LNTMG-(39) Market

 Xia Ye’s eyes were on his father, and fortunately his father was the commander-in-chief this time, otherwise Xia Ye wouldn’t know how to focus on this musical atmosphere.

  The two-hour concert soon ended, and Mr. Tang was still not quite satisfied, and stood up and applauded with everyone. Tang Jinyu, who was next to him, was picked up and presented a bunch of flowers to Teacher Xia. When Teacher Xia bowed to take it, he gently squeezed the child’s face and smiled at him. The child’s eyes lit up like little stars, worshiping him extremely in his mind.

  Teacher Xia’s concert would continue to perform for the next few days, so Chen Suling made some plans for them.

  The old friend the Chen family knew was doing well in Yecheng. After hearing that Chen Suling’s family came here, he had arranged some places they can go visit from their surrounding areas.

  The other party was really enthusiastic, and Chen Suling could not refute the kindness of her elders, so she agreed.

  Chen Suling wanted to take Xia Ye with her, and told Teacher Xia with a smile: “You are still working, but we are still on vacation. Let us take Xiao Ye with us to have some fun. He is very responsible and can help me take care of Xiao Yu!”

  Teacher Xia agreed with a smile. If he kept his son here, it would be the biggest torment for him.

  It would be better if Xiaoyu could stay in this kind of field than Xiaoye, but since Xiaoyu’s fingers are still a little slow, he is still able to play very well.

  While Teacher Xia was working hard, the Tang family began to pack their things and prepared to go on vacation.

  Xia Ye brought a few things, he didn’t have a lot of things since there were some things that the hotel provided for him that he didn’t need to bring, so he only had a backpack with a laptop and a spare change of clothes, making it easy to travel.

  Tang Jinyu was young and didn’t need to pack his luggage. When the adults were busy, he was even allowed to play hide-and-seek for a while.

  The child was hiding in the largest suitcase. Xia Ye saw a little corner of his clothes, but he leaned on the door and deliberately shouted out twice, pretending to look for him, and then said: “I give up, I really can’t find you, Xiaoyu come out.”


  The largest suitcase in the middle of the living room moved twice, and was pushed aside with a “click”. After the suitcase was unfolded, a small head popped out, cheering at him.

  Xia Ye walked over and squeezed his face, “It’s not a bad hiding place, It would’ve been easy to pick this up.”

  Tang Jinyu stretched out his hands towards him, and Xia Ye naturally picked him up, letting him wrap his arms around his neck, and asked small naive questions.

  Tang Jinyu talks a lot recently, and there was no obstacle when he communicated, but he can’t speak quickly, and he stutters if he talks too quickly. Xia Ye talks to him slowly every time. He often felt that his brother was not stupid. On the contrary, he was smarter than other children. He was in poor health when he was a child and has not fully recovered, but he will recover well one day.

  The boss who warmly entertained them was surnamed Hong. Ten years ago, he came to Yecheng alone to work hard. At some point, he had a car business that made him a fortune, and then later on he invested it for his hotel business. Boss Hong was often busy with things, and he was only able to call Chen Suling and not see her in person. He did not accompany them on their vacation, but he had specially arranged for his Secretary to drive them.

  The secretary took a seven-seater vehicle. There was nothing special on the outside, but it was luxurious and spacious from the inside. He drove them around for three hours to the beach.

  ”You need to take a boat to get to this place. Let’s wait here for now, I will arrange your boat ride for you guys. This might have been inconvenient for you guys, but, but it will be fine once you get there.” The secretary led them ahead and said with a smile. “Boss Hong might have already explained this to you guys in the morning, but our new hotel had just opened up a couple of days ago, and we have reserved the best suite for everyone!”

 Boss Hong has done a lot of business in the past two years, and chose the perfect time to occupy a small island. He also occupied a few more small islands, and had rented them for thirty years. There was only one Hotel on that island, which was opened by Boss Hong, and it was for a simple reason. The island he picked is naturally the best in the surrounding area. Whether you were driving or walking on this island, it was very nice. The Coral Hotel has just officially opened a few days ago, and only friends and family that were allowed to visit it.

  Chen Suling chatted with the secretary all the way with a smile.

  In the warm weather in the south, grandpa Tang had a healthy body and good spirit, Xia Ye stood beside him while holding Tang Jinyu, and told them some knowledge of coral along the way.


Tang Hongjun tried to interrupt several times, but didn’t get a chance.

  ”Xiaoyu, in fact, Dad also knows…”

  ”Of course you know, because I taught you all of it, don’t listen to your dad, Xiaoyu, grandpa will tell you.”

  Tang Honjun was blocked again, he rubbed his nose and stood aside, and simply followed along to listen to the lecture.

  After disembarking, they drove another distance by car and arrived at the Coral Hotel.

  The hotel had just opened, and the decorations were unique. After entering the gate, there was a small bridge and some running water. The hotel lobby was semi-open, with tropical trees on both sides, thick and green.

  When Tang Jinyu was held by his grandfather and walked over, he happened to see a staff member nearby putting koi into the pond. Every time a koi entered the water, someone would say “Koi enters the pond”, it was almost like a ritual, and Tang Jinyu saw this with gusto.

  Old Tang looked down at his little grandson, and said with a smile, “Xiaoyu would like to see it? Grandpa will take you later, okay?”

  The secretary on the side heard this and smiled: “There are some inside the hotel, and there also some outside. You should take a break first before you do since it’s hot outside, there will also be some activities to do when the sun goes down, and also have a picnic at the beach tonight.”

She turned her head and asked Chen Suling, “I was in a bit of a rush this morning, and I forgot to ask you if anyone in your family is allergic to seafood? I’ll let the chefs know and prepare ahead of time, so that everyone can eat at ease.”

  Chen Suling said, “Apart from Peony Shrimp, everything else is fine. By the way, there should be less oysters, not because anyone is allergic to it, but it’s mostly because my youngest son likes to eat that, there was this one time where he ate too much and almost fell ill.”


  The secretary took note and nodded in response.

  Xia Ye followed Chen Suling, and he was still carrying a bag for her. Hearing her say this, he couldn’t help but look up.

  The Tang family is in good health, none of them have any allergies, only he is allergic to peony shrimp.

  He held Aunt Chen’s bag in his hand, his Aunt Chen actually kept his matters in mind.

  Tang Jinyu was worried that he wouldn’t be able to see the koi. After putting down his things, he ran to Xia Ye and asked him to hold him, “Grandpa is at the door, let’s go together.”

  Xia Ye pinched the tip of his nose and said, “So lazy.”

 Even when he said that, he didn’t put him down.

  The koi mentioned by the secretary was really different from the ones raised outside in the pond. They are considered to be the treasures of the town shop, and they are properly placed in the best place in the hotel’s feng shui area. The big business owners are more or less superstitious. Some people like to raise some feng shui fish, hoping that they can bring them good luck and wealth.

  ”This one is called ‘Golden and Silver Scales’. It is specially cultivated, it swims very beautifully. There is also this colorful one called ‘Loulan’, it’s worth millions of dollars!”

  ”The fish in this tank cost more than one million?”

  ”No, no, the fish cost at least a million itself.”

  Elder Tang and Tang Jinyu stood there admiring them, but even if it was an explanation for each koi, they couldn’t see what was good about it. The staff on the side pointed out: “Look here, it has the largest body length, and the color on its body is the same, but they are different. This fish color is often, white or pure white, dark red or bright red, scales need to be shiny, and have a red spot on its back, and also to pay attention to…”

  To sum it up, it lives a good life by being beautiful, to be able to be rich and precious.

  The child lay on his feet and watched. The rich fish swung its tail and came over, vomiting a bubble at him.

  Chen Suling found this interesting. She took several photos of her son. She felt that it had too much space, and then it turned into a family photo.

  Coral Hotel was a suitable place to spend their vacation, and have leisure time.

  Grandfather Tang rarely gets to spend time with his little grandson. In the past few days, he has given him toys and read him bedtime stories, and the relationship between grandfather and grandson became closer.

  The hotel has Wi-Fi, and Xia Ye’s laptop came in handy.


  He spends a lot of time in his own room. Once he connected to the infinite world on the Internet, he would be immersed in it, and didn’t feel like much time had passed.

  During the Chinese New Year, Old Ape and Han Yichen were also online. After seeing Xia Ye enter the chat room, they greeted him one after another.

  Old Ape: “You came at the right time, I was just looking for you. I tested your advertisement pop-up window before. There is no problem with the network management software, but occupies most of the space when it turns on, but since most Internet cafes use our software, the computers will pop up at the same time…”

  Xia Ye asked: “Did you use my card?”

  Old Ape: “I did not.”

  Xia Ye asked again: “How was anti-virus software prepared?”

  When he mentions this, Old Ape was ecstatic, “You said that I have to change everything and it went well, but the end results were bad. I called Xiao Han to come and help me, and I spent the last two days working on this.”

  Xia Ye: “Okay, let’s prepare it for next year.”

  Old Ape was still a little worried about the feedback of users. After all, they paid for the software, and it is bad to suddenly add advertisements. But Xia Ye immediately sent the new contract to him, which made Old Ape feel dumbfounded, after a while he asked, “Xia Ye, this…this price is not right? Did you forget to add a zero? “

  The newly sent contract contains the terms of the old one. In addition to the newly added advertisement, there are also some new services. The anti-virus software they made can be used as a free trial. But these are not the key points. The key point is that Xia Ye adjusted the charging price.

  It used to be 50 yuan/month per 1 computer, but now it’s changed to 50 yuan/month per 100 computers.

  This huge change really shocked Old Ape.

  Old Ape asked him cautiously: “Are we going to fight a price war? There were indeed people who wanted to do the same thing as us, but none of them lasted that long because they didn’t have the skills for it. Right now, we have the majority of the market, but if the price goes down, other people wouldn’t want it.”


  Xia Ye said: “It’s not a price war.”

  Old Ape: “Then what is it?”

  ”I want the market.” Xia Ye typed back to him, “The more the better.”

  Old Ape is purely technical. He used to think that Xia Ye was similar to him, at most a bit more skilled than him. Now he can’t understand what type of medicine Xia Ye took, but he nodded and agreed,’Yes, I’ll listen to you.’ Old Ape has a big heart, but once he decides what to do, he would become focused on the task, and asks, “We have this advertisement pop-up window, do you want to put the advertisement yourself? I can’t keep playing the ‘Laosan Zhang’s barbecue downstairs’ “Auntie’s food stall with rice topping’, every time, right?”

Xia Ye gave him a link, and Old Ape opened it, it was a forum.

  It was mainly for exchanges and postings, posting various recruitment information, which can be regarded as the kind of special torture to look for a advertisement business. The forum page was very simple and can be used one you register, but when registering, you need to provide the administrator with certification qualifications, take photos and submit some of your identity information.

  Old Ape read this with gusto, and he posted a post to try it out, ‘It’s kind of interesting, like our school bulletin wall, every time people graduated, companies would post recruitments like this.’

  Old Ape was very satisfied with this, but he is not satisfied with the name of the forum.

  Because it was just called “forum”.

  Old Ape was full of pain for this uncreative name: “Xia Ye, this name is not good, if the advertising forum becomes popular afterwards, I would feel embarrassed to even say the name, I hope you could at least give your children a proper name!”

  Xia Ye: “Are you done?”

  Old Yuan said: “You are responsible for your child.”


  There was a moment of silence in the chat, and when Old Ape refreshed the forum again, he saw that the name had been changed to “Loulan”, and the logo was decorated with a small fish tail.

  Old Ape praised him: “Okay! Okay! This name has momentum, “Huang Sha wears golden armor for a hundred battles, and will not break Loulan and will not return it

  Xia Ye looked at the text typed by Old Ape on the chat room screen and chuckled.

  He wanted to explain, but he didn’t bother to talk about it.

  Actually this was the name of a fish.

  The most squeamish, and the most beautiful one.

  On the couch next to Xia Ye, his coat moved slightly, and soon became quiet again. The child wrapped in his clothes fell asleep, his mouth was slightly open, and his red face looked very soft, as soft as a dumpling.

  Xia Ye looked at his younger brother sleeping like a pig, worried that he would fall off, and thought for a moment before he hugged him and put him in his room.

  At this moment, on the screen of the chat room——

  Han Yichen: …fuck!

  Han Yichen: Xia Ye, are you possessed ? How can the price be reduced by this much, are you crazy! !

  Han Yichen: What about the customers? What about you guys? I was stuck with the anti-virus software of Old Ape just now, and I tried my best to find a way out. Where are you guys ? !

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Huang Sha wears golden armor for a hundred battles, and will not break Loulan and will not return it– Link for more information-https://daydaynews.cc/en/history/627080.html

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  1. Xia ye is so smart, the price can be adjusted later, becoming well known and trustworthy, dominating the market and making sure no one else can get a look in edgewise is an excellent move


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