LNTMG-(22) Fever

Xia Ye felt like he was chewing wax, and soon put down his chopsticks, “Dad, I will go to the hospital with you later.”

  Teacher Xia nodded in response.

  In the hospital.

  Tang Hongjun and Chen Suling accompanied each other. Tang Hongjun was still wearing the clothes of the unit and forgot to take off his coat, he couldn’t feel the heat. As soon as the doctor came, he subconsciously followed the doctor and asked him how his son was doing.

  The doctor’s face was solemn, and he shook his head first, and when he saw Tang Hongjun’s face pale, he immediately explained: “This situation is too rare. After all, the patient was in a special condition before, and we can’t be sure. Now it looks like it’s a fever, but he hasn’t come out of it, I can’t see anything else… I will give him an injection first, and the nurse will come to do a blood test later.”

  Tang Hongjun agreed repeatedly, and went to the nurse with the bill with a flustered expression.

  Chen Suling was sitting next to the small hospital bed, holding her son’s little hand, her lips trembled and she couldn’t speak, she finally yelled “Baby”, her tears pouring down.


  The nurse came to draw blood to the child on the bed. Tang Hongjun stayed in the ward and was worried. He ran to the place where the blood test was done and stood there waiting for the results to come out. He stood there pacing back and forth, asking every few minutes, somewhat frantic.

  Chen Suling refused to leave the hospital bed, but the hand that was holding her child’s hand, shook slightly.

  Xia Ye followed his father to the hospital and saw Tang Jinyu.

  The layout of the single children’s ward was not so plain, with cartoon drawings on the walls, but it can’t change the smell of disinfectant in the ward.

  The face of the child on the hospital bed was flushed, the hair on his forehead was messy, and his lips were not ruddy anymore. He seemed so small wearing a hospital gown, appearing thin.

  Teacher Xia talked to Chen Suling and asked about the situation.

  Xia Ye walked to the bed, and he saw the child lying on the hospital bed and he suddenly felt pain. A little guy who could run and jump during the day is now laying here and couldn’t get up. His neck was small and fragile like a porcelain, breaking at any single moment.

  The child was so burnt that he was talking nonsense in his dream, making a little cat-like voice, ambiguous, and unable to hear what he was saying.

Xia Ye heard it and walked over to cover him with a quilt. As soon as he touched the little hand, the child held a finger.

  So small, with thin fingers, tightly grasped him.

  Xia Ye didn’t move, and sat with him.

  Tang Hongjun returned soon, with a mixed expression on his face, “The test results are out, and the doctor said there is nothing unusual.”

  Both Chen Suling and Teacher Xia got up and looked at the test sheet. Chen Suling asked, “Then what should I do now? Xiaoyu hasn’t woken up yet.”


  Tang Hongjun shook his head, feeling a little bit depressed, “I don’t know, but they want to check it again.”

  ”How long will that take?”

  ”At least one night…”

  Chen Suling opened her mouth and closed it again. After a long time, she gritted her teeth and said: “Then one night, if Xiaoyu is not well tomorrow morning, we will transfer to another hospital and ask for an ambulance to take him all the way to the capital to find the best hospital.”

  Tang Hongjun nodded and said firmly: “Okay.”

  Teacher Xia was very emotional on the side, but he agreed with them in his heart. If he were ever in that situation with Xia Ye, he would not be reconciled if he didn’t fight to the last moment.

  Teacher Xia didn’t bother them too much. He came to visit and asked about the situation and then left.

  It’s just that Xia Ye sat there and didn’t leave. Tang Jinyu’s fingers were still being held by Tang Jinyu. Even though the child had a lot of energy in his sleep, his small fingers were white as they held onto him.

  Xia Ye looked at his watch and said, “Dad, you should go back first. I will study in the evening at 7:30, I still have some time left before I ride my bike back.”

  Teacher Xia said: “That’s fine, make sure you go slow on the road.”

  Xia Ye sat there and stayed with him. The child’s lips were dry, and while he was half conscious while speaking, Chen Suling and Tang Hongjun rushed over to respond with one or two voices. Their voices were very soft, not because they were afraid of waking him up, but for fear that he wouldn’t hear them.

  Xia Ye didn’t leave until 8 o’clock. Later, when the doctor came to check the child’s body, he pulled away from the fingers that were holding him.


  Chen Suling walked over and whispered to him: “Xiao Ye, you go to school, you and your Uncle Tang need to rest.”

  Xia Ye nodded and went out, but returned within a few minutes.

  Chen Suling was surprised: “Why didn’t you go to school?”

  Xia Ye said: “Aunt Chen, I called the teacher and asked for leave. Today I will stay with Xiaoyu.”

  Chen Suling still wanted to persuade him, but her eyes were still red, which was not convincing.

  Xia Ye stayed in the hospital at night. He also called home, his father supported his decision.

  ”It’s okay. You can take care of them for me. Uncle Tang and his family are all good people. If you can help, please help them.” Teacher Xia sighed on the phone. He was in poor health and weakened, the only thing he can do to help is to call them, “Did the doctor say anything?”

  ”After the fever-reducing injection, his temperature constantly went up and down , Aunt Chen fed Xiaoyu water, which was better than in the evening.”

  ”That’s good, that’s good.”

  Xia Ye briefly talked about the situation, then hung up the phone and went back to the ward.

  Tang Jinyu lives in a small suite with a bed to sleep in and a sofa outside. Xia Ye just made do with it on the sofa. Tonight, he slept slightly for an hour, but the Tang family and his wife did not sleep.

  Xia Ye saw Tang Hongjun and Chen Suling taking care of the child with his own eyes. A slight movement immediately caused the parents to look at him in panic, they were really scared.


  When Tang Hongjun saw the child’s temperature rise, he rang the bell to find a nurse. Before the nurse came, he hurried out to find the doctor on duty for fear of delaying his son’s condition.

  At first, Chen Suling stayed beside the hospital bed, but then she hugged her son. She seemed tired, as she kissed her child in her arms, shedding tears as she whispered to him: “Baby, baby wake up, look at mom… …”

  Xia Ye can do very little, but he is also doing what he can do.

  In the early hours of the morning, Tang Hongjun finally couldn’t wait anymore, he went downstairs to find an ambulance.

  Chen Suling quickly packed a few clothes for the child and put them in her bag. She asked Xia Ye to take care of the child. She ran back and forth to make sure she had everything she needed, In the evening, the child received several injections, and she had to record the dosage of the medicine to give to the next hospital.

  The child on the hospital bed shrank and shivered, as if he was cold, and Xia Ye subconsciously wrapped him in a quilt and hugged him in his arms, looking at the unconscious little face, his heart was confused.

  The small and soft ball was in his arms, and the whole face was red with heat. He held him tightly, and the child in his arms would make a small whine and furrowed his brows. Xia Ye didn’t know what to do, he stretched out his hand just like how Tang Hongjun and his wife did last night, and he was slowly grasped by the child.

  But after a while, the child began to cry, first sobbing, and then crying out loud “Grandpa”, and gradually he could hear what he said from the slurred speech.

  Xia Ye was stunned for a moment, and then followed him in a low voice: “Xiaoyu? Xiaoyu wake up, okay?”


  Tang Jinyu was still crying with his eyes closed, but then the name slowly changed to “Brother”.

  Xia Ye coaxed him: “Yes, it’s me, wake up, open your eyes and look at your brother.”

  The child in his arms was sobbing and crying “Brother”, his face was full of tears, probably because Xia Ye was wrapped too tightly with the quilt, he slowly started to sweat on his forehead, and his hair was wet with sweat.

  Xia Ye didn’t know what to do. He sat there stiffly holding his hand and did not dare to let go. The doctor said that Xiaoyu hadn’t sweated all night. But now, he’s sweating, does that mean his condition improved?

  He was thinking about it, when he heard footsteps outside the door, Chen Suling pushed the door and walked in.

  Xia Ye sat there holding the child and said, “Aunt Chen, Xiaoyu is sweating!”

  Chen Suling was stunned for a moment, and there was a surprise on her face immediately: “Really, let me see!” She walked over a few steps and nodded after seeing this: “Yes, yes, sweating, Xiaoxia hold him still, I’ll go to the doctor and I’ll be back soon!”

However, within a few minutes, the attending doctor came with her, and immediately took the child for examination.

  Xia Ye stood aside, thought for a while and went downstairs again, and told Tang Hongjun the news. Tang Hongjun’s ambulance had already been booked. As soon as he heard this, he ran up immediately. The elevator was too slow, so he climbed the stairs directly. When he arrived at the door of the ward, he was panting and sweating profusely.

  Tang Jinyu’s condition began to improve, and his temperature dropped to 37° for the first time. This is the good news.


  Chen Suling was so excited and Tang Hongjun went out to the ward and cried. When he returned, his eyes were red.

  The child opened his eyes at seven o’clock in the morning and shouted “hungry”.

  Chen Suling promised repeatedly that she was going to buy food for him, and as soon as she walked outside the ward, she ran into Teacher Xia who was carrying a container to deliver millet porridge.

  Teacher Xia shook the container in his hand and smiled and said, “I’m fine at home. Xia Ye called me and let me know of the situation. It’s best for Xiaoyu to eat porridge right now and I also brought breakfast.”

  Chen Suling invited him in, and she went to feed Tang Jinyu a small bowl of porridge, leaving Tang Hongjun and Teacher Xia outside to talk.

  The child quickly fell asleep again after eating a bowl of porridge. This time he breathed smoothly and looked much better.

  Teacher Xia didn’t stay in the hospital for long. He was mainly doing what he could do to help, he went back to help them cook lunch. Although it would be much faster to just order food from the hospital, it’s better to have hot meals prepared from home, to increase the child’s appetite.

  Xia Ye took another day off and stayed with him in the hospital.

  Chen Suling didn’t want him to miss school. Xia Ye sat on the side of the bed and said, “Aunt Chen, don’t say that. Uncle Tang has been taking care of me, ever since my dad had an accident a year ago. Thanks to Xiaoyu, we are already a family.”



  In the daytime, Tang Jinyu was giving infusion, after giving her child four bottles of medicine. Chen Suling and Tang Hongjun were already very tired, so Xia Ye asked them to go to sleep while he watched over for them.

  Feeling reinsured, the Tang couple took turns to rest for two or three hours, staying with their child.

  Tang Jinyu slept peacefully after his fever subsided. He occasionally called out in his dreams and he was also called “Grandpa”, and once called out “Xia Ye”. Xia Ye stretched his finger over and was held by him, as if he was holding it tightly for fear of losing it.

  Xia Ye was by his side with him, never leaving the little guy. This is the first time he has taken care of a child and it was also the first time that someone was so dependent on him, completely in the position of a protector.

  In the evening, the children who had fallen asleep for a day and a night slowly regained consciousness.

  At that time, Chen Suling was waiting for the injections at the nurse’s station, while Tang Hongjun was paying the ambulance fee downstairs. Although he never used it, he still booked it the whole day just in case something unexpected happened.

  When the lights were turned on in the ward, Xia Ye opened his eyes little by little while watching the child eyelids slowly open. The plain white face, thick eyelashes, and ink-colored butterfly wings fluttered gently. The moment the butterfly opened his eyes, the butterfly was alive, with a little agility, bent up and smiled when he saw him.


  ”Wake up?”

  ”I had a long dream, so tired.”


  ”What did you dream of?”

  ”Dreaming about school…”

  The child looked at him, with a little confusion after waking up, staring at Xia Ye and said, “Brother, I seem to have known you for a long time.”

  Xia Ye was amused by him.

  The child said with a nasal voice: “Really, I have watched you for a long time, and I knew it was you at first sight.”

  Xia Ye rubbed his head and picked him up. “Little fool.”

  ”Brother is smart…”


  ”My brother is the best, and my brother will always be good…”

  The kid in his arms started to compliment as soon as he woke up, and he was as behaving as before, like feeding a big baby with sugar. He praised a lot and said that he could live a long life.

  Xia Ye laughed, pressing his chin against his head, and replied, “Well, we will all live a long life.”

  After Tang Jinyu woke up this time, he no longer had a fever.

  Tang Hongjun and his wife were very happy, but they didn’t tell others that Tang Jinyu’s examination result yesterday was not very good. The child had a fever for a day and a night, and was observed in the hospital for a period of time. There were fluctuations in various body indexes. Although he is now recovering, the doctor was not very optimistic.


  The child is too young to handle so many medications and there is no guarantee that there will be no side effects to his recovery this time. The doctor suggested that they go to a larger hospital and check again.

  The Tang family and his wife disagree on this matter.

  Chen Suling wanted to check, but Tang Hongjun refused.

  Now he can only accept that his son is healthy. For one thing, he is reluctant to take the blood of the child for various tests. Secondly, he simply cannot accept another possibility for his child.

  Two years ago, they went to the Beijing Hospital. They found the best doctor that had the best relationship with them, but the diagnosis was unacceptable.

  The doctor said that Xiaoyu would not live to be ten years old.

  Tang Hongjun and his wife were sad, but they are also hoping for a miracle.

  Tang Hongjun is convinced that it was a miracle now. His son has survived again. He is right in front of him, healthy. Being able to eat and sleep just fine. He will call him “Dad” and laugh at him. He has no reason to take his son to another hospital.

  ”Xiaoyu is fine, there is no need to go to the hospital.” Tang Hongjun insisted.

  Chen Suling was a little helpless. She was a bit more sensible than her husband, but when she heard her child yell “Mom” softly, stretching out his little hands for a hug, her heart also softened.

  She decided to wait for a while.

  Over the years, she has heard too much “death diagnosis”, and she doesn’t want to hear it again so cruelly.


  After a period of hospitalization, Tang Jinyu recovered and was ready to be discharged.

He is so healthy that the doctors have some doubts that his original diagnosis was correct. If they hadn’t watched him with his high fever and the previous diagnosis were still there, the doctors had begun to doubt their high-tech equipment. The child seemed to have never been ill. It seemed like the high fever had made him healthier than before.

  Tang Hongjun happily prepared a car to take his son home, and when he was on the road, he stopped the car and went to the children’s store to buy a lot of toys.

  Chen Suling was waiting in the car with her child, but she didn’t dare to let him get out of the car and be exposed to the cold wind, for fear that he would be sick again.

  The two of them were sitting in the car, and Chen Suling teased him with a smile, “The baby has scared his mother these days. After sleeping for so long, mom couldn’t understand what you were saying in your sleep, do you remember what you dreamed of?”

  Tang Jinyu shook his head.

  Chen Suling kissed him on the forehead and smiled: “Yes, let alone you, adults can’t remember anything in their dreams.”

  Tang Jinyu sat obediently in his mother’s arms, he actually remembered a little. But the memory is very vague, like he was in a classroom, wearing the same school uniform as Xia Ye, where he is immersed in writing homework, and has been busy with classes and exams… He couldn’t remember the details, but his grades were pretty good and he was praised for getting a scholarship.

  He just remembered that he was slightly relieved and a little bit happy.

  He can’t remember the rest.

  It seemed to be him from another world, another thing that happened to him.

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One thought on “LNTMG-(22) Fever

  1. If you’ve ever read “real life” accounts/stories on reincarnation, this is usually how it goes they say~ A child saying something regarding a faraway time, place or person. Some find it creepy, but for some reason… I find it unbearably nostalgic.

    It’s really interesting how Xiaoyu seems to have assimilated into his current self, the child born as Tang Jinyu. This has gone a bit against the popular trend of being reborn with memories from the previous life all clear and intact even from infancy. Even though the genre is still supernatural, this gave an extra touch of realism in this novel. Well who knows how everything actually goes in this life? Or another? 🙂

    All I know right now is that there is unmistakable warmth radiating from Xiaoyu and his favorite big brother playing amidst the snow~

    Thank you for the update! 💕

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