LNTMG-(28) The Small Band

 Han Yichen was still vigilant, “Can I talk to you alone?”

  Xia Ye nodded in response, glanced at the watch on his wrist and said, “I have half an hour left. If that’s fine with you, come with me.”

Han Yichen didn’t argue with him, and immediately parked his bicycle and walked with Xia Ye.

  Xia Ye took him to a nearby coffee shop, sat down and briefly introduced himself to him, and ordered something to eat. He hurried out in the morning and had not eaten yet.

  At first, Han Yichen thought that he was asking for a fight. He was not afraid of fighting, even though he had never fought before. Even if he seemed frail at first glance, he fully prepared in his heart if it did happen. His favorite thing to do as a child was to eliminate violence and maintain peace. 

However, his chivalrous spirit couldn’t defeat the fact that he had no money in his pockets. When Xia Ye led him in, he felt a little guilty. The coffee shop wasn’t cheap, it made him want to leave since he didn’t even have fifty or even one hundred yuan on him, his momentum was weakened.


  When Xia Ye started eating, he just sat there and swallowed his saliva without moving his chopsticks.

  Xia Ye looked at him strangely: “You don’t want to eat something?”

  Han Yichen shook his head and said, “I can’t eat any more, I already ate at home.” In fact, he only ate a bag of crispy noodles on the way here, he was still very hungry.

  After taking a few bites, Xia Ye glanced at him and said, “I have ordered this, If you don’t eat it, it will be wasted. Do me this favor and eat, we can still talk while we’re eating.” He finished the baked rice and ordered a sandwich.

  Han Yichen hesitated and ate a muffin on the table, “You didn’t eat in the morning?”

  ”Well, I stayed up late to write a program last night. I only slept for less than three hours. I almost couldn’t get up after sending my brother this morning.”

  ”You shouldn’t do that, you have to work and rest reasonably, I never stay up late.”

  ”Didnt you hack into Old Ape’s computer again around one o’clock in the morning?”


  Han Yichen became furious, “Didn’t you ask me to test the virus database in his computer? I wanted to try!”

  Xia Ye laughed and said, “It didn’t work out, right?”

  Han Yichen snorted, “You saw it for yourself.”

  Xia Ye shook his head: “I didn’t see the results this time. Old Ape has built a firewall. The effect is not bad. It will take me a few days and nights to gnaw off that hard bone. I have no time to toss with him.”

  Han Yichen curiously asked, “What does Old Ape want to do with the firewall? Is he doing some type of private work?”

  Xia Ye didn’t answer him. After eating the sandwich in his hand, he sat there thinking for a moment and said, “Have you made a virus software before?”


  Han Yichen said with a guilty conscience: “Yes, but it is not network-transmissible, unless it is specifically implanted… I have warned that person before, I have broken off friendship with him. This matter was caused by a dispute between him and the owner of the Internet cafe, he wanted to ‘teach’ the other party a lesson, but I’m sure that he himself never thought that this virus would become so destructive.”

  Xia Ye looked at him silently.

  Han Yichen’s voice became weaker, “I will apologize, if the other party suffered a big loss, I can also try to make up for it in my own way.”

  Xia Ye lazily said: “No, I have already made it up for them for you.”

  Han Yichen was a little moved.

  Xia Ye said again: “But there is no free lunch in the world, you know that right?”

  Han Yichen spoke sincerely and nodded: “You name the price!”

  ”Okay, I’ll count your word for it.” Xia Ye smiled and sat up straight: “Old Ape is working on a firewall recently. Are you interested in doing a little favor?”

  Han Yichen said: “Yes, I owe you a favor, can this pay back the favor I owe you?”

  Xia Ye nodded and said, “Yes, he just lacks testing resources, which will help him out a lot with one other person working with him.”

  Han Yichen was curious: “What are you going to be doing?”

  ”Old Ape helped me reinforce a small piece of software, but he hasn’t been able to complete it yet. By the way, while we are on the topic, have you been short of pocket money recently?”

  Han Yichen hesitated and nodded.

  Xia Ye thought for a while: “You’ll go to the Internet cafe with me in a moment, I’ll show you the software since I just received an order for one. It installs a set of very simple things, It has no problems.”


  Han Yichen opened his mouth, but he still couldn’t come up for a reason to refuse. He was curious in his heart and wanted to know what Xia Ye was working on.

  On the other side, in the Children’s Palace.

  Tang Jinyu was led into the classroom by Teacher Xia. Teacher Xia took the weekend class and several small orchestras he mainly supervised were here, especially the small trumpet band on Sunday, which was the one with the most stable performance level. 

There are many girls in the Xiaoluhao Band, most of them are young girls between the ages of five and eight, they were all lovely and well-behaved like flowers.

  Teacher Xia asked Tang Jinyu to study with a few older girls for a couple of days, successfully integrating him into the Xiaoluo Band.

  By the time they arrived in the class, many people had already arrived, and they were arranging bow ties for each other under the guidance of their team leader, and they stood in a single line when Teacher Xia came in. Teacher Xia patted Tang Jinyu on the shoulder and asked the child to return to his team. Seeing him standing in the front row, he couldn’t help but smile knowingly.

  There is also a little girl from his Saturday class who joined today. Teacher Xia brought her forward and introduced her to everyone , “This is Han Yixing, she was in charge of the triangle bell. Everyone must get along with her and make progress together in the future, okay?”

  A group of children’s milky voices sounded together simultaneously: “Okay~~”

  Although Han Yixing was a newcomer, she still knew several girls that went to kindergarten with her in the Xiaoluo band, she easily integrated into the group.

Most of their small band members were girls,and the lonely boys were shorter than the little girls, and the boys developed late, and they were generally half a head shorter, and were often placed in the front of the line.

  Han Yixing’s group of little girls were very talkative. Seeing that the boys were weak and small, they let them stand in the middle of the first row and gave them the best position.


  The Xiaoluohao Band had Tang Jinyu now, which increase up to a total of three little boys.

  Han Yixing’s little girlfriends chatted and told her that in this small group, everyone thought Tang Jinyu was the best.

  Han Yixing was dubious and observed.

  The little boy named Tang Jinyu is indeed different from the other children. He has the cleanest and most beautiful appearance. His skin was as white as milk, the clothes he wore were also very neat. The little leather shoes on his feet were shiny.

Han Yixing looked at him for a while and instantly liked him very much.

  The little girl felt that the other person was as white as herself. When she was resting, she went over to play with Tang Jinyu and touched his face, and praised him: “You look so beautiful!”

  Tang Jinyu was touched suddenly and blinked for a long time: “Thank you?”

  Han Yixing continued to talk and praised him: “Your clothes are also beautiful, and your shoes look the best!”

  Tang Jinyu also thinks that his clothes are very good-looking. He has never been to the Children’s Palace. 

This is the first time he had ever been here. He didn’t expect that his uniform would be so delicate and beautiful, and the shoes on his feet were prepared by his mother, none of it was on the market yet!

  Tang Jinyu also complimented her back in exchange.

  Han Yixing was stunned, and soon became happy, circled around him, and took the initiative to get him a paper cup to help him drink water. During the break between classes, the teacher came to divide the snacks. Han Yixing also specially helped Tang Jinyu grab a larger piece of pastry and sat aside to eat with him.

 She couldn’t help herself, the little girl at this age has never exchanged compliments with someone before, since children at her age don’t really praise each other.

Tang Jinyu sat there, just like the little sticky cake she once ate before, soft and sticky, sweet and talkative, clean and beautiful, never stop being so good!


  ”You should come with me.”


  Han Yixing was very excited, his eyes lit up, “You go to my house and be my brother?”

  Tang Jinyu blinked, what happened?

  ”Let my brother go to your house, let’s change it!”

  ”it’s not good……”


  Han Yixing stuck with her new friend during the rest of the time, she liked Tang Jinyu so much!

  Tang Jinyu looked at Teacher Xia for help, but after Teacher Xia asked, he rubbed his little head and smiled: “Xiaoyu has made friends. It’s amazing.”

  Tang Jinyu tried to refute, but Han Yixing was beside him and was becoming more enthusiastic, she had obviously regarded him as a friend. Tang Jinyu opened his mouth but he couldn’t bear to interrupt the child’s enthusiasm.

Teacher Xia was patient with the children, and after listening to Han Yixing’s words, he nodded and said: “Of course, Xiaoyu also wants to meet new friends, but he is very shy and not in good health. Can you help him?”

  Han Yixing stood up and patted her chest and said: “Yes! Teacher, rest assured, I will protect him!”

  Teacher Xia was amused by the little girl, touched her little head, and let them play by themselves.

  Han Yixing has been protecting Tang Jinyu.

  The little girl’s mindset is very simple. Teacher Xia said that he is not in good health. Can the teacher lie?

  So she wants to protect classmate Xiao Tang.

  Every time she talked to Tang Jinyu, Tang Jinyu would take out a piece of candy from her pocket and give it to her. The little girl liked this new friend even more!

  Tang Jinyu didn’t mean to. When he came out of the house, his mother specially brought some sweets for him to share with other children. It is estimated that she wanted him to build a good relationship with other children and increase his goodwill by giving them snacks. He distributed all the candy to the people around him. Han Yixing came to him often, and naturally got more than others.

 After accumulating a certain amount of candy, the little girl upgrades her feelings towards Tang Jinyu, holding his hand to go to the toilet together.


  Tang Jinyu shook her hand away, his face flushed, “No, no, I can go by myself.”

  The little girl was puzzled: “What are you doing, why are you being so withdrawn?”

  Tang Jinyu: “…”

  No, the friendship between you girls is like this!

  Tang Jinyu hid when he was invited to go with her for the first time, but ran into a little trouble when school was over.

  The last class was delayed for a while. When Tang Jinyu wanted to go to the bathroom, there were a lot of people in the boy’s bathroom, and a small line was already formed. Han Yixing ran over after seeing this and dragged Tang Jinyu to the girl’s bathroom.

  ”You come ahead of me, there is a person in front of me…”

  Tang Jinyu shook his head again and again. After being dragged away for several steps, his forehead was sweating. He refused to go and tried to break free from Han Yixing’s little hand: “No, I won’t go!”

  ”Here, you are welcome~”

  ”Boys and girls have to be separated and cannot use the same bathroom.”

  Tang Jinyu said very seriously and insisted on not going. This made Han Yixing a little confused, “Why? There is only one bathroom in my house. My dad, my brother and I all use one! It’s just like the one at home, it’s fine.”

  Tang Jinyu thinks something is wrong ! !

  How could he go to the women’s bathroom ! !

  Classmate Xiao Tang was about to collapse. He was dragged over for several steps and wanted to hold the pillar to stop the little girl’s footsteps. This girl was really too strong, “…home is different from school. I really don’t want to go, okay? You let me go, I’m not going anywhere, I want to go home!”

  A little boy next to him trembled and said: “Tang Jinyu is right. He can’t use that bathroom, he should go to a boy-only one.”

  Han Yixing angrily said: “Who said that? Tang Jinyu and I are the best, he and I can use the same bathroom!”

  ”It’s different.”

  ”How is it different?”


  Xia Ye and Han Yichen rushed over to pick up the family’s children from school. The battle of the Xiaoluhao Band was in a fierce stage. Han Yixing faced the three boys alone and raised her chin, like a proud little peacock.

  ”Anyway, we can’t use it. Boys have birds, girls don’t. It’s different. We can’t!”

  Han Yixing said angrily: “Who said I didn’t!”

  The little boy next to him clenched his fist, blushed and refused to believe it, “You’re lying!”

  Han Yixing didn’t want to lose this battle, and said calmly: “I didn’t lie to you, I left it at home and didn’t bring it today.”

  Tang Jinyu: “??!”

There was a childish quarrel between the two sides, which had been upgraded to the competition of family members. The little girl was fighting with each other, especially hard. She is young, and her current cognition is still in the understanding area of “more is better”. She can go to one bathroom, then her brother can go to two toilets at the same time.


The other child was stunned, which was obviously beyond his scope of knowledge.

  Han Yixing raised her chin and hummed, “My brother has done it before!”

  Han Yichen, who rushed over, was a few steps away trying to cover his sister’s mouth, but it was too late. He couldn’t wait to spit out a mouthful of blood: “I never–!!!

 Han Yichen’s arrival was noticed by all the children around him. He closed his eyes and picked up his sister to go out.

  The little girl was caught under his arm, she was still angry, “Brother, they said you can’t do it! You prove it to them!”

  ”I’ll prove your big head!”

  Xia Ye slowed down and then crouched down and asked Tang Jinyu what was going on first. Tang Jinyu hesitated, he couldn’t say that he caused it. It was too embarrassing when it came to the reason, he was almost unable to escape just now.

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