LNTMG(55) Hotel

Old Ape waiting on the side, watching the two brothers interact, and couldn’t help but coughed and walked forward, he smiled and greeted then: “I am Xia Ye’s good friend, my surname is Yuan, Yuan Hanqiu, I have heard so much from you—” He stepped forward and shook hands with Chen Suling, saying a few polite words, and then shifted the focus to Tang Jinyu, turning around to praise him: “Oh, this is Xiaoyu, right? Your brother talks about every time I talk with him, let me see, you’re so good looking! I have never seen a child so beautiful!”

  His tone was too exaggerated and full of flattering, Xia Ye couldn’t help but touch him with his elbow, not allowing him to come closer.

  Old Ape didn’t care, he doesn’t have his face to save anymore, so what if he couldn’t go near him? He still kept flattering repeatedly, praising the child diligently.

  Tang Jinyu looked at him while in Xia Ye’s arms, full of curiosity.

  Xia Ye said to him: “This is your brother’s friend.”

  Old Ape was extremely shameless. He climbed along the way and stretched out his hands to hug the little majesty.

  Tang Jinyu refused to give him a hug, turned his head and drew back into his brother’s arms.

  Xia Ye laughed, reached out his hand and touched his small head, and explained to Old Ape: “He is still young, and afraid of meeting new people.”


  Old Ape smiled and said: “I’m sure he will become familiar with me after we spend more time together, and there will be plenty of time in the future as well.”

  Chen Suling had work to do, and was busy. She returned to her car, and told Xia Ye and asked him to take Tang Jinyu back to the hotel to rest. “The rooms are all opened. You live next door to us. If I come back late at night, you can take Xiaoyu to sleep first, and have breakfast together tomorrow morning, and you will send him back to me.” She said, squeezing the little son’s face and teasing him: “Now that you are with your brother, you no longer have to cry. You will have dinner with your brother tonight, and your mother is still busy with work, so don’t be naughty, okay? “

  Tang Jinyu nodded, very obedient.

  Old Ape was amazed when he saw this, he used to hold a superior heart to curry favor with the little majesty, but now it seems that the little majesty of their courtyard is so cute, and he can’t imagine what it was like when he was naughty.

When Chen Suling left, Old Ape asked him shyly: “Ms. Xia, where are we going now?”

  Xia Ye glanced at him and said, “Go back to the hotel, are also you coming?”

  Old Ape rubbed his hands and said with a smile: “It’s only a few hours now, and it’s too early to return to the hotel, have you had time to become familiar with Qizhou City? Anyway, I have been studying here for a few years, and I know a lot of different places that have delicious food. I’ll be your tour guide, I’ll be cleaning any dust for you and Xiaoyu, how about it?”

  Xia Ye stood there waiting for him to finish.

  Sure enough, Old Ape faltered and said: “Then what, can you call Dean Tang? I really admire his old man for a long time, and have always wanted to invite him to dinner. I was saying that Xiaoyu would maybe want to pay a visit to his Grandpa!”

  Xia Ye didn’t agree, the little guy in his arms heard this and  he looked up and looked at him, “Brother, shall we go to see Grandpa?”

  Xia Ye asked him, “Does Xiaoyu want to see Grandpa now?”

  Old Ape held his breath and looked at the little majesty nervously. Seeing the child nodded lightly, the little man in his heart was almost crying with joy, “Xia Ye! Look at it! What a good boy, my goodness!”

  His Royal Highness the eldest grandson was quickly promoted to the number one good child in the heart of Old Ape, and he drove his car, and went to visit Dean Tang together.


  The old dean received a notice that his daughter-in-law brought his little grandson to visit him tomorrow afternoon. He was surprised to see the children come over today, he greeted them to come in and drink tea together, and kept stuffing snacks into his little grandsons pockets. The old man deliberately pretended to be unhappy and said to his grandson: “Xiaoyu hasn’t come to see Grandpa for such a long time, and you rather stay at a hotel instead of staying with me?”

  Tang Jinyu sat with his pockets full, and the toffee in his pocket were about to fall out, “It’s my mother who didn’t let me come.”

  Old Tang said strangely: “Your mother won’t let you see me?”

  The child nodded earnestly, “Mom is going to work late and will leave at 5 o’clock in the morning, she said that she would be too noisy and wake up grandpa, so we will stay in a hotel and come back when grandpa is resting.”

  Old Tang’s heart is about to be transformed by his good grandson. He feels that the little guy was soft, sweet, and caring.

  Old Ape who had been talking during their ride here, his mind turned blank the moment he saw Mr. Tang Hui. If anyone were to look carefully, they would be able to see that his knees were trembling slightly, as he sat there. Holding on to his hands, his mouth was also closed tightly, but not only was his mouth closed, he didn’t dare to breathe too loudly.

  This is the male god of the academy!

  The strongest king of their S, by his own efforts has raised the honor of their whole school, and now he was here sitting in Mr. Tang Hui’s home, and drinking a cup of tea that Mr. Tang Hui personally poured, how lucky was he!

  Old Ape was so moved that he almost cried.

  He feels that his life was complete!

  When they ate together in the evening, they went to a private restaurant carefully selected by Old Ape. The chef of the restaurant used to be a chef in an old state-owned restaurant. After retiring, he worked on his own knowing that there are not many people in this place, and only regular customers usually came. The key was that the cooking was really delicious and the ingredients were fresh, it might look simple at first glance, but after taking a bite would people know how fresh the food was.


  Old Ape ordered a few signature dishes, Qizhou’s famous sweet and sour big carp, fried double crisp soup and sea cucumber with scallion. He also ordered some of their best snacks to please the child and honor their little royal highness.

  The amount of dishes were not too much, but portions were just right for their group.

  Elder Tang praised him: “This dish is good, and it is best to not waste food.”

  Old Ape immediately nodded and replied: “Yes, it is shameful to waste. There are two sticks left. Teacher, I’ll take them back with me for supper, I have to write my paper tonight, and I wouldn’t be able to use my brain if I’m hungry.”

  Elder Tang naturally agreed, and he also praised his diligence and discipline.

  Old Ape’s face was faintly red, and he sat there trying to conceal the pride in his heart.

  When the bill was being settled, Old Ape rushed out and paid for it himself, When he stood there waiting for the waiter to come with his change, he still felt he was dreaming, and he felt like his feet were stepping on cotton. When he thought of Mr. Tang praise, he couldn’t help but giggle.

  Tang Jinyu was still young, and he was easily sleepy when he was full. After rubbing his eyes twice, Xia Ye saw this and hugged him, and asked in a low voice. The child was talking to his brother in his arms in a very soft voice, and fell asleep in his arms without saying a word.

  Elder Tang also lowered his voice and asked, “Asleep? Let me hold it.”

  Xia Ye shook his head and whispered: “He would wake up if I moved him. I will hug him back in the car for a while and take him back to sleep. He was a little tired from coming all the way today.”

  Elder Tang thought for a while, nodded and said, “Alright, bring Xiaoyu again tomorrow.”

  Xia Ye smiled and nodded, and sent the old man out, just in time for Old Ape to return. After speaking in a low voice, Old Ape immediately patted his chest and promised to send Dean Tang back, and let Xia Ye take care of his brother.

  Xia Ye saw that he couldn’t wait to leave and said, “I see, send me a text message.”

  ”Okay, don’t worry!”

  Tang Jinyu was taken back to the hotel, dozing off all the way there, covered with Xia Ye’s coat on his head, as if hiding in his quiet little world, without noticing that his surroundings have changed.

  If Chen Suling was here, she would usually coax him not to sleep and wait until they went to sleep together,


  But Xia Ye felt some heartache, and decided to indulge him for once, and let him sleep.

  After sleeping until nine o’clock in the evening, the child woke up again, got up from the hotel bed, sitting in a daze for a while, with a couple of hairs standing up, before remembering where he was, he rubbed his eyes and crawling out of the bed to look for someone.

  The hotel slippers were obviously one size larger, and whenever Tang Jinyu wore them, it felt like there were two small boats on his feet, and took small steps to the living room with his slippers.

  Xia Ye was whispering something while sitting on the sofa in the living room, with a laptop in front of him, and the screen was glowing.

  Xia Ye suddenly felt a small pair of hands on his knees, followed by the little guy wearing overalls and crawling on his legs skillfully, found a position in his arms, turned over, tilted his head and rested on his arm, blinking his eyes towards him.

While talking to the person on the phone, Xia Ye saw the big slippers on his little brother’s feet and couldn’t help but laughed: “Where did you find these slippers? You can wear your socks instead, these are too big…” He took the slippers off the little guy’s feet, straightened his cartoon socks for him, and said over the phone, “it’s not talking to you. I’m talking to my brother, yeah, he’s awake.”

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Sweet and sour big carp

Deep fried carp in sweet-sour sauce, close-up

Fried double crisp soup -(something like this)

Sea cucumber with scallion

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  1. All these delicious pictures of food first thing in the morning… you’re making me hungry for supper and that’s too many hours away!

    Old Ape was given an opportunity here (well, he did shamelessly beg for it I suppose!) and he better not waste it. Just don’t expect Grandpa Tang to be as kind to his student as he is to his grandsons!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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  2. “Xia Ye suddenly felt a small pair of hands on his knees, followed by the little guy wearing overalls and crawling on his legs skillfully, found a position in his arms, turned over, tilted his head and rested on his arm, blinking his eyes towards him.”

    My heart ahhhh ❤️❤️

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