LNTMG-(54) Eldest Grandson

 Xia Ye rubbed his eyebrows: “I will give you a minute to explain what’s going on right now.”

  Old Ape hesitated on the phone, and tried his best to defend his brothers. After all, this matter was fighting for justice.

  Old Ape sighed: “This is probably how things happened. We are here waiting for the school’s punishment. We have had a meeting over there to discuss, and we will not be able to leave for a while.”

  Xia Ye said okay, and hung up the phone.

  Old Ape stood there thinking for a while, and said: “We can’t just sit and wait, after all, Xiao Han’s identity is different, I have to talk to them.”

  Han Yichen dragged him back, and said, “Don’t, don’t!”

    Old Ape refused, and insisted: “You’ve come all the way here to fight for justice. It’s the small group in this school who are the problem in the end. If this spreads around your cousins school, the results would end well. I will report to the principal, and try to deal with it lightly.”

  Han Yichen really couldn’t help but glanced at a few of the penalty stations, and whispered in Old Apes ear.

  Old Ape’s body shook and turned to look at him: “What?! You, you are actually…?”

  Han Yichen nodded and said helplessly, “I really am.”

  Old Ape blinked and asked, “Then Xia Ye said he was in the same school as you, so is he also?”

  ”Well, yes, he goes to the same school as me, and one grade lower than me.”

  Old Ape covered his chest and backed up a few steps. After thinking for a while, he took Han Yichen’s hand to knock on the office door, “Then your identity is better, plus your cousin is also young and underage. You must cry as soon as you go in, you know, cry a little bit worse, our principal Zhu looks stern but is the easiest to soften up, I will take you so you can beg him.”


  Old Ape’s plan ended up being useless , since President Zhu walked out of the office.

  He glanced at a few classmates around him, cleared his throat and said, “What happened today was very bad in nature!”

  Several students bowed their heads in response, standing by the wall not daring to move.

  Principal Zhu calmed down after a while and said, “For now, I want all of you to go back and write a review of 5,000 words, okay!” He stood in front of Han Yichen and his little cousin, and said to them, “The old dean of the school personally called me and is coming in person to me with me later, if it wasn’t because you are still young and ignorant, we would have been dealing with this situation more seriously. If you have any future problems in the future, you will report to the teacher. Next time, you must not fight like this anymore, understand?”

  Han Yibo quickly agreed, his voice a little louder, and he felt like he wasn’t as great as them.

  After listening to this, Old Ape felt envious that they were going to meet the old dean. His male god really had a good heart and loved every student like his own child.

  Principal Zhu stood in front of his beloved disciple, and when he looked at his moving expression, he knew that this person was thinking some sort of nonsense again, so he spoke to him on his way out. “Next time, you’d better not interfere with these types of affairs that happen around the schools, have you finished the work I’ve given you? Has the report been written yet? “

  Old Ape bowed his head and promised to submit it on time.

  When it was Song Yi’s turn, Principal Zhu turned to look at him, but he did say anything right away, and only sighed for a long time.

  Song Yi felt that this was more embarrassing than being disciplined, and he wanted to find a place to hide in.

  When the group of people came out with a sullen face, they received a call from Xia Ye, “Is everything alright?”

  Old Ape smiled and said: “It’s okay, it’s okay, we were lucky today, we just have to remember to write a review.”

  ”I will send you an address, in a few minutes. You guys will come here as soon as possible. Some companies will talk to you about some important business.”

  Several people received the address from Xia Ye and quickly searched and looked for the place.

  Since it was an important business meeting, the three of them rushed over leaving behind Han Yichen’s little cousin. In the taxi, Song Yi learned about Han Yichen’s true identity. After hearing that Xia Ye was also a high school student, a high school freshman, his pupils couldn’t help but widen. Although there are waves in his heart, it did show on his face.


  Song Yi looked at Han Yichen, who was texting next to him, thinking for a moment, and asked, “Xiao Han, do you have any thoughts about the Vientiane Guardian?”

  Han Yichen was at a loss: “Thoughts about what?”

  ”I think it’s very good. It’s a pity that it’s only placed in an additional position. It can compete with other antivirus software on the market.” Song Yi thought about it, looked at him and asked, “Have you ever thought about taking it out and selling it separately?”

  Han Yichen scratched his head and said, “It wouldn’t really matter what I say, you should ask Xia Ye and Old Ape about this, I’m just here to help out.”

Song Yi cast his gaze on Old Ape, “What do you think senior?

  Old Ape didn’t feel very good, so he slightly furrowed his eyebrows and said to him: “Let’s ask Xia Ye about this first, he has spent a lot of time working on this software, and most of it was his idea.”

  Song Yi smiled and said: “The three of you are all developers. As long as two agree, I will convince the boss with the other vote.”

  Old Ape sat down in the front seat and turned his head to look at the scenery outside the window.

  In the back row, Song Yi was still talking about the profitability and prospects of anti-virus software on the market. He was very optimistic about their model. From his words, he has already planned for this to go in certain directions. “Now a copy of anti-virus software costs 30 yuan. It ranges from 150 yuan, and there is a special card after installation, Xiao Han, let me tell you the truth, your design is more suitable for current software, the pages are simple and convenient, and the effect is good. And the cost of the CD is very low, I have calculated it. Just making anti-virus software is very profitable…”

  Han Yichen didn’t really understand what he was saying, but after all, they now had a certain friendship after they just fought together. Song Yi might have said what he said before out of kindness, but he didn’t really know Song Yi’s intentions, but simply thought of it as a compliment.

  Song Yi talked and laughed happily, strategizing.

  He now feels that the injury on his body was not so painful, and at least he won a vote from Han Yichen’s side.

  He now also observed Old Ape and Han Yichen personalities. These two are skilled when it comes to technology, but they have no intention of going any further.. After excluding the thought of them ever competing with him, Song Yi became very kind to them.

  When he got downstairs at the tea house, Song Yi stepped out of the taxi and shook his collar, patted the footprints of his suit as cleanly as possible, feeling refreshed again.

  But this excitement lasted only for five minutes.


  Xia Ye talked with Qiao Zuo’s people here yesterday, and felt that the environment was quiet, and that their access to private rooms made it very convenient for them to have a private conversation, so he simply chose this place to meet at. When a few people walked in from the outside, Xia Ye forgot to drink his tea with his hand, and it took a long time to come to his senses before putting down his cup and asking, “Was it a tough fight?”

  Han Yichen knew him well, and went to sit down and said, “Don’t mention it, fighting a group of people, with no eyesight.”

  Xia Ye smiled angrily, “Why are you so familiar with this?”

  Han Yichen felt like he had no face left to be ashamed about, so he sat there and laughed, grabbing a handful of pistachios to eat.

  Song Yi also sat down, paused for a moment, and then began to smile and said, “But it’s not without gain, we were discussing a plan on the way here. It’s about the Vientiane Guardian, is the boss interested in listening?”

  Xia Ye has a polite attitude towards Song Yi, since they had a business talent, and Song Yi was the most reliable person in their company now, and the rest are just doing this as help. Old Ape was determined to enter college, but Han Yichen hasn’t even been admitted to a university yet, but helped a student start a fight first, which was a mess.

  Song Yi began to talk about the anti-virus software being sold separately, very excited, but he didn’t impress Xia Ye in the slightest.

  After hearing a few words, Xia Ye said, “It’s okay. Anyway, it’s all the same thing, you can find someone under you to do it.”

  The smile on Song Yi’s face froze, and he furrowed his eyebrows in confusion, “Why let someone else do it, I think I can do it…”

  Xia Ye took a document out of his backpack, pushed it to his hand and said, “You have other things to do, take a look at this first.”

  The contract was only a few pages long, and it was still in the drafting stage, and the traces after the negotiation could be seen. Song Yi quickly read it through, and his heart has gone up and down today, and felt like he was on a roller coaster.

  While he was still thinking about how to fight with other parties for a small share of the anti-virus market, Xia Ye had already explored the game’s territory, and occupied a new field, and had already negotiated the first big deal.

  Xia Ye criticized Han Yichen on the side, “How old are you, can you use your head to think before doing something? And you still fought a group of people, you should tell your sister to not do this.”


  Han Yichen shrank and said, “Don’t just scold me, Lao Song fought too.”

  Xia Ye looked up at Song Yi with a complicated expression: “It’s not just you, you both were really naive.”

  Song Yi: “…”

  Most of Song Yi’s heart for power was extinguished, and only a little fire was still swaying.

  Han Yichen ate the pistachios for a while, and then curiously said: “Xia Ye, you called Old Ape just now, did you find someone to help us?”


  ”You have a good eye, how did you find this person? Who are they?”

  ”I found Xiaoyu’s grandfather, his grandfather is an old professor there.”

  Old Ape heard the gossip: “Is that your brother Xiaoyu? I must know his grandfather here, since he is a professor. I know most of the old professors there, who is it?”

  Xia Ye said quietly: “Mr. Tang Hui.”

  Old Ape stood up abruptly and shouted, “Who did you just say!”

  Xia Ye: “…Mr. Tang Hui, what’s the matter?”

  Old Ape almost kneeled to him on the spot, and tremblingly questioned him for a long time. After repeated confirmation with Xia Ye, his eyes were tearful, and his mouth muttered: “God hasn’t given up on me, God is looking out for me. This is the chance for me to become a brand new man, I have waited for this day to come! Xia Ye, no, Mr. Xia, I’ll be with you for the rest of my life. I’ll be a cow and a horse for you and your brother, and be a grass-root in my next life. So can you take me to see the old man and listen to his teachings? “

  Xia Ye said: “Wait for two days, I’m going to visit Grandpa Tang.”

  Han Yichen curiously asked, “Aren’t you going back? I’m afraid your brother will squat at the door and cry today. “

  Xia Ye laughed, as he thought of the little guy back at home, his expression became a lot softer, and then raised his eyebrows in small triumph: “I won’t go back, spend a few more days here, and then Xiaoyu will come here.”

  Han Yichen said with envy, “Really, only two days before your brother comes over?”

  Xia Ye looked at the watch on his wrist and said, “Three days.”

  When he left, he said that he would be back in two days, but since today he has delayed a lot of time. He originally wanted to take the evening bus back, but Tang Jinyu was brought by Aunt Chen early in the morning, and the little guy cried after he didn’t see him arrive in the morning, he heard that he didn’t stop crying even after he got inside the car.


Xia Ye came here mainly to assign work, Song Yi was the main force, and the rest was technical assistance.

  Song Yi had a good hand at work. Whatever job was assigned, he never complained, no matter how difficult it was, he would always find a way. Not to mention that this was a completely new field. When Xia Ye talked to him, he looked solemn and listened attentively. He occasionally added in a couple of sentences, and finally closed the document and said: “I know, I will implement it as soon as possible. The second batch of promotion data will be reported to you before 7pm. I will guarantee that the number will definitely exceed 1 million computers.”

  Xia Ye nodded and said, “Thank you.”

  Song Yi took the file and went back to the company immediately. He was a workaholic, now that he had a new job, he didn’t even feel the pain on his lips. Compared to the hundreds of thousands of profitable anti-virus software, the big business of game contracts that can easily jump into one million, has made his heart happy.

  Old Ape watched Song Yi leave, and sat there and said a few words to Xia Ye. Before Xia Ye finished listening, he shook his head and said, “It’s not a problem, the company is getting bigger, and someone will leave sooner or later.”

  Han Yichen asked, “Who is leaving?”

  Xia Ye didn’t answer him, but only said to Old Ape: “But I can guarantee that Lao Song will never leave before finishing this order.”

  Old Ape said strangely: “Do you trust him that much?”

  Xia Ye picked up his backpack and got up and said, “I just have confidence in my own abilities. If he leaves us, he will never find such a great company again, since no one will let go of him, and let him get away with this.”

  Old Ape thought for a while and was also happy: “Yeah, you are right. Lao Song is not stupid, but I wouldn’t want to leave such a good company.”

  Han Yichen only then understood, and immediately said: “Why are you guys saying that about Old Song, he is so righteous, and he helped me fight today!”

  The two opposite people looked at Han Yichen, Old Ape had a particularly caring look, took a plate of walnuts and pushed him to his hand, “Xiao Han, eat more and make up for the lost.”

  Xia Ye looked at his watch again and said to them: “Aunt Chen and Xiaoyu are coming, I will pick him up first.”

  Old Ape immediately wanted to follow along when he heard this, and said: “Xia Ye, wait for me, take me! I’ll take a look too!”

  ”Who are you going to see?”

  ”I’m going to give my greetings to our Royal Highness Sun Xiao, the eldest grandson of our department!”

  It happened in the afternoon when Chen Suling took Tang Jinyu all the way to Qizhou.

  On the way, she told Xia Ye where to meet up. She still had a bit of work this time, so she was going to drop him off. She didn’t stop driving, until she saw Xia Ye standing under the wutong tree on the side of the road. The boy was tall and handsome, he was very eye-catching even if he was wearing simple casual clothes.

  Xia Ye also saw her car, walked over a few steps and smiled: “Aunt Chen.”

  Chen Suling also smiled, and said: “Why come out all by yourself? You should have said this earlier, and I would’ve told the driver to send you over.”

  Xia Ye smiled and said, “It’s no big deal, I’m already here.” He glanced into the car and saw Tang Jinyu’s little head peeking at him, before the little guy hid away. He felt that this was a bit strange, he thought that the little guy might be angry at him, so he walked and bent over to the other side, and when he finally saw the little guy. He saw Tang Jinyu happily holding a delicate swallow kite, and pushing towards his hand, calling him: “Brother, here!”


  Xia Ye went over to hug him out, the little guy was wearing overalls today with a soft white t-shirt inside. He probably slept on the way here, since his hair was curled up. When the little guy saw him, he laughed, holding his little kite towards him like he was offering him a treasure. : “Brother, here you are~”

  Chen Suling smiled and said: “Take it quickly. When he was at the company yesterday, they gave him a little kite. Xiaoyu said that he wanted to give it to you yesterday, but when he went to see you yesterday morning. He was very sad to see that you didn’t come back, he took his kite all the way here, and wanted to give it to you once we arrive!”

  Xia Ye took the little kite that was in a shape like a diamond, it was delicate and the size fit onto the palm of his hand, and the colors were bright and beautiful.

  The child was happy when he saw that he had received it. He hugged his arms around his neck, and called him brother again.

  Xia Ye touched his forehead and said with a smile: “Thank you, brother.”

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  1. I was wondering when Xia Ye would get around to introducing Old Ape to Grandpa Tang! Old Ape has been around and been loyal long enough, he’s allowed to use that connection! Song Yi is not a loyal worker as much as someone hungry for power and money. This isn’t a bad thing per se, it helps the company grow, but it also means he’s not fully trustworthy.

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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  2. Han Yichen is so naive, he has luck Xia Ye and Old Ape are there for him. If not, I think he would be sold and still help his vendor count their money.
    Thank you for the update!

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