LNTMG-(53) Group Fight

 Song Yi followed them on their trip, he was very familiar with the campus of S University, but he never thought that he would come back here for a group fight. Song Yi still didn’t feel like it should end in a fight, he felt like a civilized person, and felt that there was a way to solve this conflict.

  But he underestimated the mobility of young people, especially in the junior class. The so-called junior class refers to children who have been admitted to university at a very young age. For example, Han Yibo is a sophomore, but this 17-year-old was seven or eight years younger than Song Yi, and he is unable to properly communicate with him.

  Han Yibo led them to find the other party’s dormitory, he opened the door and shouted: “Bring Lu Bing here! Come out to fight me!”

  Han Yichen pushed his cousin away, gritted his teeth and said: “Who am I fighting? Get out here unless you want to die!”

  A couple of tall boys in the dormitory stood up immediately, and one of them came over with a stout face and said, “Han Yibo, you dare come here!”

  Han Yibo said angrily: “Why don’t I dare! It’s because you made a mistake first. Every time you come to our dormitory to eat and drink, you also snatch other students’ meal cards, and how many times you asked for others to invite you to dinner? When I don’t even have a single penny to buy a meal for myself, how could you be so shameless!”


  Before Lu Bing saw Song Yi behind them, wearing a nice suit, he felt a little doubtful. After hearing Han Yibo’s words, he couldn’t help but become irritated. He walked towards him, and shoved him: “Scram, you really think someone like you can teach me a lesson! I’ll see once I beat you up!”

Song Yi originally wanted to go forward and persuade him. He believed that since he was an excellent student of this school that he would still give some face towards his seniors from the same school, but he just stepped forward and saw Han Yichen’s cousin take out a self-defense weapon nunchaku that was inside his clothes, and soon as the other party approached, he knocked on the other party’s forehead, and got his revenge first!

  ”You greedy little people, in order to save everyone from your exploitation, I must teach you a good lesson today!”

  ”Cousin, don’t talk nonsense with them, charge!”

  Han Yichen rushed forward and kicked someone down. The little cousin yelled “Waaaa~~” in his mouth and rushed up with his nunchakus. He used nunchakus very unskillfully. Although it’s a plastic one, whenever he hit someone it would also hit himself, he can beat himself black and blue without other people even using their hands.

  Song Yi didn’t dare to charge immediately!

  What the hell is this!

  How can there be such a garbage weapon in the world!

  Song Yi wants face, but he felt like he was slapped, but feeling like he lost face was definitely not good, he, the manager, shouldn’t mess up!

  Lu Bing, who was opposite, was hit in the head, and beaten. He usually bullies others, but now that some small fry came out seeking revenge, he went to fight back immediately. But he soon found out that Han Yibo’s nunchucks were so powerful that even if he was surrounded, it was really painful to get hit by it. As he yelled for help, he went around to the back and gave the man in the suit a kick!

  ”Is there no one else? There’s someone from another school who has come here to fight, let’s go!”

  Song Yi took the kick and blocked his fist. The fire in his heart was starting to boil. “This classmate, don’t hit people for no reason, if it wasn’t for you to make a mistake, we wouldn’t…”


  Before he could finish speaking, he received a punch, he tried to avoid it, but the other party’s  fist brushed against his forehead, and grabbed his hair. Song Yi hair was entangled and he hit the side of the bed, his eyes flashed red. 

  ”Don’t grab my hair!”

  ”I’ll say it again, don’t make me angry!”

  ”I’ll go to your uncle!”


  Song Yi completely lost his temper, and he punched the opponent when he stood up. He used to practice self defense during his free time. After a few punches, the opponent lay down, but Lu Bing backup also arrived, and the fight seemed endless. Fortunately, the dormitory was small, and not a lot of people could get in. At most, there were six or seven people fighting each other inside, Han Yichen and the three of them could barely stay down.

  The rest of the people lined up outside the dormitory to wait for admission. It was too lively here, and soon more and more people were watching.

  Song Yi felt that this matter was going to be bad, he was out of control, and while he took the mop to push the opponent out, he called Han Yichen and his cousin: “Come here! Hold it against the door, and do not let go!”

  Han Yichen and his little cousin came over immediately, and the two of them used their strength to push against the door. Lu Bing and the others were confused while being forced out. When they finally reacted, they immediately slammed the door: “Fuck, are you sick! This is our dormitory! you guys come out for me! Get out!”

  Song Yi asked Han Yichen to hold back the door, and took out his mobile phone to find reinforcements.

  At the moment, it’s not easy to make any relationship, so he could only think of someone from this school. He quickly got through Old Ape’s phone, without waiting for the slow “hello” over, he said quickly: “Senior, I’m in a little trouble, can you come here? Yes, it’s at the school, the chemical institute…”

  He reported the address and asked Old Ale to come to the rescue.

  Old Ape is a doctoral student, and he has been a teaching assistant here and has taught the undergraduate department. He was more familiar with the environment than he is.

  It didn’t take long for Old Ape to come, and the school’s security staff came along with him. The housekeeper of the dormitory was also trying to control the crowd outside. After seeing them, he immediately said, “You go in and see, the students on both sides were fighting so fiercely. I haven’t seen such a fierce one in so many years!”

  Old Ape was startled, and immediately pulled away from the crowd and went inside, “Song Yi, Xiao Han! Are you all right?”


  The door of the dormitory had a hole, and was broken. Old Ape shouted again from the outside, and the people inside let go. Although Old Ape was fat he was flexible, he immediately slipped in and saw that they had all their arms and legs intact, but Han Yichen had a black eye. Song Yi’s lip was bruised, and the suit that he was wearing was scrapped, and countless footprints were left on it. The most serious one was the boy behind Han Yichen, whose nose was swollen, and his face was particularly miserable.

  Old Ape swallowed and asked them, “What the hell is going on?”

  Song Yi didn’t know what to say.

 The students from several classes, regardless of what class they were in quickly reported the fight to a school teacher, the school responded quickly, immediately sent a special teacher, but after asking twice, immediately applied for a re-appointment, this time the situation was very special, and even the vice principal was shocked.

  The vice-principal came to the security department in person, and when he pushed the door, he saw the seven boys standing there with six miserable appearances. Only one fat man with a beard stood there. He was the only one not injured. When he saw him coming in, he said hello.

  ”Teacher Zhu, why are you here? I even trouble you to take a trip for such a trivial matter, hahaha~”

  ”Yuan Hanqiu, why are you here?” President Zhu felt that this was strange. He is a professor of computer science. This fat man was his proud student, he is usually quite normal, and would never hurt a fly. The only rebellious thing about him is that he jumps to several colleges, and he had no other shortcomings.

  Old Ape was a little shy as he stood there, rubbing his hands and said, “Well, there is a little misunderstanding between my friend and someone from the chemistry institute.”

  Several boys in the chemistry institute glared at him, but were afraid to speak in front of Principal Zhu.

  Principal Zhu looked at them around and said: “A trivial matter? This is no trivial matter, this was reported specifically, so that this matter can’t be handled by the following!” The old man circled around them, especially Song Yi, and couldn’t help but recognized him after glancing at him a few more times, “I’d like to ask what this is about, undergraduate, a master’s degree and now PhD students are coming, what is this fight, how can the three of you attend one of top three major schools, come all the way to this university?”

      Han Yichen stood there, and did not dare to say anything.

  On the other side, Xia Ye had already met with Qiao Zuo in Qizhou City, and was discussing.

  Xia Ye wants to have a long-term cooperation, and the conditions are very favorable, and Master Qiao was not short on money. After meeting Xia Ye, he became more interested in him. In addition to work, he was also curious about their mysterious profession.

  Xia Ye took a sip of tea, put down the cup and said, “This is a private matter, no comment.”

  Qiao Zuo thinks this person was too cool.

  Xia Ye glanced at the watch and said, “Then come here today. The conditions are basically approved by all of us. As for the second phase of the promotion plan you mentioned, I need to discuss it with our people before I can give any confirmation. I’ll give you news at the latest tonight.”


  Qiao Zuo was very satisfied with this and sent him out personally.

  Xia Ye went out of the door of the Qiao family and called to find someone from his company, but after calling, everyone was either muted or unable to get through. Old Ape’s was even more excessive. After calling, he hung up on him, and only picked up his call after a few times. He lowered his voice and whispered, “Hey, Xia Ye, I have something right now, I’m very busy—”

  Xia Ye said: “Then if you are busy, I will look for Song Yi.”

  Old Ape faltered: “Song Yi is also busy.”

  Xia Ye only contacts Han Yichen about school sometimes, “Okay then, I’ll go online to find Han Yichen.”


  ”Xiao Han is not online, he is also busy today.”

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4 thoughts on “LNTMG-(53) Group Fight

  1. Binged this story over the last two days. I can’t express how much I love it! You know, maybe I’m getting too used to extremely long stories, but I’m actually not in any kind of a rush to see Jinyu grow up and the romance to start? I want to see how these two grow up into a normal, sweet and spoiled young man and a smart, cool and savvy businessman! I love their families! I want to see Jinyu’s parents enjoy having a healthy son and Xia Ye’s dad make a comeback from his failed health, marriage and career! I want to see the cute child act sticky with his brother and the cold teenager allow himself to trust in others! I am curious to see any romance develop from this, but I have no hesitation in trusting the process. It feels so organic so far after all. Your translation is fantastic as well! This has been a real treat so far. I’ll follow along for the rest of the ride!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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  2. Xia Ye’s been left out by the brotherhood 😂😂😂😂 Everyone’s out fighting, Xia Ye discussing for collaboration: Everyone’s busy? 😂😂😂😂 Anyway thank you for the chapter 😊😊😊

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