LNTMG-(26) Canary

  X: ‘Old Ape, do you want to make some money?’

  Old Ape: ‘Why wouldn’t I? I dream of being rich!”

  X: ‘How about working together, you are in Qizhou City, right? Do you have an Internet cafe over there?’

  Old Ape: ‘Yes, there’s a lot!’

  X: ‘Then have you seen this kind of billing software in Internet cafes?’

  Old Ape: ‘…Not really, this is quite new. This is my first time I’ve seen this.’

  X: ‘That will be convenient. I will write you a plan for the usage of this billing software. It’s becoming more popular in the city and the data is very good. You can modify it and find Internet cafes in Qizhou to cooperate with. How about 20% for each order?’

  Old Ape didn’t understand how profitable it was at the beginning, and soon received a document from Xia Ye, in which everything except the data was very childish. It’s rare for Old Ape to see where this person is immature. He drew in circles. He just wanted to type and laugh at the other person’s research and writing that wasn’t written well. As a result, he was stunned silly when he saw the amount of money he made.


  Xia Ye didn’t hide it from him, he listed it out for Old Ape.

  Old Ape was shocked. If the Internet cafes are like hens laying golden eggs, then the owner of the Internet cafe will have to spend a lot of money to buy equipment, and now they can make so much by plugging in a piece of software? And X also said that he wants him to give them a 20% discount , is there such a good thing?

  Old Ape felt like he was hit by gold coins falling from the sky, he trembled as he typed, “Devil, don’t make trouble, the money that you wrote was supposed to trick me?”

  While writing the program, Xia Ye replied: “No, it’s true.”

 Old Ape hesitated for a long time and asked: “You really made one hundred thousand in a month?”

  Xia Ye corrected him: “To be precise, less than a month.”


  ”You know, our city is relatively small, and there are only so many Internet cafes.”

  Old Ape’s heart began to shake, Xia Ye lived in a small place, but Qizhou was different! This is the provincial capital, with a dense flow of people. In the past two years, various Internet cafes have bloomed everywhere. There are hundreds of large computers, and hundreds of medium-sized computers. 

Even the smallest Internet cafes have more than 30 computers. If he really did promote it, a lot of money would flow in…Old Ape felt that his heart was not very good, his heart was beating too fast.


  He looked at the plan and felt that X was crazy and bold. This was not the first time he felt this way, but never did he feel it so realistically. Old Ape swallowed his saliva, stared at the screen and watched it again. He felt that this plan would most likely work.

  On the screen, the person on the other side started typing again: ‘Have you decided yet? Do you want to make some extra money? I already tested it. The provinces can remotely control it. We can take over for each other if something comes up, as long as someone regularly maintains it. it’s very simple. It doesn’t take much time. I’m going to start school soon. I’ll be too busy in the morning and I know that you are free in the mornings, so you can take care of it when I’m not there. If you have something to do during the day, you can call me in advance.’

  Old Ape gritted his teeth: ‘I’ll do it!’

The other person on the other side praised him: ‘You have such a sharp tongue and a desire to talk. You’ll be the best salesman.’

  Old Ape: ‘You are the salesman, your whole family are all salesmen! Have some respect for the technicians!!’

  Xia Ye laughed and exited the private chat.

  A small spider popped up on his computer and kept crawling up and down, alerting him. Xia Ye checked his software background and took a look, and saw someone trying to sneak into his system sneakily. Old Ape’s computer was used as a shortcut to his computer.

  Xia Ye locked on the address, and it showed Xinyi Internet Cafe.

  Had it not been for Han Yichen’s little action, Xia Ye would have forgotten about this person. He opened the anonymous chat room and took a look. He happened to see the Jackdaw was online and sent him a message: “It’s useless, withdraw.”

  Han Yichen was trying to talk in a chat room, and X finally appeared today, but after only two sentences, he was offline, and even Old Ape who he talked to the most was offline. Han Yichen was very upset. He couldn’t help but start to pry open a little gap with the Trojan horse which was implanted into the Old Ape’s computer a few days ago and invade the opposite system, he only made a small movement before he was quickly discovered by the other party. When a message popped up on his screen, he was startled.


  ‘I don’t know what you are talking about.’ Han Yichen had a stubborn attitude.

  ‘You don’t know?’

  Han Yichen had a bad feeling, ‘Know what?’

  ”Old Ape Computer is my backup.”

  Han Yichen: “???”

  Does that mean he was close to Old Ape for the past few months under the other person’s eyes? What a shame! ! There is also the Old Ape, that fat man with big ears, they obviously exchanged photos and constellations with each other, agreeing to be brothers for a lifetime, actually betrayed his oath!

  Han Yichen resisted the shame and anger in his heart, typing and asking: ‘Friend, you still haven’t told me about yourself, don’t you think that is appropriate?’

  X: ‘Busy.’

  Han Yichen: ‘This is not an excuse for you to ignore me.’

  X: ‘You can use this time to research the Old Ape’s computer.’

  Han Yichen: “Oh? Is there anything special about his computer?”

  ‘The virus is complete.’


  ‘Another thing that I thought I should let you know, there is an interesting little program in Old Ape’s Computer. When you synchronize with his computer, it means that he is also logging in to your computer.’


  Han Yichen was simply going crazy, why did Old Ape have to have so many ideas? Are they even friends anymore? How can he hack into his computer? !

  As if comprehending something in the long silence, the person on the other side explained it for him: ‘His little program usually doesn’t take the initiative to attack. Maybe he never thought he would meet a friend like you?’

  Han Yichen: ‘!!!’

  X: ‘Are you free on Saturday? If you have time in the morning, we can meet up.’

  Han Yichen wanted to fight, but he suddenly saw a bright red five-pointed star drawn on the desk calendar on Saturday, with the words “Send my sister to the Children’s Palace” written in a big letters beside it. Thinking of his mother’s slap from the other day, he typed back without hesitation: “I happened to have something very important that day, why not choose Sunday instead?”

  Xia Ye has a strong memory, he doesn’t need to look at the desk calendar to know that that day is Tang Jinyu’s performance day-this is the time chosen by the family. This weekend, the little guy will come play a complete piece of music for the whole family to listen to. He tapped his finger on the tabletop, his eyebrows lowered and he replied: ‘Not Sunday, I’m busy.’

  When he typed this, he heard the voice of the little guy outside his door, and Xia Ye hurriedly left another message, “I will contact you next time’, and then went offline.

  Han Yichen asked a few more questions without getting any response, he frowned for a long time.

  He used to have a bit of confidence to be able to compete against X, but now he finds depressed that he can’t even guard against Old Ape, and his heart is close to collapsing.

In the living room, Teacher Xia was entertaining his small guest.

  He gave Tang Jinyu a bag of ice cream, which was a popular brand called Banana Brothers, two small popsicles were glued together. After Tang Jinyu broke them apart, he walked towards Xia Ye, giving him his other half to eat.


  The child raised his hands high, with a look of expectation.

  Xia Ye didn’t like to eat too sweet things, but when the little guy brought it towards him, he bent down to take a bite. The little guy walked behind him, eating ice cream while following him.

  Xia Ye waited for him to finish eating, took him to wash his hands, and asked, “Go for a walk?”

  The child stood on the small stool by the sink, nodded happily: “Go~”

  Xia Ye took a towel to wipe his hands clean, and led him downstairs.

  Tang Jinyu is now slowly learning to go out.

  This is something that both families are trying to take him to do. In fact, Xia Ye feels that the child is not afraid of the outside but the adults at home are a little too nervous. It went from three adults accompanying the little guy for a walk, to him walking the little guy by himself everyday. The child walked around for a while, gradually improving each day.

  Xia Ye took him a little farther today, and found some wisteria trees in the small garden up ahead and walked around. There were luxuriant branches and leaves on it, and a thin vine of grapes grew on a stone pillar, there were so many unremarkable bunches of green grapes.

 It’s not the ripe season for grapes, but the grapes were green and clean, he didn’t need to eat it to know how sour they might be.

  Xia Ye held the child and looked at the bunch of grapes in his arms, so he picked a whole bunch of grapes for him, “You can play with it, but don’t eat them, okay?”

  Tang Jinyu nodded in response, his eyes looked down, and began to look at the grapes in his hand.

  Xia Ye looked back at the place where they lived, the old house, the clothes hanging on the balcony brought a little color, all the doors and windows were very small, almost like a cage. All the people are birds that live here, but the one in his arms is a little canary, a very delicate one.

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2 thoughts on “LNTMG-(26) Canary

  1. That was such a poetic musing towards the end. It’s quite melancholic yet meaningful. Looking forward to seeing these two children’s gradual growth. Would love to witness how they would eventually spread their wings and break away from their metaphorical cages.

    *little smile from the neighborhood auntie*

    Thanks for the update! 💕

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