LNTMG-(46) Rain

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Viruses are mainly rely on system functions, and hackers pay more attention to system vulnerabilities. Generally speaking, anti-virus software cannot protect the system when encountering a hacker attack.

  Old Ape didn’t know how powerful Xia Ye was with his taunting skills, that he made so many enemies at once!

  If it weren’t for the fact that he couldn’t move right now, he would have asked Xia Ye where he learned how to taunt like that!

 It took all night, for Old Ape and Han Yichen to get their test results.

  Old Ape felt like he would die if he read anymore, he had dark circles under his eyes, and he tried to call Han Yichen: “Nephew, you do it, I can’t stand it anymore I’m too old.”

  Han Yichen was almost dying, “I can’t hold on either.”

  Old Ape: “Hey, don’t talk nonsense. You are the sun that shines at eight or nine o’clock in the morning. This world is ours, but in the end it’s yours to deal with.”

  Han Yichen: “You are still young and powerful, you come and you do it.”

  ”Why are you being so polite, you come here, and you do it!”

  The two of them pushed back and forth, but before both of them had time to leave, they were shocked by what happened next.

  When Han Yichen was busy working, the IBM laptop in his hand was hot enough to fry eggs, and his heart ached.

  Garbage Xia Ye, you simply aren’t a human being!

  Before going to sleep, Han Yichen thought that today was Monday, and his teacher said they were going to have a math test soon.

  But this concept only stayed for a second, and was soon overwhelmed by endless exhaustion.

  Xia Ye was unaffected. He slept in advance when Old Ape and Han Yichen were fighting in the middle of the night, and only got up in the middle of the night and stared at them for a while. He didn’t do much. There were only two people who didn’t behave very well, so he gave them a warning, but the other side was smart and quickly withdrew.


  Although the Vientiane Guards had normal traffic, it still withstood firmly.

  People from Yishang Forum came quickly, and left just as quick as they came, leaving behind some tricks.

  Old Ape and the others worked hard, and with Xia Ye’s help, the other party did not make a large-scale move after careful testing.

  Their lack of movement doesn’t mean Xia Ye isn’t going to do anything.

  He wrote a copy of yesterday’s test and posted it to the “Loulan” forum. It was a summary of what happened yesterday, and the analysis of the enemy’s offense and defense was clear.

  This has attracted many people on the Internet to watch, some people were interested in network security, and some people who were not involved with yesterday’s grand occasion, were catching up on it now. While other people had simply followed this forum to see their great gods.

  Xia Ye still leaves his “x” signature in his text, but Old Ape didn’t pay attention to this, since he just woke up. Old Ape only slept for two hours, and fell asleep on the computer desk. He dreamed of a fierce fight that made Old Ape wake up in panic. He thought that he was defeated by the enemy, but after seeing that everything was okay, he saw Xia Ye’s post on the forum and went to type ‘Lao Xia, you are not a man’!

  Following the blind worshipers comments, they said: “So, does ‘x’ refer to ‘Xia’? It turns out to be Xia Shen, who dares to be disrespectful!”

  ”Xia Shen is awesome, I bet he received a god’s seal last night!”

  ”Just passing by, and stepping through here~”


  Old Ape was furious, he and his big mouth! It was obviously him who fought till dawn yesterday, okay!

  Han Yichen contributed as well, but not as much.

  Han Yichen had it worse than him, he only slept for two to three hours before going to school. When he arrived at school, he almost fell asleep while standing on the playground, with his principal giving a speech. It was pretty obvious that he would most likely fail his math test as well.

  The Loulan forum went viral, and Xia Ye took advantage of the heat and posted several recruitment advertisements. People from Qizhou City had reached out of him before, but Qizhou is the provincial capital, and Internet cafes over there have basically been taken advantage of by them. The charging software is also occupied, but they have very few employees, now that they are all selling software, and there is a shortage of manpower for maintenance.

  When Xia Ye was collecting his money, someone actually applied for the job.

  However, for the sake of safety, they only hired people that lived in Qizhou City, and they needed to go to Old Ape and Song Yi to fill in the contract to ensure that they didn’t leak out their administrator account.

  Someone left a message below and asked, saying that they also use the Vientiane webmaster, and asked when they would be recruited.


  Xia Ye replied to the message, and there were quite a few other people who asked. In the end, he had to post a new post to the top, saying that it would be arranged as soon as possible. This post was also pushed up naturally. It’s still a new thing to make money on the Internet, and everyone’s enthusiasm was very high. Whether it was people who were interested or those who came here to watch the excitement, they contributed a wave of heat, and the number of hits on the forum went up instantly.

  Old Ape chased Xia Ye and cried about the difficulty of last night, saying that he “selled his wife for glory”.

  Xia Ye: “I didn’t…I’m not even married, where did this wife come from?’  He is not even of legal age.

  Old Ape cried bitterly: “I have been with you for so many years, and now you are old and yellow, and you left me on the battlefield mercilessly yesterday, how could someone like you be worthy for this accomplishment!”

  ”It’s because you are not worthy.”


  Old Ape heart felt like it was cut by a knife, and he went offline to heal.

  After dealing with Old Ape, Song Yi called him again.

  Song Yi was someone good to work with, he was more ambitious than Old Ape, and he was careful when doing things and even took care of things that Xia Ye didn’t expect. Since he first started working, Xia Ye has been able to relax, while Song Yi and Old Ape focus on the technology part of it. Han Yichen was regarded as providing “weapon” support. Although some small programs that they had were still immature, they had some very good designs. Xia Ye is the only one that is slightly interested in the business side of things, but It’s just a matter of taking a moment in his busy life to arrange for today’s situation.

  Song Yi didn’t know what Xia Ye was planning, but he only felt like can seize a big opportunity, and then jumped onto a big ship with a promising future. It was this ship that he saw and thought of every day.

      Xia Ye had gaven Song Yi all the Internet cafe business in Qizhou City. Song Yi worked hard and made every income statement in detail without any concealment. He didn’t know the details of Xia Ye, only that he was really a high-achieving student in Qingbei, as Han Yichen bragged. Seeing his behavior, he guessed that Xia Ye was a rich second generation in the family who came out to practice.

    But compared to Old Ape, Song Yi’s desire to move forward was more obvious. It’s not the first time that he has crossed Old Ape to find Xia Ye. This time he called to ask about the job search on the forum, he knew that what happened yesterday was a big deal.

  Xia Ye said: “Just follow the usual interview. The contract should be more detailed. You can discuss this with Old Ape to do it, it will be easier for you to have a few more people helping you.”

  Song Yi agreed, and asked: “Then Qizhou City will do a training program first, do you want to rent another office?”

  Xia Ye changed his school uniform and said over the phone: “Yes.”

  Song Yi brought up the problems that had occurred before, and said carefully: “The same model is now available in the market, and the price is higher than ours, but without advertising, there is currently no impact in North, that is, but on south side of the market is blank, are you going to do something to prevent this?”


 ”Give the promoters 5% more travel allowance on the basis of the bonus to occupy the market as soon as possible. The trust of the new area should also be well done, and more maintenance personnel should be provided, money is not going to be a problem.”

  Song Yi wanted to say something but stopped, but still agreed, “Okay, I’ll make arrangements.”

  After talking about the work, Song Yi relaxed his tone and smiled: “I haven’t had the chance to meet with you, how would you like to take the time to come to Qizhou? To see the style of our boss, and you can also take the chance to see our working area. The layout is pretty good now. Last time Mr. Yuan praised the computer that we have configured here.”

  Xia Ye said: “I’ve been busy recently, so let’s wait for a while.”

  ”What has the boss been up to lately?”


  This reason cannot be refuted. Song Yi can only wish him success in his studies, saying that he should come to inspect when the boss is free, and hang up the phone respectfully.

  In the Qizhou office, Song Yi sat at his desk and turned on the computer. He logged in to the administrator interface and looked at it for a while.

  He is in charge of marketing and doesn’t know much about technology, but he has seen the company’s charging software for Internet cafes for a while now, especially when similar new launch software started appearing after New Years. The advertising videos made a small icon and turned it into a recommendation panel by clicking on it. The rest of the space is still empty, which is very strange, like it was specially reserved for something.

  Song Yi was thoughtful, but couldn’t think of what it was.

  He heard Old Ape say that Xia Ye was a famous hacker on the Internet. As for how famous he is, Old Ape talked too much, and he didn’t believe half of what he was saying.

  Xia Ye is now a college student, he is still considered a teenager.

(Btw Xia Ye is in high school, but since Han Yichen told Old Ape about him and Xia Ye being in college, Old Ape told Song Yi about this as well.)

  What earth-shattering thing can a teenager do?

  But he had seen Old Ape’s skills. He had always been more careful with their group of people, and had never done anything in the accounts, and he couldn’t feel satisfied with the amount of money they made.

  The company’s turnover is huge, and as of the beginning of the year, Xia Ye has several million in his pocket.

  Sitting in this position, Song Yi had made some money, but the gap between tens of thousands and millions of dollars, made Song Yi not happy.

  Especially at the current promotion rate, by the end of the year, the company’s revenue conservatively estimated to have exceeded 10 million.

  Song Yi wants shares.

  He has asked other people enthusiastically before, but there was no one who had the same idea as him. Many people were still immersed in the excitement of earning more than 10,000, and they have not thought of the greatest value of this company.

  Song Yi sat in the boss chair and turned around for a while, and looked around the entire office. This was the location he chose. He rented it in one of the most prosperous office buildings in Qizhou City, and the layout was as he imagined. The office environment in China is the same, low-key and luxurious, very stylish. It is also because of this job that the school will treat him as an advanced entrepreneur this year, and intends to let him give a speech at this year’s graduation ceremony.


  Song Yi looked at the small and exquisite sailboat model on the desk, and did not look away for a while, indulging in it.

  He got on the boat, but was not satisfied with just standing on the boat.

  He also wanted to hold the wheel.

  There were a few knocks outside the door, Song Yi looked back, looked at the door and said: “Please come in!”

  The office door was pushed open, and a young man in his twenties stood at the door holding a resume and looked inside. He seemed to be taken aback by the formal office environment here, and said a little cramped: “Hello, I saw job postings on the forum today…Are you hiring here?”

  Song Yi put on a kind smile and stretched out his hand to signal: “Of course, you are welcome. I am the person in charge of the interview, you can submit your resume here, and then we can conduct the interview in a little while.”

  The recruitment of Qizhou City was proceeding smoothly, and a solemn activity was also taking place in the courtyard of the Tang family hundreds of kilometers away.

  Tang Honjun carefully uncovered the black “greenhouse”, revealing a watermelon seedling that he hadn’t seen for a night—It was not a seedling any more. It had several circles of thick stems and strong vines, six palm size leaves were standing up in the air, and were very green!

  Tang Jinyu said dryly: “I think it will soon bear fruit.”

  Tang Hongjun happily said, “Yes, yes, I bought…When I buried in the greenhouse, the people from the Academy of Agricultural Sciences told me that this is a new type of thermal insulation greenhouse, and the effect is particularly obvious after using it overnight! Plants grow very fast with this!”

  Tang Jinyu looked around for a while, then nodded and said, “Yeah, it looks good.”

  Tang Hongjun was very happy to see that the child didn’t see anything, “Xiaoyu, don’t worry, Dad will let you eat watermelon!”

  Tang Jinyu thought for a while and said, “I want a small sign.”

  Tang Honjun said, “Of course, what kind of sign do you want, baby? Dad will make it for you right away.”

  Tang Jinyu made a gesture with him, “A small wooden square sign, my school also has a garden. After each class, we write down on sign to let other people know they have been there.” He spoke slowly and tried to express his meaning clearly, “We can also write down the weather, so that if it rains in the future, it won’t water the melon seedlings.”

Tang Hongjun was overjoyed and felt that this was a good idea. In the future, whoever watered the water would write it down, so he would not be afraid that the seedlings would be poured to death again!

  He quickly agreed and made a small sign that day.

  It just happened to be rainy days in the summer. After a few rains, everyone tacitly knew to not water the melon seedlings.

  Tang Jinyu wore a light blue raincoat, stepped on a pair of blue rain boots, took a piece of chalk and recorded the weather on a small wooden sign. This small wooden sign made by his dad was very professional, it was an T-shaped, and there is a horizontal rain shield on it, with a diamond-shaped groove for drainage, and it looked exquisite and beautiful.

  The little guy drew a simple picture of raindrops, Xia Ye held an umbrella to accompany him. When he finished drawing, he bent over and held the child’s hand to teach him how to write the word “rain”.

  In the wind and rain, the melon seedlings in the “greenhouse” swayed in the wind, and the palm-sized leaves were blown up by the wind, revealing short vines, and there was no fear in the slightest!


  Xia Ye couldn’t help but take a look at the melon seedlings. He didn’t know where Uncle Tang found this treasure. It has been blown for the past few days, and it hasn’t been watered for days either, and it’s still somehow alive and very strong.

  On the other side, after all kindergartens came home from school.

  Ji Yuanjie came back happily with a small pink polka dot umbrella. His mother was cooking at home, which was something strange to see. Mother Ji saw her son carefully putting away the umbrella aside to dry in the living room was not quite right. She remembered what his son liked before, and it was his little yellow raincoat.

  Ji Yuanjie threw down his small schoolbag and shouted happily: “Mom, Han Yixing talked to me today!”

  Mother Ji: “What did she tell you?”

  ”Han Yixing said,’Take off your raincoat and put it on me’~”

  ”Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!”

  Mother Ji suspectes that her son is a little dumb sometimes, but she hard him say this, she couldn’t help but want to laugh.

  Ji Yuanjie didn’t smile. He lay on the sofa and showed his small head, he said in a proud voice, “She praised my little raincoat for its beauty, hehe!”

  She rubbed her son’s nose with flour with her finger, and teased him: “So xiaoxing gave you her umbrella, and you gave your raincoat to her, right?”

  Ji Yuanjie nodded earnestly, “Han Yixing is good, mother, she never bullies people.”

 This sentence pierced Ji mother’s heart. When Ji Yuanjie was young, he went to play with other children downstairs in the building, but he was robbed by the older children every time, it got better when he started going to kindergarten, and he now knew that he had ‘exchanged’ things before giving things to others. When mother Ji asked him about this, the child told her as seriously, saying that it was taught by stars, so that he would no longer be robbed by others, and instead be exchanged for something else.

  Mother Ji asked him: “Xiaojie, do you want to move? If we move, we would be closer to Xingxing, just across a road.”

  Ji Yuanjie blinked and immediately became happy and nodded vigorously!

  Mother Ji was amused by her son, and directed him to wash his hands, wrap the remaining dumplings, and prepare to cook them.

  Their family has developed well in the past two years. After Tang Honjun and his family moved, she discussed with her husband about moving as well. Ji Yuanjie was about to go to elementary school, but their surrounding environment is not very good. Older children often bully primary school students, she has been very worried about this. She has seen a couple of houses, before picking a nearby community, and from there she happened to meet Han Yixing’s parents when she was visiting the grocery store, and only then did she know that they lived across the street.


  Ji Yuanjie’s mother was very happy. She knows that Ji Yuanjie likes to hang out with Han Yixing in his kindergarten class. He always talks about ‘Stars was very good to me today’ for a while,

  Her home is different from the others in the building. Her husband goes to work and she works by herself. Although she is not as good as Chen Suling, she also has a shop of her own and has a good life.

 At the beginning, when Tang Honjun came, her family nodded to let the child go downstairs to find Tang Jinyu to play.

  Ji Yuanjie’s mother looked down upon the people in this building. Those people still talked gossip after receiving things from Tang Honjun. Otherwise, how could small children know what a ‘little fool’ is? But no one dares to say this to the Tang family, and only say it behind their backs.

  Because of the dislike of the neighbors, Ji Yuanjie’s family also decided to move.

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