LNTMG-(47) A Small Sum

  At the beginning of the year, everyone was still relatively new to the Internet. When the pop-up advertisement in the Internet cafes first appeared, many people clicked on them in curiosity. In an era that lacked discourse, people only thought that this kind of advertisement made by someone who lived thousands of miles away was novel and interesting.

  Some people tentatively made a phone call, and after inquiring, they discovered that there really is such a factory, and the steel-reinforced construction materials were also real.

 It was only three days later that the effect of the advertising really started.

  After answering more than a dozen phone calls, the boss of Xinfeng Steel Bar Factory realized that he had sold out of all stock.

  This batch of steel bar materials have been stockpiled in the warehouse since last year, but because they needed a new batch of steel plates, they didn’t have much room in their warehouse to put them in, and they were desperate to make more room with this advertisement. They didn’t make much money with this batch of steel materials, and the owner wasn’t willing to put their advertisement on TV. He only posted a few small block-sized advertisements in the local newspapers, or on a wall, which costs him hundreds of yuan.


  In the city where they are located, there are too many small factories, and there were no calls from the local newspaper.

  Until his nephew who was in college recommended him to use the Internet, he gritted his teeth and took a thousand yuan with the idea of treating a dead horse.

 He didn’t expect to earn more than a thousand yuan!

  But in three days, all the steel bars in his warehouse were sold!

 Not only did he sold out, but he still got calls from people asking if he had any more stocks. If he had known that an advertisement was so useful, he would have done this a year earlier!

  The owner of Xinfeng Steel Bar Factory sat down happily and poured himself a cup of tea. He slapped his thigh halfway through his drink, he remembered that there are still some factories around, and their warehouses are full of inventory. He just needs to buy it from there, it would be enough to make more money!

  The boss hurriedly called the people who had come to inquire before. After he got in touch, he went to call his nephew, and asked him earnestly: “Where did you find the online advertisement that you bought for me?”


  ”Uncle, what’s the matter, did it affect you too badly? I found a few other offers online, and they had some very good deals…”

  Xinfeng’s boss hurriedly said: “No, it worked very effectively, are there any more offer openings? You hurry to buy me another week, no, two months worth of advertisement!”


  Advertising on the Internet spread around widely.

  Whenever people saw the pop-up advertisement in the Internet cafes, they simply closed it. While some people earnestly clicked on these pop up from time to time. In this era where salesmen had to run around to promote themselves, this first-hand consultation was really important.

  Some people may not be interested in doing business, but the people that were interested, always had to form relationships with others. Whenever they talk with friends or family, they would talk about this. Not only were advertising effects good, but the Loulan forum had become the second most popular place for manufacturers and businessmen, right  after the Yishang forum.

  The E-commerce Forum was well known for doing big business, and they had stores that they owned, with strong connections, but because of this it discourages a lot of people from advertising cars and buildings.

  On the contrary, the Loulan Forum was different. Most of the people who came here, were either small or medium-sized businesses. The amount of pop-up advertisements were limited, and since each region had different time zones. The bidding prices in each region was different, and for how long the advertisement would be put on would not be affected, but the only the number of pop-ups people purchased is limited—The staff of Loulan explained that this is because they only automatically pop up an advertisement once when the computer is turned on in the Internet cafe. Unless the user goes offline, it would no longer pop-up. They did this to ensure the user experience of the Internet cafe software-overall. The number of pop-ups that appear in one day is about a hundred, and the price is not expensive. Everyone is willing to take a shot and try to promote themselves, and the overall effect is pretty good.


  After receiving the money, the owner of Xinfeng Steel Bar Factory felt completely at ease. He also posted a special post on Loulan, which attracted many people’s attention, and had considerably added even more popularity to this forum.

  He sighed at the end of the post: It turns out that there are real good business opportunities online!

  Song Yi also became excited.

  Because the pop-up ads were really profitable!

  Song Yi was a cautious person, and because of his caution, he is more conservative than a man compared to Xia Ye.

  Before seeing the benefits, he had always maintained a cautious attitude towards this new project, and after seeing its development prospects, he also acted immediately!

  The advertisement auction that Xia Ye set up on the forum before was left unused because of the small number of people. Now that the pop-up advertisements are popular right now, Song Yi immediately asked someone to take care of this for him. The bidding time was set at 12 o’clock every day to let manufacturers from different places bid.

  After trying for a few days, business was on track.

  The bidding button plays an important role. Unlike TV programs, the hottest time in Internet cafes was at night, so the pop-up time at night was often popular. Provinces and regions have also affected prices to a certain extent. There are more small factories in the south of the Yangtze River, and the bidding was more intense.

  In addition to bidders, there are many people who think that Loulan Forum was a place for recruitment. Old Ape and the others have posted a section for recruiting part-time webmasters. Now they have re-planned and made a job hunting section. Even if it is not as popular as the auction area, there are usually a lot of people who come here. Some people want to find part-time jobs through the Internet, and they will come to Loulan to take a look.

  ”Loulan” was alive.

  Song Yi looked at this record seriously, wrote a report on the future development and outlook of the advertising business, and sent an email to Xia Ye.


  After several rounds of email communication, Song Yi felt from the bottom of his heart that Xia Ye was the right person.

  Xia Ye usually did all the decision-making, but he did not like to limit other people’s rights a lot. So he gave Song Yi a lot of authority to let him go and do things.

  Song Yi was very excited about this. He felt that this was his opportunity for the next step, and he worked harder.

  Song Yi was busy day and night. When expanding the company’s business, he carefully asked if Xia Ye could give him 100,000 yuan to use to cover his expenses, and Xia Ye directly gave him 300,000 yuan.

  Song Yi: “…”

  Song Yi sighed in his heart, shook his head and laughed.

  He once thought that he was the proud son of heaven, but compared with Xia Ye, he was still far behind.


  At noon, it was the peak of the forum, and the number of the flow of people rose sharply. Song Yi ordered someone to maintain it. Now that he attaches great importance to this forum, and even when he has dinner, he is in the office. There were dark circles under his eyes for the next few days, but his mental state was very good, and his excitement was normal for any entrepreneurs.

  After listening to the reports of his employees, Song Yi began to browse today’s work emails. Apart from his busy schedule, he also thought about Xia Ye and the others.

  After Song Yi experienced the advertising business, he admired Xia Ye from the bottom of his heart, but he didn’t know what Xia Ye and Han Yichen were doing right now.

  Hundreds of kilometers away, the Han family.

  Han Yichen rarely took a week off and was sitting on the floor playing games. A game console was connected to the TV screen, and the fight was fierce.

  In the corridor, a little girl wrapped in a scarf ran over and said, “Ha”, and poked a finger on his back: “Brother brother, look at this trick!”

  Han Yichen squeezed the game remote in his hand and closed his eyes, and said impatiently: “Han Yixing, why are you so annoying!”

  The little girl ignored him.

  Han Yichen couldn’t help but urged her again: “Quickly show it to me, I want to continue to play this game!”

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The author has something to say: Song Yi is working hard online everyday.

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