LNTMG-(35) School District

There were no secrets in the building, and nothing can be kept for long.

  Rumors were always like this, whether it was true or false were spread out the fastest, and people can’t help but add something else to the rumor to others when they hear it.

  It’s just that the Xia family’s father and son have not had any conflicts with everyone, and there hasn’t been anything bad enough for them to run on over to Teacher Xia for an explanation. As for Tang Hongjun and his wife, they were still very busy. Their status in the tube building has obviously gone far beyond here. There is no intersection in the interpersonal relationship, so no rumors have been made about them.

  Chen Suling started her own company. In the past two years, her clothing business was booming. Not to mention that the factory has doubled. Even the car she usually drives is enough to buy two more houses here, although nobody can really tell, Chen Suling’s car was real, and it wasn’t equipped by Tang Honjun, but it was a high-end car that she bought on her own.

  Many people are jealous of the Xia family. In addition to Xia Ye’s exceptionally good grades, the other is that they have a good relationship with the Tang family.

  No matter how much money the Tang family made, it was only left to a little fool. Someone had run to persuade Chen Suling to have another child, and Chen Suling immediately became angry on the spot and reprimanded her and kicked her out of her house. The other women in the building did not dare to provoke them anymore. At the same time, they also gloated and felt that they were finished.

  But now, the people in the building mumbled about these two families, and they didn’t think it was good.

  The Tang couple recognized Xia Ye as their godson. Isn’t this a prospective college student with a high IQ? Who doesn’t already know that the Tang couple makes a lot of money? If Xia Ye recognizes them as relatives, wouldn’t that mean that he would have to take care of the little idiot of the Tang family in the future, but the benefits were clear to anyone, if it was them, they wouldn’t have to struggle for the next 20 years!

  Some people calculated how much money Xia Ye would get from the Tang family; others were jealous of Tang Jinyu luck, a little fool, can even get a long-term meal ticket.

  Rumors and speculation in the building were raging, but this didn’t stop the good luck of the Xia and Tang family.


  The first being, Tang Hongjun who got promoted again. At the beginning of the year, he was promoted to two levels in a row this year. He is considered the youngest and most promising leader here.

  Following that, was Teacher Xia who had found a new job and worked as a conductor in the City Symphony Orchestra. It is said that the leaders of the orchestra valued him very much. When he saw his resume, they immediately decided to hire him leave, and the salary was paid directly according to his annual salary.

In this era, the annual salary system is still a new term. Many people have only heard this statement in foreign-funded enterprises, but without exception, the annual salary is high. When the monthly salary is generally several hundred yuan, The annual salary of high-level talents is generally more than tens of thousands.

   Teacher Xia’s salary soon came out.

  While washing clothes in the building, Aunt Sun went to the laundry room with a basin of clothes, and heard someone from the other side making a gasp noise, “Oh my God, a salary of 70,000 yuan a year, isn’t it more than 5000 a month?”

  ”No! I heard that this is only the basic salary. The leader over there said Teacher Xia is a talent, you know what happened to the previous conductor? They doubled the salary for Teacher Xia, and left the previous one behind!” My niece also works in the City Symphony Orchestra, they don’t pay her as much. It’s usually more than 1000 yuan for each person, but it’s nice that they are able to travel around with the orchestra!”

  ”Oh, do you go by plane?”

  ”Well, they sometimes go one or two times a month, you know how much they get from their performance fee? Along with their part-timers, adds up to a thousand dollars!”

  The people who listened were too envious, and kept asking, Aunt Sun couldn’t help but leaned over to ask: “Mr. Xia really earns so much?”

  The person who said it straightened their waist: “No, my niece told me personally that Teacher Xia is a talent, not the same as us. Ah, I should have sent my child to Xia if I knew it. From the teacher’s side, let him teach and feel the music environment a little bit.”

  The people around then all made regretful sounds. Most of them had never been to a concert, and had only seen one from TV. The only impression they have is how luxurious concert halls were, and how many people wore neat tuxedos on stage. They felt that this job was mysterious and elegant, and how they make a lot of money, they once felt that they were envious of others.

  Aunt Sun couldn’t help but murmured, “No matter how good it is, it’s still a part-time job.”

  The woman on the side chuckled softly: “Sister Sun, what you said is wrong. What kind of career is this? He is a big talent hired by the city!”

  The woman with that niece in the orchestra was also a little unhappy. She felt that Aunt Sun was not only looking down on Teacher Xia, but was also looking down on her niece, “Sister Sun, if you don’t understand, don’t talk nonsense. Let’s see how good your job gets you far in life! I am happy for Mr. Xia, but if you want to be so sour about it, then don’t bring us down with you.”


  Aunt Sun’s face turned red: “Who is sour, I just said it casually.”

  The woman sneered and said bluntly: “When you were trying to be a matchmaker for him, you didn’t ask him whether he wanted it or not. Your relatives know not to argue with your family in order to get money, and when you tried to make them get together with Teacher Xia, it was a huge joke to see!”

  Aunt Sun’s previous matchmaker’s intentions were exposed, and she became faceless, she didn’t continue to wash her clothes, and left with the basin in her arms.

  After she went back home, her face was still hot, and her heart was very sad. While she felt that the people in the laundry room were unreasonable and unforgiving, and what they said was the truth, she also felt that the Xia family and his son were deliberately avoiding her, which made her feel like she wasn’t a good person from the inside or from outside now. But it was a month ago, but who knew that teacher Xia had found such a good job, Ah?

  Aunt Sun sulked, and didn’t plan to interact with the Xia family anymore.

  This is what she had previously told herself, and a couple of days later, and her decision was about to be finalized.

  At the end of the year, the two families of Xia and Tang had some good news, this time it was for both families.

  They were moving together.

  Tang Hongjun raised two levels in a row this year, and he is catching up with the division of the house.

  Other leaders in the design institute have moved into their dream home. Tang Hongjun also had the opportunity two years ago, but in order to save money to treat his child, the couple was not willing to spend a penny. But in the past two years, his child was improving. They had this idea before, but they weren’t able to when Tang Jinyu got a fever, they were so scared during that time that they didn’t dare to move anywhere. They wanted to wait for some time for his child condition to stabilize before choosing a good place to live,


 Now it’s a good time to divide the house. Tang Hongjun and his wife still have a sum of money given by Elder Tang, and there also people in his workplace that were selling houses for 5,000 yuan, and it was better than the houses on the market, and the quality was also better. Tang Hongjun went to discuss this with Teacher Xia, and planned to choose a better community together, so that two families would continue to be neighbors.

  Xia Ye had a lot of money and wanted to use it for this, but Teacher Xia didn’t want him to.

  Teacher Xia smiled and said, “if Uncle Tang can buy a house for Xiaoyu, then Dad can also buy a house for you too.”

  With this sentence, Xia Ye gave up the thought of taking money out and nodded in agreement.

  This is his dad’s intention, even if it is the smallest house, he can live in peace of mind.

  How could Tang Hongjun let their father and son buy a small house, and finally negotiated and bought two sets of duplexes. He was considered the owner of the unit, and had enough authority to buy a bigger house. Everyone has little money these days, the bigger the house, the less no one wants it. Even if the unit’s house is cheaper, he would have to spend a lot of money!

  For the two sets of duplexes, The Tang family owned two meters of the front yard, and the Xia family owned the majority space of the backyard.

  A small small 200-square-meter house, finely decorated, with a set of 160,000 yuan to spare.

  Teacher Xia took out all his savings, plus his annual salary that he hadn’t used as much when he first received it, and collected the money to hand it in. It didn’t take long for the two families to get the keys to the new house.

  Teacher Xia was in poor health. Tang Hongjun patted his chest to pack the ticket and smiled and said: “Old Xia, don’t worry, the decoration will be handled by me!”

 Teacher Xia hesitated and said, “But, the work of house decoration is too small for you to manage, right?” He remembers that a bridge across the sea was designed by Tang Hongjun, but he has never heard of him managing over houses before.

  Tang Hongjun: “You might not know this, but this is my brother-in-law who is perfect for this!”

  Chen Suling’s family started as a project, and she has taken over all kinds of tasks from small to large. Her father is in charge of big projects, and the decoration company in the family was thrown to her elder brother to handle, he was intending to expand his horizons, so that he would be to do his own work in the next few years.

  As soon as the old Chen family heard that their daughter and son-in-law had bought a new house, they immediately took care of the decoration work. Chen Wenqian also loved his little sister Chen Suling the most, they both had a very good relationship. They gave her seven or eight copies of the house design drawings alone, and let her choose them at will.


Chen Wenqian came over personally when he sent Chen Suling the drawings, but he also brought along some toys and snacks, and a lot of skin care products. 

When Chen Wenqian arrived, he threw the drawing on the table, and happily picked up Tang Jinyu and gave him a kiss. He hugged the child and said, “You should see them for yourself. If you like one, tell me. If you don’t like any of them, I’ll ask them to send some more copies tomorrow, there’s no rush… Xiaoyu, be good and call me uncle, do you still remember your uncle? “

  Tang Jinyu sat on his lap and did not dare to move, trying to distinguish his face for a long time, only to finally remember his face that this was the uncle he had met before at his grandma’s house.

  Chen Suling went to hug her son, and the child in her arms was still staring at her uncle. She couldn’t help but smile: “Second brother, where have you been? Why do you look like this? I don’t think Xiaoyu can recognize you.”

  Chen Wenqian sighed, “Don’t mention it, dad insists on buying mines in Yunnan. I went with him to do a field trip. For the past two months, he had been eating and sleeping. If you hadn’t called about buying a house, the old man would still be there, wandering around in the mountains and refusing to come back!”

  Chen Suling was curious: “Why does he want to buy a mine?”

  Chen Wenqian frowned, “I don’t know, you know how dad does things, but I’m not sure that the old man is planning on something, I’m just worried about his body. The environment over there is too hard, I went to stay there with him. But I couldn’t stand staying there for a month, so this time I tried to persuade my dad to come back together. I might have to go again next year.”

  When Chen Suling was working on her company, she learned a few lessons from her father, and has good management of the company. She doesn’t worry about anything else. Like her second brother, she only worried about her father’s body.

  After talking for a while, the siblings moved to the new house.

  Chen Wenqian smiled and said: “This can be regarded as buying a new house. If you hadn’t bought a new house, our mother would have done it for you.”

  Chen Suling said strangely: “What was our mother going to do?”

  ”What else can you do, but buy a house! You took a photo of Xiaoyu last time, didn’t you send it back? Mother was so angry that you were still living in the small broken building! She was afraid that Xiaoyu would be wronged by someone, if he kept living there. She wanted to use her private savings to buy a house for Xiaoyu!”

Chen Wenqian brows kept moving around, and squeezed out a smile towards Tang Jinyu and said: “Teacher, I’ll see you later, remember to thank grandma the next time you see her!”


 Tang Hongjun smiled, he doesn’t really interact with his brother -in-law that well, but he thinks that his mother-in-law is really good to his son.

  Chen Suling’s face blushed and she has already heard what her second brother meant. “Brother, don’t listen to my mother. I have money. There is a reason why I didn’t move before, she doesn’t have to do that.”

  Tang Hongjun asked her strangely: “Buying what?”

 Chen Wenqian patted his pocket and said with a smile, “Buy a house. When I came here, the old lady ordered me to buy a school district for Xiaoyu and keep it for future use. Here, I have all the money! Hong Jun, tomorrow you’ll pick one with me after work. It’ll take you half an hour to buy it. “

  Tang Hongjun turned red, he waved his hands and said, “Second brother, we have money, really!”

  Chen Wenqian waved his hand and said, “Well, think about it in this way, this is your mother-in-law’s good intentions. If you still want to refuse, you can call and tell the old lady yourself, I don’t dare to mess with her.”

  ”It’s really not necessary, my dad also gave me…”

  ”Hongjun, I’m not saying this to be mean, but you have accepted your family’s decisions, but not our old lady, this made me angry when I heard about it.”


  Tang Honjun’s mouth is sharp, but it’s useless against family. At most, he can easily use it to talk to the teacher at school. But when it comes to his brother-in-law of the Chen family who can’t make much money, there was no way he could refuse him.

  In the end, Chen Suling nodded her head and agreed, and said, “Well, brother, you go back and tell mom that it is enough to give this set, don’t talk about anything else, we are already raising Xiaoyu very well.” 

Chen Wenqian reached out and asked her for a baby, holding him in his arms and teased him, and said with a smile, “I know. I know. I’ll talk to her later.” He lifted his nephew up and said, “Our Xiaoyu is very lucky. Grandma is kind to him, and he will be filial to her in the future, right?”

  The child lifted up was obedient and looked at him without blinking.

  Uncle Chen’s heart was proud, he thinks his little nephew is good and beautiful, not too much trouble, what a good boy!

  Tang Jinyu was stunned silly, what’s the situation?He…he has his own room now?

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The author has something to say:

  Fish farming in a Small Theater:

  Grandpa Tang: Come, Grandpa will buy you a small house!

  Grandma Chen: Little treasure, look at grandma, grandma will buy you a school district!

  Father Tang: Son, Dad will buy your own penthouse!

  Uncle Chen was also eager to try: Come here, I will be responsible for the decoration!

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