LNTMG-(50) Eating Watermelon

 Zhuang Ya felt that he was being unreasonable, but forced herself to sit down patiently and talk to him: “I’m doing this for your own good, you may think that this situation is good now, but you can’t rely on this to make you money for a lifetime. If you need money I’ll give it to you, but once you grow up and figure out what you want to do, you can use it as a start-up fund to realize your dreams…”

  Xia Ye looked at her, and his face was getting darker.

  Zhuang Ya paused, and her tone softened a little bit: “You are still young, so it’s okay if you don’t understand some things. Mom is here to say some words to you, do you know what people do at your age? You should not be focusing on money right now, but learning and broadening your horizons.”

  Xia Ye said: “So do you regret it?”

  Zhuang Ya was stunned, “What?”

  Xia Ye’s tone was blunt, and he said in a mocking tone: “Regret not leaving my dad and me earlier, by doing your job as a mother.”

  Zhuang Ya’s face became ugly, and she said impatiently: “I didn’t always have time to spend with you, I was very busy at work. I was only able to come by today, I’m here now, and you can believe it or not, but this time I am really here to help you.”

  Xia Ye shook his head, “I don’t need any help.”

  Zhuang Ya was annoyed by his stubborn attitude. Even her son, who grew up, was just as stubborn in his own logic as she was when she was a child. She took a sip of water and knocked her delicate nails on the glass cup, “How did your dad teach you all these years? I know that you couldn’t receive any formal education in such a small place…”

  ”Speaking of my dad, I also want to ask you something for him.” Xia Ye suddenly interrupted, staring at her and said, “You left us for money, right?”

  Zhuang Ya lowered her voice and said angrily: “What did your dad tell you?”

  Xia Ye looked at her, shook his head for a long time, and said blankly: “He never said this to me, he never said a word. He only said that he didn’t do a good job, that it was a burden to you, and that he didn’t take care of me. You have been with him for more than ten years, don’t you know what type of person he is? He is a good old man, but you were never a good person, you only want money, and power, because you want those things so much that you insisted on leaving. “

  ”Xia Ye!”

 ”You’d rather marry and be a mother to someone else’s teenage children than go to the circle you recognize.”

  Zhuang Ya closed her eyes, trying to calm down, she wouldn’t ruin her reputation by causing a scene. What she hates most in her life was embarrassment because of how poor she was, and embarrassed because of her humble attitude. She vowed that no matter what happened, she would never change back to her old self.

  Xia Ye couldn’t talk to her anymore, got up and left.

  Zhuang Ya hadn’t been treated so rudely for a long time. She was trembling with anger and stood up and called him twice, but Xia Ye didn’t stop, opened the store door and walked out directly.

  The wind chimes of the coffee shop rang twice. At this time, there were no customers in the shop, only the waiter looked at her curiously.


  Zhuang Ya was also fed up, paid the bill on the table, and left the store with a sullen expression.

  Xia Ye returned home early, there was no one at home, and he was not in the mood to go to the front yard to deliver books to the little guy, so he went straight to the bedroom and went to sleep with his head covered.

  He has not had a good rest since the last few days, and even more so today, he only felt he had a terrible headache and felt nauseous.

  Whether it was physical or psychological.

  He tried not to think about the person he saw today or the things he had said, but the words kept echoing in his ears until he fell asleep.

  He had a dream.

     Dreamed of that trial.

  All the tables and chairs became very big, and he shrank into a child, standing there, at a loss.

  ”Only ten years old!”

  ”You don’t know how high the sky is and how deep the ground is!”

(Note: people who are too cocky and arrogant, who exaggerate their own abilities or knowledge. Literally it means “Don’t know how high the sky is and how deep the ground is”, which compares the number of people who are better than the person referred to the height of the sky or the depth of the ground, which is innumerable.)

  ”This is too terrible, this is a crime!”

  ”Yes, the first cybercrime in the country, the telecommunication database was modified…this would have been a criminal charge if it was a large amount of money.”

  ”Even if there is a child protection law, what about his parents? Parents have not done a good job of supervision responsibility, they should take responsibility!”


  There were voices in all directions. Some people were whispering, some sitting on a high platform to pronounce a sentence. The ten-year-old boy stood there and looked around, he first thought it was his father’s health and his face was nervous and worried, but when he looked around and didn’t see his father. Not only did he not relax, but he became more restless. His father is not there. Yes, his father is sick and he is being treated at the hospital.

  There was an extra figure beside him. He looked up in his dream and saw his mother.

  They looked very similar.

  Whenever Zhuang Ya took him outside, people who met them knew that they were mother and child without asking, because they looked so much alike.

  The woman on the side has a tall nose, thin red lips. She raised her brows and looked over with careless arrogance. She stood there, and didn’t go to hold her son’s hand, but just stood by and listened to the eloquent debate of the lawyer she had found.

  The little boy in the dream wanted to hold her hand, but was soon slapped off, and in return she whispered: “Sit down!”

  Just like before, the boy sat there with no expression on his face, like a delicate puppet.

  It’s just that this puppet was not as obedient as a woman thought, and he was no longer a treasure that she can bring out to show off.

  The dream was intermittent, and soon it became the home where Xia Ye had lived before.

  The items in the house were messy, that woman was packing her things, and the weak child couldn’t stop her from doing so. She packed her suitcase, and when she was dragging it away, she was hugged by the boy again. The boy was so flustered, he tried to promise her: “I, I will be obedient, mother don’t leave, don’t leave me and father, I will be a good child…I will never touch the computer again, I promise you!”

  The woman frowned, pulled his arm away, and reprimanded in an extremely impatient tone: “When will you be like a normal child? Ah? When will you be more normal, let me relax and take a breath?”

  In the dream, the woman kept pinching his arm, her mouth opened and he was being reprimanded. He couldn’t get away even if he wanted to break free. With a slight movement, he was pulled tighter, and his chest became stuffy. 

  Xia Ye’s eyelashes trembled, and he woke up from his dream.

  He opened his eyes and saw the little guy lying on his chest, smiling at him, rubbing his head against his chest and saying: “Brother get up~”

  Xia Ye closed his eyes, rolled over, pressed the little guy down, and patted his small butt twice.

  Tang Jinyu usually moves very slowly, but now he is able to get up fast enough to hide his little hands behind his butt.


  Xia Ye didn’t care about him, got up to wash, and after splashing a few handfuls of water on his face, he woke up completely from the nightmare, his whole body was covered in sweat, and his stomach felt uncomfortable, but he couldn’t eat anything.

  Tang Jinyu came over and stood by his legs. The little guy didn’t hold any grudges at all. He stood on his tiptoes and handed him a towel. “Is your brother tired from the exam?”

  Xia Ye said: “Tired.”

  ”After that, will you come to my house, okay?”

  ”And do what?”

  ”Cut the watermelon for brother to eat~”

  Xia Ye glanced at him. The child was happy, holding his leg and raising his head and said: “Brother finishes his exam, let’s eat it together! It’s sweet!”

  The expression on Xia Ye’s face softened, and he bent over to hug him, “A single watermelon makes you so happy, you didn’t eat any less watermelons this year? I also brought one the day before yesterday.”

  ”It’s not the same, I planted this well.” The child gestured to him happily, “Daddy weighed it this morning, sixteen pounds, the king of melons!”

  There are also more than ten kilograms of watermelons sold on the street, but compared to the ones grown at home usually weigh less. But this melon was growing where they could see it, the little guy would take a small ruler to measure the size every day, even if it was raining or windy outside.

  Xia Ye carried him out, and saw the “Story King” casually thrown on the coffee table in the living room. He picked it up and gave it to him. As expected, he heard a “wow” sound, and the nice words came out of the baby’s mouth like no tomorrow, boasting about a single book the whole way.

  Xia Ye hugged him and walked downstairs slowly. He walked and listened to him. They were the ones he was used to. His brother didn’t learn any new words, just using the same words over and over and saying “Brother is good.”


  He didn’t know why, Xia Ye listened all the way, and his heart had calmed down a lot.

  When he went to the front yard and opened the door to enter, he returned to his usual appearance.

  Tang Hongjun had already prepared cutting boards and knives, and the preparations were very serious. When he saw them coming in, he asked them to come and help. They were all very busy. He asked the two children to wipe the melon with a wet towel, which was simple.

  Tang Jinyu was very careful when he wiped it, standing on his tiptoes, and calling out to Xia Ye: “Brother look, a little pig tail~”

  Xia Ye followed and looked at it. The watermelon was big and round. Like the enlarged version of the ball his brother usually plays, it has a short “tail” at the top and twirled into a circle.

  Tang Hongjun tried his best to fight for favor, “Xiaoyu, look at Dad, Dad is going to cut it!”

  Xia Ye picked up the child and placed him on a chair beside him, letting him stand and watch.

  Mr. Tang raised the knife and cut the watermelon. There was a crisp “crack”, and the melon split itself as soon as the blade cut a bit of it!

  The big watermelon on the dining room table was split in half, and it was full of watermelon juice. It was red inside with black seeds inside. Once it was cut, all the juice flowed out, inside was slightly overripe, and a bit sour, but it still tasted sweet.

  Tang Hongjun cut up large pieces for everyone to eat. Xia Ye had no appetite at first, but the watermelon was slightly cool and sweet in his mouth, so he also ate two pieces.

Tang Jinyu ate a large piece and satisfactorily ate the reddish part left on the melon skin.

  Tang Hongjun said distressly: “Xiaoyu don’t eat that piece anymore. Dad will change it for you. Let’s eat this big one, it’s sweet!”

  Tang Jinyu refused, and shook his head and said, “I’m full.”

  Tang Hongjun still tried to persuade him: “A small piece can’t make you that full, you can eat a little bit more, we have so much left.”

  ”Brother can take the rest.”


  ”Brother had an exam, very tired.”


  Tang Hongjun looked at the half of the big watermelon left on the table, and tried to persuade him: “There’s so much left, baby, we can keep some too. You planted this to eat in the summer, it doesn’t matter if you eat one more piece.”

  Tang Jinyu shook his head and refused to eat.

  The child was satisfied after eating one piece. When Xia Ye was willing to take the rest away, the two families decided to keep half of them. In addition, he took an extra portion for Teacher Xia who worked overtime at night and asked Xia Ye to take it back. Xia Ye looked at the watermelon in the bag and said, “Uncle, this is too many, keep some for Xiaoyu.”

  Tang Hongjun sighed and said, “I thought of that too, but Xiaoyu picked the watermelon this morning, which is fine, but doesn’t our family consisting of five people? Sixteen slices of watermelon, so three slices per person.”

  Xia Ye puzzled: “That’s an extra slice more.”

  Tang Hong was very happy: “Leave it for you. Every time Xiaoyu divides things, isn’t it yours the most? Ah, he treats you better than his own father!”

  Xia Ye laughed and went back with the watermelon.

  But this watermelon was more precious than anything.

  Teacher Xia came back from working overtime at night. After listening to what he said, he was very sorry for not being there for the melon cutting ceremony, but after eating the watermelon in the refrigerator, he smiled again: “Xiaoyu hasn’t eaten ice watermelon yet, let’s wait until he is older, and give him to try next time.”

  Tang Jinyu has always been protected very well. Tang Hongjun and his wife have been a little overprotective of him, but they would rather be more careful than daring to make the little guy sick again. They were so frightened when the little guy had a fever last time.

  The Xia family is also very concerned about the little guy’s health, and everyone in the family unites to create the illusion that “watermelon never needs to be eaten on ice”. Throughout the summer, only in the hottest days, was he allowed to eat a few mouthfuls of ice cream, and even a lick would make him very satisfied.

  The whole family was waiting for the little guy to grow up quickly, and become healthy and carefree.

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