LNTMG-(48) Summer Vacation

The little girl walked over and circled Han Yichen twice, and she pressed around his arm pretentiously, looking for something.

  Han Yichen continued to play the game, staring at the TV screen from start to finish, his fingers flying.

  The little girl still circled him and refused to leave. After a while, she threw herself on his back and hugged his neck and said coquettishly: “Brother, brother, look at me!”

  Han Yichen didn’t even turn his head, opened his mouth and said, “It looks good.”

  ”You didn’t even look at me!”

  ”I observe carefully.”


  The little girl babbled for a while, then lay on his back and asked, “Brother, what can we go hang out with Tang Jinyu?”

  Han Yichen sneered: “I knew you didn’t really come to me for no reason, knowing how you’d like to play all day, did you even finish your homework! Your homework assignments that the school gave you are not meant to be specimens this time, so go finish it! “

  The little girl hummed: “I can do that later, I want to play for a while first.”

  Han Yichen said: “You go downstairs to find Yuanyuan to play, or you can go to Wang Xinyue in the next building. If that also doesn’t work out, I’ll take you to auntie’s house, and you can play with your cousin over there.”

  ”But I just want to play with Tang Jinyu!”

  ”No way!”

  The little girl was angry, “Why not!”

  Han Yichen took the sword, and killed his opponent on the screen. He said in his heart that because he is a little boy, wanting to play a little boy to play so badly when you are so young? However, when answering, he made up an excuse and said, “Because he is busy.”

  Han Yixing doubtfully said: “How would you know?”

  Han Yichen made up some nonsense to fool her and said: “I know his brother, if you don’t believe me, you can go and ask Xia Ye, you’ll know after you call them. Tang Jinyu’s family went out for an outing this week. Really, they went out early in the morning, and they won’t be home until dark.”

 Han Yixing was still in kindergarten, and she didn’t have any experience with this. After thinking for a while, she nodded and trusted her brother’s words. The little girl hummed and climbed off her brother’s back and ran to the sofa to play with Barbie dolls.


  Han Yichen was rarely quiet, and quickly cleared the game, playing with gusto.

  He wants to seize the last chance to play, the monthly test scores were coming soon. His math curve down this time, and he failed again, if his mother sees his test results, it would definitely not end well…Han Yichen was also a little aggrieved. In fact, he was able to do most of the questions this time, and even he felt like he improved quite a bit this time, but because he didn’t sleep the night before the test. He only closed his eyes for a second, and he ended up falling asleep halfway through the exam.

  He looked at all the enemies on the screen, and imagined them as Xia Ye. His taunt skill is at level 10, his teeth felt itch, and his fingers almost fly when he presses them on the game controller.

  While the Han brothers and sisters were playing, Xia Ye was helping Tang Jinyu do his homework.

  The little guy’s homework was a bit complicated. In order to plant specimens, he needs to clip the plant in a book and let it dry before it can be shaped.

  Tang Jinyu brought a thick book by himself, the little guy was very good. He never takes anything from Xia Ye, and he always says something if he needs anything. At times, he seems very careful about the items in Xia Ye’s room rather than Xia Ye himself, it seemed like he had a bit of obsessive-compulsive disorder.


  Xia Ye clipped a few clover in the book, and then flicked the child’s forehead, “Do you take this as a museum? There is nothing that moves in here, just don’t kick that computer over and just play it by yourself.”

 How could Tang Jinyu dare to run wild in his room, he subconsciously went to the living room instead, but he was a little bit reluctant, and took two steps to look back at the room. Although he didn’t know why, he was inexplicably excited every time he came back to his brother’s room. It was really a bit like entering a museum!

  Xia Ye glanced at him, he misunderstood him, got up and picked him up and said, “I know, I’ll accompany you, why are you so coquettish.”

  Tang Jinyu grabbed his arm and didn’t have time to react yet: “Huh?”

  ”You are a boy, you know right? I will accompany you for the last time, but in the future, you must learn to play by yourself and be independent.”

  Xia Ye taught him this, and went to the living room with the child, skillfully took him a box of building blocks, and let him play on the sofa. Then the car that the two of them had spent half of their work rolled out. Xia Ye picked it up and said, “That’s right, I didn’t finish it yesterday, so I’ll put it on the wheel today, they’re in the shape of a circle, and they need to be small, you know?


  Tang Jinyu thinks that his brother is more proficient in playing this, and thinks that this set of Lego should be his brother’s toy.

  While playing and doing small manual homework, Tang Jinyu’s plant specimens were not ready until lunch time.

  Today, Teacher Xia had something to do with his work, but since he wasn’t there, Xia Ye had to cook.

  Xia Ye drove the child out of the kitchen door, closed the door and didn’t let him in. It was funny seeing a small shadow turning around through the glass door. He said as he chopped vegetables, “It’s dangerous if you stay in the kitchen, so stay away, do you hear me?”

  The child outside the door obediently stepped back, moved a small bench and sat outside and waited.

  Xia Ye was busy in the kitchen for a long time, and the battle was very serious. In the end, he was only busy with two bowls of green cabbage and shredded pork noodles. The noodles didn’t look good or bad, but it was cooked.

  Tang Jinyu was given a small bowl, and the little guy supported him, and praised him after taking a bite.

  Xia Ye was embarrassed when he heard this, and ate two bites of noodles, urging him to eat quickly.

  The little guy can now use chopsticks independently, eating noodles slowly, just like he was tasting something delicious, and be happy for a long time.


  Xia Ye had never seen such a well-fed child. He couldn’t help but to open a bag of pickled mustard to eat with some rice. The little guy next to him froze and ate up a small bowl of noodles without lifting his head.

  The little guy gets sleepy when he’s full, so he sits there and starts to doze off. Xia Ye squeezes his face twice and coaxes him: “I’ll take you to sleep later.”

  Tang Jinyu raised his hand and rubbed his eyes, and nodded, He kept bowing his head frequently while sitting in his small chair, and couldn’t lift his head when he was sleepy

Xia Ye went over and picked him up, the little guy was familiar with this, closed his eyes and wrapped his arms around his neck, rubbed his head against each other, and called out his brother.

  There was a place in Xia Ye’s heart that became very soft, and the sound of footsteps couldn’t help being lightened. He carried the child to his bed and covered him with a thin blanket. He stood aside and watched for a while, and when he saw that the little guy was completely asleep, he turned and went to the side desk to continue to work.

  This was the first time that he worked with someone else in his room. When he uses the computer, his dad would just knock on the door, and wouldn’t come inside his room. It would only be for a short time before he would ever allow someone to sleep on his bed beside him, while he worked on the computer.

  However, strictly speaking, it was not entirely a person, but more like a small animal, mostly relying on instinct.

  Xia Ye wrote half of a code, forcibly controlling himself not to look at his side, and concentrate on doing things.

  Tang Jinyu spent a week here, and in the evening, his mother came to pick him up.

  Chen Suling waited at the door and rang the doorbell twice. After a while, her child came over to open the door, rushed over and hugged her leg, and called after her. Chen Suling picked up her child and tapped on the tip of his nose to tease him: “You miss your mother so much, then next time I’ll take you with me to work, and not stay at home, okay?”

  Tang Jinyu said, “I will disturb mother.”

  Chen Suling didn’t think so, so she coaxed him and said, “How would you disturb me? You grew up in your mother’s office, and you have to worry if you fall asleep!”

  Xia Ye just happened to walk over when he heard this, and raised his eyes to look at his brother. It was indeed the case. He was not efficient at work today.

  Chen Suling was very happy to see Xia Ye, and asked him: “Xiao Ye, when do you have summer vacation?”

  Xia Ye said: “There is one more week left.”

  Chen Suling calculated the time and said happily: “That’s right, when you are free during summer vacation, you come to the company, I have found someone to make high-end clothing, and I want to make two outfits for you and Xiaoyu.”

  Xia Ye said: “Auntie, no need, the clothes you gave me before have not been worn yet, since I just usually wear my school uniform.”

  Chen Suling smiled and said: “Not enough, my two handsome guys are both talented. If you don’t dress up and show them, how can I show you off to others?”

  Xia Ye smiled and nodded.

  Tang Jinyu interjected, while in his mother’s arms: “When my brother is on summer vacation, the melons will be ripe.”

  The melon seedlings reborn in the “greenhouse” are growing very well. The melon seedlings that other families are growing, take two months to grow. Since they have Tang Honjun’s ‘Pulling out seedlings to promote growth’. It bears a big watermelon in just over a month with a big round flower, appearing especially beautiful!

  Xia Ye also knew the watermelon that the child loved the most, and smiled: “Are you willing to let me eat it?”

  Tang Jinyu nodded and smiled like crescents, “Everyone eat together~”

  Xia Ye thought about the size of the watermelon, and if it grows for a few more days, it will weigh more than ten kilograms, which is indeed enough for their family members to eat.

  Chen Suling asked him if he wanted to have dinner with them, but Xia Ye shook his head and refused, “My dad is coming back tonight. I have almost prepared everything. I will wait for him to come back to eat together in the evening.”

  Chen Suling didn’t persuade him to say so much, and led the little guy back to the front yard.

  They are close to each other and everything was convenient.


 Xia Ye calculated the time and cooked two bowls of noodles with shredded pork and green vegetables. With the same recipe that he made at noon, he knew himself well. This time, he poured the mustard pickles on the plate in advance.

  After Teacher Xia came back, he smelled the aroma of the food and was a little surprised: “Xiaoye, did you cook?”

  Xia Ye took chopsticks and put them on the dining table and said, “I just finished, Dad, eat it while it’s hot.”

  Teacher Xia went to wash his hands and came to eat, but he was not as relaxed as usual, sitting at his own chair and eating two bites, hesitating to say something.

  Xia Ye glanced at him and said, “Dad, does it taste bad?”

  ”Ah? Oh, no, it’s not about food. You did a good job.” Teacher Xia hurriedly ate two bites, but after swallowing, he paused with his chopsticks and looked at Xia Ye carefully, and said, “Xiaoye, are you free during summer vacation?”

  Xia Ye was stunned, and asked him doubtfully: “Why are you asking if I’m busy during summer vacation, I’m not busy, is there something wrong?”

  Teacher Xia hesitated and let him eat first. When Xia Ye finished, he frowned and asked, “What’s wrong?”

  Teacher Xia said: “It’s like this, your mother called me, she wants to pick you up, and take you with her for summer vacation…”

  Xia Ye put down his chopsticks with a ‘bam’, his father who was sitting opposite immediately did not dare to go on, and looked down at the bowl. Xia Ye said: “This matter is easy to solve, I will change your SIM card phone now, and all the landlines at home will be changed too, so she can’t find it, so she won’t need to contact us again.”


  Xia Ye closed his eyes and said, “Dad, I am not targeting you.”

  Teacher Xia sighed, “I know.”

  The father and son did not speak again all night, and Teacher Xia also frowned slightly. When taking the medicine at night, Xia Ye saw this and poured him a glass of warm water.

  Teacher Xia drank two sips of water and rubbed his fingers on the cup of glass a few times. “She hasn’t seen you for many years and said she misses you.”

  Xia Ye remained unmoved, and said coldly: “She is an adult, and she can come back by herself.”

  Teacher Xia shook his head and wanted to say something, but when the words came to his mouth, it turned into a sigh, patted his son’s hand and said, “I was useless, your mother wanted to pursue her own life, she wasn’t in the wrong. I couldn’t keep holding her down all the time.”

  When Xia Ye saw the medicine on the table, he regretted saying anything. When he heard his father say this, he immediately apologized, “Dad, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean that, I…I was just in a bad mood.”

  Teacher Xia said: “Anyway, she is your mother, and she still cares about you.”

  Xia Ye sat aside and remained silent.

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Mustard Pickles

2 thoughts on “LNTMG-(48) Summer Vacation

  1. I’m very curious about Xia Ye’s mother, they really avoid talking about her. Did she leave teacher Xia to pursue his dreams? Anyways thank you for the chapter 😍😍😍😍

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  2. If his mother uses the card: “I went to follow my dreams”, I won’t forgive her. You can not abandon a child just like that and return because you miss him. If you have a child you ought to be willing to put the effort to take care of him. You lost your dream? well, you should have thought about that before having a baby not after.
    Sorry for the rant. Thank you for the update!

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