LNTMG-(38) Reunion

When their group arrived at Yecheng, they waited for a while at the airport. Grandpa Tang’s plane was arriving half an hour later, so the family agreed to meet him at the airport.

  Tang Hongjun asked his wife to stay with the children and wait, and he would find a driver himself.

  Not long after, the next plane landed, and after Grandpa Tang came out, he saw his grandson being lifted high, with a letter of blessing in his hand-Chen Suling packed some things in a hurry, and forgot to bring a sign. She was afraid that the old man could not find them, so Chen Suling asked Tang Jinyu to write a blessing for him to see. The child held it up, held it upside down unconsciously. Originally, he and Xia Ye already attracted a lot of people’s attention, but now more people were watching.

  Xia Ye was handsome, most of the children at this age were rebellious, and he didn’t seem like someone who was easy to get along with, especially with his expressionless look on his face, but what caught people’s attention was that he was holding a child that was happily smiling.

  Elder Tang couldn’t help himself when he saw it, and waved at them and walked a few steps over, “Xiaoyu!”

  When the child heard it, he turned his head and looked over. He was lifted high and was able to see more clearly, and he suddenly called “Grandpa”. Chen Suling looked over to see the old man, and smiled: “Xiaoyu eyes are so good, Dad let me get your luggage!”

  As soon as she said this, Xia Ye handed Tang Jinyu into her arms and grabbed the luggage himself, and copied what Tang Jinyu said, and called out grandpa.


  Father Tang was so happy, he nodded repeatedly, “Yes, they are all good boys.”

  Tang Jinyu handed his blessing paper, “Grandpa Happy New Year~”

  The old man took it with a smile, and gently squeezed his small face and said: “Happy New Year, come on baby, let Grandpa also be blessed!”

  Tang Hongjun happened to find the car at this time, and came over to pick up his family, and went to their hotel.

  It is not easy to book a hotel during the New Year, and it was even more difficult to book the same hotel where Teacher Xia and their City Symphony Orchestra were staying at. It was Chen Suling who asked one of dad’s old friends to help her book a room for them. Grandpa Chen has been in business for many years and he has a wide range of friends. This old friend in Yecheng specializes in running a hotel business, and was very familiar with the local area.

  The feeling of spending the New Year in the hotel was a whole new experience for him. Tang Jinyu was hugged by his dad and looked around when they first arrived here. Tang Hongjun held him all the time and talked to him in a low voice, fearing that he would not be comfortable here.

  Grandpa Tang also missed his grandson, but he couldn’t see him with his son holding him in his arms. He couldn’t but say, “You put down Xiaoyu and let him play by himself.”

  Tang Hongjun put down the child, and the child immediately rushed over to hug Xia Ye’s leg, he lifted his head up and was excited,”Brother, watch the fireworks!”

  Xia Ye looked down at him, and then took another look at the balcony. It was different from the north. This small city in the south prefers to set off fireworks during the New Year. He can hear the continuous sound of fireworks, sounding close and far away, and occasionally seeing a big firework exploding in the sky from time to time.

  Xia Ye bent over to pick him up, and went to the balcony to watch the fireworks.

  The Tang family father and son didn’t get to see Tang Jinyu. Old Tang asked his son to arrange the food and drinks, and he brought a big candy box to the balcony and bonded with his two grandsons.


  When it was almost eleven o’clock, the doorbell rang outside the hotel room.

Teacher Xia stood at the door, still wearing a suit for the show, and his hair was still styled in place. When he saw them, his face was full of surprise, “You guys are really here? So it was true, I came here as soon as I got a call from the front desk, how did you guys even find me? I don’t even want to think about it…”

  Tang Hongjun pulled him over and said with a smile, “Come on, Lao Xia, see who else is here?”

  Teacher Xia has been separated from his son for a whole day, and he couldn’t help laughing. He looked at Xia Ye and the busy family in the room. There was wine, vegetables, various sweets and snacks on the table, and several words of blessing were decorated around. For a moment, he thought he was back home.

  Elder Tang greeted him as he sat on the sofa, and the old man said kindly: “Everyone should be happy on celebrating New Year’s day together. Xiao Xia come sit over here, and let’s eat some dumplings together. I just bought them, and I also ordered several kinds of them! “

  Teacher Xia was pulled over, and he sat down, he laughed and chatted with the old man for a few words before he suddenly remembered, “Look at my memory, uncle, I still have a few concert tickets with me, If you have nothing to do tomorrow, you are welcome to come.”

  Elder Tang was very interested in this. He wanted to agree but he hesitated, “It’s a pity, I brought a few summer clothes, but I didn’t bring any tuxedos…”

  Chen Suling smiled and said: “Dad, I brought some for you. We have all of one. Even if Teacher Xia didn’t have any more tickets to give, I was planning to go listen in the crowd, It’s been a long time since I have been to a concert, and it’s also Xiaoyu’s first time going.”

  Grandpa Tang was also very happy, “It’s time to take Xiaoyu to listen to one. Now that he’s also learning to play more instruments, he can take this as a learning experience!”

  The little guy is still learning basic things, but in the heart of the old man, he already considered him as a little musician, and he wanted to show off to his dear grandchild talent.


  Speaking of tuxedos, Teacher Xia also talked about his experiences ,”Uncle, you don’t know, but when I first started working, I didn’t dare to say my real height. At that time, money was tight everywhere and I didn’t have time to look for clothes my size. If you were too tall, you would have to pay more to buy clothes that fit me, so it was hard to find a job.”

 Teacher Xia said with emotion, “I can easily write it on my resume, but I’ve never dared to say that I am taller than 1.8 meters tall.”

  Old Tang curiously asked, “Xiao Xia, how tall are you actually?”

  ”I am 1.91.”

  Old Tang laughed, “It’s good to be tall, it looks like Xiaoye is also going to be tall. He would look good as a tall person, he would be a talented person.”

  Tang Hongjun deliberately teased Xia Ye, “Yeah, let’s not talk about this. If Xia Ye wanted to find a job, he could go work with his aunt. He is much better than the male models hired by their company. Such a handsome young man, I don’t know which girl he would cheat on in the future, ah!”

  Tang Jinyu sat on the side and was fed pistachios by Xia Ye. He didn’t hesitate to defend him while eating, “Brother wouldn’t cheat.”

  Xia Ye stuffed his mouth with a spoon full of pistachio, and the child cried out, “Hey brother!”

  Tang Hongjun was deliberately jealous and said: “You spend time with him all day, you haven’t even let grandpa hold you today, here dad, you hold him.” He said this, as he picked up his child. The little guy was very obedient, and anyone in the family was able to hold him, and each time he would eat a nut to eat, it tasted delicious.

  The two families reunited, and celebrated New Years together.

  Tang Hongjun and Teacher Xia drank a few glasses of red wine together. It was a celebration for their new houses, and they were very happy.


  A large family sitting there watching a New Year’s  Gala while chatting, the fireworks outside the window exploded when the bell struck, the sky was illuminated with lights late at night, and a splendid fireworks bloomed with brilliance.

  The family smiled and said Happy New Year to each other. Elder Tang gave out red envelopes to everyone present. The old man had prepared a lot, and everyone was his junior, and the red envelopes weren’t heavy.

  The other adults in the family prepared big red envelopes for Xia Ye and Tang Jinyu, each of which was thick. Tang Jinyu was a small person, holding a thick red envelope and praising Xia Ye. The child was able to say a few blessing words at first, but he was running out of words to say, so for his last two words he said ‘money’, and ‘luck’.

  After this lively event, the old man told them to go to bed early and go back to the room to rest.

  Teacher Xia will be performing tomorrow, but the City Symphony Orchestra members are also staying in this hotel, so that there would be no delay. Tang Hongjun opened a room for him and Xia Ye, and had a room next to them, and asked him to go back and rest first.

  Tang Jinyu changed to a new environment, and he wasn’t really familiar with this. Chen Suling asked the hotel for a small bed and placed it next to the big bed. At first, she coaxed him, and held his hand as she read him a story. Before she could finish reading the story, the little guy fell asleep.

  Chen Suling lowered her voice, put the story book away, and left a small night light on and lay down to rest. Her gaze fell on her son’s snoring little face, and seeing him sleeping peacefully there, the corners of her lips couldn’t help but curve, and her heart softened with it.

  Her baby is here, she would be the strongest armor or the gentlest ocean for him.

  The next day, Tang Hongjun took his family to the concert.

  Chen Suling was well-equipped, she wore a small dress, and gave Tang Hongjun and Grandpa Tang a pair of dark suits, while the two children in the family wore the same suits of the same style.


  This is the first time Chen Suling has seen Xia Ye wearing formal clothes, he looked a little more mature than usual. As soon as the waistcoat was closed, his thin waistline became more apparent. His long legs were inherited by Teacher Xia, and the shoulders and waist were all exposed, and his body proportions are really good. Since it was important to dress up a bit, he combed his hair a little bit. It wasn’t his usual carefree hairstyle that he usually went to school with, with his sharp eyebrows and high nose, he was the most handsome teenager in every girl’s dream.

  Chen Suling couldn’t help but turn him around. When she was making clothes to give him, Xia Ye’s clothes used to be a score of seven, and he made the clothes score an easy ten. When she looked up, and looked at his face, she couldn’t help but praise him: “What your uncle said yesterday is true, you should come to my company to be a model. I didn’t expect that someone like you could make my clothes look better than it did before! Xiaoye, next time you should go to your aunts company and take a few photos, and prove that you’re better than those male models!”

  Xia Ye smiled and said nothing.

  He is not short of money, but he doesn’t mind being praised so much by his family.

Tang Jinyu also got dressed, and was led by his father to walk over. The child wore the same style of clothes as Xia Ye, with the same pattern on the leather shoes. The smaller suit looked more cute, and even the bow tie was round. With a bit of childishness. Tang Jinyu ran over, and hugged his mother’s leg, and looked up to show her. Chen Suling squeezed his face and smiled: “Where did this little prince come from? How handsome.”

  Tang Jinyu was a little embarrassed and smiled at her.

  Chen Suling was satisfied no matter how she looked at it, she just felt that her little son’s hair is a bit messy, she reached out to smooth him, but it felt hard when she touched it, “Oh, Xiaoyu who did this to your hair?”

  ”Dad made the left, grandpa made the right~”

  After Chen Suling listened to this with a straight face, it is no wonder that the left and right sides were tilted in opposite directions, but it was still cute, like a handsome little prince walking down from the carpet, with his hair swayed with liveliness as soon as he ran.

  She rearranged the child’s hair, and the family packed up and set off to attend the concert.


  This is the first time that Tang Jinyu has come to listen to a concert, but he was very well behaved, sitting next to his brother, one big and one small one. The two looked like brothers at first glance.

Grandpa Tang likes music, sometimes concerts provide him with inspiration for mathematics. It was very enjoyable for him. When Tang Hongjun and Chen Suling were young and in love, they went to the concert together, but at this moment their hearts felt the same sweetness they felt as before. Tang Jinyu may have become accustomed to being taken by Teacher Xia at home, he was a little nervous in the beginning, but he was soon absorbed into it, and listened attentively.

  Xia Ye sat there with an expressionless face.

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The author has something to say:

  The broken dream of becoming an independent musician in Small Theater:

  Xia Ye (thinking): My dad was right, I may not be suitable for this path.

  Xia Ye: I still don’t understand.

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  1. Hahaha~ The little theater! Don’t worry big brother Xia Ye. Xiao Yu will redeem all your helplessness & lost glory in the field of music. 🎶

    What a lovely family outing. How fun it would be if everybody is this harmonious?

    Thanks for the update! 💕

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