LNTMG-(60) Acceptances

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Tang Jinyu felt a little bit tired. After his examination, Xia Ye held him the whole way. Chen Suling wanted to carry him, but Xia Ye shook his head and said, “Auntie, let me do it, Xiaoyu is not heavy.”

  ”The doctor also said that Xiaoyu has grown a little bit taller and has gained a little weight. It is more than 30 kilograms!” Chen Suling turned her head to tease the child, “As heavy as half a bag of rice, aren’t you baby?”

  Tang Jinyu lay on Xia Ye’s shoulder and nodded obediently.

  Xia Ye carried him, and feeling like most of the fat was grown on his face, he was a little shorter compared to other kids, and the little guy was still thin, making him feel distressed.

  After the examination, Tang Jinyu went to eat and ate some blood-enriching porridge and vegetables. Tang Jinyu was not picky with food, but the appetite was very small. After a while, he shook his head and said that he was full.


  Chen Suling coaxed him to eat a few more tablespoons of porridge, and she did not dare to feed him more. When he was much smaller, he would vomit whenever he ate too much, and that made him reluctant to eat for awhile. She didn’t dare to force to eat as much, since he was getting better.

  Xia Ye bought him another piece of bread, and carried it in his backpack.

  Chen Suling finished her work in Qizhou City, and took Xia Ye and the others back home that afternoon.

  When Xia Ye came back, he slept first to replenish his energy. He estimated that his sleep time would be reduced for two or three days.

  Xia Ye guessed right, “Miracles” quickly became popular all over the net after it went online.

  Throughout summer vacation, people can be heard everywhere that they want to go to the Internet cafes to play this game. There were some Internet cafes that didn’t have enough computers for everyone, and many people stood there and watched other people play. They would often be a ‘band’ sound throughout the Internet cafes, and many people would surround that area to see which equipment exploded.

  Qiao Zuo made a profit from a game of miracles, and quickly approached Xia Ye to cooperate for the second promotion.

  This time he didn’t need Xia Ye to say anything, Song Yi also knew the importance of occupying the market. While recruiting troops to quickly occupy the Internet café market in other provinces and cities, under the command of Xia Ye, Old Ape and the others, let his programmers carry out any related maintenance. Song Yi was steady in his work, and no matter how cumbersome things were in his hands, he could sort out any sort of mess, with him in charge in Qizhou City, the company was stable and there was no problem.

  The only trivial matter that was annoying, was that a few of their employees from their company were leaving.

  In fact, they were being poached. Their business was booming, and other companies were naturally greedy. In addition, this model was not difficult to apply. Although the big market has been occupied, the remaining small part was also something that people were naturally interested in.

  Under the promise of more money, a few people from the company really ran away. One or two of them had no professional ethics. When they were dug away, they also took away some of the company’s program code, and made a fee-based software similar to that of the Vientiane network management system, and game panels were also the same.

  Song Yi didn’t hesitate to find a lawyer to sue them. The company was not short of money. Even if this kind of pirated software wouldn’t necessarily make him succeed in his lawsuit, he will stumble the other party’s legs and make them suffer.

  Song Yi also fired one person, who was introduced by Old Ape at the time, and he was considered an old employee that had the same experience as him.

  Song Yi didn’t explain this. Old Ape thinks that they are all junior brothers here, and he didn’t understand why Song Yi did this, so he asked him to explain this Xia Ye himself, since he was technically just a technician, and he had no say to this matter.

  Song Yi went to Xia Ye, who was in the chat room.

  Xia Ye chatted with him privately, and did not say much to Song Yi’s explanation that ‘his hands and feet are not clean’, and just let him do it.


  Xia Ye gave him his full trust and talked about the future enthusiastically: “Lao Song, after this game panel is ‘full’, do you have any other ideas?”

  Song Yi typed, and replied: “No, I can only see what I see, and I don’t know much about the Internet.”

  ”Sooner or later, the business of Internet cafes will be saturated. If it is faster, it will be about three years, and if it is slower, it will be up to five years. For us, the Internet café was just a springboard. After a certain certain amount of time, we can sell it and get a real start-up to our goal. I believe that everyone will have a computer in the future, and will become a trend, and sooner or later, when there are more computers in the future, that will be our game changer.”

  Song Yi hesitated: “Change of business?”

  ”No, change in life.”

  ”Old Song, you must believe me, but the Internet is more than just this, the future will have more of this.”

  Song Yi looked at the two lines of words sent by Xia Ye above, his fingers paused on the keyboard, and a frenzy surged from his heart, as if being agitated, the thought that had been vacillating before was finally completely extinguished and replaced. A seed that fell into the soil, took root and sprouted, convincing him that it can grow into a big tree.

  Xia Ye looked at the screen, and Song Yi paused for a long time before sending a message: “Wait a minute, I have something important to talk to you.”

  Xia Ye replied, but soon Song Yi’s profile went gray, and was offline.

  This was the first time Song Yi went offline suddenly, the first thing that Xia Ye thought that there was a power outage in Song Yi’s office. After all, this workaholic who pursues perfection has been setting an example, and taking the lead in sleeping in his office to work overtime.

  Three hours later, Xia Ye received a call from Song Yi.

  It was dark outside, and only the lights of the street lights and the lights of a black car parked there were on.

  Xia Ye went downstairs and looked for it. When he saw Song Yi, he was a little surprised: “Why are you here suddenly? What happened to the company?”

  Song Yi shook his head and said, “It’s nothing like that, I wanted to talk to you in person.”

  Xia Ye stood there and listened to him.

  Song Yi leaned on the car door, thought for a while, and said, “Do you know the Red Sea and the Blue Sea?” He smiled, “You certainly might not know it, but to simply put it, the Red Sea is an existing industry, that’s are known to fight fiercely. While the Blue Sea is known as unknown market space. I used to want to try my abilities more than once there, and I thought that I wasn’t worse than any of you guys, fighting against the Red Sea over and over again, but that was before you opened up another Blue Sea.”


  ”I told myself that the first time you made network management software was based on good luck, but good luck will not always come to someone.”

  ”The second time, when you made the game control panel, I began to doubt that I was not at the same level as I thought you were.”

  ”Until this evening, I decided on one thing.”

  Song Yi took a deep breath, took out a document from the car and handed it over, “I want to sign a separate contract with you.”

  Xia Ye took it and looked through it. The conditions were very strict, this contract was equivalent to Song Yi’s own sales contract. From now on, he was bound to the company and belongs to the employment system of professional managers. The conditions were even more stringent than that, many of them were to restrict Song Yi, and his name was already signed on the last page. Xia Ye’s eyebrows twisted slightly, and said, “You don’t actually need to do this.”

  Song Yi: “Look at the final terms. those are my conditions, I want 5% of the shares.”

  Xia Ye looked up at him, “Very favorable conditions.”

  Song Yi laughed, and stretched out his hand, just as he had done before: “Then, take care of me for the next few decades, boss.”

  He thought a lot about it, and he wanted to see the sea that Xia Ye was going to make.

  That piece of sea that can change the world in the future.

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  Small Theater:

  Old Song: I want to conquer the sea!

  Xia Shen: My main purpose is to raise fish.

  Old Song:? ? ?

3 thoughts on “LNTMG-(60) Acceptances

  1. The benefit of a very business minded person is that if you win them to your side, they are the best partner you can ask for. Song Yi is a smart man!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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  2. I really really doubted Song Yi. I thought he was hardworking but in the end would overstep his bounds and become to overzealous at the companies’ expense. I am glad to see that I was wrong, and we are seeing a warm business friendship in the making.

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