LNTMG-(30) Surgery

Teacher Xia went to the Provincial City University Hospital for surgery, alongside Xia Ye.

Tang Hongjun also specially asked for a day off, drove their father and son over and stayed  to help them.

  Xia Ye went to the hospital to go through various procedures. A series of trivial matters didn’t let his dad get his procedure done before, was handled by him alone, even Tang Hongjun didn’t have time to intervene. This boy was already very proficient in running the hospital and did everything he could.

  Teacher Xia has a bad heart and needed a pacemarker. After consulting with a doctor, Xia Ye chose the best one so far, so that the risk of the operation was small and that his body would recover well.

The doctor has been comforting them and said: “Don’t be too scared. A pacemaker sound scary, but the procedure itself is very easy and only a small scar would be left.”

The doctor smiled, comforting them that they would need to open up a small wound about a few centimeters in size so they could relax them. “This surgical risk is relatively high, but since you have chosen our hospital, you have to have confidence in our doctors!”

  Teacher Xia’s expression was more relaxed, and he smiled and nodded. When the doctor asked him to sign before the operation, Teacher Xia signed it himself. He was an adult, he has the right to decide, and no other family member can sign the word. Xia Ye was only 15 and cannot sign for him yet.


  After Teacher Xia signed it, Xia Ye took the surgical consent form and looked at it for a long time. Looking at the various possible sudden risky situations on it, his mind was blank as he stood there for more than ten minutes.

  The hospital said it was not a major operation, but in Xia Ye’s view, it was a life-saving operation.

  He has only his father as his only relative now, and he has prepared himself for everything for this day, he did not dare to make any mistakes.

  When he arrived at the door of the operating room, Xia Ye was scared.

  He looked at the door, unable to move.

  Teacher Xia found his son’s abnormality, and left a few words to comfort him, “It’s okay, didn’t the doctor say it, it’s just a minor operation, I’m doing it for the sake of my health. Dad will have an operation, stay here and wait for me to come out.”

  Xia Ye nodded, opened his mouth and said okay, as if he had said something else, but he didn’t know what he should say, his head was completely blank.

The doctor urged a few times and brought Teacher Xia into the operating room.

  Xia Ye stayed outside sitting on the bench in the corridor, Tang Hongjun accompanied him, and kept whispering reassurances.

  Xia Ye sat outside and waited. There were several other people sitting beside them, all of whom were family members of patients who were waiting for surgery as well.

  Some people are anxious and get up and turn around from time to time, while others talk in low voices with their colleagues, holding hands and supporting each other.

  But Xia Ye didn’t say a word, just sat there waiting in silence.


  When Tang Hongjun sat aside and held his shoulders, he clearly felt that the young man’s shoulders under his palm were a bit stiff, still very thin, he was still a child.

  Xia Ye looked up at him, Tang Hongjun smiled at him and comforted him: “It will go well. This is the best hospital in the province. We are also looking for the best doctor. The pacemaker is a minor surgery, it will definitely be fine.”

  An old man on the side also relieved them, “You are also doing this operation? It’s okay, it’s not a major operation, and you don’t need to change other organs, it just adds something, high-tech, young people should believe more in science!” The old man laughed. “My wife has had a bad heart ever since she was little, and she installed one at the age of 24. She’s 54 now! For the past 30 years, she has been to many different doctors, and the doctors in our provincial hospital have made her live a little easier, they also have a good reputation, so I completely trust them!”

  After hearing this, Xia Ye nodded and said yes, feeling relaxed.

  Teacher Xia had his first operation. The operation went very smoothly and he soon came out.

  He was still young and recovered quickly, and he seemed to have problems at all.

  Xia Ye was worried and insisted on observing in the hospital for two days before willing to take him back.

  Tang Hongjun smiled and said, “Lao Xia, stay, don’t worry Xiao Ye so much, you don’t know, you scared this child when you had the operation, that he wanted to go in and bear the pain for you.”

  Teacher Xia said: “That’s okay, we can stay here, you go back first, and you have to work tomorrow.”

  Tang Hongjun waved his hand and said: “No, no, I called in and took two days off. After waiting for two days, I will drive you back together. It is not convenient for your body to move so much, since you just had surgery.”


  ”It’s nothing, but you can stay in the hospital for two days with peace of mind. Besides, I also need to pay my old man a visit, It’s been a couple of months since the last time I saw him.”


  Tang Hongjun was enthusiastic and treated the Xia family father and son well. After spending a while with them in the hospital, he bought some daily necessities and then found a place to stay.

  Father Tang’s house is next to S University. It was large and spacious enough. He usually lives here alone, and was very happy to see his son visit him.

After listening to Tang Hongjun’s words, he asked him again: “Why don’t you let them come to our house, the room upstairs is empty, I’ll just take the smaller room, just tidy it up and let them stay over, the house is better than the hospital.”

  Tang Hongjun said: “Xia Ye might have looked calm during the operation, but he is still a child, he was still scared. He would be more at ease if they stayed in the hospital where a doctor is present, they will be back after the checkup in two days.”

  Elder Tang shook his head with emotion, and sighed, “He is a good boy.”

  Tang Hongjun smiled and nodded, “He is, after all Xiaoyu’s brother, of course he’s the best!”

  When Grandpa Tang heard him mention his little grandson, he changed the subject and asked: “Did you bring pictures of Xiaoyu? He is a little bit older now, I should go and visit him when I have time, he was so thin, is he a lot fatter now?”

  Tang Hongjun did bring some pictures for his father.

The photos were taken by him and his wife. Most of the pictures were taken at home, and some were at Chen Suling’s company. Some of the pictures were normal, while some were adorable, some pictures had Tang Jinyu holding a small spoon as he ate a watermelon, they were all lovely and cute; the photos taken in the company are no different from a professional photo. Chen Suling has set up a children’s clothing department. At present, there are not many styles of clothes, and she doesn’t want to make it bigger than it is. She basically just wanted to make clothes for her child.

While her coworkers would take some photos of him, Tang Jinyu is cute and adorable in one photo, holding a teddy bear, smiling at the camera and he looked like a child star.


  Elder Tang looked at him and exclaimed, “It’s great, his little face looks fatter, is he still going to the company with Suling?”

  ”Yes, Suling would always take him with her, but now that he goes to the Children’s Palace during the weekend, he joined a small band and is in charge of playing the harmonica and plays very well.”

Tang Hongjun couldn’t help showing off when he talked about his son, expressing his feelings with his father.

As one kept praising his son, while the other was listening in fascination. In the end, they both missed the child, and they couldn’t help but call him. They both smiled at the child’s voice, and they were reluctant to hang up after talking on the phone for half an hour. 

Tang Hongjun did not let the nanny do anything at night, and he personally cooked a meal for his father. Elder Tang had taught him to not be lazy, and most of Tang Hongjun’s craftsmanship was learned from his father.

  ”This Bergamot melon has to be cut into thin strips and stir fried. Don’t put any sugar. Yes, just put a little white vinegar, it will make it have a sweet and sour taste.” Elder Tang also pointed out, “You can do this for Xiaoyu when you go back, make sure to take care of what he eats, eating too much sugar will be bad for his teeth.”

  Tang Hongjun nodded and agreed, learning harder.

  The two of them fried two small dishes and sat down for a drink.

  Elder Tang asked about Tang Hongjun’s work, and after hearing it he nodded and said: “Take it slowly, be steady, and work is also very important. You are still young, and it’s not too late for you to go to the province in the future. Now you are ahead of so many people.”

  Tang Hongjun responded with a smile, and poured another small glass of wine for the old man. He didn’t drink any more since he still had to go to the hospital tomorrow.

  After eating, Tang Hongjun cleaned up the room for the old man again. There was nothing messy. The maide here was always in charge. The only thing that seemed messy was the stack of books that the old man placed in the study, and there were some papers and documents on it. These are all important. The nanny already knows to never disturb the items in the study.


  Tang Hongjun helped to tidy up. After putting the books and documents in place, he saw a few papers on the table. It was neatly handwritten carefully, with the words “Yuan Hanqiu” written on the cover. He saw it and smiled and asked, “Dad, are you still planning on bringing new students?”

Elder Tang took a look at his hand, and said, “Oh, no, there is a student who wants to transfer to my department, and he handed in something for me to see.”

  Tang Hongjun turned it over, and said, “It’s written well, he is a good student with a down-to-earth degree, did you accept them?”

  Old Tang smiled and said: “Why wouldn’t I? This is a big baby in the family, who is engaged in computer technology. Is there a scarcity of talents? They refused to let go. Their dean all begged me to come. And I took a look. The thesis, I think it’s the same, let him go with the computer, hehe.”

  Tang Hongjun listened and put down the paper and went to work on other things.

 On the cover of the paper that has been shelved, Yuan Hanqiu’s three words appeared very lonely under the light.

  After staying in the hospital for two days, Teacher Xia was discharged. He is recovering well and his face is much better than before. Xia Ye finally breathed a sigh of relief when he saw his dad like this.

  Tang Hongjun drove them back to the city.

  The car was very spacious inside, and the trunk was empty, but then it was quickly filled up.

  Grandpa Tang brought a lot of things for his little grandson. The old man’s salary was very high, and various bonuses were also large. Apart from buying some books, he didn’t have much to spend on.

 When he went out to see any new things, he bought them for his little grandson. After saving for a few months, it has been quite a lot, and this time they were stuffed into the trunk for Tang Hongjun to take back. When Teacher Xia was in the hospital, he also asked Xia Ye to go out and buy some toys. He was grateful to Tang Hongjun for his help, and he wanted to be kind to the little guy.


  Xia Ye had money on hand, and the operation was less than he expected. It cost a total of 100,000 yuan. The money he brought was only a small part of it, and he bought many things for Tang Jinyu.

  When they got home, it was noon, and Tang Jinyu saw that they hadn’t eaten any food when they came in, so he climbed down from his small chair and rushed over.

  Xia Ye thought the child was coming for his gift, but just as he raised his hand to give it to him, he saw the little guy jump over and hugged his father’s leg. He froze for a moment, but soon the child turned his head and rushed over and hugged his leg and called him brother.

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