LNTMG-(31) Walnut

 Tang Hongjun was jealous, and he held his child in his arms and kissed him several times, until the little guy hid his face away before he laughed and put him back on his small chair.

  Chen Suling had prepared their meals and brought them on the table to eat together. She had already called beforehand asking what time they would get home. She was afraid that Tang Jinyu would be hungry while they waited, so she fed him some snacks.

  There are many people in the family, Tang Jinyu’s meals were more fragrant than the others.

  When the Xia family and his son left for two days, the keys of the house were kept next door. Chen Suling took care of them properly and were able to rest, and came back to a clean house.

  Teacher Xia sighed slightly when he saw this when he returned home.

  Xia Ye came in and was nervous when he heard him sigh, and asked, “Dad, do you feel uncomfortable?”

  Teacher Xia sat down and took a sip of water, and smiled, he shook his head and said: “I am fine, I am much more relaxed than before. I didn’t even breath that hard when I went upstairs today.”


  Xia Ye sat there to accompany him.

  Teacher Xia drank the water and said to him: “Thanks to you this time, Dad is still young and doesn’t want to be your burden. I will be fine later, I can find a company to work full-time…”

  Xia Ye interrupted him and said, “Don’t worry, I still have money at home, and I have enough tuition, you just rest at home, and other things are not as important as your health.”

  Teacher Xia raised his hand and touched his son’s head, with a gentle tone: “This is what an adult should do, it’s my responsibility.”

  Xia Ye: “It’s also your responsibility to be with me.”

  He stood up and took the cup, not wanting to talk about this subject, “You promised to take care of me for the rest of my life, and I will still be your relative.”

  Teacher Xia wanted to say something, but in the end he chose not to say anything, and only nodded softly in agreement.

  Xia Ye still has another parent.

  But it seems that he doesn’t want him to mention her again.

  Teacher Xia placed his hand over his chest and felt the re-beating stable heart, and he could clearly feel it in his palm. That’s good, he will have more time to live and be able to grow up together with his son.

  Xia Ye wanted to take time off to stay at home with his dad for a couple of days, but his father didn’t want him to miss any more time than he already did, and urged his son to go to school.


Although Xia Ye couldn’t stay with him, the kid next door was still there, so he would  come to visit him more diligently every day.

  Tang Jinyu did not go to the company with his mother for the next two days and actively asked to stay to take care of Teacher Xia. Chen Suling was a little worried at first, but she saw her son standing in front of her and saying to her, “I have mother’s phone with me, and I’ll call you if I need to.” Seeing his serious look, reminded her of what happened in the beginning of the year, and she agreed with a soft heart.

  Tang Jinyu is also familiar with the Xia family. When he arrived during the day, Teacher Xia waved him over, and the child climbed onto the bed and sat there. The two of them sat there reading together. Teacher Xia read it to him in a low voice, and when he coughed a little, the child would be very nervous. In return the child read him a story to Teacher Xia, which was an amusing sight to see.

 The child can do many things now, and he is sensible and obedient, Teacher Xia likes him very much.

  When Xia Ye came home from school, he often ran into the little guy.

  Teacher Xia became easily tired after his operation, and fell asleep several times in the evening.

  Xia Ye watched his father sleep lightly, walked lightly over, and took Tang Jinyu away from the bed. The child was holding his own picture book in his hand, and was hugged by him. Xia Ye glanced at it and asked softly, “Why read this one again? This is the one I read to you yesterday, didn’t I buy a lot of books for you? Let’s read those instead.”


  Tang Jinyu doesn’t care so much, as long as it is given by his elder brother, he likes it, and cherishes every single one of them.

  Xia Ye put the child in his arms, took the picture book in his hand, grabbed a small game console, and sat on the sofa with his arms around him to play games for a while.


  It was a very old-fashioned toy, not an electronic screen, a pink ring game console, on the palm-sized screen are two little unicorns, there are only two buttons, control the left and right bounce, so that color ferrules can be hung on the corner.

It’s not even a game console.

  At that time, the owner of the mall said that it is suitable for three-year-old children. Xia Ye, like all the adults in the family, treats Tang Jinyu as a smaller child, and the things he buys are as easy to operate as possible.

  Xia Ye held the child’s hand and led him to play, when the soft little fingers in his palm pressed the keys, looking at the screen intently.

  Xia Ye rubbed the hair that was in front of him. The child’s hair was very soft and the child himself was very well-behaved, sitting there without disturbing him at all.

  Xia Ye hugged the child, and occasionally glanced in the direction of the bedroom.

  The heart transplant that his dad got can’t be depended on forever, it has to be replaced every couple of years, but since his heart hasn’t been a big problem that much in the past. Although he can’t do heavy work, his life is no different from ordinary people.

  He had calculated this in his heart, and the remaining money would be saved, his father shouldn’t have too much pressure, he should be able to work relatively easily.

  Moreover, there was still money he is still earning right now, so he didn’t have much to worry about, he can live at ease for the next two years.

  He wants to do more than just coding software for Internet cafes.

  Tang Jinyu raised the game console in his hand to show him, and whispered to him: “Brother, it’s in the set!”

  Xia Ye glanced at him and praised him: “Yes, I will reward you with an orange today.”


  Xia Ye was amused by the child’s exaggerated appearance, and he found it interesting how many times he saw it. He had never seen a child be so happy over receiving an orange.


  Teacher Xia couldn’t stay idle at home, but he also didn’t want Xia Ye to worry about him, so he went for a walk outside every day, sometimes he would be with Tang Jinyu.

  When studying in the evening at City No. 1 School, there are a lot of stalls nearby, and the crowd gathers like a small night market.

  Teacher Xia would occasionally take Tang Jinyu to go there with him, and pick Xia Ye home on the way. The adults in the family will now deliberately take their child out to allow him to gradually adapt to his surrounding area. Although Tang Hongjun and his wife are a bit hesitant, they agreed to let their child to go to school.

  Especially now that the children’s body is gradually returning to normal, they have no reason to keep him in the house anymore.

  Although they were reluctant, it was a necessary process they needed to do.

  Tang Jinyu had no idea about this. He was very happy every day. He eats well and has fun. His parents are kind to him. Teacher Xia next door praised him for playing the harmonica well and seeing his brother every day. It’s not so bad being a child!

  Tang Jinyu is not very interested in the night market. His favorite thing is to sit on the stone pier outside the school gate and wait for his brother when school is over.

 In the season of autumn, the child wore an off-white hoodie and a pair of gray pants, sitting there obediently waiting for Xia Ye to leave school. He was holding a walnut in his hand, which was bought by Teacher Xia when he went to the night market.

 The school bell rang, and soon the security uncle came and pushed the school door open slowly, and students in uniform came out in groups.

  Tang Jinyu hugged his walnut and looked at the crowd coming out without blinking, trying to find his brother as soon as possible among the high school students who wear the same uniforms.

  Xia Ye is quite tall, pushing a bicycle and walking out with a few classmates. He is not easy to find in the crowd, but Tang Jinyu who sits there is too easy to find. The block of stone was treated as a seat, was taller than him, and the child was sitting on it, his little feet kicked around while his little head was looking around like a little marmot.


  Xia Ye walked over and pressed on his bicycle bell. The child saw him right away, raised his face and smiled, raising the walnut in his hand to give him.

  Xia Ye didn’t take them, and asked him, “Where did it come from?”


  Teacher Xia stood aside and smiled: “I saw a walnut seller on the road. I bought some.”

  ”Why buy one?” Xia Ye glanced at the big walnut in Tang Jinyu’s hand. It’s almost as big as the child’s hand. It’s estimated that the baby didn’t want it. Seeing that the child didn’t wear a hat, he frowned and said, “Why didn’t you come out with a hat on? Put on your sweater hoodie, It’s been a little cold these past few days.”

  ”No no no—”

  Before he could finish talking, Tang Jinyu was pulled over by Xia Ye and his hoodie was pulled over his head.

  The child’s hood was big, and Xia Ye felt that it was a little strange when he pulled it, it felt a bit heavy. As soon as he pulled it over, a bunch of walnuts began to fall out.. Before his father could stop him, he heard “ah” and saw all the walnuts in a hood smashed the child on the head.

  Teacher Xia felt bad, but he still laughed.

  Xia Ye paused, and smiled without holding back.

  Tang Jinyu clutched his head, “Head…”

  ”It’s okay, I’ll pick up your walnuts.”

  Xia Ye picked up the walnuts for him. The biggest one was for him to play with, and the rest was put in his schoolbag. “Dad, you are willing to buy walnuts, but you are not willing to buy a bag for him, and just put it in Xiaoyu’s hood?”

  Teacher Xia smiled and said, “He did that himself, so he doesn’t have to wear a hat when he comes today.”

  Xia Ye squeezed the tip of the child’s nose and raised his eyebrows and said, “You did this to yourself, do you now know to wear your hat next time?”

  Tang Jinyu blushed and didn’t dare to refute it, after all, he did this to himself.

  Xia Ye packed up, and asked, “Where is my uncle?”

  Teacher Xia said: “He went over there to buy balloons for Xiaoyu.”

  When school was over, there were many people. Han Yichen walked over with his bike. He saw Xia Ye greet him and smiled and said, “Xia Ye, is that your brother? How nice of him to pick you up from school.”

  Xia Ye: “Call Uncle.”

  Han Yichen was a little annoyed: “I’ve had enough, how long ago are you going to keep saying this?Didn’t I just say something angry at the time? You keep holding on and make me call Uncle…”

  Xia Ye said coldly: “That’s my dad.”

 Only then did Han Yichen see Teacher Xia standing behind Tang Jinyu, and immediately called him uncle, very obediently. He looks a little deceptive, and at first glance seemed like that kind of nerd who studies hard and ignores socializing, and his academic performance must be particularly good. It is easy to make parents feel good about him.

  Teacher Xia smiled and nodded to greet him, “Xia Ye also made friends at school?”


  ”Hehe, so has Xiaoyu.”

  Han Yichen knew this too, and said proudly: “Uncle Xia, I’m Han Yixing’s brother, and my name is Han Yichen.”

  Teacher Xia was pleasantly surprised: “That’s a coincidence, your sister and Xiaoyu have a very good relationship.”


  ”Yes, yes, my sister always says Xiaoyu is good when she goes home, she doesn’t go a day without praising him!”

  Soon, Tang Hongjun also returned, holding colorful balloons in his hand, and bought many to please his son. Tang Jinyu has a lot of toys at home, and there are too many balloons. It is estimated that they can float when tied to him. He divided a few to Han Yichen and asked him to bring them to Han Yixing.

  Han Yichen held the balloons and was so touched that he suppressed the words in his heart after holding back for a long time.

  If it wasn’t for Xia Ye holding such a treasure in the palm of his hand, he really wanted to ask Tang Jinyu if he could go to his house and be his brother.

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The author has something to say:

  Small Theater:

  Xiao Han (wandering around wildly): Xia Ye, where’s your baby brother? I want to be blessed! Let me be blessed!!

    Xia Ye: You touch him.

  Xiao Han (excited): Can I touch him! ! !

  Xia Ye: You die.

  Xiao Han:…………

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