LNTMG-(51) Algorithm

 When Tang Jinyu’s kindergarten was on summer vacation, he was taken by Chen Suling to the company during the day, and he would return home in the evening, he would go to Teacher Xia to play for a while. He has started to learn more difficult songs, and Teacher Xia also bought him a violin, teaching him how to properly play the violin.

  The child stood there and practiced for a few hours, not feeling bored at the slightest.

  Sometimes Tang Hongjun felt distressed, and would come over to coax him to take a break from the piano and let him rest for a while, but the kid said seriously: “Dad, I like playing the piano. Let me practice for a while.”

  Tang Hongjun couldn’t help but turned to ask Teacher Xia for help.

  Teacher Xia smiled and said, “Xiaoyu has talent. Let him learn it. It won’t get in the way of his studies, I used to practice for hours every day, It’s not so easy to do a good job.”

  Of course, Tang Hongjun also understands this truth. He used to work hard when he was studying, but he also suffered a lot during that time, and he was reluctant to let his son suffer any more.

  Seeing his son begin to practice the piano seriously again, Tang Hongjun sighed and said, “Lao Xia, you said I work so hard, but only because I want to let my child be happy, but why doesn’t Xiaoyu know how to be lazy?”

  Teacher Xia was amused by him, and then nodded and said with emotion: “So is Xiaoye, he can live a lifetime in his bedroom with his computer.”

  ”It was all caused by Xia Ye.”

  After Tang Honjun made this conclusion, he felt that Xia Ye had set an example, and only his child could follow suit.

  In the bedroom, Xia Ye was busy on the computer.


  His bedroom was a suite, the small living room outside was not partitioned, the place was spacious, and the three computers didn’t feel too crowded. Since he has work to do, he also soundproofed his bedroom. His father and Tang Jinyu were practicing the piano outside, and only a small sound came in, which was soon overshadowed by the sound of the computer.

  Xia Ye has been busy with one thing for the past few days.

  He has completely perfected the control panel in the charging software of the Internet cafe. It looks like an icon on the desktop, and just by clicking it, it will be an enlarged version of the interface. There are two small icons inside, one is the advertisement recommendation and the other is Vientiane Guard.

  This is only the first row, there is still a lot of free space below.

  Xia Ye goal this time was to make a game.

  In the past, due to Internet speed restrictions and other reasons, most of the games in Internet cafes were single player games. However, for the past few years, online games have appeared one after another. Although they are still extremely immature, they attracted many players.

  From the very beginning, Xia Ye didn’t intend to only collect money for a forum investment promotion. At present, Loulan’s one-day advertising fee reached 180,000 yuan at the highest time. The low peak period was also calculated at 10,000 yuan. As far as the goal is concerned, this can be regarded as making a small amount of money.

  The most attractive thing in Internet cafes were games.

  It is very difficult for a game to quickly occupy a certain area of ​​the market. In the 2G era when online communication had just been developed, online game creators wanted to promote their own new games, they needed to hire game promotion specialists – like another company’s salesperson, running over to Internet cafes to cooperate with them, and some would put up posters, but atlast It is definitely very difficult to open the market quickly.

  But Xia Ye can do it.

  He looked at the Vientiane control interface on the screen. At present, there are only two pitiful small icons on it, but as long as he wants, he can install as many as he wants in the control panel. It was even made to handle games, like a game panel.

  Behind the Vientiane network management system are tens of thousands of Internet cafes-and millions of computers that were always operating.


Unlike home computers, which would require you to search and download games, any person that came to the Internet cafes had a high chance of becoming players. This huge market advantage in the battlefield that Xia Ye has. Here, he has the absolute power to make.

  Xia Ye had asked Song Yi to try to contact several popular game developers in China, but since their company was still a brand small company. It was either the small gaming developers would offer small amounts of money, or they couldn’t get in contact with well established developers, and could only get in touch with a few business promoters, so there was no progress.

  Song Yi was not proficient in this area of ​​business. He has not seen the appearance of the game control panel, and only follow the Loulan forum to let people continue to contact.

  After Xia Ye was done, he didn’t plan to wait any longer, and he personally picked a partner.

  ”Miracle” was an online game that the Qiao Group has just introduced from H Country this year. It was not very popular in H Country. In the beginning, there was only one person, Qiao Zuo, who liked to play, he had asked his big brother Qiao Yan to give him a team of people to make games for him.

  Qiao Zuo also inherited the business mind of Qiao’s family, and took a fancy to the online game industry, and prepared to make some achievements. He carefully selected the perfect time period during summer vacation to release the game. However, after doing a test run, he didn’t get the popularity that he imagined, and got a lot of plug-ins instead.

  The game didn’t go as smooth as he thought it would. The plug-ins became rampant, and Qiao Zuo was very annoyed by this.

  He received a couple of new emails in his private mailbox, but Qiao Zuo has been busy at the company, leading the team to keep making changes, so he didn’t see it.

  When he checked his emails the next day, he saw three emails with exactly the same subject. Qiao Zuo clicked one email and opened it. There was only one screenshot and one contact information.

  The screenshot was the interface of their security team administrator. The URL above the screenshot shows that it was their intranet. There is also a login account on it, which is the administrator number 001. The password below was blank. It is obvious that the other party is urgent, but it was just listed, not logged in.

  Qiao Zuo’s face became ugly. The security personnel he recruited this time counted himself as part of the team, and he was considered to be a professional.

  He opened the next one, it was a screenshot full of numbers. Qiao Zuo couldn’t understand it, a security officer came over to take a look. The other party looked at the boss and said with caution: “This, it’s a database…”

  Qiao Zuo asked: “He can access both the database and the management console. Is this a hacker?”

  ”It should be.”

  ”Has technology become this advanced? I don’t understand what this person wants.” Qiao Zuo eyebrows furrowed. “If he wants to attack, he would have done it by now, since they sent this email yesterday, but he didn’t do that and he left an address, are they trying to show off?”


  The security officer on the side thought for a while, and said: “I don’t think he is, he may be a ‘hunter’.”

  Qiao Zuo didn’t understand this, and asked: “What is a ‘hunter’?”

  ”The bug hunter, who specializes in black box testing, it’s a hacker that doesn’t attack. The reason they sent this email and contact information may be to remind us that they have found a way inside our system and want us to modify it.”

  Qiao Zuo twisted his eyebrows, “So kind?”

  The people around him coughed and said, “Actually, when you encounter a ‘hunter’, you would have to find them and send a thank you.” He looked at the sudden expression of the boss, and added, “Moreover, some hunters are very powerful, and were able to find a way inside and send this to you, it means that they usually have a solution for you.”

  Qiao Zuo felt energized by this, and immediately looked for them according to the contact information in the email and entered a chat room.

  There was a ding dong in the chat room named ‘I’m a workaholic”, [Qiao Zuo] joined the group chat.

  Suddenly an extra person appeared, catching people’s attention to this. Old Ape’s was the first one to check to check it out. After watching them for a while, he pondered: ‘Who is this? How come their name is so similar to my real name?’

  The Jackdaw quickly went online, and saw this: “Let me see, it’s really strange. Are there still people who use their real names as their usernames these days?”

  Old Ape: “Hey, don’t be so rude, be enthusiastic to newcomers! Come on, this friend, hello, how old are you? Where are you from? Are you male or female? Do you have any hobbies? What is your dream?”

  Manager Song: “Is this a business cooperation?”

  Qiao Zuo: “…”

  Qiao Zuo felt like his head hurt, and he didn’t even know what to do.

  Soon, X went online and said to Qiao Shao: “I have something that I want to cooperate with you about, but first let’s talk privately.”

  There was harmony in the chat room, and under the leadership of Old Ape, he said ‘Farewell my lord’ three times and watched them leave.

  x: “Have you received my email?”

  Qiao Zuo breathed a sigh of relief when the other party said that. He felt that this person was someone he could normally communicate with, and immediately typed: ‘I have received it, how should I call you?’

  ”My surname is Xia.”

  ‘Mr. Xia, the screenshots you sent this time are of great significance to us. We will modify the loopholes that existed before on the platform, how can I repay you?’

  ”I’m not in any hurry for that, I wanted to talk to you about something else.”

  Qiao Zuo had a moment of inspiration and asked, “It’s about game plug-ins? Do you also have research on anti-plugging?”

  X: “I know a little bit, I have paid attention to some, but I haven’t had the chance to.’After a short pause, he typed again, “Your game equipment has different data’s, when your game is running, there are a lot of data packets to be transmitted. But after encryption, the amount of data will be too much, which will cause congestion on your network.”

  Qiao Zuo: “I know.”

  x: “Therefore, it is impossible to encrypt data in online games from top to bottom, It can only encrypt part of the key information, while the other part is not encrypted. The plug-in is tested on the client side one by one, point by point. You’re looking for a breakthrough, find out what you haven’t encrypted, and then modify the data of your data packet to increase an infinite number of items…with all due respect, your company now uses a binary encryption algorithm, which is not secure.”


 Qiao Zuo remembered that this person said that they only knew a little bit, and couldn’t help asking: “Have you ever invaded one?”

  ”…No, but I tested one”

He sent a few lines of digital code over there and explained: “You can take a look at this. If I take care of it, the best way is to choose another encryption method and apply all algorithms to all equipment in a balanced manner. Find a balance between network transmission and game data.”

  Qiao Zuo couldn’t understand, and the person who called the security team came over to watch. The security staff looked at it for a moment and suddenly said: “It turns out to be this, boss, this algorithm is more advanced. Although it is only part of it, it is more secure than the encryption we used before, but it’s much smaller.”

  Qiao Zuo saw that the team members next to him were nodding, knowing that he had met an expert, his attitude immediately became a lot more polite, and asked: “This algorithm is very good, can Mr. Xia give me a price? How about selling this algorithm to me for 200,000 yuan? “

  On the other end of the network, Xia Ye looked at the words on the screen and was about to type. He heard a knock on the door outside. After a few small sounds, the door was pushed open by a gap. The little guy poked his head to find him: “Brother, I want to drink.”

  Xia Ye got up and said, “What about your water bottle?”

  The kid walked next to his legs, bouncing around: “It’s  cold, I want to drink warm milk to wash away the coldness.”

  The Tang family loves the little guy very much. The old man Tang specially asked someone to send the milk powder that he brought back from abroad, so that Tang Jinyu would drink it all the time, and he had to drink it every day. Because Tang Jinyu often came over to his house, he also put a lot of daily necessities here, along with a can of milk powder.


  Xia Ye makes the milk for him, with skilled movements.

  The little guy was strictly not allowed to touch their thermos bottle by themselves, so Tang Jinyu had to knock on the door to find him for this.

  Xia Ye made milk powder for him, tested the temperature on the back of his hand, and then handed it to the child: “Drink slowly. You will have to drink half a cup of water later, you know?”

  Tang Jinyu nodded, and went to the sofa to drink, there was still half of the picture book he had to read.

  Xia Ye settled down with the child, went back to the bedroom by himself, and was startled for a moment when he saw the screen.

  Qiao Zuo was not a very patient person, and he couldn’t help but swipe the screen.

  ”200,000 is indeed a bit less, but not as good as 500,000?”

  ”How about 800,000?”

  ”1.2 million, this is my final offer, what do you think Mr. Xia?”

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The author has something to say:

  Xia Shen: Raising fish to get rich, easy.

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