LNTMG-(52) Qizhou City

  Probably unable to wait for a response, Qiao Zuo broke his bottom line again: “Mr. Xia? If you think it is not appropriate, you can also offer a price, I just want you to know that this is extremely important to me.’

  Needless to say, Xia Ye had already seen it.

  This Qiao Zuo  was much more straightforward than he expected. Xia Ye didn’t drag him anymore, and replied: “1.2 million can be sold to you.”

  ”Okay, deal!”

  The opposite party quickly sent a message, apparently waiting for him to reply online. The other party also thanked him: “Mr. Xia is a very good person. I hope to have a happy cooperation from now on. I am very happy to meet a master like you.”

  Xia Ye also thought this friend was interesting. He didn’t intend to sell this algorithm for such a high price, he was just using it as a stepping stone, a brick picked up to knock on the door and thrown away when it has served one’s purpose.

(Note: a brick picked up to knock on the door and thrown away when it has served one’s purpose- means ways and means to seek favour)

  Xia Ye sent the algorithm to him, and Qiao Zuo found a special person to look over it, while he stayed there to talk, “Is Mr. Xia going to the company to withdraw money in person, or should I just transfer it to your account?’

  X: “Send the money, I still have some things to do, and I also want to talk about other things as well.”

  Qiao Zuo: “Mr. Xia is too polite, just speak up if you need anything.”

  X: “Do you want to advertise?”

  Qiao Zuo: “This is what you want to talk about?”

  X: “Yes.”

  Qiao Zuo deliberately said: “Strictly speaking, this is the work of the propaganda department, but it doesn’t matter. I can call the shots. How much can Mr. Xia promote?”


  ”One million computers.”

  ”……How many?!”

  ”The first batch, 1 million machines, I can guarantee that all of your new games will be installed.”

  Qiao Zuo was frightened by this number. When typing, he kept deleting, and changing his message several times, considering what to say. But this time he did not have to send his reply back, Xia Ye added another sentence on the other side, “Mr. Qiao, I will guarantee that 80% of Internet cafes will have your games installed, would be interested in this offer?’

  Qiao Zuo was a little confused for a while, and asked: “Are you a computer manufacturer? No, no, even a computer supplier cannot guarantee that all Internet cafes will buy the same brand, and they will still buy in large quantities.” This offer was really terrible, it was too tempting. Qiao Zuo couldn’t help but ask, “What the hell does Mr. Xia want to do? Does he really have a way?”

  ”If Mr. Qiao is interested, you can check out the Vientiane web management software. There should be Internet cafes in your Shanghai stock market. Now the control panel on the Internet cafe will be changed to a game panel in a few days. The function is actually the same, but there will be a small icon to enter. You’ll know by looking at it yourself.”

  Qiao Zuo noted that the mysterious person x opposite soon went offline again, and he felt like his hair was turning grey.

  Qiao Zuo was not reconciled, and went back to the chat room to take a look. It was probably in the afternoon. The avatars of a few people in the chat room were basically gray. Only one person nicknamed “Manager Song” appeared online.

  Qiao Zuo asked him a few questions, but the other party’s business level was very strong and very rigorous, and he didn’t say much except to promote the Loulan Forum to him. Qiao Zuo only found out that X was the boss of their group, and couldn’t ask anything else.

  After Qiao Zuo went offline, he immediately picked up his suit jacket that was lying on his chair, and instructed the people around him: “You leave a few people to continue to study the algorithm, go to the propaganda department to call a few more people, and call in Xu drive and to wait downstairs for me.”

  The people on the side immediately started to act, and followed Qiao Zuo out in a hurry.

  Qiao Zuo found an Internet cafe using Wanxiang’s network management software nearby. He used the most high-end Internet management software since he came into contact with computers. He has also been in a place many times before, he walked in, and the people who followed immediately handled all payments. When they went to look for Qiao Zuo, he had found a place to sit down and turned on a computer.


Qiao Zuo stared at the screen. He had found the control panel that Mr. Xia was talking about. He opened and closed it repeatedly. After several times, he suddenly understood.

  He tried to open the two small icons inside. The Vientiane Guardian was a simple-stroke elephant logo, which quickly popped up and asked whether to check and kill the Trojan virus. Qiao Zuo turned it off, but when he tried to drag the anti-virus software to the recycle bin to delete it, warning signs kept popping up, showing the system obstruction, important files could not be deleted.

  Qiao Zuo’s eyes lit up. “This man is a bit interesting.”

  He saw it in the Internet cafe for less than ten minutes, and he already knew what Mr. Xia planned to do. The area reserved was very large. Not only the icons of their games could be put on it-but now, it was a blank area.

  Qiao Zuo’s heart was beating fast. He didn’t hesitate to return to the company and re-logged in to the chat room. This time he didn’t talk any more nonsense, and went directly to Manager Song.

  ‘I’m looking for your boss to talk about an offer.’

  Manager Song replied: “Wait a minute.”

  Qiao Zuo sat in front of the computer, looking at the gray username on the screen, tapping his fingers on the desktop. He was a businessman, his fingers were slightly shaking in excitement of this newly discovered, and his whole body began to get more excited.

  On the other hand, Xia Ye estimated that it would take at least one or two days for such a large company to finalize it from inspection to review. He left the computer and walked to the living room while stretching his body, planning to take a break.

  Tang Jinyu finished drinking his cup of milk, and was now drinking water by himself. When Xia Ye came out, he put down the cup and hugged him, and said, “Brother! Brother, let’s go play ball downstairs~”

  Xia Ye picked him up, the little guy was very light, and settled him in his arms, “Which yard?”

  Tang Jinyu hugged his arms around his neck, and thought for a while and said, “Go to the yard of my brother’s house.”

  Xia Ye took him to the window and took a look outside. The trees in the yards of the two houses were growing very well, there was some shade outside, so it wouldn’t be too hot to go outside. He took the child downstairs, but after a few shots of kicking the small ball around, Tang Jinyu began to get sleepy. He turned his head when he heard a ‘Wang’ cry, and was completely attracted, he trotted to the fence and stood on tiptoes to take a look.

  The Xia and Tang families live next to each other. There was a small road outside their carved wall, and people would often take their pets for a walk.

  Tang Jinyu enjoyed this.

  Xia Ye picked him up, the little guy was still watching carefully, and whispered praises to the dog to Xia Ye.

  Xia Ye turned to look at him, and the little guy looked at Xia Ye expectantly.

  ”Want to raise?”

  ”No, brother wants to.”

  Xia Ye was so angry that he laughed at the little guy, he pinched the tip of his nose, “I don’t want to raise one, I already have someone to take care of, do you know how troublesome it is to raise a pet?”

  Tang Jinyu was beaten by Xia Ye with walnuts when he was a child. Xia Ye also likes to flick his head. This time when Xia Ye reached over, the little guy subconsciously covered his head, but he didn’t want to be pinched by the nose, so he looked at his brother foolishly, and he didn’t know how to respond.


  ”I prepare the meal he eats every day, the snacks must also be managed well, and hold a small hand while I’m holding food, but it would be difficult to refuse not to.” Xia Ye squeezed his face again: “I have to send him to school everyday, take out to play on the weekends, buy books, and accompany him to play ball after drinking milk at home…”

  Tang Jinyu stretched out his small hands to cover his face, but this time Xia Ye hit his forehead, his movement was very skillful.

  ”So, you just have to take a look here. It doesn’t have to be so troublesome to watch others raise it. It’s fun, isn’t it?”

  The kid who had been cleaned up didn’t dare to refute, and was held by Xia Ye for a while and watched others walking a dog.

  It was still hot outside in summer, and the cicadas on the tree kept humming, but Xia Ye didn’t let him stay outside for a long time, and soon took him back upstairs.

  As soon as he walked in, he heard the phone ringing loudly.

  Xia Ye asked Tang Jinyu to drink water in the living room. He found his mobile phone to answer it. Song Yi briefly talked to him on the phone. Although it had been expected to succeed, he did not expect that Qiao Zuo would come to the door so soon, Xia Ye looked down at his watch, it only took an hour.

  When he went online again, Qiao Zuo went straight to the point, and asked him directly about the cost of Internet cafe offer.

  X: “The installation fee for a computer is 1 yuan.”

  Qiao Zuo frowned slightly, “This is a bit expensive.” It’s just that in the early stage, the first step of this offer was to pay more than one million yuan. But later on, when other cities are now advancing, it would not be very good for him. “This game is the first large-scale online game in China. I can guarantee that it would be a matter of time before it becomes popular.”

  X: “Shao Qiao is the current owner of ‘Miracles’ from H country. What you want to do now is to seize the opportunity, right? Time doesn’t wait for any one, a few months may be enough for another company to win the market. “

  Qiao Zuo was silent for a moment, this was exactly what he worried about.

  He can see the blank market for large-scale online games in China, and other companies can naturally see this too. When he tried to claim agency over ‘Miracles’, he had to fight with other companies for it. Not only did H country have the game ‘Miracle’, but other people that had agency over ‘Miracle’ had begun to set their sights over to their neighboring countries, to Europe and all the way to the United States.

  As X said, he needs to take advantage of it now before he sinks.

 Whenever Qiao Zuo encountered smart people, he wasn’t stingy enough to not praise them: “You are very smart, I like to deal with smart people.”

  There was a polite reply: “You too, you will be the first person to take the chance, time will surely not treat you badly.’

  After a few brief chats on the Internet, the cooperation intention was basically determined. Qiao Zuo warmly invited him, hoping to meet with Mr. Xia and discuss more things in detail.


  After Xia Ye asked how many branches their company had and where they were located, he picked the one in Qizhou City and said to Qiao Zuo: “Then, can I choose to meet in Qizhou City? I’ll be there soon.”

  Qiao Zuo said enthusiastically: “Of course!”

  Qiao Zuo’s money arrived quickly. Xia Ye used Teacher Xia’s account. When the money arrived, Teacher Xia was shocked. He went to Xia Ye and found that his son had taken out the suitcase.

Xia Ye and Qiao Zuo’s people went over the algorithm again, he went to bed a little late yesterday. Before going to bed, he only looked for a few pieces of clothes, but before he could put them in his suitcase, he fell asleep. When he got up, he saw his father, after a few minutes passed he said with a nasal voice: “Yes, I got the money by selling an algorithm… It’s a bit complicated to explain, it was given to me by a game company, you can save it, you may need to use it later.”

  Xia Ye’s money was in father’s hands, he saved all of his money for him, and he didn’t move a single cent. The money has now accumulated to several million, plus the sum of money on hand, it has reached a huge number that he never dared to imagine.

  In the eyes of Teacher Xia, money is just a proof of his son’s excellent work. He was familiar with Xia Ye’s attitude, and said, “You should rest more earlier next time, or it would be hard for you to grow up taller.”

  Xia Ye sat up and chuckled lightly, “How is that possible, I got it from you, I will definitely grow taller.”

  Teacher Xia also laughed, and asked, “Where are you going?”

  ”Going to Qizhou City, I’ll be back soon.”

  ”When will you leave, and how long will you be there?”

  ”Tomorrow, I’ll be back in two or three days, Dad, don’t worry, I have friends over there.”

  Teacher Xia also knows a few people in their company, and also knows that Qizhou City already has a company with several offices. He hesitated for a moment, but nodded and said: “I see, please be careful, If you need help with anything, please feel free to contact me.”

  When Xia Ye was about to go out the next day, Tang Jinyu was shocked when the suitcase was pushed out. The little guy followed behind his legs and asked, “Brother is going out?”

  Xia Ye teased him: “Yeah, why didn’t you wake me up?” He wakes up around this time, and his dad usually opens his door and lets the little guy in, knowing that he wants to indulge the little guy, and shouting out to make the bed.

  This time, Tang Jinyu was taken aback, his cheeks bulged, he wasn’t angry, but he was trying not to cry.

  Teacher Xia looked at the child’s tearful face, and immediately hugged him up and said, “Don’t scare him, Xiaoyu, don’t cry. Uncle will take you to eat an omelet. It’s okay. Your brother will be back in a few days.”

  Tang Jinyu refused to go, stretching out his little hands to pull Xia Ye’s sleeves, feeling reluctant.

  Xia Ye’s heart softened, but fortunately he was only going to Qizhou City, and the time zones would be different if he went somewhere else, fearing that his brother would cry. He stretched out his hand and squeezed Tang Jinyu’s small face and coaxed him: “It’s only two days, I will definitely come back. This is our home, where would I go if I don’t go home?”

  The child stretched out two fingers and said seriously: “Two days.”

  ”Yes, just two days.”

  Teacher Xia carried the little guy to the gate of the courtyard. The little guy had fallen down, Xia Ye wiped dirt off his brother several times, and the little guy cried and stretched out his hand, and called him brother.

  Xia Ye was about to pick him up subconsciously, but he was stopped by his dad. Who didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry, he waved to him and said: “You go quickly, come back after finishing your business, I will watch him for you, if you hold him again, I don’t think you would be able to leave today, and he would stick to you at night.”


  Xia Ye waved his hand, lowered his baseball cap he was wearing, and turned away.

 The bus to Qizhou City only took three hours. He got on the bus and slept for a while. The road was bumpy and he didn’t sleep very well. During the break in the service area, Xia Ye went to the convenience store near the gas station to buy a bottle of water. When he paid, he saw a big can of lollipops next to him and asked, “How much is it?”

  The clerk said: “It’s fifty cents.”

  Xia Ye said: “I want this jar.”

  A whole can of 50 lollipops with mixed flavors. Xia Ye felt that the can was in the way and poured all the lollipops into his backpack. When he went on the road again, he was surrounded by a sweet milky scent, and this time he felt more comfortable.

  It’s almost the same smell at home, and after he goes back, there’s also something that he can hold.

  Qiao Zuo, who had been waiting for two days in Qizhou City, had no idea what the great god in his mind looked like, and he was still waiting for him, looking forward to the arrival of God Xia.

  On the other side, Han Yichen also packed his luggage, and his destination was also Qizhou City.

  Han Yichen’s exam results were pretty good this time, and he got a lot of privileges during summer vacation. His mother let him have fun as a reward, and didn’t care about him.

  Han Yichen’s mother obviously underestimated her son’s ability. After she let him go, Han Yichen ran to Qizhou City, hundreds of kilometers away.

  Before leaving, Han Yichen only quietly said to Song Yi, “I’m going to Qizhou City, Old Ape is not online during this time, he probably won’t notice. Anyway, If Xia Ye asks, you must help me hide it.”

  After Song Yi heard this, he immediately said that he wanted to welcome them, but at the same time expressed a little confusion, “Why do you want to hide it from Xia Ye?”

  Han Yichen said vaguely: “Private matters, it’s not very convenient. Anyway, you must hide it for me.”

  Song Yi said yes without hesitation.

  Han Yichen was worried, and said: “I am going to specifically set off one day later, when Xia Ye arrives at Qizhou City. If he goes to see you, you must not show your stuff.”

  Sitting on the screen, Song Yi instantly made countless thoughts, but quickly responded with a smile and typing: “Of course, I’m on your side, don’t worry. if you have any “private matter” that is inconvenient for you to talk to others. You can ask me anything, I’ve been in Qizhou for a few years, but I still have some relationships that I can use. I can help you a little bit. “

  Han Yichen responded casually, and soon went offline. He bought the ticket and set off early today.

  Song Yi wanted to win over the other party, and he spoke very politely. He called Han Yichen several times and expressed his willingness to help.


  It’s just that Han Yichen is obviously not on the same channel with him, and said: “No, I can solve this bit of grievance by myself.”

  Song Yi was silent for a moment, and said in confusion: “Could I take the liberty to ask, what’s the matter?” He hasn’t heard about Han Yichen’s partisanship, he doesn’t seem like someone who could have any enemies. Song Yi really couldn’t figure out how the high-achieving student from Qingbei could come to Qizhou to resolve his personal grievances.

Han Yichen took a breath and said quietly, “Old Song.”

  Song Yi reacted for a while before he realized that he was calling him: “That’s me.”

  Han Yichen: “Since you are such a friend, I will tell you the truth. I am going to do something very important this time.”

  Song Yi was serious and listened carefully.

  ”I’m going to help my brother fight.”


  ”Fight what?”

  ”Fighting, I made an appointment this weekend, my brother was bullied, I can’t let this happen.”

  Song Yi didn’t believe a word Han Yichen said at first, since this was something that adults don’t do, and it was far from the ability that Han Yichen usually showed. But when he asked for the address of the school, he rushed over, but when he saw two teenagers standing outside the gate of S University, his heart began to shake.

  Han Yichen was standing by the wall with a boy of his age. The two were talking in low voices. They both looked like good students wearing glasses. If you look closely, they both look alike. That was his cousin Han Yibo, they both looked like white scholars. The difference was that his cousin’s glasses were bigger, and his glasses hung on the bridge of his nose. He looked like a good and trustworthy person, but there was a big bump on his forehead, which was swollen.

  Han Yichen said angrily: “That group of beasts, how can they knock your head, what if they made you stupid!”

  Han Yibo clenched his fists from the side, “They are the bullies on campus, they bully the weak!”

  Han Yichen was angry: “Are they bullying you?”

  ”It’s not just me, they bully anyone that’s weak.”

  Song Yi walked over with a complicated mood and greeted them, “Han Yichen?”

  Han Yichen stepped forward and gave a high-five to his outstretched hand, “That’s me, cousin, this is the old Song who I was talking about. He is a good person, he insisted on coming to help us. After today, he is considered my good brother.”


  Han Yibo also learned to give Song Yi a high-five, trying hard to pretend to be cool: “Good brother! If you are so insistent on supporting us today, I will not persuade you!”

  Song Yi kept his hand in mid-air as a greeting, and was mistaken as a high-five. He could only take back his hand in embarrassment. He looked at them and asked, “What’s the matter? How about we find a place to clarify, and put things in perspective, it doesn’t necessarily have to end in a fight.”

  Han Yichen didn’t leave, he stood there and made it clear.

  The reason lies within his cousin, the Han family’s cousin might look weak, but he had skipped a grade and didn’t even go to high school. At the age of fifteen, he successfully entered S University, and he was regarded as a young genius. At the same time, Han Yibo also inherited the old Han family’s unique spirit of fighting injustice. When he encountered school bullying, he stood up and accused the other party in public.

 They immediately targeted Han Yichen’s cousin.

  The group of people were also wicked. They saw that Han Yibo was younger and shorter than them, and more outstanding than them, so they began to target him everywhere.

  Han Yibo was beaten twice. Although he wanted to fight back, he was not their opponent at all, and he was beaten up till he cried.

  He said he was a sophomore, but he was actually only a few months older than Han Yichen. A seventeen-year-old half-year-old boy lost in a fight. He was too embarrassed to tell his family about this, and he could only complain to his cousin who was close to him on weekdays.

  How could Han Yichen bear it?

  He couldn’t bear it!

  After listening to his cousin, he bought a ticket and came.

  Song Yi was wearing a straight suit and stood by the wall outside the school after listening to the whole story. He looked up at them, and his eyes finally fell on Han Yichen, after thinking about it: “It turns out that it was from the Junior Class. I have heard a little bit about the situation there. It’s a little bit complicated…I think there is still room for dealing with this matter, do you want me to help you talk to them about it? Otherwise, it will cause trouble, maybe the school will punish you. Of course, Yichen, you are at a different school, I am not quite sure about the risks of this…”


  Han Yichen waved his hand and said deeply: “Old Song, you don’t need to say this, I know what you mean, but I must fight this one. When the fight is over, I will tell you more about me.”

  Han Yichen only recognizes that he is a high school student. It will be a big deal if he were to confess the truth later. Anyway, he has said this to Xia Ye before, if they had the chance to see Old Ape and Song Yi in the future, wouldn’t they know that they were high schoolers? 

  He didn’t know that Song Yi had subconsciously regarded him as a small genius like Han Yibo, and he had completely wanted to follow all the way through the company.

  Song Yi wanted to win him over, so he naturally followed him, and nodded for a moment, “Okay, I’ll accompany you on this trip.”

  Han Yichen patted him on the shoulder, “Onwards brother!”

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  The author has something to say: Lao Song, who is devoted to his career, accidentally entered the youth copy.

  Lao Song: It’s too difficult.

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