LNTMG-(23) Champion

Tang Jinyu recuperated at home for a while, during which time Xia Ye took his high school entrance exam.

  The weather in June was sunny and bright, which was the best season to eat popsicles.

  Tang Jinyu was wearing a short-sleeved shirt, with a small rainbow printed on, and wearing a pair of light blue sandals, he was lying on the small bench by the window to look outside. The little air-conditioning in his house was turned on, but because the windows were open, the room was actually not much cooler.

  Chen Suling is now in a particularly contradictory state. She wants to give her child the best, and she is worried that her son will be bored at home, so she just left it open.

  Tang Jinyu has been waiting by the window, hearing the sound of the bicycle bell ringing downstairs, his eyes lit up, and when he climbed off the sofa, he tiptoed to open the door, “Mom, I will pick up Brother Xia~”

  Chen Suling was looking at the picture album in the room. Their company was very profitable. They opened a menswear design department. The person in charge was very motivated and sent a lot of drawings to her. She glanced at the door of the living room and said, “Go ahead.” , Remember to come back for dinner later.”



  Chen Suling heard a “click” at the door and the door closed, smiled and shook her head, then looked down at the album again.

  She took some of her work with her at home to deal with. The fact that her child had a fever some time ago scared her, but in the past months, it looks like the little guy seems normal, appearing more lively than before. Whenever he ate or when he played the piano, his fingers were much better, his sense of balance has also increased a bit, and occasionally he did not fall when walking.

  Xia Ye returned from the exam and moved a lot of things home.

  Tang Jinyu was a little more courageous than before. He was brave enough to stand alone at the top of the stairs and wait for Xia Ye to come up. But when he saw that Xia Ye was moving a desk up, he turned around and ran away. After a while, the child led Teacher Xia to come and help. 

  Xia Ye blocked them, without letting the two of them intervene, “It’s okay, I can do it myself.”

  Teacher Xia said: “Then I will help you carry your books.”

  This time Xia Ye didn’t stop him. He carried a desk and a chair, and stuffed some books in his slung backpack. Teacher Xia took out seven or eight books and gave one to the kid who wanted to help out, “Be careful when you walk, walk slowly.”

  The child held it earnestly, and learned from him: “Teacher also walks slowly.”

  Teacher Xia held the book in one hand, and took the child with the other hand, and followed his son home.

  The Xia family lived with the two of them, and the cleaning was always simple and clean. The living room had a set of sofas, and two pots of rich bamboo—The branches raised during the Spring Festival have been put in several pots, bringing an air of freshness.


  Xia Ye put the desk and chair aside, drank water first, drinking half of a bottle to quench his thirst.

  Teacher Xia asked, “Why did you move this desk back?”

  Xia Ye put down his water bottle, and wiped the sweat from his forehead with the hem of his clothes. “It’s for Xiaoyu, didn’t you want him to have one for tutoring? He needs a desk to write on.”

  Teacher Xia felt that it made sense, so he took the rag and wiped the desk carefully, and taught the child: “Look at how clean the desk and books are, previously used by your brother, Xiaoyu must take care of it in the future.”

  Tang Jinyu looked around the desk, feeling happy.

  Xia Ye felt a little empty, but he brushed it aside, he only used it a few times. After flipping through the book, he knew that it was pointless for him to keep it for himself. As for the desk, he didn’t have time to scribble on it like other people, it would’ve been great if he was able to make it to school on time.

  With a small desk, Tang Hongjun and Teacher Xia began ‘teaching’ the child seriously.

  Because it was during the summer vacation, Mr. Tang from the provincial capital rushed back to send his grandson a notice of graduation from a small kindergarten class. Like the previous one, this was also written by him.

  Tang Jinyu is five and a half years old, and has obtained a graduation certificate personally approved by his PhD supervisor, and he has all A’s, which can be said to be very outstanding!

  Elder Tang spent time with his little grandson for a few months. Every day he changed his tricks and praised him. He said he was awesome when he got the topic right and would praise him for being creative whenever he got the answer wrong, spoiling him to no end.


  The old man only heard about his grandson’s illness after he was discharged. The two younger generations in his family reported the good and the bad news, but now that he was getting older, how could he be unaware? Knowing that the child had a high fever, talking nonsense while unconscious and yelling “Grandpa” many times in his sleep, Old Tang couldn’t help taking out his handkerchief and wiping his tears several times.

  Mr. Tang Hui poured full love for his little grandson. Since Tang Jinyu had a very special physical condition, the old man did not have any demands on him. On the contrary, the more he spent time with him, the more he was full of joy for the little progress of his grandchild.

  After enjoying spending time with his grandchild for half a month, the provincial school needed him for something and he could only reluctantly leave.

After he left, Tang Hongjun and his wife found a passbook in the sugar bowl on the coffee table at home, which contained 500,000 yuan.

  Chen Suling wanted to take it back for the old man. Tang Hongjun stopped her and said with a smile: “No, even if you send it back to Dad, Dad won’t take it, the money is not for us.”

  Chen Suling wondered: “Who is it for?”

  ”For Xiaoyu.”

  Chen Suling didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. She took the money and sighed, feeling soft in her heart: “Then I keep it for Xiaoyu first, and then give it to him when he gets older.”

  Tang Hongjun originally wanted to joke about how the money basically belonged to her, but he stopped himself from saying it out loud once that thought crossed his mind.


They both knew well of their son’s physical condition. They don’t dislike him and are willing to accompany him for the rest of their lives, but it doesn’t mean they can lie to themselves.. This money can be saved up for his son, to buy at least two houses for him to own. It just so happened that he just got promoted, so maybe he can open a shop together… Tang Hongjun thought for a while and firmly believed that he would raise his son in wealth.

  At this moment, the rent-collector Tang Jinyu didn’t know about his upcoming wealth, eating a watermelon at Teacher Xia’s house.

  Xia Ye was too lazy to cut the watermelon, so he picked a small sliced ​​watermelon for himself and gave the rest of the watermelon for him to eat, and he ate it with a spoon.

  Tang Jinyu was sitting cross-legged on the sofa. The watermelon was too heavy. He could only hold it in his arms, eating a spoonful of it into his mouth, making his cheeks bulge up, and he ate with gusto like a hamster.

  Xia Ye was sitting next to him, holding a watermelon in one hand and checking for his results on the other.

 The results of the senior high school entrance examination came down. He checked each subject and his scores ended up being the same as he expected 

His mathematics exam results haven’t come out yet. If it was consistent with his estimation, first place was not far from his reach but he doesn’t know how high he needed to score


. According to the results of previous years, being in the top five, gives out scholarships of about 2000 yuan, which was enough to buy a new accordion for the child.

  Xia Ye glanced at the kid next to him who was eating watermelon obediently, and took a piece of tissue for him, “Wipe your lips.”


  Xia Ye couldn’t help laughing as he looked at his happy little face, holding a tissue.

  One big and one small were happy, and the phone rang at home.

  Xia Ye thought it was a classmate who came to ask for his score, and he answered with a ‘Hello’. As a result, it turned out to be his head teacher on the phone. His voice was happy and eager through the phone: “Xia Ye! Number one, you got number one in the city Hahahahahahahaha!

  ”First in the city?”

  ”Yes! The difficulty of this year’s math questions has increased. The last two major questions were difficult, a lot of scores dropped from them, do you know how well you scored on your math exam! 119 points, almost a perfect score!”


  ”Why are you so calm! Don’t you have anything to say to teacher?”

  ”Yes, how can I get my last point?”


  The author has something to say: The scores in the 2000 high school entrance examination are different from region to region. The full score here is 120 points~


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 The small note will be used in the future, and the memory will be recovered slowly, and the story will be as complete as possible! Borrowing from the comment of the little angel, it is “Baby fish’s time is over, it’s time to start the little fish fans” hhh~ The text is slower and warmer, thank you all for your support, I hope this story can bring happiness and warmth ^口^

  Thank you everyone who grew up with Xiaoyu, bow~

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