LNTMG-(56) Company

 On the other side of the phone was Old Ape. Since meeting with Dean Tang, he has been working very hard. He was still working for Xia Ye during late at night when he should be sleeping, but he feels a sense of self-satisfaction.

  ”Let’s do what you said, and try it out first. I don’t think there’s going to be any problems.” Xia Ye focused on two things, and talked to Old Ape while also talking to the little guy, “Song Yi already gave me the report.”

  On the phone, Old Ape boasted sincerely: “Lao Song is worthy of being the most dependable person in this company.” After saying this compliment, he asked, “How about our little majesty? Can I say a few words with him?”

  ”No need.”

  ”Hey, don’t hang up! I still have something to say, I wanted to ask, where are we going to play tomorrow?”

  ”You send Han Yichen to the station, watch him get in the bus and go back, and then check the data with Lao Song, and then improve the program.” Xia Ye arranged this for them, and also arranged tasks for himself. “I will take Xiaoyu to Aunt Chen, and when she has some free time in the afternoon, she is going to visit Grandpa Tang.”

  Old Ape heard it was a private family gathering, so he couldn’t ask him to let him come along with them as well. He envied him, “It’s great, then if you take Xiaoyu to see the old man alone, you must call me.”

  Xia Ye agreed and hung up.

  Tang Jinyu’s small suitcase was placed in the car on Chen Suling’s side. After Xia Ye took him to take a bath, he took a T-shirt of his own for him to wear temporarily as pajamas, and carried him to the bed to tell him a story.

  He probably slept all the way in the car, and took a nap at night. The child was very energetic at this time. Xia Ye would tell him two stories and he would normally fall asleep, but today he didn’t feel sleepy at all.

  Xia Ye looked down at him, the little guy immediately tilted his head obediently and pretended to fall asleep, then secretly opened his eyes after a while, and was met with Xia Ye’s eyes. The little guy was embarrassed and laughed, and stretched out his little hand to hold Xia Ye’s arm and shouted to his brother.

  Xia Ye rubbed his little head, then turned a page, “Can’t sleep? Then I’ll tell you another story.”

  Tang Jinyu said, “Brother is busy.”

  Xia Ye was amused by him, and flicked his forehead, “Look at how good you are, but can you let go?”

  Tang Jinyu hugged him without letting go, and rubbed his arm with his head next to him, “Brother, I can’t sleep, I’ll accompany you to watch the computer.”

  Xia Ye also felt that he wouldn’t sleep anytime soon. It was estimated that he could only get sleepy in the middle of the night with this energy, so he simply hugged him and turned on the computer.

  Tang Jinyu was very obedient. He didn’t make trouble when Xia Ye was working. After a short while, he climbed onto a sofa to play on his own. Xia Ye glanced at him and said, “There is something in the backpack that’s right next to you, it’s something for you.”

  Tang Jinyu opened the backpack and saw a pile of lollipops inside, and asked happily, “Is it all mine?”

  ”It’s all yours, but you already ate a piece of toffee today, you can’t eat any more candies, you can hold them and play with it for a while.”


  The little guy took out the lollipops and played on the sofa, arranged them in a row, sorted by taste and color, and counted each type of flavor. In the end, he put chocolate flavor in the first row, and he could only lick the number of his favorite lollipops.

  Candy can be given as rewards, Tang Jinyu can actually keep them all to himself, but he shares them with his classmates. He only leaves the ones given by Xia Ye and his favorite flavors to himself.

  The little guy counted the lollipops seriously on the sofa, and Xia Ye couldn’t help but laugh when he saw this.

  It wasn’t until after 11 o’clock in the evening that the little guy’s energy was finally exhausted, and he was so sleepy that he started rubbing his eyes again.

  Xia Ye was almost finished, and added a finishing touch with Old Ape and Song Yi on the screen, and then took the little guy to wash up and slept together.

  Chen Suling was busy all night, she brought her team to take pictures. The new clothes were very important, and she brought them to the scene personally and supervised the whole process. This is the first time their company has launched a high-end line of clothing. Whether the company can upgrade to a higher level depends on this. The whole team is very busy, looking for the best shot to take the best pictures.

  After the shooting all night, Chen Suling took a look at what they had, and she frowned not feeling very satisfied, but seeing that everyone really tired, she said: “For now, let’s go back to the hotel to rest, and wait for Xiaoding to take someone to take another shot tomorrow morning, and take a set of some sunrise shots, we must grasp the best light.”

  Once everybody left, Chen Suling took her secretary back. The secretary was an old subordinate that she had followed since the beginning of her business. Chen Suling told her privately: “You go with Xiaoding tomorrow. Be sure to supervise the people over there. If they don’t listen to Xiaoding, you tell him this, since they don’t want to listen then we don’t have to cooperate with them anymore! All I want is to take a picture of our clothes and not the person themselves. What I’m doing tonight, is not nothing big yet, but well-known celebrities and a couple of models have started making trouble, they were trying to touch up their makeup, and they spend their time in their dressing rooms when they should be out already. After they are done, they go and get coffee with the cars that we provided them…Is it because they have so much time in the United States for them to toss time like this!”


  The secretary responded neatly, she had been in the company for many years, and Chen Suling’s words were what she had to do without hesitation.

  It was already midnight when Chen Suling returned to the hotel. She glanced at the door of the next room, and did not call Tang Jinyu back.

  She went back to her room and called Tang Hongjun, and after a few sentences, she fell asleep.

  The next morning, Chen Suling’s doorbell rang, and after a few “dingdong” sounds, she got up and took a look. Through the peephole, she saw Tang Jinyu standing on his tiptoes and ringing the doorbell.

  She opened the door, and her child leaped over and hugged her leg, calling her mother affectionately.

  Seeing her youngest son, Chen Suling felt much better. She kissed him on the cheek and asked, “Did you come here by yourself? Where’s your brother?”

  Tang Jinyu said, “Brother went to buy porridge. My brother and I went to the restaurant in the morning, and there was only corn porridge, but I told my brother that mother didn’t like to drink that, so he went to buy something else.”

Chen Suling felt that her two children were very kind-hearted, she carried Tang Jinyu in and said: “Good boy, brother is going to buy porridge, so Xiaoyu came to see mother, right?”


  ”Did Xiaoyu wash his face, mom will check it.”

  ”Wash it!” The child was very proud, showing his little white teeth to his mother, pointing to the little teeth and saying: “Brother also asked me to brush my teeth a hundred times~”


  Chen Suling looked after him for a while, and it didn’t take long before Xia Ye came back with a few bowls of porridge in his hand, along with two hot fried pancakes.

  Chen Suling usually doesn’t eat that much in the morning, and a bowl of porridge is usually enough for her. Tang Jinyu prefers to eat hot fried pancakes. While eating, he told Chen Suling, “Mom, we went to see grandpa yesterday and we ate this!”

  Xia Ye talked about having dinner with Elder Tang yesterday. Chen Suling smiled and said, “I should really go and see him, but I’m really busy right now, otherwise I would’ve gone see him yesterday.”

  While talking, her mobile phone rang again, and the smile on her lips faded after she picked it up.

  The call was from her secretary, there was a little conflict when taking pictures in the morning. Chen Suling frowned and stopped eating, she got up and went to the balcony to talk to her secretary quietly.

  Tang Jinyu turned his head in curiosity, and Xia Ye squeezed his neck, and said, “Eat well, and drink the porridge.”

  Tang Jinyu had a bowl of pumpkin and minced chicken porridge, which tastes salty and sweet, the kind that children like to eat.

  After nibbling on a small half of fried pancake, and eating a small bowl of porridge, Tang Jinyu was full.

  Xia Ye’s food was almost the same. After tidying up the table a bit, Tang Jinyu sat on the sofa and praised him: “Brother is really good! Brother is the best at cleaning!”

  Xia Ye: “…”

  Xia Ye just remembered that he was staying at a hotel. He was used to doing housework when he was at home, so he didn’t react for a moment when he realized that he was cleaning up.

  Something went wrong at Chen Suling workplace, two models went on strike.

  After listening to her secretary, she sneered and said, “Let Xiaoding apologize to them? Let them dream, don’t take their pictures if they don’t want to take pictures. This line of work is not so simple, even if it’s too cold in winter and too hot in summer, how do they find work if they are like this? Then tell their agency that we do not want to cooperate with them anymore, and let them go!”

  The secretary hesitated this time and said: “There are also a few male models in their agency. The pictures are good, and half of the photos have been taken. Xiaoding is also quite satisfied. If I dismiss them all at once, I am afraid it will be delayed. It’s a little half a month, it’s too late for the next quarter…”


  Chen Suling eyebrows furrowed, “Keep the male model first, and drive away the disobedient ones away. I’ll be there in a while.”

  She hung up the phone and was about to leave the house in a hurry.

  Tang Jinyu sat on the sofa and called to her mother, holding a teddy bear in his arms, not knowing what happened.

  Chen Suling picked up her bag, kissed him, and said, “Mom is in a little hurry and is going to work. Will you go to play with your brother today?”

  Tang Jinyu looked at her eagerly and asked, “Are you busy?”

  Chen Suling’s heart softened, and she sighed and touched his little head: “Very busy.”

  The child looked up at her and asked in a low voice, “Can I go to the playground with my brother?”

 if it was before, Chen Suling would definitely worry about him going outside, and promise him another time he could go out, but now she couldn’t refuse him, and she immediately agreed.

  After she left, Xia Ye put on shoes for the little guy and was still thinking about how to comfort him. When he saw the little feet in front of him swaying and swinging, he looked up at the little guys face: “Brother, There is ice coke at the playground~”

  Xia Ye raised his eyebrows.

  The child looked at him expectantly: “It’s not summer anymore, so I won’t grow a beard, right?”

  Xia Ye tried to endure it, but he couldn’t help but flick his forehead, “I found out that you have become a lot smarter recently, and you have become very observant.”

  They all know that when Aunt Chen is away, the little guy would secretly ask them for ice-cola.

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2 thoughts on “LNTMG-(56) Company

  1. Tang Jinyu is no dummy! Kids are all little geniuses at manipulating situations to get away with things, but it’s hard to get mad when they are as cute as this!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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  2. Xia Ye should model for his aunt Chen, his much more handsome than the uncooperative models. Jinyu is so cute and really getting clever, remembering that beard won’t grow if it’s not summer. 😂😂😂 I wish I also have a grandpa like Grandpa Tang 😆😆😆😆. Thank you for the chapter 😊😊😊😊😊

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