him.

  Han Yichen waited in this small chat room for more than a week, but he didn’t see x appearing. He couldn’t help asking, ‘When will X come? Is there a set time?’

   Old Ape was an enthusiastic person who has a lot of free time, so he came out and talked with him: ‘I don’t know!’

  Han Yichen didn’t give up, ‘You have been together for so long, why don’t you even know this?’

  Old Ape sent a string of crying emoticons, and the low-pixel primitive little yellow human emoji could not conceal the pain in his heart: ‘Who said so, I have known him for more than a year and he never tells me when he comes online!’

  Han Yichen took the opportunity to provoke: ‘It’s too much! Does he even treat you as a friend!!’

  Old Ape: ‘Yes!’

  Han Yichen: ‘Old Ape, I will be your brother! Come, let’s talk privately!’

  The old ape was very moved: ‘Okay! Okay!’

  Han Yichen worked hard to build good relations with the masses, trying to dig out some information about this mysterious person, while on the other side, Xia Ye was making money.

  Boss Wu of Longteng Internet Cafe expanded two more rooms and entered dozens of computers. His business was getting better, as soon as a new computer came and he needed someone to deal with it, he found Xia Ye and asked him to Install some commonly used software in.

 This job is not difficult. Xia Ye chooses one to be the controller, and some others become the client mode. As long as he opens it and waits for a period of time, he doesn’t have to sit down to debug one by one. He sits firmly on the computer closest to the counter, and then he can see the whole situation. He can finish the work much faster than others and the workload is only a lot more. In order to improve the speed of computers he also made an optimal allocation.

  Boss Wu was surprised to see him, and repeatedly praised him: “Xia Xia, you are really amazing. I always knew that as long that it’s left in your hand, it will be just fine. Tsk tsk, really majestic.”


  Xia Ye laughed and said, “Actually, it’s not difficult, How about I teach you?”

  Boss Wu immediately shook his head: “No, no, I have a headache when I see the pile of English letters. Come on, you young people are the hope of the motherland.”

  He settled the money for Xia Ye, this time he gave a little bit more, a thousand yuan less.

  Xia Ye collected the money, but this time he didn’t leave immediately , standing there looking at Wu Yicheng’s small bag tied around his waist. 

This bag is the same as the ones used by the street vendors at the night market. It is tied around the waist to collect money, bulging. Now Internet cafes generally charge money in this way. Most bosses put snacks on the counter, or those with business ideas, like the owner of the Xinyi internet cafe, put some cigarettes, alcohol, sugar cubes, and sell a few boxes of instant noodles.

  Xia Ye stood there and asked, “Angkor, do you want me to make your computers to work faster and more accurately?”


  Boss Wu froze, “How accurate?”

  ”Accurate to every computer, and the time that a computer gets stuck is only a few seconds.” Xia Ye said, “I wrote a software for myself a few days ago. It is a bit similar to the cashier system in a supermarket, registering the computers and giving people the account passwords. Every time someone comes to surf the Internet, you will be able to see how long they spend online on each computer in the Internet cafe with the machine on the counter. When their time is up, you don’t need to remind people anymore. The computer will automatically disconnect and people will take the initiative to recharge…”

  Xia Ye tried to simplify the explanation as much as possible. The software he designed is a charging system for Internet cafes.

  Boss Wu was really interested, “Yes, Xiaoxia, how much is for this software?

  Xia Ye said: “This machine costs 50 yuan a month. I am responsible for its maintenance, the maintenance is free.”

  Boss Wu frowned slightly as he heard that 50 yuan suddenly sounded a lot, but there was not a few yuan in a month, and it did save him a lot of time and the calculation was accurate. There are more machines in his shop now, and some people stay on it for a while. Sometimes he can’t keep track of each account and often gets confused. This thing is really good for him.

  ”Okay, I’ll try it for a month!”

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One thought on “LNTMG-(19) Paid Software

  1. Xia Ye laughed and said, “Actually, it’s not difficult, How about I teach you?”

      Boss Wu immediately shook his head: “No, no, I have a headache when I see the pile of English letters. Come on, you young people are the hope of the motherland.”

    I understand Boss Wu very much. I feel like we connect!!!

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