LNTMG-(44) Watermelon

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After a while, there was a small head through the door, when Xia Ye eyes looked over, he heard some of the little guy footsteps in the corridor running away.

  Xia Ye remembered that little boy, who seemed to be a child from a neighbor’s house in their building, someone who used to run down to ask his brother for candy, his name was Ji Yuanjie.

  He has a good relationship with his brother, and he is also in the Rose Class.

  After Xia Ye saw this, he didn’t really mind it, and continued to listen to the teacher lecture, but the teacher would let his brother leave until he finished reading.

, he didn’t take it seriously, and continued to accompany him to receive education. The teacher hasn’t finished speaking yet, so his brother still did not leave.

  After waiting for a while, Tang Hongjun and Teacher Xia also came upstairs. This was the first time for both of them to wait outside, and not seeing the little guy come out  When they arrived, the teacher had already finished lecturing the children, and finally let the children hug each other before letting them go home with their parents.


  On the way back, Xia Ye briefly explained the matter.

  Tang Hongjun sighed, holding the child’s hand, and only felt that his son had to deal with something so difficult.

  Teacher Xia smiled and said: “Popularity is a good thing, and he can handle it. It was like this when he was in the Children’s Palace as well. Xiaoyu has many good friends there, aren’t they?”

  Tang Jinyu nodded.

  Tang Honjun still felt sorry for the child and bought a small cake for him when they walked by a bakery on their way home.

  Han Yixing and Guo Xiaohu really shook hands and made peace. Guo Xiaohu will still come to the Rose Class, but with special rules. This also proves Han Yixing’s experimental kindergarten’s status indestructible.

  In April, they decided that it was a good day to relocate, the Xia and Tang families finally moved out of the building together, and moved into a new house.

A two villa was divided with a front yard and backyard, but because of the relationship between the two families, the gardens of the two families are shared together. In order to facilitate the management of their own families, and not get into their neighbors property, other families have blocked off their yards with stone walls. But since the Tang family and the Xia family have a good relationship they don’t have to do this at all, and they instead built a small tone table, and set up a swing for both of the families to enjoy and cool down during the summer.

  Tang Hongjun wanted a garden, and planted a few trees. They planted a few apple trees, and the yard would be full of fragrance when it blooms and bears fruit in spring and summer. If it weren’t inconvenient to grow oranges in the north, Tang Honjun would have definitely planted some oranges for his son. Teacher Xia planted some pomegranates and grapes, both of which would bear fruit in autumn. They happened to be some intersections with the trees of the Tang family, and they smelled of melons and fruits throughout the year.

  Tang Jinyu planted in his small area, he planted watermelon, but it might have not been the right time to plant them now, and the melon vines looked a little weak.

  Because it was the first time that the little guy was growing something himself, this watermelon has attracted the attention of the whole family.

  When Tang Honjun would go out in the morning, he couldn’t help but pour some water on it, hoping that it would grow faster. But he wasn’t the only one that thought the same thing as Tang Honjun, everyone in the family thought of this.

  Sometimes when Teacher Xia would go out, he would pour some water. When Xia Ye would come back from school, there would be some water left in his water bottle in his hand, and he would pour water on the watermelon seeds. Chen Suling was more careful than them, and specially asked her secretary to buy a nutrient solution, and buy some fertilizers for the watermelon seeds.

  Thanks to the family’s efforts, the melon vines turned yellow within a week, slumped softly on the ground, and completely dead.


  Tang Hongjun was the first person to discover this. When his son was going to see him off in the morning, he stopped in front of him, and resolutely did not let him go outside, so he made an excuse and said, “Your brother Xia Ye said that you were going to see him in the morning.”

  ”No, I didn’t say that, yesterday…”

  ”He just told me, you go quickly.”

  Tang Jinyu said okay, and was about to go out.

  Tang Honjun asked him to go around the swing, and stood in front of him to block his view, not letting his child see any of the melon seedlings.

  Tang Jinyu went to the backyard. Teacher Xia was reading in the living room. He saw him come in and smiled and said, “Looking for your brother? He is in his bedroom.”

  Tang Jinyu asked: “Isn’t he awake already?”

  Teacher Xia said: “This is the time he wakes up, go and have a look.”

  Xia Ye would wake up a little late during weekends. It’s only during this time that Xia Ye gets up late and has a slow air pressure around him. However, today was no different from usual, when Tang Jinyu called him, he would frown and turn his head away.

  Today was no exception. Tang Jinyu stepped to open the bedroom door and yelled “Brother” and felt that something was wrong. The curtains in the bedroom were still drawn and it was dark. He thought his dad was lying to him before, but now he was worried about Xia Ye, and maybe Xia Ye was looking for him for something, so he leaned over the bed and called him.


  The person on the bed turned over and stretched out his arms. Tang Jinyu responded too late, and was unable to run away. He was hugged and wrapped in a thin quilt, and heard Xia Ye’s vague voice: “Don’t make too much noise, I’m going to sleep some more, I was busy until three o’clock yesterday…”

  The little guy in his arms moved and kicked around.

  Xia Ye held him down, without even having to open his eyes, “What are you doing?”

  ”Brother, I still have my slippers on.”

  Xia Ye fumbled around, threw the slippers on the ground, and soon fell asleep.

  Tang Jinyu lay and was wrapped in warmth. After looking around for a while, he slowly fell asleep.


The little guy slept with him for more than an hour. When Xia Ye woke up, the piglet in his quilt slept better than him.

  Xia Ye got up to wash, opened the curtains again, and it was already bright outside.

  The little guy on the bed just woke up, sat up and rubbed his eyes in a daze, “Brother?”

  Xia Ye went over to pick him up, and the child stretched out his hand to hug him around his neck. Before he knew where he was, Xia Ye rubbed his upturned hair and asked in a low voice, “Did you eat?”

  The child yawned and said softly: “Eat.”

  Xia Ye chuckles: “I asked you if you have eaten, forget it, come out with me for a bite later.”

  Tang Jinyu was held and was told to wash his face, when Xia Ye squeezed toothpaste and put it in his mouth, he vaguely said, “I already brushed my teeth.”

  Xia Ye glanced at his watch and said, “Why didn’t you tell sooner, hurry up so I can take you out to play later.”


  The child was very obedient, brushing his teeth a little faster, and went out with Xia Ye after he was cleaned up.

  Xia Ye made an appointment with Han Yichen, and there was no other place to go during the weekend, since he was with the little guy. He chose a fast food restaurant that had a children’s playground, he ordered two meals, and waited while eating.

  Tang Jinyu can only eat fast food once a week. Xia Ye usually takes him here, just ordering one hamburger and some chicken wings makes the little guy happy.

  Xia Ye ordered a cup of ice-cola, and ordered the same cup for his brother, but it was filled with water.

  Tang Jinyu was easy to coax, he was content with the hamburger in his hand, and didn’t even pay attention to his drink.

  Han Yichen came a little late, and he also brought his small oil bottle. When he entered the door, he helped his sister push the sliding door while quarreling with her. The little girl was small but she didn’t lose her momentum at all.

  ”I don’t care, brother, accompany me to the crystal ball, otherwise I will tell my mother, you secretly drinked my milk powder!”

  ”Huh, what nonsense! Why would I drink it?”

  ”You still ate my snacks, I saw you!”

  ”What’s wrong with me trying it for you?”


  After the brothers and sisters walked over, Han Yixing’s mood changed when she saw Tang Jinyu, but the little girl’s lip was still pouting, still not over her grievances.

  Xia Ye asked, “What’s wrong?”

  Han Yichen sat down and said, “Don’t mention it, I didn’t see her toy when I went out today, and I accidentally trampled on the plastic ball.”

  The little girl sternly corrected him: “It’s a crystal ball.”

  Han Yichen raised his hand and begged for mercy: “Oh, the crystal, I stepped on it and broke it, I will pay it back the exact amount with something else.”

  After receiving such a guarantee, the little girl became happy. Tang Jinyu divided his French fries, and two children chatted while eating.

  Han Yichen had a terrible headache. He saw the little guy next to Xia Ye and said enviously: “It would be fine if all the children in the world were like your brother, how else would I be able to block her mouth if I didn’t give her food?”

  Xia Ye said: “All children are like this.”

  Han Yichen raised his head faintly, his eyes fell on him: “How can it be the same, don’t you believe that we should switch?”

  Xia Ye laughed, did not answer his question, got up to order them a meal.


  After Han Yixing ate a few chips, she showed Tang Jinyu her new nails. He didn’t know where to put his cartoon stickers, since they were very small, and they were put on the little girls nails. “Look! My new nails are beautiful!”

  Tang Jinyu praised her politely.

  The little girl said happily: “Come on, I can do your nails too!”

  Tang Jinyu shook his head vigorously and refused, “I’m a boy, we don’t do our nails.”

  ”What’s the matter, men and women are equal!”

  Xia Ye just went to order some food, and when came back to his seat, there were a lot of stickers on the children. Tang Jinyu’s situation seemed better, since he had a small star on his right cheek, and Han Yichen had stickers on his forehead and all over his face, shining blindly.

  The little girl on the side was still putting stickers on her brother, and another pink heart was “smacked” on his brother’s watch. It was a cool mechanical watch, and was now as colorful as the owner.

  Xia Ye usually has a faint expression on his face, and he rarely smiled. The little girl was a little afraid of him, so she didn’t dare to put some on him.

  The children had a small appetite and were full after a few bites. Han Yichen took them to wash their hands, and then asked them to play in the small playground area in the restaurant. He and Xia Ye found a nearby table and started talking about business.

  Xia Ye knew him well, and asked straightforwardly: “Did Song Yi look for you?”

  Han Yichen tore the sticker on his face while frowning: “Found me, he said that he would be able to promote it. Old Ape told him the price, and the contract was also sent over. Not only did he find me, but several other people. He also searched this himself, I think he was trying to find something.”

  Xia Ye: “About advertising?”

  Han Yichen shook his head and said, “It wasn’t about the advertising. The agency fee for the software was too much before. Last year, everyone was able to earn a lot, but now that it suddenly dropped, there must have been some problems.”

  After Xia Ye returned from Yecheng a few months ago, he launched a new version of the Vientiane webmaster, which was divided into two versions. The old version was the clean version without advertising pop-ups, and does not have the new updates. The price is the same as before; The new version of the network management software has advertisements pop up, and the contracts have to be re-signed every year, which was more complicated than before, but the price was a hundred times lower.

  These were two options that people could choose from.


  The owners of Internet cafes are not stupid. Of course, they choose the cheap new version. The new version would soon be promoted, which is much faster than the previous version.

  In the first wave of charges, although profits were much lower than last year, Internet cafes have sprung up in the past two years, and they still make up for some of their income. The employees that live in Qizhou City don’t cause any problems, and most of them sent a page message. 

  However, the new version was charged on an annual basis. After the initial peak period, the income soon drops a lot. It is indeed troublesome to maintain, and it is inevitable that some people will be dissatisfied.

Song Yi was one of them. He was the first batch of students introduced by Old Ape. It may be related to his major that he was studying about that made him paid more attention to contracts. He was the first to ask about the company, and also ask about the seal.

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