LNTMG-(45) Test

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Han Yichen said: “Don’t worry about Song Yi, I’ll watch him for you. I already told Old Ape, but Old Ape said that his school mate has worked so hard on this, and has a hard time believing this…” He tore off the last few colored stickers on his watch and thought, “I don’t really understand what Song Yi is planning, during the New Year there were some software’s that almost similar to our software, and Song Yi contacted a lawyer to threaten the other party, it seems like he is devoted to his job, and it didn’t seem like he would join someone else to work with.”

  Xia Ye said: “I thought he would be interested in the  advertisement.”

  Han Yichen said: “But why did he ask those questions, is he also working on the market? Maybe he prefered original promotion like software. At any rate, there is also a CD-ROM that we have, carrying it around in a briefcase to make it easier for people to install and see it, but now it’s a little difficult now, right? I don’t think we would be able to keep this up in three or even five years. Xia Ye you have been making little progress, everyone is fine with advertisements on TV, but who can stand to watch it on a computer?”

  Xia Ye said: “In the future, advertising will definitely be changed to new media, and computers are going to be one of them.”

  Han Yichen whispered: “It’s not as good as the LED screen, it’s a new technology that people find interesting. A lot of people have seen this on their way to the train station.”

  Xia Ye looked up at him, and Han Yichen immediately shut up and said nothing. In his heart, he still felt that the huge LED advertisements were a little more impressive.

 it would probably be popular for years, and future advertisements would probably look like that.

  Han Yichen sighed, and felt that times have changed. The LED advertising screens are really colorful!

  Xia Ye asked him and Old Ape’s anti-virus software again. The software is now named after the Internet cafe’s charging software, named Vientiane Guardian, which is what the name suggests.


  Han Yichen was not interested in the operation of this company, he only joined to earn some pocket money. But how that he’s far more that he thought he would get paid, he feels happy everyday. What he prefers to do is to play with the Old Ape and play around with software. Hearing what Xia Ye had said, he nodded and said: “We are almost ready, we already tried it, and there were no problems. But I wanted to ask you, have you finished on what you were working on for the past few days? Do you want to try it for you after you are finished? Old Ap keeps boasting to me that if you take out one of our computers that he would be able to support us both.”

  Xia Ye laughed and said, “Old Ape’s defense is pretty good.”

  Han Yichen proudly said: “With the addition of me, Old Ape and I are now invincible with our two swords!”

  Xia Ye said: “Okay, I’ll try it tonight.”

  Han Yichen got the answer he wanted, and he cheered up completely, and he said: “What are we still doing here? Lets go and do it right now!”

  Xia Ye shook his head and said, “I will change the forum code and add something later when I go back.”

  Han Yichen said: “Is it the advertising forum ‘Loulan’?”


  ”What are you going to add?”

  ”I set up an ad auction and made a few simple bidding buttons.”


  ”No, the forum is now for a few of us to take a walk around, and the number of hits is usually in the single digits, why are you still thinking about bidding?”

  ”Just because we can’t use it now doesn’t mean we can’t use it later.” Xia Ye said seriously. He drank the last sip of ice-cola in his hand and put it on the table.

  Han Yichen looked at him with complicated eyes, and finally expressed his admiration: “You haven’t even done this before, but if you still dare to say, it makes it sound really awesome.”

  Xia Ye sat there and looked up at the side of the playground area. He glanced at the little guy playing on the slide over there, and said quietly, “It was made by me, so of course I have to be confident in it.”

  Han Yichen froze for a moment, shook his head and chuckled.

  When he first met Xia Ye, he remembered the words Song Yi said when he came to him.

  Song Yi didn’t have the heart to leave, he may have wanted more than he could’ve asked for. But in front of Xia Ye, he was a man with little ambition who didn’t dare to say or do anything directly to Xia Ye. An grown adult who is a senior was subconsciously afraid of a high school student, who was across a computer, nobody would ever believe something like this.


  When the new version of the Vientiane network management was improved, some people commented on this charging software, saying that it has high security performance, powerful management functions, and a very user-friendly operating system. It has great advantages in the current almost zero network market. But at the same time, there was also a problem. The advertisements that it carries are too overbearing.

   The software may be domineering, but so is the developer.

  Xia Ye, in the words of Old Ape, said that he never did things that he was not sure about, and has remained consistent with his ideals and goals.

  This man has great power, and is able to handle things easily. It’s almost like he’s playing on a chessboard and placing huge profits at will like chess pieces. Whenever he did this, he was never blinded by any profits, and was always looking one step ahead and calculating the next step. Those who can do this are either accustomed to earning money, or they are determined for more.

  At the beginning of the year, Han Yichen was also distressed by the sudden drop in profits. He didn’t know what Xia Ye would do next, but Old Ape said to him that it doesn’t matter how much money they may lose now, as long as they follow Xia Ye, it would all be worth it.

  Han Yichen now vaguely feels that the advertising push is only just the beginning for Xia Ye, but the next step may be an even bigger move he makes.

  He felt like this feeling was like jumping from one springboard to another, like they were getting closer to their goal.

  The network management software was just one of the springboards Xia Ye has made, he is able to see even further in the future, and was confident.

  Even if they lose millions of dollars, its nothing when compared to Xia Ye income, he earns in a year.

  Han Yichen thought about it, and couldn’t help turning a bit  sour again. It was obvious that they were in the same age, they both used the same computer, but how come he didn’t have a strong sense of business like Xia Ye?

  Xia Ye and Han Yichen discussed the remaining time about their test that was coming up, and then Xia Ye went to the playground to pick up Tang Jinyu. Although he said he was anxious to modify the forum, he saw that the little guy was still playing with a ball, so he didn’t urge him, and he stood aside to play with him, tossing the ball for a while.

  Han Yichen stood aside and took a look at him, “You are so kind to your brother.”

  Xia Ye: “I am, but only with him.”

  Han Yichen turned to look at the younger sister who was holding onto a poll and sliding down. The little girl was so energetic, and her entire face was flushed…she may be his sister, but today he felt like he should pretend like he didn’t know her.

  Xia Ye threw the ball there for a while, and Han Yichen realized that something was wrong. He had seen Xia Ye play at school before, he had a good grip, but now he is purposely throwing the ball further away each time, and making the child stop and retrieve the ball. The child was obedient, and would run back and forth to pick up the ball, he would lift it up and give it to Xia Ye, his face full of anticipation, like a little milk dog wagging his tail.

  Sure enough, after Xia Ye got the ball, he raised his hand and threw the ball over, the small ball rolled landed to a certain distance. The child ran to pick it up for him, and he seemed very happy.

  Han Yichen really couldn’t stand it anymore, and said sincerely to him: “Xia Ye, don’t play around with your brother anymore, why don’t you play around with my sister? My sister runs much faster than Xiaoyu, you let her pick up the ball for Xiaoyu for a while!”

  Xia Ye: “…”

  Xia Ye explained to him: “Xiaoyu doesn’t run very well, and he needs practice.”

  The playground area is covered with soft cushions, and it’s safe for kids to fall down on. The little guy picked up the ball and ran back and forth several times, his forehead covered with sweat, and when he passed the small ball over. Xia Ye didn’t pick it up this time and directly carried the little guy, and said to Han Yichen: “We will be leaving first, remember to talk to Old Ape later in the evening.”

  Han Yichen looked at the kid in Xia Ye arms, who was obediently waving his hand goodbye, and he felt envious but he still nodded, “I will.”

  He thought to himself how he wanted to beat up Xia Ye, and make him call out dad.

  He has prepared several assassins in his mind, Old Ape was good at defending, but he was also good at inferring. He hasn’t been able to fight with anyone lately, and his hands were feeling itchy!


  Xia Ye hugged Tang Jinyu and went back. The child said halfway down that he wanted to walk by himself. Xia Ye glanced at the concrete floor and didn’t let him go down. “You have exercised today.”

  Tang Jinyu said, “Walking doesn’t count.”

  Xia Ye squeezed the tip of his nose and said, “You ran on the mat, little idiot.”

  After they got home, Tang Jinyu went to see the watermelon seedlings he planted first as usual.

  But today’s watermelon seedlings were covered by a black plastic sheet. Tang Honjun used some bamboo as support, which made it look like a greenhouse. Seeing Tang Jinyu squatting there, he went over to explain to him: “This is a heat preservation film, which helps plants grow.”

  Tang Jinyu didn’t quite understand it, he felt that the weather was hot enough now, so shouldn’t this be used in winter?

  Tang Hongjun vowed: “Your dad asked your grandfather for this, the people in their Academy of Agricultural Sciences use this kind of professional insulation film. They cover it for a day, making it worth one week of growth outside! Don’t worry, Xiaoyu, the seeds will grow very big and very nice inside, you just have to wait patiently for one more day!”

  Tang Jinyu listened as his dad described this to him, and felt that it was no longer his watermelon seedling.

  In the evening, the Xia family

  Xia Ye found Old Ape and Han Yichen online.

  Old Ape was the first person to follow Xia Ye to eat crabs. Although he did not work as hard as others in the later period, he actually ate a few bites of meat at the beginning and made a lot of money. Old Ape was a kind person, and has felt a bit uneasy with all the money he earned. This Vientiane Guardian was his suggestion, and he was in charge of it. Xia Ye only provides technical support, and Han Yichen was responsible for the evaluation. Several people used their free time to get this anti-virus software, but Old Ape felt uneasy about this and made a firewall. He has taken precautions against any attacks from any offensive codes, to prevent any data packets.

  Old Ape said, this is what they rely on to eat, they must take care of it.

  In the next few days, Xia Ye became busy, and Old Ape took Han Yichen to work together, attacking and patching each other up.

  When Xia Ye went online, he also gave them surprising news, he was able to get their first ad commercial.

  At first, Old Ape thought that what Xia Ye could find were those selling fried noodles and barbecues downstairs in the Internet cafe, but soon he realized that he was wrong. Xia Ye’s first advertisement was the promotion of steel construction materials, which was similar to that in the newspaper, except that there were some pictures, and the photos made it very realistic.

  ”It’s interesting, this effect is very good!” Old Ape praised him, “Where did you find it?”

  ”From the Yishang Forum.”

 “…The one that collects intermediary fees for the special link of the transaction? “


  ”Then you’re a fool!”

  ”It’s fine, they are ones that will be doing most of the work.”

  The corners of Old Ape’s mouth twitched, he didn’t think that Yishang thought this way. It was different from grabbing jobs. Moreover, it was still a pop-up ads, that would pop out from tens of thousands of machines at once, and at the same time it should not be too overbearing.


  Old Ape began to worry about the reaction on the Yishang forum. After all, there are too few formal online forums, and they usually have a big company backing them up. This Yishang obviously also has some connections, if a small fight happens the other party would most likely retaliate.

  Xia Ye said: “I also have concerns in this regard, so I did a test in advance.”

 A bad feeling rose in Old Ape’s heart, he tremblingly typed and asked, “What did you do?”

  Xia Ye: “I just went to Yishang and posted a post, asking them if they would be interested in participating in our test tonight.” He added, “A small-scale one.”

  Soon, Xia Ye said again: “Here, you deal with it.”

  Old Ape: “Why did you do this to me? Why do you want me to do it?”

  It was too late, many hackers were swarming in and had already begun to attack Old Ape’s firewall. Old Ape had no time to talk to him anymore, and he concentrated on watching the data scrolling on the screen.

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  Small Theater:

  Old Ape: Didn’t you say that you would come alone tonight?

  Xia Shen: I brought some friends with me.

  Old Ape: What friends! Hey!

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