LNTMG-(57) Home Cooking

 Chen Suling was too busy to take care of him, so Xia Ye took Tang Jinyu to the playground first.

  But when he was halfway there, he got a call from Qiao Zuo.

  Qiao Zuo talked with Xia Ye yesterday and was still very happy, and wanted to make another appointment today, “Xia Ye, do you have time today, I am not in a hurry to go back to the Shanghai stock market, I wanted to talk to you again, where are you, I want to visit you today!”

  Xia Ye said: “It’s not very convenient for me today.”

  ”Are you with your girlfriend?”

  ”That’s not true.”

  ”What’s the inconvenience! Meeting you was fate, so you don’t have to be so restrained, by the way, it just so happened that I signed the contract!”


  Even if his previous sentence was enough to convince him, the final contract signing project was several days faster than Xia Ye’s previous expectations. He doubted that Qiao Zuo was the one who made the choice, he had never seen such a rich man who couldn’t wait to send money to cooperate.


  Qiao Zuo said on the phone: “I read the report yesterday, and I’ll follow everything that you said. By the way, didn’t you say that you will let the people on your side contact Qiao? There is no need to find time, we can meet up today and get to know each more.”

  Xia Ye thought for a while and nodded in agreement. After calling Song Yi, he looked down at the little guy standing next to him. Tang Jinyu wore a pair of white overalls today, with the trousers rolled up a little, and a pair of white shoes, with a warm yellow checkered shirt inside, holding a little bear in his arms, his soft hair swaying on his head as he was looking up at him.

  Xia Ye asked him, “Would you like to go to the playground or drink ice-cola?”

  The little guy made a choice without hesitation: “Ice Coke!”

  Xia Ye squeezed his face and said, “Let’s go, I’ll take you to drink, but your brother has talk to a few people. You are not allowed to go anywhere while you sit and eat snacks, okay?”


  Following what Qiao Zuo said, Xia Ye called Song Yi again. The most suitable person in Qizhou City to contact Qiao’s is Song Yi. Moreover, Song Yi has a good image and can support the company reputation more or less.

  There are not many places Xia Ye can go to with the little guy, so Qiao Zuo found a tea house, which was more elegant than the previous environment, and the snacks were delicious.

After arriving, the second floor was booked by Qiao Zuo, and they happened to be placed next to the window, and happened to be able to see a lake, and there were a few water lilies downstairs, which brought a trace of cool water vapor in the hot summer, and the heat was dissipated.

  Qiao Zuo wore a casual suit, the same attire as Xia Ye just returned from playing. Xia Ye was dressed in sportswear with a baseball cap. While holding onto a fair skin boy wearing overalls. The three wore something simple and comfortable, but only Song Yi came here wearing a formal suit, which is incompatible with them.

  Qiao Zuo got to know Song Yi for a while, sat down and chatted with him, but soon became a little bored with Song Yi. He felt that this person was almost the same as those old-fashioned and serious managers in his company. There was nothing interesting, He was still interested in Xia Ye, who was very good with technology.

  There were cups of tea on the table, and a whole set of thumb-sized cups were placed there. They were very delicate, but the child could not help biting his lips secretly, whispering to Xia Ye while holding onto him.

  Xia Ye rubbed his head, raised his head and asked, “Is there any ice-cola here?”

  The waiter was stunned for a moment, but immediately said with a smile: “We usually don’t serve that, but if you want, I can prepare it for you.”

  ”Okay, thanks a lot.”

  Soon the waiter brought ice-coke drink over, and also brought a cup with small ice cubes.

  Tang Jinyu watched eagerly as his brother opened the can of Coke, and his eyes followed along the can.


  Xia Ye did not pour it into the cup, he took a small tea cup that was in front of him, picked up a small ice cup and put it in the tea cup. The tea cup was mostly occupied by the ice cube, and then Xia Ye poured some of the ice-coke into the tea cup for Tang Jinyu. After Tang Jinyu took two sips and finished it all, Xia Ye asked the waiter to take it away.

  The little guy did not cause any trouble, and sat there playing by himself.

  Qiao Zuo couldn’t help but smile when he saw this, “Why don’t you give him more, he only drinked a little bit.”

  Xia Ye shook his head: “This is enough.”

  This was secretly given, he can’t let anyone know.

  Qiao Zuo was very emotional, “Your brother is so cute, a bit like my pet. By the way, have I shown you my baby chicks? I have kept them on an island for several years, and they are very special. This year’s new chicks are the most beautiful, I’ll show you some photos!”

  He took out his mobile phone and opened the MMS inside to show it to Xia Ye. The photos were all sent. The first few photos were all small fluffy and tender yellow hairballs. They were really well raised, they were all chubby, some were rushing to eat millet, and some huddled together to sleep.

  Qiao Zuoyi was still not finished, “There’s something, this is ‘Romeo’, he is the most beautiful, I raised him since I was a child…” Qiao Zuo opened a new photo, but he accidentally chose the wrong one. The photo was of a young handsome man. He looked like a teenager, with nice eyebrows and delicate eyes, his skin was so pale that it almost looked white, he was a very beautiful person.

  ”Oops, my bad, this is a photo of my friend Li Zhou.” Qiao Zuo didn’t care about sliding away this photo, and then opened the next one. This time it is a pretty photo, a little rooster with colorful feathers, squatting on a branch of a pine tree, almost majestic and imposing. Qiao Zuo flaunted, “Look, isn’t it like a work of art?”

  Xia Ye was not very interested in little chicks or the person on his phone. While he was watching the little guy from the corner of his eye, he casually responded: “It’s not bad.”

  ”What you don’t know, is that this is a romantic young man. “Romeo’ has it in his blood, all these chicks born this year are all from him, he’s so capable!”

  Qiao Zuo was very proud.

  While they continued to talk about the game, Qiao Zuo turned on his phone and showed them a sword.

  ”What is this?”

  ”Slaying Dragon Sword!”

  Master Qiao was very proud, “The first one in the whole game, isn’t it amazing?”

  It’s the first time that Xia Ye has ever met someone who was happy playing his own company’s game, but this game belongs to Qiao’s, so just let him be happy.

  Switching the topic from games to official business, Song Yi played a huge role in this regard. He was very polite, and Xia Ye took the time to check on his brother.

  Tang Jinyu was sitting, and playing with a pile of oranges, stacking small oranges on top and the big oranges were stacked on the bottom, with a small yellow orange on top, he seemed very happy playing.

  The corners of Xia Ye’s mouth moved, but it still made an arc.

  A bit silly, but very cute.

  The little guy’s face still has some baby fat, a small fleshy face, with clumsy small hands and feet, he doesn’t know if the little guy will become an exquisite teenager when they grow up. But the little guy is fine the way he is now, he loves to laugh and his eyes are still warm and full of light.

  ”To tell you the truth, this is my first time doing business and also my first socializing. My elder brother said that I must come out and get in touch with you guys more, I don’t really know that much when it comes to socializing with others, I have always been too lazy to engage with others, but you are a very nice person, and chatting with you was very enjoyable.” Qiao Zuo gave Xia Ye a high evaluation, with the unique simplicity of the rich, at first glance, he was well protected by his family and had not experienced any storms.


  Qiao Zuo was indeed not short of money, but he attaches great importance to the promotion of this game. Apart from other things, just to deal with the plug-in, he set up a security team closed to 40 people.

  Qiao Zuo was rich, but he can’t always spend money around. If he fails, he can only go back to Hong Kong City to inherit an office building, and live on dividend shares. Although he would eat a lot of money, that would be really boring.

  On the other hand, Xia Ye has never experienced any storms, he was like a sharp blade. What he lands into a brand-new territory. He uses horses and whips and gallops on the battlefield, and has not encountered an enemy in a short period of time.

  Song Yi couldn’t help but look at him, then took another look at Xia Ye sitting there, and made a comparison in his heart. Seriously speaking, Qiao Zuo was the rich second-generation image in his mind who used money to start a business. Although Xia Ye was young, he looked more mature and stable than Qiao Zuo.

  Qiao Zuo ordered a lot of snacks, Xia Ye was not very interested in sweets. Qiao Zuo gave Tang Jinyu a small plate of snacks and teased him: “Do you want to eat cakes, little brother?”

Tang Jinyu shook his head, Xia Ye asked again in a low voice, and the child touched his stomach, raised his head and said, “Brother, I’m full.”

  When he went out in the morning, Xia Ye fed him a bowl of porridge. The child was not hungry now. Xia Ye knew that he had a small appetite, so he took the plate of pastries and put it next to him, saying to him: “Tell me when you are hungry, and I will cut one for you, and give you a small piece.”


  Qiao Zuo looked particularly envious. He had an older brother, and he was the youngest. He usually didn’t have many friends. The only friend he had was from the Li family who he had a good relationship with had gone to the capital for development, and couldn’t get together often.

  After chatting for a while and signing the contract, Qiao Zuo felt that the workplace socialization was almost over. He took the business card handed over by Song Yi and gave him a phone number to contact Qiao’s branch, “I came out in a hurry today, and didn’t bring my business card. You can just go to report my name, and I already told Xu to help you with anything else you need, and will try to cooperate as best as he can.”

  Song Yi agreed with a smile, and his expression showed his excitement.

  After handling the official business, Xia Ye planned to take Tang Jinyu away, but Song Yi caught up to him, and asked, “Xia Ye, you haven’t visited our office since you have arrived, would like to go see it right now? I can make a few arrangements at noon, there are some restaurants around here that are good and worth trying.”

  The child in Xia Ye’s arms probed and looked at Song Yi for a long time, not afraid of him.

  Xia Ye thought for a while and said, “Next time, there are other things that I have to do today, you have worked hard here in Qizhou, I will give you a red envelope at the end of the year.”

  Song Yi responded with a smile and sent them outside.

  Chen Suling had assigned a driver for them, seeing Xia Ye and the others came out, the driver immediately pulled up beside them.

  Before getting into the car, Xia Ye turned around and said to Song Yi: “By the way, in a few days, I will make a payment from the company account and buy a car, so that it will be convenient for you to go to Qiao’s.” And in the future, this business will not be limited to this one, Qiao’s game promotion is like a live advertisement, just in case Song Yi would run away later.

  Song Yi was taken aback, nodded quickly, and said with a smile: “Okay, then I would like to thank the boss for being compassionate.”

  Tang Jinyu waved his hand to say goodbye, and when he was about to call out ‘Uncle’, Xia Ye covered his mouth and said, “ Just call brother”

  The child honestly called out brother, Song Yiren couldn’t help but nod in response, “Xiaoyu you should come and play again when he is free, brother will give you a snack next time.”


  After getting in the car, Tang Jinyu was still looking out the window. Xia Ye thought that this was strange: “Weren’t you afraid of strangers yesterday? Why weren’t you afraid today?” It stands to reason that Old Ape was much more friendly than Song Yi.

  Tang Jinyu was also surprised, “I seem to have met that elder brother.”

  Xia Ye rubbed his head, “Nonsense, this is the first time you’ve seen him.”

  Tang Jinyu glanced back, and felt that Song Yi just now gave him a kind of intimacy. Some scenes flashed by, he seemed to be giving awards at school, but they were blurred and he couldn’t figure out what was going on.

  Xia Ye tried to hold back, but he still pinched his face and turned around, not allowing him to look again. There was no one he had to compete for the position of being the little guy’s elder brother before. He always felt that his position was stable, but now that the little guy was interested in Song Yi, Xia Ye was not happy anymore, “Who’s better, him or me?”

  ”……all good?”

  After being squeezed, Tang Jinyu immediately hugged Xia Ye’s arm and changed his answer: “Yeah, brother! Brother is the best!”

  Xia Ye asked him to say it three more times before letting go.

  Tang Jinyu had already fulfilled his wish of drinking ice-cola, and was not curious after not being able to play at the playground at all. At noon, Xia Ye took him to Tang Elder’s house for dinner.

  The three of them made the food on the table, and they were very happy. Tang Jinyu moved a small bench and sat there carefully peeling the beans. After peeling them, he severed them to Grandpa Tang. Grandpa Tamd took a spoon and served tofu stewed with shrimp and soybean, was smooth and tender, and was suitable for children to eat. In addition, he cooked two home cooked dishes, which were specially served with rice. Tang Jinyu ate a small bowl of rice, but Xia Ye’s bowl of rice was larger, and he ate three bowls of rice.

  The food was delicious, and they even improved Grandpa Tang’s appetite.

  After eating, Xia Ye went to wash the dishes. He was familiar with this job, and he kept doing this at home, which was much better than cooking.

  After the meal, Grandpa Tang was used to watching the noon news for thirty minutes, but since his little grandson came today, he couldn’t pay attention to the news, so he took a picture book and said to the child: “Xiaoyu, grandpa will tell you a story, and help you to fall asleep?”

  ”Grandpa, I can fall asleep without listening to stories at noon.”

  ”Hey, who doesn’t like to listen to stories? Come here, grandpa tells you a story about a crow drinking water.

  The old man opened the book happily and read it carefully to him wearing reading glasses.

  Tang Jinyu: “…”

  It seems that the old people in this world like to tell this story. When he was at his grandma’s house, his grandma would also like to read this to him, for fear that he would not remember it, so she read the story over and again several times.


  In his grandfather’s home in Qizhou City, Tang Jinyu once again felt the fear of hearing the ‘crow is thirsty’ again. After listening to it, he tried to pretend to sleep with his eyes closed, but in the end he ended up sleeping for real after a few minutes.

  Grandpa Tang lowered his voice, closed the picture book, covered the child with a thin blanket, and walked out lightly.

  Xia Ye just rushed with the milk powder, and when he came over, the old man made a shoo gesture and whispered: “He’s asleep, put it aside first, he can drink it once he wakes up.”

  Xia Ye nodded and took it to the living room and put it on the coffee table. Grandpa Tang followed him and couldn’t help but boast when he arrived in the living room: “He’s so good, he fell asleep at once when I read him a story.”

  Xia Ye felt that this was a bit strange, but once he looked down at the book in the old man’s hand, he immediately understood.

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Tofu stewed with shrimp and soybean

Crow drinking water– A thirsty crow finds a half bottle of water in a narrow mouth bottle. So it puts stones into the bottle so that the water rises and the crow drinks the water.

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  1. I find Qiao Zuo’s enthusiasm to be rather cute! His flock of chickens are his pride and joy! Call me thoroughly rotten, but is that a future side ship with his friend…?

    This is definitely the first transmigration (what is it called exactly when it’s the same world except earlier and in a different body?) story I’ve read where the first life is handled this way. Its slowly intruding into Tang Jinyu as he ages so it let’s him grow up properly. I wonder what will happen once he remembers it all again? At that point he will have caught up with the original timeline.

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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