LNTMG-(36) Ice Coke

Chen Wenqian did what he was asked to do, and even stayed for the night. The next day he called Tang Hongjun to see the school district.

  Unlike when he came to his little sister’s house yesterday, Chen Wenqian had already cleaned up when he went out today, the beard on his face was shaved off, and his clean face was restored. The people of the old Chen family have white skin and outstanding features. Chen Wenqian does not look bad, with his pair of eyes that curves when he smiles, makes him seem kind.

  After he cleaned up, he went to Chen Suling’s company. Originally, he wanted to have dinner with his sister to catch up. But halfway through dinner, Chen Wenqian jokingly asked his little nephew if he wanted to go out and play with him, but didn’t expect him to agree. The child stretched out his hands towards him, asking him to be carried.

  Chen Suling was a little surprised: “Does Xiaoyu want to go with uncle?”

  The child nodded.

  Chen Suling said: “That’s new, Xiaoyu usually only interacts with one of us, especially around someone he doesn’t know that well. I’ve never seen him want to go out with someone else.”

  Chen Wenqian happily took the child and hugged him up and said, “I’m not an outsider, aren’t I his uncle? It’s decided, my little nephew will follow his uncle, Xiaoyu must like me!” He said this, and coaxed his nephew,” Little treasure, uncle will take you to your father, do you want to see the house together?”


  Tang Jinyu nodded and stretched out his hands to hug his uncle’s neck.

  Chen Suling didn’t believe it, so she asked again. This time the child nodded and said he wanted to go. She helplessly said: “Second brother, then you must carry him, if he cries on the way there, you must coax him yourself.”

  Chen Wenqian didn’t care, he squeezed the kid’s cheek and smiled: “There’s no way that would happen, it’s only ten minutes away, wouldn’t Hongjun be there by the time I arrive?”

  Chen Suling laughed and felt that he was right.

  Tang Hongjun received a call at noon and went to the city center early to wait. After a while, he saw a black car parked on the side of the road. Chen Wenqian walked out of the car with his child in his arms. He didn ‘t know what his child said that made Chen Wenqian laugh.

  Chen Wenqian looked handsome, with his face cleaned up, he looked young and handsome. He held a child who looked almost like him in his arms, dressed up in new clothes and also wearing a small leather hat on his head. He was wearing the best clothes nowadays, with his nice little jacket, and with his pair of little boots, he looked like a little pilot. He looked very cool and well-behaved.

  The two of them walked as they catched everyone’s attention towards them, with many people looking at the pair curiously. However, there were only a few people looking at Chen Wenqian, and the majority of people were looking at Tang Jinyu. The child originally looked exquisite and beautiful, and the clothes on his body make him appear even more outstanding.

  Tang Hongjun saw them, and he hurriedly went to meet up with them, and stretched out his hand to pick up his baby, “Second brother, aren’t you tired? I’ll carry him.”

  Chen Wenqian walked over, and held onto his nephew without letting go, “I’m not tired, let’s go buy some things first, there’s some things that I want to install to the house.”

  Tang Hongjun was still a little embarrassed, “I know my mom loves Xiaoyu, but she doesn’t have to buy it for us, we were already planning for Xiaoyu to go to kindergarten…”


  ”Kindergarten is also considered a school, isn’t it all about reading  and learning about culture?

  Chen Wenqian carried his nephew all the way, and he was also very careful, guarding the child with his hands to find the least crowded place. Before going outside, he asked his sister that it was okay for his nephew to come to the mall with him, but even then he was still a little worried, he looked at the child in his arms and asked in a low voice, “Is Xiao Yu afraid?”

  Tang Jinyu shook his head, and the goggles on his hat rubbed against his uncle’s wrist, and hit the watch made a crisp sound, “Not afraid~”

  Chen Wenqian squeezed his small face, and couldn’t help being happy when he saw his small face.

  Tang Hongjun saw this from the side, and wanted to whisper to his brother-in-law to be more careful, but before he opened his mouth, he saw his son spit out a bubble. Chen Wenqian was so happy, and he turned around and said, “Hongjun, did you see that? He spit out a bubble, isn’t that amazing!”

  Tang Jinyu was pinched several times while being carried, trying to protest against spitting, but he did not expect to spit out a bubble. Along the way, his uncle became more curious and pinched his cheeks several times, and now he performed a live performance for his father.

  Tang Hongjun laughed ​​​​and said with a smile, “Really, let me see.”

  He took his child, and decided not to give him back to his brother-in-laws arms.

  Chen Wenqian didn’t care either. He went into the mall to shop for tools. He rummaged through shelves and got a set of professional measuring tools.

  Tang Hongjun saw this and said, “Second brother, do you need measuring tape? You should have told me earlier, so I could’ve brought one from my workplace.”

  ”Yours is different from the one I use, it’s too thin.” Chen Wenqian took it with him, and said with a smile, “The old lady said, to make a children’s room with small slides. After I decorate the house for a bit, I will take measurements. By the way, I will do all the decoration for you.”


  As New Year is approaching, there were many people in the shopping malls. There are all kinds of people dressed up happily. There were also some snacks that kids liked, a machine popping hot popcorn, filled the street with the smell of popcorn.

  There was a stall selling grilled sausages next to the popcorn, and across from that was a beverage stall, with orange juice and coke placed in two tanks. The colors were bright, and whenever someone came over to buy a cup, the boss would shout out loudly, and grab a paper cup filled with ice cubes, making it seem refreshing to drink with a mouthful of ice!

  When Chen Wenqian came out with nephew, he deliberately fed him in advance because Chen Suling didn’t want her child to eat unhealthy food outside.

  Originally, he was worried that the child would be greedy when seeing other children eating colorful snacks, but he did not expect that the little guy in his arms would turn a blind eye to the buttered popcorn, and saw his eyes focused on the iced coke across from them.

  Tang Jinyu lay on his father’s shoulder and looked out, his saliva was almost flowing down, so many ice cubes! It looks so good!

  Tang Jinyu wanted to drink iced Coke, his saliva came out, and he bit his finger and went to look at his father.

  For the first time, Tang Hongjun did not dare to face his child. He was mostly afraid of defying his wife and for his child’s health, but what should he do if he can’t satisfy his son’s wish to drink iced Coke in the winter!

  ”Dad, good dad~”

  ”This, ah, yes! Dad didn’t bring a wallet today, why don’t you ask your uncle?”

  Tang Hongjun threw this problem to Chen Wenqian to handle.

  Chen Wenqian was also flustered, and couldn’t help looking away from the eager sight of his nephew. “You can’t drink this…” He turned his eyes around and suddenly saw his face on the side of the glass mirror, “You will grow a beard if you drink it”

  Tang Jinyu: “Huh?”

  Chen Wenqian said with a serious face: “You’ll have one, all over your face”


  ”Really, look at Uncle, because I drank Coke yesterday, I grew out a beard instantly!”

  Tang Jinyu didn’t have to drink it, he was just a little greedy, and nodded when he heard this. His uncle had performed so hard, and he had to play along: “Don’t drink, it’s not good.”

  ”Yes, yes, it’s not good!” Chen Wenqian liked his little nephew even more, he has never seen an easily convinced child, he was obviously still swallowing his saliva, but he obediently didn’t ask again, it’s no wonder that his little sister’s family spoiled him.


  Once they left, they all continued to walk ahead to the best school district in the city.

  Chen Wenqian got things done properly, he found the real estate agent there, and took them directly to select the best school district. The Chen family lives in the capital cities of other provinces. The house price is more expensive than in this city. The money given by Mrs. Chen is based on the house price there, so it is more than enough for them to pick the best house.

The estate agent took a look and said enthusiastically: “This is the best school district. The kindergarten school is located north, which is just across the road. On the south side, has the elementary school and middle school. In the future, there will be someone in charge to lead the children here, leading them by hand, which is very convenient!”

  Chen Wenqian’s face brightened, and after asking Tang Hongjun, he immediately bought it.

  It didn’t take more than twenty minutes, after they paid for it.

  The real estate agent sent them out of the complex with a smile on his face. This was the first time he encountered a sale that was sold so quickly. He looked at the high-end car and the child who had been holding him just now, he envied the little guy for being rich.

  The family really favored him, not only did they buy a school district, he didn’t even see the child stand on the ground since he arrived, he was held the entire time!

  Chen Wenqian personally decorated the house for them. After Tang Hongjun told him about the Xia’s living next to them, Chen Wenqian patted his chest and said, “I take care of it, after all we are all family. Ask Xia to pick a drawing and I will do it for him later. There is not much difference having to decorate one or two houses. It’s easy for me to buy all the materials I need here!”

  Tang Hongjun took the drawing and showed it to the Xia family. After Mr. Xia thanked him, he chose a simple and elegant decoration set, mainly in a brown color, which was clean and refreshing.

  The adults in the family were discussing the decoration options, and the two younger ones were also talking with each other.

 Today, Tang Jinyu got a frozen pear, each bite he took felt like he was drinking juice. He took two mouthfuls and chewed a few times. He was so happy, and his disappointment disappeared a lot when he wasn’t able to drink coke in the afternoon.

  This happiness lasted until Chen Wenqian knocked on the door and came in. He came to ask Teacher Xia which design drawing he chose. Tang Jinyu remembered the ice coke that he wasn’t able to have, and the frozen pear he was holding in his arms was ignored. When his uncle walked by, he held Xia Ye legs and called out loudly: “Brother!”

  Xia Ye was taken aback by him, “What’s the wrong?”

  ”Uncle said I can’t drink an ice coke, or else I would grow a long beard!”


  ”It’s okay, wait for me to take you to drink one in the summer.”

  Tang Jinyu deliberately asked loudly again: “But wouldn’t I grow a beard?”

  ”It doesn’t grow in the summer, it grows only in winter.”


  Xia Ye continued to feed his children frozen pears without changing face. Tang Jinyu knew that he couldn’t win, especially when his brother handled this situation easily.

  Chen Wenqian raised his eyes and looked at his little nephew that was eating on the sofa several times, and his hands felt itchy, wanting to squeeze the fleshy little face. He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry that he was still thinking about the ice-coke up till now!


  The two settled the decoration drawings, and Chen Wenqian took over the rest of the work. Tang’s decoration didn’t cost a penny. Teacher Xia spent some money on the materials, and hired a professional in the company to come and watch the whole process, so as to ensure that the decoration can be completed with the fastest speed.

  Even so, it will only take two months to complete.

  After Chen Wenqian was busy arranging things properly, he went back home, and when uncle Chen left, it was time for the New Year.

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  The author has something to say:

  Small Theater:

  Grandpa: Xiaoyu is so good, grandpa bought you a small fish tank!

  Grandma: Xiaoyu should come and visit grandma, I’ll buy you a big fish tank for the school district!

  Father Tang: The cub is so well-behaved, so cute, daddy will buy you a two-layer fish tank!

  Uncle Chen: Good cub, uncle will decorate a beautiful fish tank for you!

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