LNTMG-(34) Protective

 The little boy lying there looked like he was about five or six years old, with his head sticking in, he was taller than Tang Jinyu. While they were talking, the boy stretched out his hand to ask for something from Tang Jinyu from the mail slot from his door.

  Tang Jinyu was so easy to talk to. When the other party reached out his hand, he gave him five chocolate candies, seemingly giving it to the other boy without any hesitation.

  Xia Ye squinted his eyes and stood in the corridor to look. His brother gave Hershey’s chocolates that were in a triangular shape in a golden warping. A small golden candy is particularly delicate, and it is also one of the little guys favorites to eat.

  The little boy outside the door looked very skilled at asking for things, and it was not the first time that he has done this.

  Xia Ye expression became ugly.

  Through a security door, two children were chatting, mainly the little boy from outside the door. They had a very happy chat. But after talking for a while, the little boy waved his hand goodbye and ran away home.

  There were stairs on both sides of the building. Xia Ye looked at the other side for a while, and then climbed up upstairs to catch up to him. He walked fast and went up through the corridor to wait for the child at the stairs in advance.


  The little boy was wearing a kindergarten uniform and ran up, the chocolate candy in his pocket was bulging and was on the verge of falling out.

  Xia Ye was unfamiliar with the child in this building. Just as he was about to call out to him, , he saw that the child suddenly stopped, turned around and ran away.

  A few young boys of about the same age ran across the corridor, running to chase the other boy, chasing him all the way downstairs, and yelling out, “Ji Yuanjie is running, catch him!”

  They all had short legs, but the boy couldn’t possibly run away from a group of boys. Three little heads surrounded the little boy named Ji Yuanjie downstairs. Some of them made funny faces and laughed at him, and another directly reached into his pocket to grab a piece of chocolate to eat.

  ”Ji Yuanjie went to play with the little fool again!”

  ”Why do you have so many chocolates, were they all given by the little fool from the third floor?”

  ”Oh, you’ll become stupid once you eat the fool’s candy–!”

  A gang of children grabbed the candy and made a lot of noise.

  The little boy surrounded there clenched his little fists, blushed and argued with them: “He’s not!”

  ”He is, just go play with a fool!”

  ”Tang Jinyu is not a fool!”

  ”My mother said, he is a fool!”

  ”If you say it again, I will tell Han Yixing and let her hit you!”


  No one around dared to say anything.

  The child who grabbed the chocolate didn’t dare to put it in his mouth, twisted and returned the candy back, and whispered, “Is it true? My mother said he was a fool because he can’t go to school.”

  Xia Ye walked over and asked, “Which floor are you on?”

  When the group of children saw him coming, they all dispersed and all ran away.

  The kid named Ji Yuanjie ran a little slower, but Xia Ye grabbed the collar and picked it up. He frowned and asked, “Which floor are you on?”

  Ji Yuanjie curled his neck and whispered, “Fifth floor.”


  Xia Ye glanced at his pocket. The chocolates were in it, still bulging in his pocket, “Is this what you got from Tang Jinyu?”

  The child nodded, but quickly shook his head again, and honestly said, “Tang Jinyu gave it.”

  ”Why does he give you so much sugar?”

  ”To give it to Han Yixing~”


  Xia Ye was unhappy, and stretched out his hand towards him. “You can leave one piece for Han Yixing, and give the rest to me.”

  Ji Yuanjie didn’t dare to fight against this senior brother, and honestly had one piece of chocolate for himself, and returned the rest, putting it in Xia Ye’s palm, his eyes full of grievances.

  Xia Ye waved his hand, and the child ran away.

  Xia Ye put all the chocolate in his pocket, and when he went back, he passed by his neighbor’s door and knocked on the window.

 The curtains rustled and moved around a couple of times, and soon a small head popped out. When he saw him, he smiled towards him with his eyes curved up.

  Xia Ye pointed outside, then pointed at himself.

  The little guy in the window retreated back, he waited for him outside for a while, he stood there as he leaned against the wall. He heard the door of the Tang family “click” open. His dad led him out, leaped over and hugged his leg and raised his head and called to his brother.

  Teacher Xia smiled and said: “I saw that Xiaoyu was so anxious to come out. It turns out that you are back. Why did you come back so early today?”


  Xia Ye said: “There is a physical exam today, and I was able to come leave after finishing the exam in advance.”

  Xia Ye gave Tang Jinyu all the chocolate candies in his pocket, and the child held out his hands and stood there. It was probably that he often received candy from Xia Ye that he didn’t see anything wrong with this. He was happy- as long as he gets to see Xia Ye, and it was nice to receive sweets from him everyday.

  ”Wow, thank you brother!”

  Xia Ye couldn’t help frowning when he looked at the little guy’s heartless little appearance. His brother seemed to be a little stupid, and he didn’t even realize that the candy was the one he had just given to someone else.

 The first encounter was fine, but when Xia Ye encountered this happened three more  “begging for sugar” incidents in one week.

  Last time the little boy named Ji Yuanjie took the initiative to distribute the chocolate candies from Tang Jinyu to the other children upstairs, including those who said Tang Jinyu was a fool before.

When Xia Ye saw this, his brows furrow, and when Tang Jinyu came to play next door after he returned home from school, he called the child to his room.

  It’s not the first time that Tang Jinyu has come to Xia Ye’s bedroom, but seeing this opportunity like this, and with his brother being busy most of the time. He cherishes every chance he got to visit every time he came in, and looked around. He is very curious about the open computer screen, but he only looked at it and never touched it.

  Xia Ye sat by the bed looking at him and asked him, “Is someone bullying you?”


  ”If someone bullies you, you can tell me, you know?”

  Tang Jinyu remembered the sweets Xia Ye gave him a few days ago and understood, but he felt that he couldn’t delay his brother’s time. He was already busy with high school, and this was something that he could handle himself. He stood there with his little hand on his back and pretended to be stupid: “No. That brother is playing with me.”


  Xia Ye frowned.

  Tang Jinyu stood there trying to maintain a serious little expression, Xia Ye looked him for a while and waved his hand to let him go out.

  After the child left, Xia Ye went to ask his dad again: “Xiaoyu has made friends recently?”

  ”Ah, yes, Xiaoyu played with a few children in the building. We accompanied him several times before, but now some children often come by to visit him, he is very popular!” Teacher Xia was quite happy, and thought that it was good progress.

  Xia Ye thought to himself, whoever is popular is simply fooling his brother for a little fool. He was unhappy in his heart, but he didn’t show it on his face, “When did this happen, why didn’t I know?”

  Teacher Xia proudly said: “It started at the beginning of this month. You were busy with school and you are not at home usually, but didn’t you still find out? Haha.”

  Xia Ye: “…”

  No wonder he felt that something was wrong a while ago, why the children who were raised at home suddenly made new friends.

  Teacher Xia sighed again and said with emotion: “Uncle Tang really doesn’t have it easy, he gave gifts to the parents of other children’s children in advance. After both sides agreed, he took Xiaoyu upstairs to make one or two friends. In the end, it was a young son of the Ji family who continued to play with him.”

  Xia Ye felt even more uncomfortable thinking that Ji Yuanjie would distribute the sugar to other people, and frowned, “Why should he have to play with them? Doesn’t he go to the Children’s Palace on weekends? There are also children over there, he can just play with the people over there instead.”

  ”Yeah, but this is to prepare Xiaoyu for school, he is not really very interested in being friends with other children, and he can’t only interact with other children on the weekends, he still needs to adapt to other children in advance.”


  Xia Ye was stunned, “Xiaoyu is going to school?”

  ”Yeah, he can’t always stay at home.”

  Xia Ye hands paused as he held a cup in his hand, completely unable to imagine his brother leaving the house.

  He knew that Tang Jinyu had been raised at home for so long, and now he is going to school, he was incredibly worried. Without him realizing this, Xia Ye had the same concerns as the Tang family, and became anxious along with the adults in the family.

  His younger brother can’t even protect himself, wouldn’t he be bullied when he goes to kindergarten?

 There’s Ji Yuanjie, the new friend, who has put all Tang Jinyu sweets into his pocket, dividing them with others, and doesn’t seem to be smart.

  Ji Yuanjie came to beg for sweets every day for a certain period of time, after returning from kindergarten.

  Tang Jinyu doesn’t like to go out to play. Except for Tang Hongjun who led him to go upstairs to meet new children, most of the time he prefers to stay at home alone. He doesn’t want to play with other children who sometimes run downstairs to find him, Ji Yuanjie is the only one he talks to.

  Ji Yuanjie doesn’t like coming over, but the young squad leader of their rose class was Han Yixing.

  To be more specific, Han Yixing’s job is to prevent any bullying.

  The most overbearing and decent girl in the school, and she has great strength and is known to be invincible throughout kindergarten.

  Ji Yuanjie accidentally told her that he lives in the same building with Tang Jinyu, the little girl took this to heart, she especially likes Tang Jinyu, but she can only protect him on the Xiaoluo Band on weekends. Hearing that Ji Yuanjie and Tang Jinyu live in a building, she sent Ji Yuanjie to protect her brother-that she has already bragged about to her classmates in kindergarten, telling everyone that he was the most beautiful brother in the world, and the best-behaved child.

  Ji Yuanjie was a little confused at first, but succumbed to Han Yixing’s small fist and obediently came to visit Tang Jinyu every day.

  Ji Yuanjie can run and jump, and live as happy as other children in the building every day. They all know each other here. The parents don’t worry about a bunch of children playing with each other. They only call them back when it’s time to eat. Therefore, Tang Jinyu hears a lot of new things in the building from Ji Yuanjie.

  The latest gossip in the building is about Xia Ye’s entering and leaving the Internet cafe. It is said that this top student had to write an apology to the school. Some people say that Xia Ye smoke, and that people have smelled smoke coming from him several times. Others say that Xia Ye is a tyrant, and the school has punished him several times before. His grades have plummeted, and that he would even be dropped out of school tomorrow…

  Tang Jinyu looked angry: “Nonsense! My brother’s grades are good!”

  Ji Yuanjie ate the chocolate beans with cheeks bulged out, and said vaguely: “That’s what I heard.”

  ”My brother just got first place, a couple of days ago!”

  ”Oh, I want that green toffee…”

  Tang Jinyu gave him a piece, still aggrieved: “My brother doesn’t smoke, he never smoked!”

  Ji Yuanjie was happy to eat toffee, “But Aunt Sun said the same thing next door, when your brother came to her house last time, she smelled it!”

  ”Why did my brother go to her house?”

  ”Help Aunt Sun move the gas tank…”

  Tang Jinyu’s face was puffed up, with a heartache written on his face. How could his brother’s hands, which are worth a lot of money, move a gas tank? These people don’t even know the value of those hands! He himself has a vague concept, that his hands are more valuable than gold, but he can’t tell the specifics now, anyway, he just felt heartache!


  Ji Yuanjie was still talking about Aunt Sun, Tang Jinyu was obviously unhappy, and interrupted him: “My brother is so good, and he still helped her move things. Why do you still speak ill of him?”

Ji Yuanjie was obviously stunned by this question, scratching his head embarrassedly.

  Tang Jinyu said again: “You are not allowed to speak ill of my brother in the future.”


  ”It’s not just you, but also Sun Pengpeng and Chen Xiaochuan. Anyway, you have to help speak out on behalf of my brother.”

  ”Why? My family didn’t let your brother carry the gas tank!”

  ”Didn’t you eat my candy?”

  ”It’s been eaten—”

  ”If you eat my candy, you have to listen to me.”

  Ji Yuanjie didn’t say a word for a long time. He was still eating toffee from others, and he’s eaten most of it. As for Sun Pengpeng and their candies, Tang Jinyu was nice to let him give it to others.

  Tang Jinyu struck while the iron was hot: “You must be obedient, I will distribute all my sugar to you in the future, and not allow others to speak ill of my brother.”


  The two children chatted through the security door, and did not pay attention to the outside. Xia Ye stood at the corner of the corridor and listened, but did not go out.

  He didn’t expect that his children would speak for himself, but it seemed like a matter of maintaining his appearance.

  When they started talking about cartoons, Xia Ye walked out pretending to have just gotten there.

  ”The big windmill looks good. We all look at the little foolish gods now. Han Yixing still has a lot of stickers.” Ji Yuanjie chewed on the toffee in his mouth and leaned on the door and asked him curiously: “Hey, Han Yixing said you are her brother, is that true? Can you be my brother too?”

  Tang Jinyu: “…”

  Xia Ye passing by: “…”

  Ji Yuanjie didn’t feel like he said anything wrong just now, in fact, he felt very envious.


  He also has a cousin himself, but he snatches snacks from him every time he comes to visit. No one has ever shared chocolates with him so generously before. When Han Yixing bragged how good her new brother was in the class, Ji Yuanjie didn’t feel anything, because at that time he didn’t know how good Tang Jinyu was, but now the more he spent time with him, the more Ji Yuanjie became envious.

  But he didn’t have enough confidence to ask, and he was a little embarrassed.

 Last time, Han Yixing brought a little red flower for Tang Jinyu- it was a little red flower. Something that was easy for children in the class could get it in a day! Ji Yuanjie has been in kindergarten for two years, and has picked a flower from the school yard, and took it home and put it in his small book for collection, but if Tang Jinyu wants it, he can also give it to him!

  Tang Jinyu refused: “No, no, no, I already have an older brother, I don’t need another older brother.”

  Although Ji Yuanjie was a little disappointed, he filled his pockets with candy and went home contentedly.

  Xia Ye stood outside the door and looked at the child without saying a word.

  When Tang Jinyu came to eat oranges next door at night, Xia Ye reached out and grabbed the child’s overalls, and asked him, “How many brothers do you have?”


  Tang Jinyu was dumbfounded. He didn’t know. His parents hadn’t taken him to recognize all of his relatives. He seemed to have seen several when he went back to stay with his grandmother’s house, but he didn’t have time to count!

  Xia Ye patiently educates him: “You only have one brother in this building, you know?”


  Xia Ye taught him to say it again, and then let go of the child.

  Looking at the little carrot head following his dad’s legs, Xia Ye frowned and let it go for now. He thought, it’s okay to be stupid, and be obedient, but it will become a much bigger deal for him to protect him more in the future.

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The author has something to say:

  Small Theater:

  Xia Ye held his younger brother in his arms, feeding him a slice of orange.

  Xiao Han (rubbing his hands): Xia Ye, I think…

  Xia Ye: Don’t even think about it.

  Xiao Han: Then my sister thinks…

  Xia Ye: Your sister shouldn’t think about it either.

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