LNTMG-(21) Snowman

 When Tang Jinyu came to Teacher Xia to eat oranges, Teacher Xia happened to be watering his bamboo plant at home.

  This pot of rich bamboo was newly bought. Under the careful care of Teacher Xia, each leaf was shiny, the green clump grew gratifyingly, and the unfolded leaves were lively.

  Teacher Xia took the child to water his plant and chatted with him: “In the story that teacher read to Xiaoyu yesterday, who likes to eat bamboo the most?”




  ”Teacher has bamboo at home, but a panda is missing!”

  Teacher Xia was amused by him, and then nodded: “Yes, next time we will raise a panda.”

  Xia Ye just heard this sentence when he washed the dishes in the kitchen. Taking advantage of the time his father turned on the kettle, he bent over and pinched the child’s face, “Pandas also eat oranges, you know?”


  ”Since we don’t have a panda, we will just leave all the oranges for you.”

  Tang Jinyu’s small face was squished together, his soft fleshy touch was particularly good. After being teased, he didn’t realize that his cheeks were still held on by Xia Ye, nodding his head repeatedly, adorably.

  In April, there was a heavy snowfall.

  The weather in the northern town was a bit unpredictable. After it had warmed up, a snowfall came and the trees on the roadside that had been drawn with green leaves were covered with snow. The students were very happy. They wore thick clothes for two days again, and played snowball fights happily, and overwhelmed the addiction of the winter.

  When Xia Ye was tutoring at Tang’s house that night, this was the first time he saw the child was a little bit unable to sit still, running to look out to the window twice.


  Chen Suling led him back and shook her head and said, “No, baby can’t go out. It’s snowing and it’s very cold outside… You can’t wear thick clothes. Tomorrow mother will take you out to step on the snow, OK?”

  Xia Ye heard it, and the pen in his hand paused, “Does Xiaoyu like snow?”

  Tang Hongjun smiled and said: “Likes it, Xiaoyu likes snow the most, but it’s too cold during New Year, and we didn’t dare to let him go out for too long, so he can only step on it for a little while.”

  Xia Ye glanced at the child who was still looking at the window, then retracted his gaze.

  At noon the next day, Xia Ye went home from school for dinner, but did not go home to eat, he took a shovel and shoveled the snow in the yard outside.

  He asked his dad just now what Tang Jinyu usually routine,  Tang Jinyu usually followed Chen Suling to the company in the morning, waited until noon to have dinner and then be sent back for his piano lessons in the afternoon. Xia Ye hoped that he would be finished by the time the little guy returned.

  There was a lot of snow, but it was easy to build a snowman.

  Xia Ye moved very fast but Instead of making a normal snowman, he shaped it into a panda.

  White and plump body, black ears, black circles, and holding a piece of bamboo–Yesterday Teacher Xia picked one of the wealthy bamboo from the family that did not grow well, cut one out, and used it here.

He was busy bending over for something, when he heard small little footsteps behind him, hugged his leg. Xia Ye was stunned for a moment, and when he looked back, he saw the little guy, wearing a small red jacket with a plain scarf and hat that was red and white, looking like a little jelly bean bouncing around.


 Tang Jinyu looked up at him, but he couldn’t remember what he was going to say just now. Today, he was allowed to step on the snow for a while and his mother held his hands and led him back.  He couldn’t remember why, but as soon as he saw snow, he would be very happy, as if he had some special memories. 

Especially when he saw a man making a snowman in the yard in front of his house from a long distance, the feeling was even stronger. It seemed that a special relative had once bent over and made a big snowman for him. It was a familiar feeling that he couldn’t describe, He was so anxious that he wanted to cry.

  Xia Ye put the shovel down, picked him up to look at the snowman: “Do you like it?”

  Tang Jinyu nodded vigorously: “I like it~” He was afraid that Xia Ye would not believe it, so he hugged his neck and repeated, “I like it very much!”

  Xia Ye took off his gloves and wiped his face with the back of his hand. He has never seen a child cry at a snowman before.

  An emotion in Tang Jinyu’s heart was tumbling, and the soreness of his heart being pulled up, he didn’t know what was wrong, and couldn’t help crying.

  Chen Suling came over and wanted to hug him, but the child hugged Xia Ye’s neck and didn’t let go. Xia Ye’s shirt became damp with tears.

  Chen Suling laughed and said, “Do you like the snowman your brother gave you so much? Xiaoyu don’t cry, mom will let you play for a while, okay?”

  Tang Jinyu nodded, and agreed in a low voice.

  Xia Ye took him and piled up another small one on the side, and didn’t let him touch the snow with his hands. He threw a small snowball for him to play with. He stared at him from time to time for fear that the child felt cold.


  This was because Xia Ye was too worried. The child stood holding a snowball and watching him build a snowman seriously. He was very obedient and even though he was free to do whatever he wanted.

  Chen Suling watched the whole time and didn’t let Tang Jinyu play more in the snow, just as Xia Ye was about to go to school, he shook his gloves and patted the snow and put them on again, ready to ride back to school.

  Before leaving this time, the child took the initiative to hug his leg, but Xia Ye didn’t dare to move, and waited for him to retreat before leaving.

  Throughout the afternoon, Xia Ye wondered whether to build another snowman in the evening.

  It’s a pity that fate had different plans. The weather was very good all afternoon, and the temperature slowly rose again, and most of the snow in the school playground had melted.

  When Xia Ye returned home in the evening, he didn’t see much clean snow on the side of the road. Finally, he went around to find the snow under a few big trees in the nearby park before forming a small snowman, bringing it back in his basket.

  Xia Ye fixed the snowman and placed it outside the window of Tang’s house next door. After rubbing his red hands, he gently knocked on the window.

  But after waiting for a long time, the familiar little head didn’t come out.


  Xia Ye thought that was a little strange, but he could only put the snowman there and go home first.

  At dinner in the evening, he talked to his father about this and his father said: “Xiaoyu was sick, and he had a fever in the afternoon, he is still in the hospital. I’ll go see him tonight.”

  The chopsticks in Xia Ye’s hand stopped, and he frowned and said, “How did he get sick? Is it because he played in the snow?”

  Teacher Xia also looked confused, “I called to ask, your Aunt Chen said no, he happened to be fine in the afternoon, and we were at home listening to Xiaoyu playing the piano together. You know that he just learned to play a full music piece. After playing for a while, he was quite happy but Xiaoyu  suddenly fell off the piano bench, closed his eyes and started talking incoherently and they couldn’t understand what he was saying. After a while, he started to have a high fever…” 

He shook his head and sighed, “Xiaoyu has been in poor health. Although his health has improved for the past couple of days, your Uncle Tang and Aunt are afraid.”

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