LNTMG-(33) Nanny

 Once this was said  the head teacher didn’t know how to continue with this conversation, even Xia Ye, who was standing there, couldn’t help but peek at him.

  Tang Hongjun has been in the unit for many years, and he knows the importance of putting facts and being reasonable. The key point is to know how to be pitiful.

  Whenever his boss came to inspect, so many design institutes waited eagerly, there were too many needs to be met and many of them needed the funding, so each time that happens, it turns into a competition on who is the most pitiful.

  Tang Honjun has been studying with his old dean since he was a newcomer in his workplace. At this point, he is already a professional when it comes to being pitiful. He put on an expression of shame and sighed deeply, “Xia Ye joined the school’s computer club as soon as he came. Do you know that? He won a prize in junior high school and went to the province to compete. Have you seen the trophy? Oh, no, I’ll bring it next time…No, no, for nothing else, just to show you. Being a parent myself I am both proud and guilty of our children’s specialty in this aspect. He has something he loves doing, but I as a parent had to drag him down because of my poverty. All of this is my fault, but rest assured that I will work hard after I go back. No matter how hard it is, I can’t let my children lose their starting point in life.”

  The head teacher felt that every sentence that he said was right, but he always felt that something was wrong.

After saying this, Tang Honjun began to talk looking forward to the future:: “Although we are not particularly qualified parents, we also care about the future plans of our children. Xia Ye likes computers so much, and we also look forward to him being admitted to higher education institutions in the future. Do you know the Department of Computer Science in Qingbei? It’s said that they have competitions for high school students all over the country this year. I think Xiaye in our family can have a try! “

  ”The Qingbei University competition?”

  ”Yes, I’m ashamed to say that I failed to study in Qingbei, but it doesn’t mean we don’t have any hope in going to Qingbei. Teacher, why do you think?”

  The big pie was so round that the head teacher and the teacher couldn’t help but nod along with him, when he also had the same expectations as Tang Honjun.


  In the end, Xia Ye expressed remorse and apologized to his head teacher, and promised that it wouldn’t happen again.

  After coming out of the teacher’s office, Tang Hongjun stopped Xia Ye in the last couple of stairs and asked him, “Do you know which classmate made the report?”

  Xia Ye paused, shook his head and said, “I heard that several people did, forget it, uncle, don’t worry about it.”

  Tang Hongjun felt aggrieved for him: “How can we possibly ignore this? How do they know that you are going to an Internet cafe, I’m sure that they have also entered one too. Why should they only punish us? They also called for a parent to discuss this. The computer itself is just a tool. It’s just that the people who use the computer and the environment are different. The school allows computer rooms to exist, so why don’t they allow other places to have internet they can use?”

  Xia Ye didn’t expect him to say that, and raised his eyes to look at him, “Don’t you blame me for going to the Internet cafe?”

  Tang Hongjun said, “I don’t really like it when you go, but your dad told me that you have important things to do. What’s more, even if you are playing games, it’s easy to see that the electronic entertainment industry will have a major development in the future.”

After he finished speaking, he patted Xia Ye on the shoulder and comforted him, “Xiaoye, you don’t have to worry about this. If you have something to tell the family in the future, our family, including your dad, are very open-minded. No matter what kind of goals you have and things you do, we will always support you.”

  Xia Ye smiled and nodded in response.

  Tang Hongjun accompanied him, sent him downstairs and whispered to him to keep up with his studies. He turned around and left when Xia Ye entered the classroom.

  This is the first time that Tang Hongjun saw a small “shortcoming” in Xia Ye, not attending Internet cafes, but in making friends.


  Xia Ye had only a few friends at school, never stopping to wait for others. He might have been reported this time, but it was very likely that he might have offended someone without knowing it.

  When Tang Hongjun was studying abroad, he also met many young talented classmates around him. He felt that Xia Ye was very similar to those people. They have a clear goal in their minds, and they never waste their time on other things. They cut directly to the subject and seem a little “indifferent.”

Tang Hongjun does not reject such “indifference”, he instead admires it.

  The degree of concentration to do a thing often determines the completion and speed of the accomplishment.

  It’s just that compared to the ‘coldness’ that has towards other people. Xia Ye is a bit more open with them whenever he is distressed and turns to his family for help, and his whole image makes him look like any ordinary teenager – this is what Xia Ye allows them to see, that he isn’t so perfect in front of his family.

  Moreover, he is kind to Xiaoyu of his family, and he can’t help but worry for him any less than him.

  Tang Hongjun thought of this, and he liked Xia Ye more.

  The days passed as usual, and the excitement in the building remained.

  Aunt Sun on the fifth floor often runs down. Since the last time she borrowed books, she has come to Xia’s house more often.

  After seeing her a few times, Xia Ye asked his dad, “Why is she here again? Weren’t all the books given away already?”

  Teacher Xia didn’t want to lie to him and sigh: “Just because she took the book, she said she wanted to be courteous. She heard that I haven’t been with anyone for the past couple of years, so she insisted on introducing me to someone.”


  Xia Ye was stunned, “Did you agree to it?”


  Xia Ye was in a complicated mood, “Do you want to find someone?”

  Teacher Xia felt that it was difficult to accept someone as his partner,  and shook his head and frowned, “I don’t want to find someone else, we are doing just fine, and to be honest, I am a little scared. Next time she comes, I won’t answer the door and just pretend that I am not home.”

  Teacher Xia really doesn’t want to remarry. He has experienced a relationship and can no longer rekindle the love he had when he was young. Now he just wants to see his son grow up.

  The father and son had nothing to say. After Xia Ye knew his father’s thoughts, he nodded and didn’t ask any more questions.

  When Aunt Sun came again, Teacher Xia really avoided her, his attitude was obvious, he didn’t even want to find someone.

  Aunt Sun wasn’t able to get through to him, so she went to Xia Ye. She found a reason to ask him to help move things and asked Xia Ye to come upstairs and talked to him.

  ”Your father is already at the age where he needs people to take care of him, since he is still in poor health. Didn’t he have an accident in the beginning of the year? Alas, it’s all thanks to the child from the Tang family, but the child is also pitiful. I always see him being carried but his parents, and I also heard that he won’t be able to survive without someone taking care of him. It’s all because of the evil nanny, how can such a person do something like that to a child…”

  Xia Ye moved her gas tank, and when he heard Aunt Sun talking about Tang Jinyu there, she asked, “What did the nanny do?”

  Aunt Sun said: “You don’t know? Oh, it happened years ago. Xiaoyu was only a year old, and was still in diapers. His parents were often busy working, so they hired a nanny to take care of him. You know, Xiaoyu used to be in poor health and he couldn’t walk or talk. Is there any child that isn’t a little bit noisy when they are sick? I don’t know how he provoked the nanny that she grabbed him and pressed him against a hot stove!”

She frowned and said, “Thank god it was during the cold season, lucky he was wearing little cotton pants, but even if it protected him from the heat, the child’s buttocks were still burned and left with blisters. The nanny was so scared that she threw him and ran away.”

  Xia Ye clenched his hand a little, put the gas tank, and asked her, “Didn’t they call the police?”

  ”Why wouldn’t they! The Tang couple came back home and when they saw this, they immediately called the police. At first, the nanny was not afraid, thinking if she just apologized it would be over with, but the Tang couple refused and went to find the best lawyer, and they sentenced her for two years in prison!”


  Xia Ye still felt uncomfortable after hearing this.

  After Aunt Sun finished speaking, she still wanted to mention the subject of introducing a person to Teacher Xia. Xia Ye said in return, “I listen to my dad about this matter.”

  Aunt Sun tried to be a matchmaker for a few days, but finally returned without success, feeling a little pity. At first, she wanted to take a small advantage, but when she came into contact, she really felt that Xia’s father and son were good. Teacher Xia treated people very kindly, which made her feel comfortable. Xia Ye is also very promising now, and he will definitely be the best son-in-law to have in the future.

  Aunt Sun sighed with emotion, and on the other side, Xia Ye also returned home.

  After he returned, he couldn’t help asking his dad again, “Dad, I heard that Xiaoyu was abused by a nanny before, is that true?”

  Teacher Xia knew about this, and thought about it for a while and said: “It happened a long time ago, Xiaoyu was still young. I heard that he was burned, and now it is no longer a hindrance.”

  ”How come I never heard about this?”

  ”You went to the provincial capital to participate in a computer competition that winter. When you came back, things were almost resolved. Uncle Tang also posted the court sentence at the gate of the community. After a little half a month, the other party was sentenced to two years. “

  Xia Ye vaguely remembered that there was such a thing posted at the gate of the community, but did not mention the reason, it only had the trial results. He was still in middle school, and only glanced at this casually.

  Xia Ye asked again: “Have you ever seen Xiaoyu’s injury?”

  Teacher Xia shook his head, “I haven’t seen it before.”


  Xia Ye thought about it all night, and for the first time he couldn’t fall asleep due to anxiety, but he also thought about the care and concern of Uncle Tang’s family for the child, but he thought about how he was now recovering, and he slowly fell asleep.

  When the children rushed over to eat oranges the next evening, Xia Ye couldn’t help but stare at him.

  Tang Jinyu didn’t notice it, and took an orange to share it with Xia Ye. Today’s tangerine is very big, with a soft skin and with a lot of juice, and he knew it was delicious at first glance.

  Xia Ye didn’t pick up the orange, looked at him for a while and asked: “You…”

  Tang Jinyu held his knee with a small hand and looked at him expectantly, ready to answer!

  Xia Ye twisted his eyebrows slightly: “Let me look at your butt.”

  Tang Jinyu: “???”

  Xia Ye stretched out his hand to hug him, the child tried to dodge, tugging at his little trousers up and refused to show it, his face was blushing: “Brother! Brother!”


  ”Good brother! Don’t look!”


  ”Little flatterer.”

In the end, Xia Ye didn’t force him, it wasn’t because he didn’t have the strength to do it, but because he was reluctant to bully the little guy.


  He felt that the burn mark was probably ugly, so the child was told by his parents to keep anyone from seeing it. Xia Ye pondered for a moment, and hugged him up and put him on his knees and said: “You are right, you must never show this to anyone in the future, you know? You have to know how to protect yourself because there are many bad people in this world.”

  Tang Jinyu held his little butt in shock, and nodded repeatedly.

  How could he show it to others casually!

  He wasn’t someone who would show it off.

  After Xia Ye educated his younger brother, his attention to Tang Jinyu also increased again.

  This time he discovered another thing.

  That was when he went home early on Saturday, when he happened to see another child at the door of Tang’s house, lying on his head and talking to his brother, he looked like this was not the first time he has done this, it was clear that this wasn’t the first time he has come over.

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