LNTMG-(25) Advertising

 Xia Ye was busy during summer vacation.

  Boss Wu at the Longteng Internet Cafe helped to sell several sets of Internet cafe software. Xia Ye gave him a 40% discount, Xia Ye is busy installing and debugging around one hundred computers a day, wearing a mask from morning till night.

  The number of newly opened Internet cafes in the city gradually increased, but the Longteng Internet cafe has maintained its leading position.

  Wu Yicheng is very good at doing business. His business ideas are much stronger than his cousin who only knows to open a small shop. While installing the high-end machine, he also took in some older computers from other Internet cafes. 

He named the two floors, one floor was called the gaming area and the other is called the Internet area, not because how different the computer worked but based on how well each computer performed.

  The gaming area upstairs had very good results. The main installations are LAN games such as “Red Alert” and “CS” and single player  games such as “Legend of Sword and Fairy”; while the Internet area was downstairs, the computers were much older, but it can be connected to the Internet. It is mainly used for those who need to browse the Internet, check information and send emails.

  The purchase price of each computer account was different, but Boss Wu still made a lot of money by just standing behind the counter.


 There are also some regulars who come to chat in the chat room. Some more advanced ones began to learn to chat with the communication tool marked by the little penguin. This is the most fashionable configuration for surfing the Internet.

  Young people have started to run to Internet cafes to play games. Boss Wu has made money and bought a large number of computers in a matter of minutes. He has expanded his Internet cafe with 500 computers, making him the first Internet cafe to ever achieve this.

 The bigger the Longteng Internet bar is, the more people come to study. Some people ask Wu Yicheng the name for his charging software.

  Boss Wu looked at the elephant on the icon, which was a picture that Xia Ye made for him to find, and he casually said: “The Vientiane webmaster, it’s connected to every computer!”

  ”How do you use it? I’m I able to manage it all by myself?”

  ”Yes, this software is convenient. I’ll show it to you. If you click here, you can set the charge, and only the network administrator can see it. It is very safe. You can see everything and it also keeps track of how much time they have left on their account, it’s very accurate!” Boss Wu showed them and said proudly, “There’s also a daily report, It’s safe and convenient. I’ve used it for several months, and there’s nothing wrong with it.”

  Someone worriedly asked: “It can’t be invaded by any virus, right?”

  Boss Wu has been following Xia Ye for a long time and has also learned one or two intelligent terms, and said: “No, it’s anti-hacking protection, I know an expert who has fixed my computers better than any technicians, will come to check my computers every month, to see if they see any problems.”

  The bosses of several Internet cafes were very moved when they heard this, and they each paid for the software.


 Apart from other things, these large-scale Internet cafes, led by Longteng Internet cafes, are very formal after they are all used. If they didn’t have one, they felt smaller from other Internet cafes.

  On this day, Xia Ye made 10,000 yuan.

  Wu Yicheng is a good person, and he was afraid that it would be unsafe whenever Xia Ye went to collect the money alone, so he accompanied him on his trip.

  He bought his car and teased him as he drove: “Xiao Xia, you can make money much faster than me. When you finish installing your software, you should rest as you collect money.”

  Xia Ye smiled and said: “The software still has room for improvements. I plan to adjust it and add a small function for the next few days. After I test it out, I’ll install it.”

  Wu Yicheng is very interested: “Can it still be improved? It’s already easy to use, what new features do you want to add?”

  Xia Ye said: “I’ll let you know once I’m done.”

  Wu Yicheng nodded and said: “Okay, just make sure you come to me first, Longteng Internet Cafe has to be the first one to use it, after you make it!”

  Xia Ye nodded in response.

  During this period of time, he made a lot of money, and Xia Ye didn’t dare to take out all the money. After all, he made more than 60,000 yuan in half a month and the amount was a bit big, he was afraid his father’s heart couldn’t handle it. He ended up telling his father that he had made a set of software and sold it, he didn’t say how much he made. He only took out half of his money he made to his father.


  Teacher Xia was a little surprised, but he always supported what Xia Ye did. After receiving the 30,000 yuan from Xia Ye, he asked him: “Why don’t you buy a new computer with this money? It’s already so old and It’s often loud when I hear you use it. You can use it to buy a better one, or would you rather buy a laptop instead?”

  Xia Ye shook his head: “No, I can still use my computer.”

  ”But wouldn’t it inconvenience you, when it’s already so old. This is the money you earned, Xia Ye, take it and use it to treat yourself better.”

 Teacher Xia put the money back into his son’s hands, leaving only 10,000 yuan. He was so happy for several days when he made this amount of money and bought a lot of things for Xia Ye. There was a distance from home in high school. He rode for about 20 minutes and bought a new bike for his son.

  As for clothes, Teacher Xia didn’t have to worry about that.

  Since getting closer to the Tang family next door, the clothes of the Xia family and his son have never been less. Chen Suling’s company just opened the menswear department this year. New clothes need to take model photos, the sizes aren’t in normal sizes. The models are usually tall and thinner. Therefore, the clothes have been hanging in the company after the photos are taken. Chen Suling felt that it was a pity, so she gave them to Teacher Xia and Xia Ye.

  Teacher Xia is tall, he seemed gentle and elegant when he was sitting, but as soon as he stood up, he was 186 centimeters tall. Xia Ye was also tall and growing fast. The clothes that they got from Chen Suling were the perfect size for the father and son duo.

  Teacher Xia did try to decline her, he felt embarrassed: “Let Tang Honjun wear them. These two big sets are enough for us, the rest can be taken back.”

  Chen Suling waved her hand and said with a smile: “You can give it to Xiaoye. I know that he has already outgrown some of his clothes during this period of time! Just look at Honjun, he wears some of his work clothes and suits everyday to work, where would he find the time to wear these? It would be a pity if I just left them there.”


  ”These can’t be saved for Xiaoyu, you know?”

  Teacher Xia was stunned for a moment and couldn’t help but smile.

  Both the Tang family’s husband and wife are good old people, and they are sincerely good to Xia Ye, they always share with them.

  Xia Ye had a cold attitude, regardless of whether he was a good or bad person. The Tang family made sure to take care of him. After the next couple of days, Xia Ye brought a children’s car.

  Tang Jinyu received his first car. It was a four-wheeled silver child car. It was very stable and it was very unlikely for him to fall out.


  Chen Suling said, “Xiao Ye doesn’t need to buy him toys, he already has so many toys!”

  ”Auntie, it’s okay. I bought it with my scholarship money. I had an agreement with Xiaoyu early in the morning.”According to normal customs, Xia Ye would call them Uncle Tang and Aunt Chen.

  Tang Jinyu turned around in his children’s car, looking up at him with a small face, “Brother said…”

  Xia Ye squeezed his face and said, “Yes, I know what I said, but bought this instead.” At the beginning, he said he would buy a new accordion for Tang Jinyu, but he regretted it. He didn’t want the child to study the piano so hard, so he changed it to a toy car.

  Tang Jinyu was happy whenever he received anything, and turned his head around in joy.

  Xia Ye hugged him on the car, grabbed his little feet and placed them on the front two pedaling places, and whispered: “Press it slowly, I will support you in the back.”

  Tang Jinyu found this to be an interesting experience. There seemed to be nothing about this kind of car in his memory, and it was especially novel when riding it.

  Xia Ye was afraid that he would be able to control his strength, but he pushed him quietly from behind.

  This way it was much faster than walking. The child rode back and forth in the corridor twice, seemingly enjoying himself.

  When Tang Hongjun came home from work, Tang Jinyu gave him a performance.

  Tang Gong was a little jealous. He paid so much attention to his baby’s protection that he never thought of buying him a toy car.


  ”Baby, Dad will buy you a bigger one tomorrow!”


  ”Why! Why not!”



  Xia Ye spent most of his summer vacation working, earning a lot of money.

  If he weren’t too busy, he wouldn’t have left Han Yichen for so long.

  He has found the real name of “Jackdaw”. The reason was very simple. He took the first place in the city this time. The school attaches great importance to it. Not only did he post a photo on the campus honor roll, he also posted an article on the campus website about him.

  Xia Ye followed the address and entered the campus network of the City No. 1 Middle School. After entering, nothing happened. He only hacked the administrator account and turned out the transcripts over the years. After checking one by one, there were not many who matched the name, address and age, not to mention the one-inch ID photo uploaded. After investigating, he found Han Yichen.

  The school’s website is very simple. When you open it, you can play songs, and the mouse moves are full of colorful colors. The song that is played is also very old-fashioned, it was “Grateful Heart”.

  When the song played on, Xia Ye happened to find Han Yichen’s latest report card.

  Han Yichen failed in math, with a bright red score of 59.

  Xia Ye was a little surprised. When he looked at the analysis of the posts on the forum, he felt that this person was not bad in computing skills, but he didn’t expect him to fail his exam.


  After finding out Han Yichen, Xia Ye logged in to the anonymous chat room.

  Old Ape was the first to jump out, and after a series of exclamation marks: “Devil, do you still know to come to see others!”

  ”Old Ape.”

  ”What are you doing!!”

  ”Private chat.”

  Old Ape quickly opened a single chat dialog box to chat with Xia Ye.

  Xia Ye sent the Internet bar charging software and talked about the main functions with Old Ape while taking advantage of the transmission.

  Old Ape was very interested in this gadget. After receiving it, he opened it to check it out and said, “Although it is a bit crude, it is very practical and not bad… Hey, wait, why did you send it like that? This is not your style, isn’t this supposed to be trap?”


  Old Ape was suspicious and refused to believe him.

  x: “Keep it for other uses.”

  Old Ape: “Who do you want to pit?”

  x: “No, it’s for advertising.”

  Old Ape was quiet for a while, then slowly typed: “Advertising? Are you not making new software?”

  ”Yes, it’s very stable, it’s a pity to only let it do counting.”

  ”I seem to have heard this.” Old Ape had a slow typing speed, but he complained word by word, “That’s what you said when you used me to do statistics for you.”

  Although he still doesn’t know how to put the advertisement, Old Ape has already begun to sympathize with the owners of the Internet cafes, and at the same time, he is a little relieved that he is finally not the one who counts the money for Xia Ye anymore, now that there is other people!

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