LNTMG-(43) Fight

 After Tang Jinyu went to school for the next few days, the teacher in charge sent an invitation for his parents for a meeting.

  When Tang Honjun received this notice, he was frightened. He thought that something happened to his child at school, so he took a leave and hurriedly drove to the school, but after getting there he realized that the teacher wanted to transfer Tang Jinyu to another class.

  ”Don’t worry, I just wanted to recommend something for you. The teacher thinks that your child is very good, he has strong self-care ability, and is obedient. He knows more than what we teach him, I think he can be put into a higher grade level.”

  Tang Hongjun hesitated, “Can Xiaoyu do it?”

  The teacher smiled and said: “It’s good. Your child is very smart, some teachers also think it’s a good idea. Moreover, he is two years older than the other children in his class, so I’m sure he can keep up with a bigger class, but if doesn’t feel comfortable, he can just come back again.”

  Tang Hongjun did not immediately agree, he only said that he would go back and discuss it with his family.

  The teacher felt that they were a little overprotective with their child, but Tang Honjun who seemed very easy to talk to about things, refused to agree right away when it involves his child.

  Tang Hongjun and his wife took turns to the kindergarten to observe secretly several times, and only after confirming that their son was fully adapted, did they agree to let the child transfer classes.

  They also agreed for another reason, and that was because they found that

 Another reason they agreed was that they found that Tang Jinyu had a little friend in his class- in the big class with the majority of girls. On the second day of school, Tang Jinyu was surrounded by a group of girls.

  Led by Han Yixing, who rushed forward, and came to Tang Jinyu to play after class.

  The teacher wanted the children to paint and do small handicrafts, Tang Honjun discovered that his son never had to complete his homework by himself, but the little girls in the big class came to help him every day. Han Yixing was the most diligent, and later even the little boys in their class came over to help out, but it was hard to say whether it was voluntary or not, but they seemed really enthusiastic to help.


  Behind Han Yixing was a little boy who was diligent, and Tang Hongjun recognized him. He was the youngest son of a family on the fifth floor of the building where they lived, his name was Ji Yuanjie. The boy has a good temper, and there are many people in the building. 

It is inevitable that many children would go to school and say some vulgar word that they heard from their parents, but he was the only one that didn’t. He had begged so many people to be friends with his son, and it was only the Ji family who agreed to let the children come down and play with Tang Jinyu…

Ji Yuanjie was sitting aside and folding a paper frog for Tang Jinyu, working hard.

  He didn’t work as hard when half of their class came to help Han Yixing and her brother with their homework.

  Han Yixing said that her brother was going to take the first place.

  With the efforts of the children in the Rose Class, two of the dozen paper frogs that can only jump the farthest were carefully selected. Han Yixing held the two little frogs to Tang Jinyu, and said seriously: “This one says ‘1 ‘You hand in your homework.”

 Tang Jinyu: “what about the other one that has ” 2 “

  Han Yixing: “Keep it, if it breaks, just hand it in!”

  The little girl was very thoughtful. After finishing the manual work for Tang Jinyu, she ran back to her class with a bunch of children, which were especially imposing.

  When school was over in the evening, Tang Jinyu got a small red flower.

  When he handed in the little red flower, Chen Suling glanced at her husband with a smile, she lowered her head to the child and said, “Baby, do you want to go to your sister’s class?”

  Tang Jinyu’s face was blank: “Which sister?”

  ”Han Yixing.”

  ”She is not my sister, she’s a friend.”

  ”Then do you want to be in the same class as her? There are also many other girls who are in Xiaoluhao Band in that class.”

  Tang Jinyu can understand the books the teacher reads in his hands, so it wouldn’t be difficult for him to be in another class, so he agreed when he heard this.

  Chen Suling felt that their son was really well behaved, agreeing to everything, and kissed his several times.

  Tang Jinyu was very comfortable in his class, and he even felt that he could skip another grade, because he could understand the storybooks in Han Yixing and his class.


  But this is already the limit that the family can relax. If there are not so many children that he knows, Tang Honjun and his wife will definitely not let go.

  After slowly adapting to the kindergarten environment, spring has arrived.

  Tang Jinyu and the others also went on an outing. Tang Hongjun asked the school in advance. This time the school made an exception and allowed for his parents to accompany him, but when he wanted to hug his son, he was rejected by his child.

  ”Dad, I can walk.”

  Tang Jinyu went back and forth in front of him several times, walked next to him, and proved that he could.

  Tang Hongjun opened his mouth, still not willing, bent down and picked him up firmly and said: “Daddy will hold you over, and you can walk with everyone else later.”

  The child was well-behaved when he was being held. He stretched out his hand to wrap around neck and said, “The other children walked by themselves, and their fathers aren’t here.”

  ”Because their father’s are good.”


  ”I’m not like them because Dad loves Xiaoyu too much. I can’t bear to be apart from Xiaoyu. Even if it’s a short separation, I feel like crying.” Tang Honjun hugged his little son and rubbed a short stubble on his chin against his little face. After making the child laugh, he also laughed softly.

  He was not strong, compared to other parents, he was really not strong.

  Tang Hongjun accompanied the spring outing once and bought a cream popcorn for each of the children. This incident was welcomed by all the children in the rose class, but was severely criticized by the teacher in the class.

  After Tang Honjun returned, he handed in a written review and promised that he would never commit a crime again before he was let go.

  Sometimes Xia Ye would come to pick Tang Jinyu from school. For example, on Fridays, he has gym class so he would be able to leave in advance. But this was half the time that he would be allowed to, or it depended if his teacher comes in with a stack of test papers and says “Your physical education teacher is unwell today”, and the class will almost certainly not end early.

  The gym teachers of No. 1 School may be the same as all the gym teachers of all high schools in the country. They obviously have the healthiest class, but they are often the weakest and sickest. They don’t often meet with their students several times in a semester.

  On Friday that day, Xia Ye and the others were rarely able to be in their gym class as usual. Their class had an appointment to play basketball with another class next door, Xia Ye had his bag and left during the game half way through.

  The classmates walked over and stopped him and said, “Hey, Xia Ye! Why are you leaving? It might be boring right now, but our class super are pretty good, just wait for them to rebound and dunk them, and then our class will win!”

  Xia Ye took his backpack, his forehead was sweating, “You guys keep playing, I have something to do.”

  That classmate was a member of the class study committee and had a good relationship with Xia Ye, so he asked, “What’s the matter, is it urgent?”

  ”Yeah, it’s urgent.”

  On Fridays, kindergarten dismisses school half an hour earlier. When Xia Ye arrived by bike, there were already many parents waiting at the gate of the school.

  Xia Ye looked around, and saw the adult in his family who was waiting not far away. This time, it was rare that his father was here first and was already waiting.


  Today’s competitive atmosphere was the same, even Teacher Xia was infected by the surrounding atmosphere, and took two steps forward. Xia Ye hurriedly stopped him, put his backpack in his arms, and said, “Dad, you hold it for me. I will pick up Xiaoyu.”

  Xia Ye easily ran first place. When he went up the corridor on the second floor, the parents had just ran to the door of the teaching lounge room,

  After Tang Jinyu was transferred to a bigger class, his classroom was now on the second floor, which was easier to find. Xia Ye found Rose Class, but Tang Jinyu didn’t come out to hug him this time. His brother sat there waiting for a little girl, and refused to leave.

  The little teacher in the Rose Class was criticizing and scolding the children.

  The teacher was not targeting Tang Jinyu, but scolding the little girl sitting next to him, with a rare tone of seriousness.

  Tang Jinyu drooped his little head, and didn’t even see Xia Ye at the door.

  Tang Jinyu and Han Yixing sat on the small benches, and obediently listened. The two little pitiful ones were in tears, and one of them had a tear on the verge of falling.

  Xia Ye knocked on the door, and a teacher saw he was there, the teachers knew his family members that would come and pick up Tang Jinyu. They turned back and shouted: “Tang Jinyu, your brother is here to pick you up, you can go back!”

  The child shook his head and sat there still.

  The teacher was also a little helpless, “He refused to leave, and has always said that he wants to accompany Han Yixing.”

Xia Ye asked, “What’s the matter with them?” His brother was clean, but why did Han Yixing have a tooth mark on her face?

  The teacher said: ” Han Yixing had a fight with someone. I have contacted her parents and I will stay here and wait for them”

  ”What about my brother?”

  ”It was all him!”

  It is the first time that the little teacher in the Rose class has encountered such a tricky thing. There are many girls in their class, but with a vigorous and powerful squad leader like Han Yixing who is in charge of everything. Han Yixing usually takes care of everyone in his class, and she has a strong sense of justice. When Tang Jinyu was transferred to this class, the little girl especially liked the transfer student and gave him a lot of things every day.


 Han Yixing also called on the whole class to collect 50 little red flowers to give to Tang Jinyu. Ji Yuanjie in the class also contributed one. The teachers felt distressed for him, that child had never taken a single little red flower himself, and there was only one left in the yard outside the kindergarten. It was too miserable.

  Because of Tang Jinyu’s physical health, when introducing Tang Jinyu, the little teacher specifically confessed that the children should take care of the new kid, and as the small squad leader of the Rose Class, Han Yixing was naturally ahead of everything!

  After  lunch period, the kindergarten had a two-story wooden bunk bed. Before Tang Jinyu could climb, he was hugged by Han Yixing!

  Tang Jinyu: “…”

  Tang Jinyu: “I’ll sleep on the lower bunk.”

  Han Yixing hugged him again, and this time covered him with a quilt thoughtfully.

  In addition to this, other aspects are also various cares.

  It was good, but the bad thing is that Tang Jinyu was too beautiful. The children in the kindergarten class already have a little sense of aesthetics. They like to play with friends who are pure and beautiful. One of the reasons why Han Yixing likes Tang Jinyu is because she thinks he had the whitest skin in the class.

  Han Yixing was indeed also very white.

  But the little girl is like a tiger.

  On the contrary, Tang Jinyu was different, he would obediently sit down and read a book for the whole day; he would put away the building blocks that others forgot to put away, and he would help the other children find their toys that they can’t find. Even if some children’s buttons fall off the clothes, he will find a rubber band to put on the button and make a bracelet for them, and put it on for them and tell him to take it home and tell their mother to sew it back…

  For the first time, Guo Xiaohu from the class next door didn’t get punished because of this!

  He took the buttons home. Not only did his mother not get angry because he was playing with the buttons, but she also praised him for being smart!

  Guo Xiaohu really likes Tang Jinyu in the next class, but their peach blossom class only has a little free time every day to go to the next class to visit Tang Jinyu. He circles around  Tang Jinyu several times, but he doesn’t know what to say, so he just praises him.

  ”You are so white!”

  ”How beautiful!”

  ”You are the most beautiful in this class!”


  Tang Jinyu wanted to say something but stopped, flattened the storybook on his knees, looking at him in confusion.

  Ji Yuanjie, who was playing with a triangle board, stubbornly corrected him: “Han Yixing is the most beautiful.”

  The bully next door drew his ears: “Huh?”

  Ji Yuanjie whispered: “The most beautiful in this class are is Han Yixing.”

  He thought so seriously in his heart, Tang Jinyu is very good, but Han Yixing was more beautiful.

  Guo Xiaohu ignored him, reached out and grabbed the triangle board and gave it to Tang Jinyu to play, “You play!”

  Tang Jinyu: “…”

  Han Yixing didn’t notice it the first time, but Guo Xiaohu came more often, and the little girl immediately protected her younger brother. She felt that this person was here to grab him from her.

  The two people continued to have small arguments, but whenever the arguments got too big they would be temporarily resolved by Tang Jinyu’s efforts.


  Until this afternoon, when the fruit and snacks were distributed by Han Yixing who was on duty, standing in the front and giving snacks to every child fairly.

  When it was almost Tang Jinyu’s turn, Guo Xiaohu ran over with short legs from the next class to jump in front of Tang Jinyu. Children at this age don’t know how to behave, they do the dumbest things to try to get the other person’s attention. It was normal to be naughty, but Han Yixing couldn’t just stand there and watch this happen!

How can she let this go? She pushed Guo Xiaohu to the ground as soon as he was in front of her, and said angrily with her hands on her hips: “Why are you bullying people?”

  Guo Xiaohu who was pushed: “???”

  The two little children had a fight, and this time even Tang Jinyu couldn’t stop it.

  Guo Xiaohu was sturdily beaten by the little girl, and he had no power to resist. When he finally did resist, he bit her face and left a shallow tooth mark. He sobered up when he did this, and was slapped by the little girl again. If the teacher hasn’t come fast enough, he would’ve fought her again.

  When class was over, the two little children’s parents were called over.

  Tang Jinyu felt that he was also responsible for this matter. After all, Han Yixing was looking after himself, so he didn’t leave and stayed with her.

  Since the little guy didn’t leave, Xia Ye stayed with him.

  Han Yichen came quickly. He was still wearing a school uniform. He gasped and asked as he ran, “…Is my sister okay? Who beat her?”

  The teacher said: “No, it was Han Yixing who hit someone first.”

  ”Who did she hit?”

  ”The class next door.”

  Han Yichen took a deep breath, “My sister’s fight lasted all the way to the next class?”

  ”…No, it was the kid from the next class who jumped in and was pushed by your sister.”

  Han Yichen breathed a sigh of relief and asked, “Was it serious? I’m sorry, should I take the other girl to see the doctor?” 

  The teacher’s face was expressionless: “She beat a boy.”

  Han Yichen: “???”

  Han Yichen was taken by the teacher to the class next door to meet with the other’s parents and apologize to them. When he saw Xia Ye leading his younger brother on the side, he couldn’t help but be madly envious.

  When Xia Ye saw the brother and sister opposite, he remembered the first time he met Han Yichen. It was in the Internet cafe. He checked for several days. When he met this guy for the first time in the Internet bar, he saw a boy with a wound on the bridge of his nose. He was very bookish, but it seemed like he’s been in a fight with others, it was a bit Interesting.


Although Han Yichen apologized, he was still a little unhappy when he saw the tooth marks on his sister’s face. He lowered his head and said to the child: “Why are you still biting! Don’t you know that little girls can’t have injuries on their faces?”

  The other child was startled, aggrieved and wanted to cry. He shrank and said “I’m sorry”. Han Yixing was still unhappy, but his sister stepped forward and said: “Brother, don’t be so fierce to him, I forgive him! “


  Han Yichen was shocked, even the parents on the other side were shocked and wanted to say something, but they were too embarrassed to say anything.

  The two children shook hands and made peace, indicating that they must listen to the teacher, be good friends, and stop fighting with each other.

  Han Yichen still felt a little messy on the inside, he didn’t understand what his sister was thinking, and their kindergarten grievances were solved too easily, right? Why are they so quick to leave behind their love-hate relationship— towards the wind!

  The teacher in the kindergarten talked to both sides, and educated the parents for them to work on their children. As they continued to talk, there was a little movement in the corridor.

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