LNTMG-(59) Crushed Ice

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They went back to the hotel in the evening, Xia Ye ordered a pineapple bun, and shared it with the little guy.

  Chen Suling was hungry after she finished with the shooting, but she only wanted to eat a plate of fruit because she wanted to keep her figure, she didn’t eat that much fruit before she gave the rest to her son. When she was done eating her small bowl of fruit, she asked him: “Xiaoyu, do you want to pick some pictures with your mother?”

  Tang Jinyu raised his head to look at Xia Ye. Xia Ye was eating a popsicle. The heat of wearing cotton clothes in the afternoon has not been relieved.

  Chen Suling smiled and said: “Don’t look at what your brother is doing, choose one to follow.”

  Tang Jinyu carefully thought for a while, but he was still looking at Xia Ye.

  Chen Suling deliberately said, “When you’re at home, you always talk about your brother, but how come you’re still following your brother even after he’s been with you all day?”

  Tang Jinyu nodded, “I will accompany mother tomorrow.”

  Chen Suling thought for a while, and said: “Alright, don’t eat tomorrow morning. We will have a small checkup when mother takes you to the hospital.” She tidied up the child’s sleeves, rolled up his little cuff, and said, “After the checkup, mother will take you somewhere to eat, and Xiaoyu can eat whatever he wants, okay?”


  Xia Ye got up to see her off, and asked in a low voice at the door: “Auntie, Xiaoyu still needs to see a doctor?”


  Chen Suling nodded, and said softly: “Regular check-ups, he wasn’t sick this year, but I just want to make sure.”

  Xia Ye said: “Then I will accompany you over tomorrow.”

  Chen Suling smiled and said: “It’s not a problem, Xiaoyu gets his checkups from the same doctor, and it will done quickly. You don’t have to go, if you are still busy.”

  ”I have nothing to do in the hotel. I’ll take Xiaoyu to buy a small cake at noon.”

  This was a regular routine in their family. When the little guy has done something worthy of praise or they think the child needs to be praised, they will buy a small chocolate cake and bring it back. Back when the hospital needed to do draw blood and do a blood test, they would compensate the little guy with a cake, Xia Ye has seen this many times and remembered it.

  Chen Suling agreed and went to pick the photos.

  Xia Ye stayed in the room with Tang Jinyu when he came back. He turned on the computer and checked his email for a while.

  The child ran over, held his knees, and hesitantly did not climb up.

  Xia Ye glanced at him and asked, “What’s the matter?”

  Tang Jinyu whispered.

  Xia Ye raised his eyebrows: “Speak louder, and say it again.”

  ”My brother just ate my popsicle.”

  ”So what?”

  ”Brother can you give it back…” The little guy held his knees and asked him for his popsicle. He looked up and saw Xia Ye’s face and immediately changed his words and said never mind, he said this while turning around to run away, but after taking two steps, Xia Ye reached out and grabbed the back of his collar and pulled him back. 

  Xia Ye asked him, “Why are you running?”

  ”I don’t want it! Brother, I don’t want it anymore.”

  ”Come here, I’ll spit it out for you.”

  ”Don’t don’t…”

  ”Since love to be clean all the time.”

  Xia Ye pretended to spit out the last bit of ice in his mouth, he scared the little guy into waving his hands towards him, Xia Ye was amused, rubbed his head, “Don’t be stupid, I already swallow it all, it’s gone.”


  He simply hugged the little guy, and continued to read his emails. The little guy was very light, so it wouldn’t matter if he held him in his arms.

  Tang Jinyu’s eyes fell on the trash can beside the table. There was also the bag of crushed ice, which smelled of milk. Yesterday the secretary sister gave it to him. He put it in the small refrigerator in the hotel, and his mom said that he could eat a small piece today. 

  After reading the e-mail, Xia Ye response back. He open a chat room, and while watching them chat, he asked: “Why didn’t you go with your mom to pick some photos?”

  Tang Jinyu said seriously: “I want to accompany my brother.”

  Xia Ye asked him: “Did you miss me that much?”


  ”I’ve only been away for two days.”

  ”I thought of you for two days.”

  Xia Ye was sweetened by this little sugar cake, and lightly pinched the tip of his nose and smiled.

  Song Yi made a phone call and said that he would come and deliver a document. Xia Ye was very kind to him. Manager Song also had enough energy to work on this business. For the past few days, it was like he was injected with chicken blood, and has been busy all night and he didn’t feel tired.

  Xia Ye was going to go downstairs to get it, Tang Jinyu followed behind him, and said, “Brother, take me with you.”

  Xia Ye raised his arms, and the little guy looked up at him, reaching out to hug him.

  His body reacted faster than his brain, when Xia Ye picked him up, he muttered: “Next time I will go by myself, I’m already grown up, you know

Tang Jinyu hugged his arms around his neck, and said expectantly: “There is crushed ice downstairs, brother, let’s go see it.”

  Xia Ye took his own baseball cap, put it on the child’s head, and said mercilessly: “You can’t eat it.”

  ”Buy one, I’ll take a look.”

  ”No way.”

  Probably noticing that Xia Ye actually cares about himself the most, was his chance of making a breakthrough, the little guy begged him all the way, gestured a finger to show him, “Just buy one.”

  Xia Ye took his baseball cap away a little from the small head, and then buckled down lower on the little guy head, “Keep dreaming.”

  Song Yi saw them coming out in the lobby, greeted them with a smile, gave Xia Ye the file bag in his hand, and briefly explained to him everything. Song Yi had a good talk with the Qiao company, and although the conditions were a bit harsh, they were all within the scope of their abilities and there was no big problem.


  ”I’ve arranged everything, and Qiao Zuo said that we should pay close attention to it. I already told Old Ape and Han Yichen to check it out as soon as possible, there’s no problems for and all the technicians are also in place. They will put it on the game panel on Friday night the day after tomorrow.”

Song Yi also said to him, “There are a few Internet cafes that have a problem with this, but they have already made a contract with us before, they all signed it in the end and can no longer discuss it.”

  Speaking of Internet cafes, Song Yi couldn’t help but feel a little in awe of Xia Ye. This person had thought this far ahead when he designed this software. The contract was clearly written, if you want to use the Vientiane webmaster, They have the right to promote it for at least three months. At that time, he, like those Internet cafe owners, thought it was only going to be a pop-up advertisement, but they never expected that it was also going to be used to install games.

  Three months of mandatory installation, which means that after entering an Internet cafe, you can see the same game in the next three months by clicking on the game panel on the desktop, and only then can you uninstall it once the three months are over. When people became more familiar with this game, they would have a greater chance of becoming a loyal player of this game.

  If they  don’t want to follow along with the rules of their contract, then once the Vientiane webmaster expires, you can simply not use it anymore.

  What they are doing now is the membership model of Internet cafes. There are about 70,000 members on hand. This was the total number of Internet cafes, many Internet cafes are like chains with many branches, each with at least 100 computers. The advertising expenses that were used for the game installation alone will make a lot of money in the next two or three years.

  Song Yi didn’t dare to think about what that amount was, just thinking about the unknown territory that had never been explored before.

  They were doing things that no one else has ever done.

  Compared to Song Yi’s excitement, Xia Ye was much calmer. After a brief explaination, he glanced at him and said, “Old Song, take a break when you go back.” He pointed to Song Yi’s eyes and shook his head gently.

  Song Yi was shocked, and immediately leaned over to take a look at the file, “Why, did I not read it clearly? I’ll take a look.”

  Xia Ye put the file away and smiled: “No, I said you have dark circles under your eyes, you need to sleep some more. You are not the only company in this company. It would have been much easier for you if you looked for Old Ape beforehand, don’t work so hard, I don’t want you to collapse.”

  Song Yi smiled and said: “It’s okay, I’m not tired, I was just thinking about the first promotion the day after tomorrow is a bit exciting.”

  As the two of them were talking, they heard the sound of high-heeled shoes on the side, and they soon stood behind Xia Ye, calling after him softly.

  Xia Ye’s smile dropped, without even having to look behind him, he looked down at the little guy beside his leg, and said to him: “Does Xiaoyu remember the room number? The key to the room is in your pocket, let brother Song take you back later.”

  Tang Jinyu might be small, but he was very sensitive to emotions. He noticed the changes in Xia Ye’s body, and he held his leg nervously and called to his brother.

  Song Yi looked at Xia Ye and the brightly dressed woman behind him. The other party wore luxurious jewels with exquisite makeup and hair. They looked like a noble lady, and they looked a bit similar to Xia Ye. He asked in a low voice, “Do you need me to come back for you?”

  Xia Ye shook his head and said to him, “You take Xiaoyu to buy a popsicle, and you will send him to his hotel room later, he knows the way.”

  Song Yi agreed, but Tang Jinyu refused to follow him, holding onto Xia Ye, and not letting go.

  Zhuang Ya had already walked over. She came by herself, carrying a Japanese style paper bag, and paused her gaze on to the little child next to Xia Ye, and asked, “Who is he?”

  ”My brother.”

  ”…Your dad remarried?”

  ”No, he’s not like you.”

  The mother and son seemed to not get along, Song Yi was a very knowledgeable person. He seemed to know that their relationship was probably not so good, so he carried Tang Jinyu and said, “I’ll take Xiaoyu to play first.”

  Xia Ye nodded and said, “Don’t go far, stay around the hotel, I’ll be back and pick him up in a while.”


  Tang Jinyu looked over Song Yi’s back, and continued to look at Xia Ye. His small hands grabbing onto Song Yi’s suit, Xia Ye looked at the little guy who was on the verge of tears, and felt uncomfortable. He looked up at Zhuang Ya and said coldly: “What’s the matter?”

  Zhuang Ya frowned, “Are you still blaming me?”

  Xia Ye took a deep breath and said, “I did blame you, but that was a long time ago, and now I want to move from it.”

  ”Then why can’t we just sit down, and talk about it…”

  ”One thing I figured out is that you didn’t want to be my mother anymore, so I don’t have to be your child anymore, right?” Xia Ye refused to let her speak, “I’m having a good time now, since you never planned to come back, we are better off not contacting you anymore, I’m afraid that it would affect your career just like how my dad did before.”


  Zhuang Ya’s face turned red and white, she wanted to say something, but she swallowed her words. It took a long time before she said: “I am on a business trip in Qizhou City this time. It was a coincidence, I didn’t expect you to be here. During the day, i passed by Feixia road and I saw someone that looked like you, so I asked my secretary to take a closer look.”

  She explained this to Xia Ye, but Xia Ye didn’t respond to her, so she continued, “There were a lot of photos of you.”

  There was the sound of a violin in the hotel lobby. Zhuang Ya felt that her heart was entangled with delicate strings, and she was slightly sour. “I remember that you didn’t like to take pictures before, and you only took pictures for your ID for school, if you are short of money, I can give you some, really, there is no need to do things that you don’t like…”

      Xia Ye said quietly: “I am not short of money.”

  ”Then how do you become a model? It’s too hard to shoot with such thick clothes in the summer.”

  ”I was helping out my family.”

  Zhuang Ya looked up at him with a complicated expression.

  ”That’s Xiaoyu’s mother, I see her as my mother figure, so I’m willing to do those things.” Xia Ye didn’t avoid her gaze, and looked at her and said, “That’s what families do.”

  Zhuang Ya felt that this was not a good place to talk, so she took a deep breath and suppressed her emotions, and said to him, “I did a lot of bad things before, but before divorcing your dad. I didn’t feel sorry for him at all, but I also did a lot for you, but I knew you weren’t to blame.”

  She said the last sentence very slowly and very harshly.

  Xia Ye looked at her and waited for her to speak.

  ”Mom also had a lot of things to do, I know that you did the program, but you are not the one who used it to invade the network…”

  Xia Ye interrupted her and said, “You know who it was, didn’t you?”

  Zhuang Ya bit her lip and said nothing.

  Xia Ye turned to leave. If he was still aggrieved from that day when he was wronged by his mother, then now, he didn’t even have the last trace of expectation.

  Zhuang Ya called after him from behind, Xia Ye paused and straightened his  back.


  Zhuang Ya gritted her teeth and said: “I want to make it up to you. For what I did before, I will make the other party pay the price, but not now.” She walked over, took Xia Ye’s arm, and put the paper bag in his hand, with her fingers shaking slightly. “Mom didn’t want your company from the beginning, but I just wanted to make it up to you. I can give you what you need now, but that person…has to wait. Xiaoye, after so many years, it finally came to this day. I don’t want to live like this anymore, just give me a little more time, okay?”

  ”You are living for yourself…”

  ”Yes, that’s the only way I can live better.”

  Xia Ye was silent for a while, then he broke away from her hand, and said blankly: “Then you keep going forward, and not look back.”

  Zhuang Ya’s back was straight, and when she saw that he had already walked far away, she couldn’t hear his footsteps anymore. Her shoulders couldn’t help but tremble, tears welled up in her eyes. She once said to herself that she never regretted it, but she still felt a little regret when she saw her child today.

  She was rich now, but she also lost her only flesh and blood.

  Outside the hotel, the silver-gray car was waiting there. After Zhuang Ya got out of the hotel and got in the car, she didn’t say a word. The driver looked at her and asked her in a low voice, “Ms. Zhuang, shall we go to the airport now?”

  Zhuang Ya said: “Why are we going to the airport?”

  ”Back to the Shanghai stock market? President Qin just called and said that he wanted to find you for something.”

  Zhuang Ya sneered, “Don’t go, stay in Qizhou City. He still has the face to call, doesn’t he mean to join him to drive that guy out of office, let him clean up the mess of the Shanghai stock market himself!”

  The driver did not dare to speak, and drove to the Qizhou branch as instructed.

  Zhuang Ya kept looking at the paper bag that was next to her, inside it was the sushi that she made herself, but in the end no had eaten it.

  Xia Ye went to find Song Yi.

  Song Yi was holding the child to buy cakes in the cafe inside the hotel, with a bag of crushed ice in his hand, but the child was lacking in interest, laying on his shoulder and didn’t even look at it, and no matter how hard he tried to coax the child with a small cake. Until he saw Xia Ye’s figure, and the child raised his head, “Brother!”


  Xia Ye went over to pick up the child, and was immediately hugged by the little guy. He immersed himself by rubbing his head, and hummed in response,

  Xia Ye rubbed his head to comfort him, and said to Song Yi: “Its from laughing”

     (Note: I’m guessing that Xia Ye’s eyes were red)

  Song Yi didn’t dare to say anything, let alone smile.

  Xia Ye said, “My dad and my mom are divorced, and that was my mom.”

  Song Yi had a lot of questions in his mind, but he didn’t ask him, since Xia Ye didn’t seem interested in answering. He used to think that Xia Ye was a rich second generation.

  Xia Ye took the bag of crushed ice in his hand, and took Tang Jinyu to pick a small cake for him. Tang Jinyu was more energetic now, and after looking carefully, he asked for a strawberry cake.

  Song Yi looked at him behind him, and suddenly felt that Xia Ye was not that difficult to approach. This person was only very strong in character, so it would be wise to not touch his bottom line.

  After Song Yi went back, he felt that the person who was talking to Xia Ye was familiar. He checked out all the several financial magazines from his memory, and after looking for it for a while, he saw a group photo that had two people shaking hands together, and that person was exactly Zhuang Ya who he saw just now.

  The caption above the photo is an introduction to a hotel acquisition project by the Qin Group. Zhuang Ya attended as a director, seemed to dress professionally.

  Song Yi checked any news about Zhuang Ya, most of which were related to business. The latest news was about her husband Qin. He was photographed with some female celebrities at the reception, but Zhuang Ya was not in that news.

  He couldn’t find the news about Zhuang Ya’s divorce at all on the Internet. He could only find that she was married to a rich man.

  Song Yi fingers paused on the keyboard before it suddenly dawned that Xia Ye himself was a hacker. How could he find the news he didn’t want people to see on the Internet.

  After closing the webpage, Song Yi tapped his finger on the desktop, frowning slightly.

  The next day, Chen Suling took Tang Jinyu to the hospital for an examination.

  The little guy was very obedient, and let them do whatever they wanted. On the contrary, Xia Ye, who was with him for the examination for the first time, couldn’t help but frown. They drew out too much blood, and a dozen of tubes were placed there, all filled with blood.

  The nurse explained to him: “It doesn’t matter, each tube of blood is filled around 3 ml. The amount of blood drawn this time will not have any effect on the child’s body.”

  Xia Ye nodded, and when she finished drawing the blood, he talked to the little guy in a low voice.

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Crushed Ice

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  1. The thing about apologies is that they arent supposed to be for *you*, they are for the one who is owed that apology. As such, there is no obligation on their end to accept what you have to say. The best thing you can do for someone you wronged is to listen to their wishes. Zhuang Ya didn’t apologize because she wanted to help her son in the first place, it was only to assuage her guilt. If she actually cared about her son sincerely, she’d leave him alone and never contact her way too sweet ex husband again.

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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  2. She sacrificed her family for her success, she should know what was the consequences on doing so. She can’t turn back time and can only regret her choice. Thank you for the chapter 😊😊😊
    I don’t know if it’s only in my browser or there really is a problem in these dialogue?:

    ”One thing I figured out is that you didn’t want to be my mother anymore, so I don’t have to be your child anymore, right?”

    won’t have to be your child anymore, am I right?” Xia Ye refused to let her speak, “I’m having a good time now, since you never planned to come back, we are better off not contacting you anymore, I’m afraid that it would affect your career just like how my dad did before.”

    Thank you again for the chapter 😄😄😄

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  3. Ugh the mum is acting like a victim when she is the one who abandoned them – there’s chasing your dreams and then there’s throwing away your marriage and your child, they are two different things and she should know that

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  4. So she knew who framed her son and threw him under the bus to satisfy her own ambition, and now that she sees that he’s useful again she wants to use him only. She’s got since nerve. B iche

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