LNTMG-(40) Pigtail

The days on the island were relaxing and peaceful.

  It’s easy for people to feel happy during this season.

  Tang Jinyu has been very happy for these past few days. He likes the sea very much, and he also likes to eat a lot of seafood until his belly turns round.

  Whenever Xia Ye finished working, he would take him to the beach. The elders in the family sat on the shore to enjoy the breeze. There was also a small shop selling green coconuts, and bought a few as they sat and drinked as they watched the sea.

 The waves on the beach make a rustling sound, the blue waves surge and roar from far to near, like the dull thunder in the clear sky in summer, mixed with the laughter of people running on the beach. It seems that their sadness has been washed away, leaving only relaxation.

  Xia Ye walked on the beach with a small tail behind him.

  When he bent over to pick up the shells, the little tail also  squatted down to pick up shells with him together, and briskly raised the shells in his hands towards him, “Brother!”

  Xia Ye was just picking sea shells and playing around. When Tang Jinyu gave him his shells, he exchanged the shells in his hand with the kid’s. The kid put the shells he gave him in his pocket, and smiled with a childish and contented look on his face, extremely happy.

  ”Brother, this one is pink, so beautiful!”

  Xia Ye didn’t even notice, and raised his hand to rub the head of the little guy who was trying to praise him, and asked, “Do you want to drink some coconut juice?”


  Xia Ye took him back and bought a coconut to drink, and asked the children to pick which coconut they liked best. When it came time to pay, Xia Ye taught him how to pay the money himself.



 Tang Jinyu took a look at a handful of money and subconsciously grabbed one one yuan. The boss who sold coconuts just now said two yuan a coconut. He was certain that he heard this clearly, and he just needed one more yuan for him to have two yuans!

  Xia Ye moved his hand a bit and didn’t give it to him, “Take the dollar bill of two yuan. Didn’t you practice writing down numbers yesterday? This one has ‘2’ written on it.”

  Tang Jinyu: “Huh?”

  Xia Ye: “Take the two yuan.”

  Tang Jinyu had no idea that there would be two yuan worth of money. When Xia Ye stuffed the two yuan into his hand, he held it and looked at it several times. It was the first time he saw this—this was not Tang Jinyu’s fault, but this was the first time that he’s ever seen a two yuan.

  Xia Ye couldn’t help but cough to suppress his laughter: “I will give you some pocket money in the future, so you can buy things yourself and get more familiar with it in the future.”

  Tang Jinyu gave the money to the owner of the ship and exchanged it for a big coconut, it was too heavy for him to carry, so Xia Ye took it and carried it for him for a while

The child stood on his tiptoes to drink the coconut juice, when Xia Ye looked at him, he had the illusion that he was feeling a small animal, and couldn’t help but want to rub his little head.

  The child was quickly full, so Xia Ye held it back for him and asked him to drink it more slowly.

  Chen Suling beckoned them to come over, and asked if they would like to eat snacks. She brought some from the hotel and placed them in a box, like a picnic. “The hotel provided us with some bean cakes, as well as glutinous rice and red bean stuffing, come try some!”

  Xia Ye was growing up at this age, and he can’t help but eat more, so he sat down and ate some. Tang Jinyu looked around the table and divided a small piece of bean cake, but he just drank coconut juice, and he couldn’t eat too much at the moment, so he sat beside Xia Ye, and kicked his feet around while eating his bean cake obediently.

  The bean cake was soft, glutinous and sweet, with rice flour in it, which makes the bite soft and delicious.

  The child’s hair was a bit long, and it often fell over his eyes while he was eating. Xia Ye saw this happened several times and couldn’t help but ask for a rubber band from Chen Suling, tie up a handful of his hair, and tie it into a tiny pigtail.


  Tang Jinyu raised his head to cooperate, and stopped eating his slice of bean cake.

  Xia Ye finished tying his hair for him, and he looked at the final result, he couldn’t help but think that his brother looks very handsome with a small pigtail.

  Tang Jinyu still had a few strands of hair on his forehead, he was excited to show off his small pigtail to everyone in his family, his small face was already white and delicate, but his eyes were bigger now, and he looked well behaved.

Chen Suling wiped the sweat off her littles son’s forehead, and said with a smile: “Baby is so handsome, mother couldn’t even recognize you, let your brother tie your hair like this tomorrow!”

  Tang Jinyu nodded and ate his piece of bean cake happily, and when he finished eating, he took his mother’s hand and asked her in a low voice if he could buy a set of toys to dig with.

  Chen Suling nodded and said with a smile: “Of course you can.”

  Not to mention a set of toys, at this moment, no matter what the little guy asks for, the Tang family will buy it for him.

  He finally realized his dream of bringing his children to the beach. Tang Hongjun was very happy for the past couple of days, and he led his youngest son to buy a set of toys himself.

 There were at least seven or eight kinds of sand digging tools in the package that he got, which are very colorful and cute. Tang Jinyu took a small bucket inside and started making sand castles on the beach. The big designer Tang Hongjun squatted to accompany him, cheerfully pointing out where his son needed more structure.

  Grandpa Tang also strolled over to build a sand castle with his little grandson, and build one himself, picking up some sea shells for decorations. The bigger shells were placed on top and used as windows, and the little shells built a road. A small piece of broken coral washed up by the waves was used as a tree in his courtyard.

  There were more than one family on the beach. Many people took their children out to travel. They can hear the children’s laughter from far away. Chen Suling sat not far away and looked at her husband and baby, whenever her son’s head turned, she would see his small pigtail flick around was obvious to see. She looked at them for a while and couldn’t help but smile.


  Xia Ye was watching too, and just by watching them, his mood improved a lot.

  Tang Jinyu kept playing with sand-digging toys for several days, and didn’t get bored playing with them.

  In addition to his father and grandfather accompanying him to building sand castles, he also picks up one of the best-looking shells and gives it to Xia Ye every day.

  Sometimes Xia Ye gave him a shell and sometimes two pieces of candy, which was regarded as an exchange. He put the shells on his side of the bedside of the hotel room, probably because tourists have the habit of bringing some shells away. Not only did they not move the shells when cleaning the hotel, but they also gave him a small transparent box to put them in. When Xia Ye happened to see this box, he was stunned how ordinary small sea shells looked really beautiful under the sun.

  The child would pick it up very carefully and wash them everyday cleanly. Each shell was round and beautiful, most of them were pale pink, emitting a faint pearly light under the light.

  Xia Ye picked it up and put it in his hand to play with it, there were five in total.

 He gave him a small shell every day, and the little guy would pick the best one for him.

  Thinking of the child searching for seashells, Xia Ye couldn’t help but smile, It was a little cute.

 He put the shells back, and Xia Ye slept peacefully that night.

Not only did he see the same courtyard in his dream, but he also vaguely heard the sound of waves.

  Tang Jinyu’s small pigtail that he had for the past couple of days, caused a few misunderstandings.

  Several children playing on the other side of the beach were watching him. No other children would dare to come close to him because Tang Honjun was always there with him. When Tang Honjun left to get something, all the children ran over.

  Xia Ye was watching from afar, and when he saw the other children coming over, he started walking towards his brother. Before he could get any closer, he saw one of the children arguing with another child. The taller boy pushed the other boy and yelled: “You are not allowed to speak, let him speak for himself!”

  The boy who was pushed was not afraid: “Well, you are not allowed to speak either, let him talk!”

  A group of children surrounded Tang Jinyu and looked at him seriously.

  Tang Jinyu stood with a small bucket in his hand, and blinked slowly and said, “I’m a boy.”

The group of children were immediately disappointed, only the little boy who was pushed straightened his chest and said, “I’ll just say it! What’s with the pigtail? My cousin is a singer, and he wears a ponytail, and I told him yesterday that boys don’t do that!”

Although Tang Jinyu wasn’t a girl, the tallest little boy still stretched out his hand to try to grab Tang Jinyu to play with them, but before he could touch him, Tang Jinyu was lifted up by the collar.

  ”Don’t touch him.”

  The child looked up and immediately smiled when he saw that it was Xia Ye, “Brother!”

  The tall little boy was about six years old, and he stubbornly said: “Brother, we want to play with him!”

  Xia Ye glanced at him, and his gaze fell on his hand and paused for a moment. The little boy blushed immediately, he was about to pull Tang Jinyu with his hands dirty, and the boy quickly put his hands behind his back.


  Tang Jinyu was younger than the group of children in front of him, not only is he the youngest but he was also the shortest. Xia Ye didn’t trust him to stay here and carried him back with him.

  Elder Tang was sitting on a recliner on the shore and resting. He saw two grandsons coming back from the beach from a long distance. Xia Ye walked fast, it seemed strange that his grandson was keeping up with him. While Grandpa Tang was wondering this, he knew why once they got close enough. He saw that Xia Ye was pulling on his grandson, who was kicking his short legs around!

  ”… I told you that uncle is not here, do you want to change your shoes or do you want to keep playing in the sand?”

  ”Keep playing in the sand~”

  ”You didn’t seem worried when you were playing on the sand just now, but why do you suddenly like being so clean all of the sudden?”

  ”I was worried.”

  The two brothers said this as they walked, Tang Jinyu kicked his feet around, looking down at the new shoes on his feet, with a worried look. These were the new shoes his brother bought for him. When he put them on, he realized that they were filled with sand.

  Xia Ye misunderstood him, when the child was uncomfortable with sand in his shoes, he took off his shoes and shook off the sand inside, and when he wanted to put his brother’s shoes on for him, he saw the child shrinking his feet and saying: “Dirty, dirty…”

  Xia Ye carried him in his arms, “As long as you like to be clean, others don’t know how to be clean as you.” He said this as he lifted the child’s little feet and blew the sand clean before putting on his shoes.

  Xia Ye didn’t know he was able to do this type of action so naturally. He had seen Tang Hongjun do it countless times before, this was the first time he did this, and he did it decently.

  Tang Jinyu was not worried that his shoes would still have sand in them, he only felt that his feet were too dirty, and he was afraid of dirtying his shoes.


  When his brother blew it, the child’s toes curled up, and could not help feeling surprised. Xia Ye put on his small shoes for him, and scratched the bottom of his feet a few more times. After the child begged his brother for mercy, he was let go.

Tang Hongjun returned with a pair of new shoes, and Tang Jinyu changed his shoes himself, and put away the pair of shoes that Xia Ye gave him.

  Tang Hongjun took a second look at the shoes, thinking that he could buy two more pairs of this model in the future, it was rare for his baby to like something!

  In the evening, Teacher Xia came.

  After Teacher Xia was done with work, he was able to come in advance. When he went to the beach to find Xia Ye and Tang Jinyu, the children were tired from playing and couldn’t sleep on the sun loungers under the umbrellas–the children wanted to sleep, but every time the little head slumped, Xia Ye would poked the little guy in the face to prevent him from sleeping.

  Teacher Xia went over and said, “Let him sleep for a while, and he won’t be so tired anymore.”

  Xia Ye said: “My aunt asked me to watch make sure he doesn’t sleep or else he wouldn’t be able to sleep well at night, and be tired the next day.” After Xia Ye finished speaking, the child started to doze off again, as if he could sleep even when sitting, Xia Ye pinched his small face, but the little guy was too sleepy, even when he was forced to wake up he would still have a good temper, and would still smile at Xia Ye.

  When Teacher Xia thought of asking him whether the little guy was ‘Angry”, he stopped himself, and shook his head and laughed, “Too good to coax.”

  The child who was woken up saw Teacher Xia and opened his mouth to say:”Uncle Happy New Year~”

  Tang Jinyu remembered what his parents taught him, it was not the end of the New Year until the fifth day, and it still counted as a New Year’s greeting. In the Children’s Palace, he would call him teacher along with the other children in the Xiaoluhao Band, and called Teacher Xia uncle privately according to customs, just like Xia Ye called his father Uncle Tang.

  Teacher Xia laughed and said to him, “Happy New Year, Xiaoyu.” He squeezed the child’s earlobe, the flesh was puffy, and the earlobe felt very soft and thick.

  The child looked up at him with a blank face.

  Teacher Xia smiled and said, “Your thick earlobes are a sign of a good blessing, uncle is blessed with our Xiaoyu’s luck.”

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  1. I love their interactions, whether it’s with the Male God or the family, but really, why do they keep trying to stop him from making friends? (That time in the Tang family house before he had a really bad fever (I’m worried Xiao Yu will get bullied in the future because they saw he was the most spoiled, isn’t friends with them, and if any of their parents said thoughtless/ malicious words) and just now when he played at the beach). He got a friend at the apartment because of Xiao Han’s sister and no one blocked him (the children who got influenced by their parent’s words don’t count). At the beach, most of the children aren’t mean or forceful, the one that speaks the most looks to me more like he was a big brother in a group (proud & a bit overbearing, one can see how he’ll grow up in the future). Plus, Tang JinYu can handle it, just like he handled the children that badmouthed Xia Ye (hopefully, they can stop the rumours).

    Thanks for the chapter!

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