LNTMG-(49) Mother and Son

Seeing his son’s rejection, Teacher Xia didn’t mention it again.

  Xia Ye still has one week of exams before summer vacation, but this time he had a nightmare.

He would repeatedly dream of this incident that had happened a few years ago. He dreamed that his father was apologizing because he was in the hospital because he was working too hard. He also dreamed of that woman, even though she was standing in court, and whenever she looked at him, her brows would furrow slightly, and that face that was covered with makeup showed a bored look…

  Teacher Xia blames himself very much for this. He has taken care of  his son for so many years and knows him too well. Xia Ye’s mental state was not good. On the outside he may look fine, but he knew at a glance that Xia Ye was affected by this incident.

  When Xia Ye was about to take the exam the day before tomorrow, Teacher Xia put a new mobile phone on the table and said carefully: “I’ve thought about it, I’ll listen to you, I will change my phone…”

  Xia Ye glanced at the table. It was still the most common phone, his father used to own a blue one, but now it’s black.


  Teacher Xia sat across from him and still assured his son: “We will not contact her.”

  Xia Ye drank the last sip of the porridge in the bowl, his tone lightened a lot: “You can just change the card, you used to have that phone before, so you don’t need to change it specially.”

  Teacher Xia smiled and said, “I didn’t throw the old one away, I use it as an alarm clock.”

  Xia Ye laughed when he heard this, his father was used to frugality, which is not very much like a musician. He would always appear noble on stage, but he was not willing to throw anything away at home. When the battery in the alarm clock was dead, his father used the battery of the remote control for a while, and it also made his brother follow along with this, like a little money fan.

  After Xia Ye finished eating, he put down his bowl and went into his room to study.

  The father and son had an agreement that when Xia Ye is studying for his exam, or when Teacher Xia had something important at work, and one of them will be responsible for cooking and washing dishes.

  They have done this for so many years.

  Although life was rough, the father and son haven’t had any conflicts with anything, but the only thing that can’t be mentioned is that woman.

  Xia Ye prepared himself well for the exam, and handed in his papers ahead of time.

  The invigilator is the leader of the second grade math group, and he was very tolerant towards him, since he was one of the top students. He saw Xia Ye answer his questions when he was walking around the room, and didn’t persuade him to check over his answers, and just nodded his head and let him go.

  Xia Ye math score only had one point deducted during his high school exam. Since then, he hasn’t had any points deducted, from the beginning of the school year all the way to today.

  A treasure held by the school’s math teacher.

  Xia Ye left the school gate and rode away quickly. Today, he agreed to buy Tang Jinyu back a new picture book. He wanted to take a trip to the bookstore.

  When he was heading there, he suddenly felt something was wrong.

  Not far behind him, there was a silver-gray car that kept following him. Xia Ye speeded up and the other party drove faster. Xia Ye slowed down, and the other party also slowed down and followed.

  After four o’clock in the afternoon, there are still a lot of vehicles on the road at this time, but a car like this didn’t particularly look conspicuous.

  When Xia Ye waited for the traffic lights, he glanced at it from the corner of his eye. It was an unfamiliar license plate, and not from the city.


  When the green light came on again, he turned the front of the car without hesitation, drove across the sidewalk, and walked out of an alley.

  The car was still in the main driveway, and it seemed that it couldn’t follow.

  Xia Ye circled a big circle and turned to the bookstore he usually goes to. The bookstore owner knew him. He saw him and said with a smile: “Are you here to get the “Fairy Tale King”? Here take it, this is the last one.” While handing the book to Xia Ye, he asked again, “Where’s your brother, he didn’t follow you today?”

  ”No, he is at home.”

  ”Oh, that’s really rare, he sticks to you so much at ordinary times and follows you around like a little tail.”

  Xia Ye laughed and gave him money, but didn’t ask for change, and bought a box of big bubble gum.

  He was about to leave when a silver-gray car stopped at the intersection. A beautiful woman in her thirties got out of the car. She stepped on a pair of high heels, dressed beautifully, with her hair rolled up, as if she would be attending a meeting at any time. She did not wear much jewelry, and only wore a diamond brooch on her chest.

  After seeing her, Xia Ye immediately pushed his bicycle to leave, but the other party stared at him from the moment, and she got out of the car, and shouted, “Xia Ye!”

  The owner of the bookstore looked at them back and forth between them, looking curious.

  Xia Ye paused, and when she walked over, he turned and whispered: “Let’s find a place and sit down and talk, I know this place better than you do, so don’t want to make things worse.”

  The other party looked at him, her tone didn’t change much from the beginning, and nodded: “I think so too, let’s go, there is a cafe nearby, you get in the car with me.”

  Xia Ye said coldly: “I have a bicycle.”

  The woman was stunned for a moment, and she frowned slightly when she saw the bicycle he was pushing, and said in a low voice, “As you are.”

  The cafe nearby was also a place where Xia Ye often visits. He brought Tang Jinyu to this place for a treat a few days ago. The child was full of praise for the caramel pudding, but he could only eat a small portion of the pudding. Every time he would watch Xia Ye eat the remaining half, as he stood by and sucked his saliva.

  When Xia Ye sat down, looking at the opposite person looking bored.

  He felt that his living area had been invaded, and the emotion of rejection was too straightforward. After the woman opposite sat down, she quickly noticed it. She flipped through the menu, ordered two cups of coffee, and said to him: “I came to you this time because…”

  Xia Ye stretched out his hand to stop the waiter and said, “I don’t want cream in my cup. I’m allergic to cream.”

  The woman froze for a moment, her expression became distorted: “Sorry, I forgot.”

  Xia Ye smiled and leaned back on his seat, his expression relaxed a lot: “You did forget, I’m not allergic to cream.”


  The other party said angrily: “Xia Ye!”

  Xia Ye sat opposite and looked at her, unmoved.

  The waiter standing there carefully said, “Well, do you want to add cream?”

  The woman said coldly: “No, I don’t want those two cups of coffee, just two glasses of water.”

The waiter cautiously said: “But this shop has the lowest consumption…” Before he could finish his words, he saw the woman sitting there raising her brows, and immediately went to place the order. The two looked not as if they were taking orders. The person who doesn’t have the lowest consumption it was obvious that they came here to talk, so he’d better stay away.

  The two people sitting fell into silence for a while, and after a while, the woman on the opposite side said, “Is that what you learned from your father?”

  Xia Ye sat there and said, “There’s a lot more where that came from, you want to try?”

  ”I came to you this time to talk about the company you and your dad did. You didn’t sell the network management fee software all at once. You were able to make such an operation, your vision is really good, but how much can you earn from Internet Cafes? You are still too young, your studies should be your top priority right now, why are you going to the Internet cafes for this…”

  Xia Ye didn’t bother to waste his words with her, “Just tell me your purpose, I’m not like my dad that believes every word you say.”

  ”I want to buy your company, you name the price, money is not a problem.”

  Xia Ye paused his gaze on her face. He hadn’t seen her for many years, and it was still the same as he remembered. Whether it was at home or outside, it was in such a condescending tone, as if she would be able to do what she wants to do.


  Xia Ye shook his head and said, “I’m not selling it.”

  The woman frowned, “I know that you are still a little bit reluctant to do that now, but the market will be integrated sooner or later, and you will have nothing. It’s just a little bit of a mess, but now is the perfect time. It won’t be long before another big company would come to acquire, instead of it being bought by someone at a low price, just give it to me. At least in terms of money, I will not treat you badly. Just say the number…”

  Xia Ye said: “You can’t afford it.”

  ”Xia Ye, don’t be self-willed, the market is not a place where children can play around!”

  ”Who are you to speak to me like this?” Xia Ye looked at her. The eyebrows and eyes of the opposite person were still so beautiful, but the corners of her eyes had faint lines, and her lips were not smiling, but he was no longer afraid of her now that he was all grown up. “What should I call you now? Ms. Zhuang? Ms. Qin? Or the chairman of Mingcheng?”

  Zhuang Ya sat across from him, and looked at him dissatisfaction: “How could you talk to me this way?I am your mother!”

  Xia Ye said coldly: “It wasn’t when you left.”

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  1. Pulling the mother card instead of talking professionally for business matters? And with that tone of voice? How appalling~ *covers lips with hand*

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  2. Wow, what kind of mother is that pulling the mother card when she was the one who made it lost its validity.
    Thank you for the chapter 😊😊😊😊

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