LNTMG-(58) Little Angel

 They stayed there with Grandpa Tang until 4 o’clock in the afternoon, and Xia Ye took Tang Jinyu to visit Chen Suling workplace.

Chen Suling hasn’t finished shooting yet. After a busy day, the whole group was filled with anxiety. The models and staff were standing opposite from each other, and they were sitting there taking a break while looking at the photos.

  The weather was very hot today, and the company bought two boxes of cold drinks and kept them there. Even Chen Suling drank two bottles of iced mineral water to relieve herself from the heat.

  At the beginning of the year, various companies have not yet been perfected, and the clothing industry is just in its infancy. There might be a model company, but they didn’t have a specific photography team. Generally, a company would have several photographers. After all, unlike ordinary photography, since they pay more attention to the clothing.

  When Xia Ye walked over while holding Tang Jinyu’s small hand, Chen Suling was sitting there looking at the cameras in the two photographers’ hands. Her eyebrows were furrowed slightly, and was not very satisfied with the photos. “This group, do it again.”

  The photographer nodded, and got to work.

  Another photographer asked: “Mrs. Chen, we still need a female model here…”

  Chen Suling said: “Aren’t they all there?”

  The photographer didn’t know what to say, he looked up at the secretary. The secretary walked over, and said: “These were the two female models that went on strike in the morning, and I told them to go back.”

  Chen Suling nodded and said: “Then let them go back. You call the modeling agency and find two more. We are in a hurry, I’ll double the cost, make sure they are here to shoot before tonight.”

  Tang Jinyu ran over and hugged her arm and called to her mother. The sudden appearance of the child surprised Chen Suling. She hugged him and laughed: “Why are you here? Mom was just about to call you, and say to wait for me in the evening, so when I finish work today, we can go and have dinner together.”

  Tang Jinyu hugged her and looked at the professional camera that was in front of him curiously.


  This photographer has taken Tang Jinyu photos before when he was at the company. He naturally knew that this was Mrs. Chen’s youngest son. They had never heard of Xia Ye before, but they still greeted him with a smile.

  There was a staff member who hadn’t seen Xia Ye before, so Chen Suling got up while onto holding Tang Jinyu, and introduced them to them, and said with a smile: “This is my youngest son and that is his eldest son, how about it? He looks good, right?”

  The staff around saw that the boss finally showed a smile today, and they all relaxed a little, and laughed and praised them. Some said Tang Jinyu was cute, and some people praised Xia Ye good looks. The photographer was one of them and looked at Xia Yecarefully, and boasted sincerely: “This young man is really good, tall and well proportioned. From now on, Mrs. Chen will no longer have to worry about not being able to find a model anymore. You have such a good looking guy by your side!”

  Chen Suling laughed, “He is still a student, so let him study first.”

  The secretary came back soon, and whispered a few words in Chen Suling’s ear. The people around didn’t hear it, but Tang Jinyu was held in her arms, and heard some of it: “Mom, who’s not coming?”

  Chen Suling said to the secretary: “You don’t need to be polite to them, just say it, this model agency is so untrustworthy, and deliberately taking their time sending new models over, we no longer will cooperate with them in the future.”

  At the end of the day, they originally changed from their previous model company to a new one, but the second company had more male models than female models, and it just happened to be in time for the new shooting season. During the peak period of clothes, they ran into several clothing companies, and almost everyone wanted to grab it. It is precisely because of this that this model company was so bold, and doesn’t put their small clothing company in their eyes.

  Chen Suling had done OEM for other companies before, and has changed the style of clothes on the spot, and changed all the other clothing just so they matched, but the profit here lies in the brand value.

  Some large companies don’t even have their own production lines, but are just responsible for coming to her for ‘purchase’.

  This is also the reason why she insists on finding the best model to make the best commercial film this time. No matter what, she wanted to try to shape the brand and make it famous.

  Most model companies cooperate with several companies at the same time, and Chen Suling didn’t think much of it after switching to this new model company, but now for the sake of the time of this matter. Chen Suling and along with some of her staff believes that someone is doing this on purpose, but some think otherwise.

  Chen Suling led the team and insisted on finishing the filming, and couldn’t go out to eat while everyone was still working. They double the payment for the remaining models, and try to get the photographer to use the last of the remaining light from outside for the film. If it was night, she would have taken this shooting indoors, but now she could only work hard with what she had.

  Xia Ye hugged Tang Jinyu and stayed there eating a lunch box, Chen Suling only ate two bites in a hurry, and was soon back at work.


  Xia Ye was originally worried about the little guy being a picky eater, but when he scooped up some fried rice, the little guy stood in front of him with his mouth wide open and waited to be fed. Being fed a mouthful of food was delicious for Tang Jinyu, and he didn’t lose his temper because of the harsh environment. After eating, he picked up a newspaper and made it into a small frog, and showed it to Xia Ye. Xia Ye also found a piece of paper and folded a small paper fan for him.

  The little guy’s forehead was slightly wet with sweat, with some of his hair sticking to his forehead, but that didn’t seem to stop him from playing. As long as he is around his loved one, he will always be happy.

  The secretary came over and asked, “Why don’t you wait in the car first? There is air-conditioning over there, and it will be cooler.”

  Tang Jinyu gave her the small folding fan that he learned to make, and his eyes curved and said: “My brother and I are here to accompany my mother, sister, here’s a fan, fan it and you will cool off!”

  The secretary also laughed and said, “Okay, thank you Xiaoyu.”

  Xia Ye asked in a low voice, “Is it troublesome, how long will Aunt Chen have to be busy?”

  The secretary sighed and said: “Mrs. Chen doesn’t have it easy right now, I’ve been here for the whole day, and those people… forget it, we are trying our best, I just hope that we can finish this tonight.”

  Tang Jinyu said: “It’s definitely possible!”

  The secretary teased him, “What do you know?”

  The child resolutely said: “Mom said, I have to wait for her so that we can have dinner together, so it will definitely take just a couple more pictures.”

Xia Ye was taken aback, glanced at the box lunch next to him, and asked, “Xiaoyu, what did you eat just now?”

  The child lowered his head, and continued to play origami, “Snack, mom let me have a snack first, I’ll wait for her.”

  Xia Ye: “…”

  No wonder Aunt Chen left after eating two bites, and the little guy didn’t even tell him. He used his meal as a snack, but he didn’t bother to tell the little guy this. He decided that it would be good to order a pineapple bun for him in the evening.

  In the evening, Chen Suling’s luck suddenly improved, just in time for a large red sunset. The photographer was very experienced and immediately urged the model to change clothes in a hurry to grab the shot. Such good natural lighting, and dark lighting are rare, just in line with their new season’s clothes.

  The other photos were all easy to take, but at the end there is a set of men’s and women’s couple’s cotton clothes, but they only had one male model left.

  The photographer was so anxious that his forehead became sweaty, and when he went back and forth to find someone, he immediately turned his sights on Xia Ye, who was carrying a child.

  He ran over to Ding Yanzhao, the person in charge, but Xiaoding was also very busy. Xiaoding had been with Chen Suling for many years. Although Xiaoding had worked hard to create all of the men’s clothing department. He was an old man in the company, so he immediately went to ask Chen Suling for help.

  Chen Suling was surprised and said: “Xia Ye? He can’t, he’s still a child. I’ve never photographed someone of his age before.”

  Ding Yanzhao asked: “Okay! So why not start now?”

  Chen Suling: “His height doesn’t seem to be enough, isn’t Xiaoye a little 8 centimeters too short?”

  The photographer said from the side: “It’s enough, it might be a short, but his portions are good. In the film we shot here, there is a male model who is about the same height as him, but has a smaller figure. If one of them changes into women’s clothing, and the other one with the men’s clothing, it will be perfect for this set.”


  The photographer looked at her eagerly. Chen Suling didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, but she led them to ask Xia Ye.

  Ding Yanzhao has replaced the male model that had a slender figure aside, and stood up, and excitedly said: “Xia Ye, can you stand up and let me have a look, which one of you is taller?”

  Xia Ye hesitated, but still stood up.

  Photographer: “Mrs. Chen, whoever is taller can wear that men’s suit. The women’s clothes are in a neutral style and they are cotton clothes, nobody would be able to tell!”

  Xia Ye immediately straightened his back, before he even considered if he wanted to take some photos, he already decided that he wanted to wear the men’s clothing in the shootings.

  In the end, Xia Ye won with a slight height advantage and quickly went to wear the men’s suit.

  Time is of the essence. Xia Ye promised that there would be no wrinkles, after changing his clothes and putting on makeup, he immediately went to shoot. He was a complete novice, but the male model on the side was more skilled, leading him to pose. Xia Ye’s height made up for it with him just standing there.

  The two sets of clothes were mainly black and red, especially the female one, which is more neutral, but the color was bold red. The waist was wrapped in black and gold edges, leaving a distinct outline.

  Xia Ye’s suit was mainly black. After putting it on, he habitually pulled his zipper all the way up, covering his chin slightly. The staff originally wanted to adjust for him, but Ding Yanzhao stopped him and said, “Leave it, take a few shots like this first, the effects make it work and show a few more sides.”

  Xia Ye’s group was the last one. The photographer took shots of several more styles of clothing, and everything worked out well together.

  The male model in women’s clothing walked down and sat aside to rest while the photographer was taking pictures of Xia Ye by himself, but the male model did not change his clothes because after Xia Ye was done, it would be his turn.


  From time to time, people would walk by and stare at him, and other models that he knew teased him, which made him a little embarrassed.

  Suddenly a little hand touched the corner of his clothes, praising him: “Brother, you look so beautiful in this one.”

  The male model looked down and saw a child, who was white and very cute.

  As the child looked at him, he still praised him: “The red clothes look the best.”


  ”My winter jacket is also red, very beautiful!” The child praised earnestly, “The clothes made by my mother are all pretty.”

  The male model smiled, and the uneasiness that he felt went away.

  Tang Jinyu gave him a small paper fan, and the male model was flattered. He knew that this was Mrs. Chen’s child. Mrs. Chen was always very strict at work during the day, but her child was unexpectedly a little sweet angel.

  Xia Ye came down soon, and the child ran to fan him and shouted his brother.

  Xia Ye reached out and pushed him, “Don’t touch me, it’s hot.”

  The child stood a little further away, but still looked at him: “Brother drink some water, there are ice cubes.”

  Xia Ye took it but didn’t drink, this was the first time that he had to wear lipstick, and something was put on his hair made his hair feel like it was being burned. His whole body felt uncomfortable, and his eyes were also irritated.


  The photographer said loudly: “Yes, Xiaoye, hold on to that expression for a while, okay!”

  Xia Ye: “…”

  After rushing, the team finally finished taking the photos before the sunset completely receded, and the work of this trip was considered complete.

  The rest of their work can be taken indoors, and can be completed tonight, and it was very easy to finish. Everyone had a smile on their faces, and praised themselves for working hard.

  The male model changed into a red cotton jacket. The team members were busy. The secretary had seen him come and offered him a hand. The male model hurriedly said thank you. Hearing the laughter of a child not far away, he couldn’t help but look up again, and look at Xia Ye who was with his partner just now was sweating. He was wearing different clothes, and was carrying the child under his arm. The child was not afraid at all, and was still looking up and calling for his brother.


  The male model boasted: “Is that boy from Mrs. Chen’s family? He’s really good.”

  The secretary looked over and nodded with a smile, “Yes, Xiaoyu is very good.”

  ”It is not easy for Mrs. Chen to bring her child to work.”

  ”Yes, it’s not easy for everyone.”

  After receiving the clothes, the secretary helped him hand over to the logistics team side. Ding Yanzhao kept staring at her, and asked in a low voice when there was no one: “What did you talk to that man just now?”

The secretary felt inexplicable: “He was just asking for the clothes, what’s the issue?” Was it wrong for her to help him?

  Ding Yanzhao whispered aggrievily: “Do you think I am not as tall or handsome as those male models? Do you even think of me as your boyfriend…”

  The secretary blushed and covered his mouth to prevent him from speaking, “I’ve said to not mention that when we are working before, if there’s nothing else I’ll take my leave first.”

  Ding Yanzhao was wronged and looked at her from behind. After more than two years of chasing his girlfriend, he couldn’t even say anything to his colleagues. He feels that he was a big designer who was hiding their anonymous lover, and when he gets married, he will be beaten by his wife and will be married in seclusion.

  It’s too miserable, the only hope is to have a beautiful baby that hold his wife’s heart.

  Thinking of this, what came to mind was Tang Jinyu’s cute little face. Comrade Xiaoding pondered for a moment. Maybe he doesn’t need to be that beautiful, but if their baby’s personality was half as good as Xiaoyu, then he would be considered a little angel.

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  The author has something to say:

  The Three Deadly Sins of Xia Shen in the Little Theater:

  ① Smoking

  Xia Ye wearing a mask to enter and exit the Internet cafe:…

  ② Fighting

  After the fighting trio was caught.

  Han Yichen: I fought, but it was for justice!

  Song Yi: I regret it very much.

  Old Ape: Do I count? I’m innocent!

  Xia Ye, who was forced to be an accomplice (Fishing for people):…

  ③ Scalding (being put in a situation)

  Xia Ye: I’m really hot.

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  1. There is a bit of a rule that gongs shouldn’t be shown in women’s clothing, so despite the age and amateur modeling status it’s no surprise he was put into the male clothing option! There is a bit of a gap appeal though so it’s still a bit of a loss on my end! Either way, he’s kindly filling into to help his adopted mother out. I love how she introduced Xia Ye as her eldest son! Ah, the fluff seeking heart of mine is fulfilled!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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