LNTMG-(41) School

Teacher Xia led the children to walk slowly along the beach, while walking back to the hotel.

  Xia Ye walked on the other side, blocking the cold air for the little guy. It wasn’t that cold outside, but he still did this unconsciously. 

  Teacher Xia found this interesting, and then felt a little emotional.

  He was not in good health, and he didn’t know how many years he has left to stay with Xia Ye, or ever get the chance to see Xia Ye start his own family and have his own children.

  The little guy that he was holding shook a bit, the child pulled his fingers and raised his head excitedly: “Uncle, my brother gave me a pink shell, it’s so big and beautiful!”

  Teacher Xia smiled and said, “Really, what else did your brother give you?”


  The child laughed very happily, as if a shell easily satisfied him.

  Xia Ye quarreled with him, “Nonsense, I gave you two pieces of candy yesterday.”


  ”Huh? But didn’t brother say, you would trade sugar for shells?”

  ”…Didn’t you give me those shells?”


  ”Less talking and more walking!”

  The young one argued in a low voice, but the child pretended like he did not understand, and took small steps to hide from Teacher Xia, halfway through Xia Ye picked up his collar and began to tickle him, the little guy laughed and couldn’t help begging for mercy: “Brother, good! Brother is good!”

  Teacher Xia couldn’t help but laughed too. He had never seen such a soft little simple child. Even if he was being bullied, he only knew how to flatter and beg for mercy. He looked at his son, and then at the little guy who was picked up and held, his eyes softened.

  He has walked half of his life, facing his son, there were many regrets, but when the little guy beside him had just struggled to live his life, he had to take every step carefully to survive.

  He could not imagine the despair that Tang Hongjun and his wife had experienced in the past few years, but he and his son feel the same thing.

  They are all reluctant to give up, they all want to live to see the day of tomorrow.

 One day after another, being able to open your eyes to the sun shining on your face in the morning, is a kind of joy that it is hard to describe.

  Xia Ye didn’t tease the child much, and quickly put him down and let Teacher Xia walk with him, as they held hands.

  Tang Jinyu was very close to Teacher Xia, as they continued to walk he told him about the new discoveries that happened in the last couple of days. When they approached their destination, he only had a few things left to say. Teacher Xia listened patiently, and whenever the little guy asked him about himself, he told the child how work was for the last couple of days as well.


  ”This is my first time to conduct a large-scale concert in all my years, it went better than what I expected.

 in the past few years. It is better than I expected. It is considered a successful completion of my mission.”

  ”Uncle has always played good!”

  Tang Jinyu had watched the video tapes conducted by Teacher Xia before. The Xia family had only a few volumes. The one Xia Ye showed him was the last time Teacher Xia played his violin solo on stage, and his response was very enthusiastic.


  Xia Ye eyebrows furrowed slightly, and he looked at his father nervously.

  The smile on Teacher Xia’s lips froze, and he didn’t say a word. After a few minutes, he sighed softly and said, “Uncle used to do bad things and make some mistakes.”

  The child looked up at him, his eyes fell on his chest, and asked, “Was it because of your bad health?”

  Teacher Xia took his hand and nodded and said, “Yes, yes.”

  At that time, because of the divorce from his wife, he could hardly fall asleep, and his body was already poor in health. The consequence of forcing himself to go onstage caused him to faint and mess up an important concert. The mistake was so serious that he himself couldn’t pass the hurdle in his heart. 

He resigned and left the orchestra. Soon after, he took his son back to his hometown alone. To this day, even if he did perform like how he used to, there was no chance for him to go back to that. He wasn’t able to deal with his feelings and from the stress from work during that time, he felt terrible, he was depressed and he wasn’t able to play anymore. For many years, he couldn’t find it in himself to go back on stage.

  ”Wrong, you can change it.”

  The child shook his fingers and said as he walked, “It’s difficult, I miss playing the harmonica.”

  Teacher Xia looked down at him, the child kicked his feet and walked with his little toes out in the open of his shoes.

  The child took his hand and said seriously: “It will take a long time to change, we will work hard together~”

  Teacher Xia was stunned, he nodded and smiled: “Okay, I will work hard with Xiaoyu in the future.”

  After enjoying the sunshine on the small island for a few days and eating a few seafood feasts, the family left.

When they took the boat back, they happened to see a group of dolphins.


  Everyone on the boat went to see, Tang Jinyu was also picked up by Xia Ye and taken over to take a look. The child looked seriously, but he was also very careful. As soon as he approached the ship’s fence, he hugged Xia Ye’s neck tightly, and watched the dolphins in curiosity. He turned his head and he saw Chen Suling behind him, his eyes immediately curved as he said with a smile: “Mom, look a dolphin! There are so many dolphins~”

  Chen Suling held his little hand, took him from Xia Ye, and watched the dolphins in her arms.

  Tang Hongjun took the camera behind his back. He took a few photos of the mother and son behind him. The university he and his wife are studying at is also close to the sea. Although it is not here, the sea was very beautiful. His biggest wish was that the three members of his family could come to the seaside to relive the past together.

  He once said that when they have a small family, and have their own baby, they will bring their child to the beach to play. He would teach his baby how to swim, and tell them about the land and sea…

   But, he never said this again

  Their baby is different from ordinary people’s children. This child needs more care and more love to survive.

  Being able to go to the beach was already enough for both of them.

  They tacitly told each other this and didn’t mention it again.

  In the past few years, what they worry most every day is going to the hospital, they were afraid that they wouldn’t be able to take their son home, and never see their baby again.

  There are so many different scenery everywhere, and the little guy hasn’t been able to see much of them.

  Wind in spring, rain in summer, full moon in autumn, falling snow in winter.

  Tang Hongjun thought to himself that he was too young.

 He was really too young, he was afraid that the little guy would not remember any of it, and he was afraid that he would never be able to see them in the future.


  He held the camera and looked at the figure of his wife holding his son not too far away from him. He was already in her arms, but she still held his small hand habitually, and did not dare to let his hand go.

  How could they not?

  They don’t know how many more seasons they have left with him, and how many more days they can hold their baby’s hand.

  The kid who was held and looked at the dolphin for a while turned his head to look for someone, and when he saw him, he called “Dad” and waved his small hand at him.

  Tang Hongjun also waved at him, holding the camera in his hand, and smiled vigorously: “Xiaoyu, hug your mom, so that dad can take pictures!”

  The child was very obedient, reached out his hand to hug his mother’s neck, and leaned in to kiss her.

  Tang Hongjun took pictures of his wife and children seriously, like other people who came here to travel. He took a lot of pictures, and his face was stiff with a smile. Finally, he couldn’t hold back his tears, and hurriedly wiped them away when his son turned around.

  After a few hours of flying, the seasonal difference between the north and the south was obvious, and returning to the north where the ice and snow had not melted.

  Tang Hongjun and his wife were afraid that the child would catch a cold, so they wrapped their child into a ball.

  Tang Jinyu’s pair of eyes were the only thing showing, and his two small airs were in the air because of the amount of clothes he was wearing. But he didn’t have to worry about falling, since he was being carried most of the time since he got off the plane. He was held by his father at the airport. After he went out, he was held by his brother all the way—Xia Ye felt that the cold air was blowing into his eyes, so he pulled down his hat and covered his eyes.

  Tang Jinyu happily slept through the darkness, and didn’t wake up when he got home.

  It was the eighth day of the New Year when they came back, and many people were already back at work. Tang Hongjun came back and took a rest for a day before going to his unit.


  Teacher Xia was doing better, he was working during his annual leave, so he still had one week of paid leave. He just stayed at home and cooked some delicious food for his son and stayed with him for a while.

  Teacher Xia’s roasted ribs are very good, not only did Xia Ye like it a lot , but Tang Jinyu also liked it.

 Among all the braised dishes, this was Xia Ye’s favorite one, especially when it’s straight out the pot, he sprinkles some fried sesame seeds. When he bites into it, the skin is crispy, and the insides are filled with juice, dripping a little into his soup to eat

 Tang Jinyu was only able to eat two or three pieces of spareribs, with a small spoon scoop a few spoons of soup bibimbap, the oil dripping on the surface of soup created an image of flowers blooming on it, which were so beautiful.

of oil on the surface of soup

eat a mouthful of oil flowers, not to mention how beautiful.

  The two families have not moved yet, but they still lived very close to each other. As long as teacher Xia’s spareribs “Ziz” as they are cooked in the pot, the Xia family wouldn’t even have to let his neighbor know that they made spareribs, since Tang Jinyu can smell it every time. The child smelled the aroma of sesame, ran over with a small bowl and it was clear that it was not the first time he did this.

  In the past two days, Tang Hongjun has started buying new things again.

  After he got home from get off work, he took a lot of cartoon stickers to show his son. Tang Jinyu recognized some musical instruments stickers on it.

When Tang Hongjun finished showing each sticker, he then asked: “Baby, look, this is called an electronic piano, isn’t it also very good-looking?”

  The child nodded and cheered: “It looks good~”

  Tang Hongjun said: “Daddy has asked around for one, and I found that this electronic keyboard is used in kindergarten, and when the teacher plays the piano, many children sing along!” He talked about his piano worth ten of thousands of dollars that they still had at home, and said, “This electronic piano is better than our piano. It can be played for a long time when plugged in!”

  Tang Jinyu looked confused, his piano can be played without being plugged in.

  Tang Hongjun boasted about this piano, and tried to convince his son to agree, but this time his son didn’t understand his thinking, and continued to insist: “Grandpa gave you a good one.”

  Tang Honjun brought up his father, in hopes that can use this to his advantage, and reminded himself to not forget his original intention and continued to talk about the different things they provided in kindergarten, “Dad found several kindergartens that don’t have a lot of children, and that have installed slides. Most children are allowed to go, only smart children are able to go. Dad will take you to have a look tomorrow, and look at the small slides that they have…okay?”

  Tang Jinyu then understood that his father wanted him to go to kindergarten, and was trying to let him know.

  He didn’t reject this matter at all, he nodded and said:”Okay.”

  Teacher Xia still works part-time in the Children’s Palace, but he only goes during Sunday’s now, but it was mainly because Tang Jinyu is still in the Xiaoluohao Band. On Sunday, after Tang Jinyu came out, Tang Hongjun hugged him, accompanied by Teacher Xia, and two adults accompanied him to take a look at the small slide in the kindergarten.

  The kindergarten will not open until after the Lantern Festival, so there was no one inside at the moment. Tang Hongjun greeted the janitor in advance, and took his son around the school for him to be more familiar with.

  After that, every few days, Tang Hongjun and his wife would bring Tang Jinyu over to familiarize him with the new environment. They also took him into the teaching building to take a look at the small classroom, holding him behind a glass window.


  Chen Suling bent down and asked, “Baby, look, there are so many small tables and chairs here. In a couple of days, there will be many children here, would you like to come here and play?”

  The child nodded and said okay, he didn’t have the slightest temper.

  Chen Suling hugged him for a while, when she came back home, she couldn’t bear to let him go.

  In any case, Tang Jinyu was finally attending school.

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The author has something to say:

  Small Theater:

  Ding Hao: Hahaha, when I was in school, I was able to skip a few grades ahead!

  Mi Yang: I also skipped a grade.

  Bai Luochuan: Me too.

  Li Zhou & Li Jiang: So have we.

  Tang Jinyu: … I ashamed to say, that I have to repeat kindergarten orz 

5 thoughts on “LNTMG-(41) School

  1. Me who has a electronic piano because it is cheaper: Dad, an acoustic one is definitely better, don’t tell Xiaoyu the contrary.
    Someone please buy me an acoustic piano.
    Ps: Thank you for the update!

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  2. And that is how you prepare your kid when going to school!!! Seriously. Let’s all applaud the Tang couple. They know their stuff, they don’t just go telling their kid that they’d be attending school then drop them off to school on the first day of classes and leave. They made the kid visit the school many times to familiarize himself on the place. Doing that will reduce the chance of the kid experiencing separation anxiety that can cause them to have tantrums and feel stressed. It is such a good strategy that I would reccommend to every parent and it would be better if you can introduce the kid to their teacher early on, it’ll make things a lot easier

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