LNTMG-(32) Grape Flower

Tang Jinyu was smashed by the walnut and had a psychological shadow. When he came to eat oranges next door at night, he didn’t dare to wear a sweater.

  Xia Ye went out to throw trash and stood at the door and asked him, “Follow me?”

  The child immediately put down his orange and went with him.

  Xia Ye took some thoughts of compensating him, and after throwing away the trash, he took him for a walk, and went to the small shop at the gate of the community to buy Mimi Shrimp Crackers. Xia Ye bought him ten packs of snacks for fifty cents a pack, stringed a long string and hung it around the child’s neck, coaxing him: “Eat and play, go home to wash your hands after eating, don’t eat too much at a time, you know?”

  Tang Jinyu nodded happily, counting all the way when Xia Ye held him back, it was so beautiful.

  Xia Ye felt that his younger brother was a little silly, but he was silly and cute, and he was in a good mood when he was so happy.

  After a short walk outside, Xia Ye sent the child home.


  ”I’ll eat it tomorrow. It’s cold. I can only eat half of it today. I’ll give you two pieces of candy tomorrow morning.”


  Xia Ye continued to talk with him, he didn’t really need to give him anything, since Tang Jinyu is already obedient enough, but everyone has a strange psychology. Whenever children cry and make a fuss to get what they want is normally annoying to deal with, but Tang Jinyu was different, he nods his head obediently and does not ask for anything that it’s almost painful, and he can’t but want to buy him more things.

  Tang Jinyu was really obedient and went home.

  When Xia Ye returned home, a guest came from his house, who was also a resident in the tube building. Most of the people living here are from the same old unit, and they are familiar with each other. Teacher Xia does not work at the Engineering Academy, but his father used to work here, so he is also familiar with these old residents. The one who came to visit today is Aunt Sun on the fifth floor. The child in her family is one year younger than Xia Ye and is in their third year of middle school. She didn’t often communicate with them before, but ever since the banner of No. 1 in the city was posted, she has become more enthusiastic about Xia Ye and his father.

  She came here to borrow Xia Ye’s textbook from middle school and wanted to take it back to show her son, but Xia Ye’s book was brand new. She looked through it and smiled and said, “Teacher Xia, is it convenient for you to find Xiaoye’s notes in class? I don’t see much on here…”

  Teacher Xia apologized: “Xia Ye’s notes were borrowed from someone else before. The other party said that they copied them, but they haven’t returned them yet. I’ll send them to you when they return it.”

  Aunt Sun looked regretful, she herself was a little careful, thinking that the person probably didn’t plan to pay it back.

 Xia Ye didn’t say a word after he came in. He had no notes, and he only looked through his books.

  Aunt Sun saw Xia Ye and she smile again, and wanted to ask him if he had time for counseling on Saturdays and Sundays. Without waiting for Xia Ye to speak this time, Teacher Xia directly refused, “Xiaoye is busy with his classes, and his school is strict. Although they have always said that they are not allowed to make up classes, they are not closed on Saturdays and only have half a break on Sundays.”

  Aunt Sun smiled reluctantly and said, “Yes, he must be busy being in such a good school.”


  After sitting for a while, she took away the two junior high school textbooks from Xia Ye. There has never been such a good student in the building. Even if there is no key point on them, it’s better to take them back to read them, maybe it could bless her son, and make her son score much higher in his exam!

  After she left, Xia Ye asked his father, “Dad, didn’t you sell those books before?”

  Teacher Xia shook his head and said a bit of a pity: “I originally wanted to keep it as a memory”

  Xia Ye smiled, “That book is the same as the new one. If you want, I will go to the bookstore and buy a set for you to keep.”

  Teacher Xia was still reluctant to give up, “If Xiaoyu goes to school in the future…”

  ”It’s still early for him to go to school. After a few years, I don’t know if the textbooks are going to be the same. It’s useless for you to keep them.” Xia Ye was indifferent, “I bring those books back to sell them, but it’s fine to give them away now.”

  There are many people in the building, so giving away a few books is not really a big deal.

  Xia Ye went back to his bedroom to turn on the computer, and chatted with Han Yichen and the others for a while. Han Yichen is now working hard in order to earn internet fees. When doing remote maintenance, he can’t wait to be one of the top ten. The work that Xia Ye assign him was easy, and he is particularly addicted to doing it.

  They had a chat room for their work. There are very few people, except for Han Yichen, who is from Qizhou City. Old Ape was not there, and the juniors he has asked for help are all there.

  Those people in Qizhou didn’t know that there were two teenage boys on the Internet. The schoolboys that Old Ale looked for didn’t know much about computers. One of them was still in marketing. They subconsciously felt that these computer experts had some strange temper. Therefore, Han Yichen’s flamboyant temperament was more in line with their cognition of experts.


  These people firmly believe in Han Yichen’s identity as a “high-achieving student in North Qing Dynasty”.

  After Xia Ye talked with them about work, he asked, “Where is Old Ape?”

There was a unified response, all saying that they didn’t know.

  Han Yichen said: “Let me ask.”

  Xia Ye quit the chat room and wrote the program for a while. After a while, he received a private chat dialog from Han Yichen. Student Xiao Han ran over to him mysteriously and told him: “Old Ape had his heart broken by someone.”

  Xia Ye: “Old Ape told you that?”

  ”No, I looked around his computer.”

  ”…Did you hack into his computer again?”

  ‘We are all good brothers, besides am I not doing this out of concern? I don’t have time to ask him about these trivial matters!’ Han Yichen continued to type excitedly, “Doesn’t Old Apr like to write sappy… poems? his poems these days are not the same as normal. I’ve read them before and they are all complaints about a girl, it seems like he has a deep relationship with her, and has been chasing her for several years! “

  In order to prove his words, Han Yichen also took a few screenshots and sent them over. As expected, Old Ape seemed very depressed in his poems. The previous waves of energy were gone, and there was a faint resentment between each sentence.

  Han Yichen: “Old Ape Computer is moving, let’s go see him!”

  Xia Ye: “Okay.”

  The two of them hacked Old Ape’s computer and flicked the screen to find him. When the text box that took up most of the screen popped out, Old Ape jumped.

  Han Yichen asked about the current situation of Comrade Old Ape. The typing speed was too fast and the screen scrolled down.

  Old Ape was sad.

  He has been offline for several days.

 He didn’t hide it from Xia Ye and the others, and sighed, “I was rejected by my male god.”

  Han Yichen’s series of characters were garbled, and he asked tremblingly, “Old Ape, what do you mean, don’t scare me…you, do you eat peaches?”

  Old Ape said inexplicably: “Eat.”


  Han Yichen was so scared that he scrolled for ten consecutive times and asked: “What Old Ape, do you really have a peach-like addiction? So you like men! I didn’t realize that you are such a person, my goodness, you don’t think about me like that, do you! No wonder you asked me for a photo that day… Wait, didn’t you say that there was a school girl you like, but you just said you were rejected by your male god, doesn’t that mean you like both sexes!”

  Old Ape: “Brother! How can you attack me like this! Why would I be eating both sexes?”

  ”Then what about your male god?”

  ”It’s a dean from my college, a big bull in the industry. In the last College League match, the number one school was trampled by our male god leaving them with not strength to fight back, you know.”

  Han Yichen was stunned for a moment before remembering his identity as a top student in Qingbei, and couldn’t help taking a breath: “You are so powerful!”

  ”I am!”

  Old Ape has loved mathematics, and that will never change from his life. His dream is to enter the Mathematics Institute and study his lifelong knowledge with Mr. Tang Hui, and pick off the brightest jewel on the crown.

  For this reason, he wrote a paper seriously, and tried his best to send it to the old man.

  But even though he was full of passion, it didn’t seem like he would ever get a response.

  Mr. Tang Hui, the first male god in the school, rejected him. The old man didn’t want him as his student and asked him to work on computers.

  Old Ape felt bored to do anything.

  Han Yichen encouraged him: “It’s okay. I will take my exam next year. I didn’t do well in mathematics, but this time I have been working hard and was able to make progress!” After 90 points in the test, he raised nearly 30 points and finally passed!

  Old Ape was greatly encouraged: “You are right. I will take the exam next year. I have to join Mr. Tang class, even if it takes ten years!”


  Old Ape was full of chicken blood and decided to work hard. The first thing was to kick these two shameless guys out.

  Seeing that he had recovered, Xia Ye felt relieved, went back and wrote the program for a while, and perfected the part of the advertisement.

  He stayed busy until midnight. He yawned and stopped until he was tired, turned off the computer and stretched his back, got up and went to the kitchen to find food.

Usual teens at this age have a much bigger appetite, his father had predicted this in advance, and put a plate of honey cake and a bottle of milk in the kitchen, and there were also some washed fruit on the side, well prepared.

Seeing the food left there, his father didn’t like to argue with him. He knew that his son had a sense of propriety, and went to rest first.

  Xia Ye stood in the kitchen and ate snacks and drank the milk. While eating, he heard the sound of chairs moving  upstairs. In the middle of the night, he heard a “clam” like a kick, followed by a male voice complain. The floor was very thin, and the sound came intermittently.

  Xia Ye stuffed the cake in his mouth and thought while eating. After living here for many years, although this neighbourhood environment is simple and safe, the conditions are still a little old and too noisy.

  He is rich now, he can change to a new house, it is best to have a garden, and he can also make a swing outside for the little guy to play. He also heard that Aunt Chen next door mentioned it once before, but also thinks the environment is a bit noisy. If the two families move together, it would be great if their new houses are closer to each other.

  Xia Ye touched his stomach and fell asleep after showering.

  He had a dream. He dreamed that they changed a new house and the two families lived in a villa together. The courtyard is very large, with many fruit trees planted. In the late summer, there was a vine crawling in the yard. Tang Jinyu watched as the bunches of green grapes, greedily, whispered to his brother, begging him to pick some for him. Xia Ye did not agree at first. But he couldn’t stand his pleading, and held him up to pick a bunch. The child was eating green grapes in his arms. His arms were sour but he couldn’t bear to put the little guy down. While the little guy was eating, he looked up and curiously looked at the flowers on the vine that have not yet bloomed, and saw small white flowers as the size of rice grains, with the fragrance of summer.


  The adults in the family were sitting and drinking tea at a table not far away. His father and Uncle Tang were playing chess. Aunt Chen stood at the door and called them by their names, and smiled and told them to come in for dinner.


  He has many family members in his dream.

  Family that will never be separated for a lifetime.

  Tang Hongjun was the first person to feel the changes in Xia Ye.

 Tang Hongjun has tutored Xia Ye before, but he doesn’t think anyone can score first place with just make-up lessons. Xia Ye’s own strength was a huge part of it. The more intelligent a child is, the more precocious he is, the more calm he is, and the more he knows how to think.

Tang Hongjun didn’t expect that the big progress in his relationship with Xia Ye would come from a conversation.

 Xia Ye, an excellent student, was criticized by the school and needed a parent to come in. But after his father just had an operation, Xia Ye didn’t dare to tell his father, so he had to go to Tang Hongjun. When he stood there, he didn’t dare to look up at Tang Hongjun reaction, he finally had the troubles that a young man of this age should have.

  Tang Hongjun naturally helped him and went to the school to accept the teacher’s talk.

  This time, they were called by the class teacher of the experimental class, who looked about the same age as Tang Hongjun, and was relatively small. He looked at him kindly. When he saw Tang Hongjun pouring a cup of tea, he said with a polite smile on his face: “Xia Ye performed very well in school, He has always been a top student of key cultivation. This month’s exam is also great, taking first place each time, very excellent. You have cultivated your child very well.”


  Tang Hongjun immediately said:”Well, it’s also credited to the school and teachers.”

  ”He does very well in school, so you don’t have to worry about that. It’s just that there are a number of students reporting seeing Xia Ye going to Internet cafés. This…” the head teacher said , “You also know that our school is strictly militarized, and students are not allowed by any regulations to set foot in Internet cafes.”

  Tang Hongjun said in pain, “I’m to blame for this.”

  Class teacher: “Huh?”

  Tang Hongjun: “It’s me who is a parent who didn’t provide a good environment for the children. The computer at home was broken, so he went to the Internet cafes outside. In the final analysis, I didn’t make any preparations. I wanted to save a few months of salary when I went back and replaced the children with a new one.”

  The head teacher was a little dumbfounded, “No, no, I didn’t ask you to come here to criticize your parenting style, I am just letting you know this was reported by other students and according to our regulations, we have to deal with it.”

  Tang Hongjun asked sincerely, “What does the school plan to do?”

  In fact, the head teacher is biased toward his own students, especially his top students. These are all his treasures, but then again students with good grades can also be trouble makers, he hesitated and said,” Writing him a check each time this happens and have a scheduled meeting if needed.”

  Tang Hongjun was heartbroken: “You can’t punish my children because of my poverty.”

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